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Ukraine/conversation with the United States President

Ukraine/conversation with the United States President

Published on March 10, 2014
Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic

Paris, March 8, 2014

François Hollande spoke to Barack Obama today about the situation in Ukraine.

In the current grave circumstances, they emphasized the importance of Russia agreeing swiftly to the creation of a contact group enabling dialogue to be initiated between Ukraine and Russia, with a view to encouraging a peaceful solution to the crisis and fully restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

They recalled the lack of any legal basis for the referendum planned in Crimea on 16 March and the necessity of Russia withdrawing the forces sent to Crimea at the end of February and doing everything to enable international observers to be deployed.

They stressed that unless progress was made to this effect, new measures would be taken that would markedly affect relations between the international community and Russia, which is in no one’s interest.

They also agreed to continue supporting the new authorities in Ukraine and the preparation, under international control and amid the greatest transparency, of the presidential election of 25 May.

They signalled the importance of maintaining the current coordination between the positions of the European Union and the United States./.

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