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Published on March 10, 2014
Statement by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic, before his meeting with Mr Vitali Klitschko and Mr Petro Porochenko (excerpts)

Paris, March 7, 2014


Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty cannot be negotiated. Admittedly there are historical and cultural ties of which we’re aware, and autonomy for Crimea that has already been recognized. But there can be no referendum without Ukraine itself having decided to organize it.

The decisions we’ve taken are responses graduated according to the development of the situation. A decision has already been taken – which wasn’t a given when the decision was presented to the European Council – to sign the association agreement, particularly its political chapters.

We then decided to support and help Ukraine, as far as possible, at this very special and very difficult time, by mobilizing the funds of the International Monetary Fund but also whatever assistance the European Union can provide.

The gas and energy issue remains. Only today we’ve seen Gazprom’s decision [to increase prices for Ukraine]. (…)

But our goal is also to leave the path of dialogue always open, so that Russia – I’m talking here about President Putin – can seize the line that is thrown out, insofar as a decision is taken to do that./.

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