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Published on March 17, 2014
Statement by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Paris, March 15, 2014

As the Syria conflict enters its fourth year, I extend a message of support and solidarity to the Syrian people on France’s behalf.

The Syrian regime is wholly responsible for a tragedy which, with nearly 150,000 deaths and millions of refugees, is the worst human disaster of the 21st century. My feelings of solidarity go to the thousands of men, women and children, missing in the regime’s jails and tortured, starved to death in towns subject to barbaric bombardment. The Security Council has demanded that they be given unconditional, immediate humanitarian assistance.

In the face of these crimes, France will continue working for a political transition. Everything must be done to ensure that a free, democratic Syria emerges, respectful of Syrian society’s diversity. This mandate set by the United Nations renders null and void the grotesque prospect of Bashar al-Assad’s re-election.

France will remain committed alongside a moderate opposition, which is fighting the regime and its counterpart, terrorism.

Four French people are still being held hostage in Syria. We do not forget them./.

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