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Edouard Balladur

Published on November 26, 2007

Born on May 2, 1929

Married, four children


Graduate of the National School of Administration [ENA] (1953-1957)

Professional Experience

- Auditor of the Council of State (1957)

- Chief Auditor of the Council of State (1957)

- Advisor to the Director of the French Radio and Television Corporation [ORTF] (1962-1963)

- Policy Advisor in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Georges Pompidou (1963-1968)

- President of the Society for the Construction of the Mount Blanc Tunnel (1968-1980)

- Deputy Secretary General and subsequent Secretary General to the President of France (1969-1974)

- Chief Executive Officer of the European Car Battery Corporation (1980-1986)

- Vice President of the French National Liaison Committee for the Retraining of Handicapped Persons

- Member of the Council of State (1984)

- Elected to the French National Assembly from Paris (March 16, 1986). He later resigned from this position to accept a ministerial post.

- Minister of State, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Privatization (1986-1988)

- Reelected to the French National Assembly from Paris (June 6, 1988)

- Elected member of the Paris City Council (March 1989)

- Prime Minister (March 29, 1993).

Published Works

- L’arbre de mai (1979)

- Je crois en l’homme plus qu’en l’Etat (1987)

- Passion et longueur de temps (1989)

- Douze lettres aux Français trop tranquilles (1990)

- Des modes et des convictions (1992)

- Dictionnaire de la réforme (October 1992).


- Chevalier of the Legion of Honor

- Jacques Rueff Award for Economics, presented by the Lherman Institute of New York (1986)

- Prix Andese, presented by the National Association of Economics Professors (1986)

- Prix Euromoney, award presented to the "Finance Minister of the Year" at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund

- Gold Medal for Arts Patronage, presented by the Académie française (1988)

- Prix Louise Michel (1993)

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