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European Union

Published on May 30, 2014
Reply by M. Manuel Valls, Prime Minister, to a question in the National Assembly

Paris, May 27, 2014

A few hours, or a few days after this election, I want to affirm here my, our, profoundly European conviction, and repeat once again that in spite of the legitimate doubts of many of our fellow citizens, who see Europe as too distant, too bureaucratic and not efficient enough, France’s destiny lies in Europe.

Admittedly a significant proportion of our compatriots voted against Europe, or against a certain Europe. But at a time when millions of Ukrainians are voting for democracy, at a time when dangers are looming on the European Union’s borders, I want to affirm my faith and conviction in a stronger, more mutually-supportive, more generous Europe which is closer to our fellow citizens.

Let’s never forget what Europe has brought us. And at a time when – as the Interior Minister pointed out – anti-Semitism, racism, hatred of “the other”, xenophobia and the rejection of “the other” are thriving, not just in France but throughout Europe, it’s important – beyond even results – not to betray values. Whatever the result, we must never betray values, and these values are those of France in Europe.

Quite obviously, loving Europe, cherishing it and having the conviction that France’s destiny is in Europe also means, as you said, reordering its priorities. And this is obviously what the President will be saying again today in Brussels. This is also what the government’s action will be guided towards.

There are, moreover, many people who would like Europe’s priorities reordered, firstly so that priority is given to growth and employment; secondly, so that greater account is taken of tomorrow’s major issues, which concern the future of Europe and thus France – I’m thinking as much of energy as of the digital sector –; and finally, so that the tools we must give ourselves to support growth and employment and finance major investment – I’m thinking particularly of monetary policy – are thoroughly modified. This will be what the government is committed to./.