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Ukraine/Malaysia Airlines flight

Published on August 11, 2014
Speech by Political Counsellor of France’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, to the Security Council (excerpts)

New York, July 30, 2014


Fighting continued in Ukraine following the separatists’ refusal to lay down their arms. Even more serious, there have been increasing indications that the separatists are receiving external support, with, in particular, transfers of long-range weapons. On the one hand, Russia gives the impression of working to calm things down; on the other, it arms and supports thugs. This double-dealing must stop, because when you arm bandits, anything can happen. It is in this context that the European Union decided to step up its sanctions very significantly. The double-dealing must stop, because when you arm bandits, anything can happen.

Sadly, the crash of the Malaysia Airlines flight on 17 July tragically illustrates this. The Council held an emergency meeting the following day to express its horror and shock about the disaster. Many countries which lost citizens participated in this meeting, highlighting the international dimension the Ukraine crisis has taken on. We want, once again, to express to them our wholehearted solidarity in the ordeal. A resolution was unanimously adopted which confirms Ukraine’s responsibility for leading the investigation and asks the Secretary-General to report back on it regularly. The presence, during the adoption, of three foreign ministers demonstrated the very great importance the general public attaches to the whole truth being brought to light. (…)

The victims must be put to rest in a dignified manner; the investigation must be able to be conducted without hindrance; justice must be done. (…)./.

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