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Published on September 2, 2014
Press conference given by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic, following the European Council
Brussels, August 30, 2014


THE PRESIDENT – We talked about Libya. At the Ambassadors’ Conference, I called for referral to the United Nations of the appeal launched by the Libyan Parliament, the sole legitimate one, for the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in Libya. In what form? Firstly, helping rebuild the Libyan state and also combating the terrorist groups which are destabilizing the country. But not just Libya – the whole of West Africa and even Central Africa, because there are links between all the terrorist groups, especially Boko Haram with terrorists in southern Libya. (…)

Q. – On Libya, what type of international intervention could be carried out, in view of the difficulty of the issue?

THE PRESIDENT – With Libya, the aim is not a military intervention; the aim is to allow the state – what remains of it – the government, the sole legitimate one, the elected Parliament to have UN support for rebuilding all the institutions, all the government departments necessary for the country to be safe and able to function.

For the time being, there have been requests for police cooperation projects which have never been carried through; the same goes for military cooperation. It’s no longer possible to leave Libya in this situation. Moreover, and this is true, there’s a concentration of terrorist groups in southern Libya, and we have to coordinate our intelligence services on this. (…)./.

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