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G20 summit/Russia/bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Published on November 18, 2014
Statement by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic

Brisbane, November 15, 2014

Mr President, Vladimir,

I wanted us to meet, particularly at the G20 summit, because for years relations between France and Russia have been good and have also made many economic and cultural exchanges possible. We must no longer suffer from the turbulence that exists, and we have a duty we fulfilled together back on 6 June, namely to resolve the crises occurring in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world – wherever we have responsibilities.

We also spoke throughout the day about the issue of growth, employment and economic activity. But there’s one cause – one among others – that explains why the recovery isn’t as strong as expected. It’s precisely the international situation, and I think that both Russia and France must shoulder their responsibilities in order to resolve those issues. We must recall what we’ve been doing since 6 June: working with Mrs Angela Merkel and the Ukrainian President to find a solution to the Ukraine crisis. I’m still ready to continue this relationship, but on one condition: that it can lead to a solution.

Thank you./.

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