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European Union

Published on December 1, 2014
Interview given by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, to France Inter

Paris, November 25, 2014


Q. – As someone who voted against the [European] constitution, what do you think of today’s Europe?

THE MINISTER – I voted against, you’re right, as incidentally did the majority of French people, because I believe in Europe but I thought the draft text proposed to us at the time was incapable of changing Europe. I thought, and still think, that there are very important changes to be made in Europe.

Clearly, I’m in favour of the European idea because it’s our future, but European leadership was and still is open to criticism in some respects. That’s what we’re trying to change at the moment. Some things have changed; we must recognize that.

For example, I want to pay tribute to the action carried out by Mario Draghi, the ECB boss, who really has brought about positive changes, and it’s lucky he’s there to provide a little breathing-space.

As you well know, in terms of growth for example, I don’t think Europe is doing enough. I hope the €300-billion investment plan proposed by Mr Juncker will be concrete, genuine and funded, because we in Europe must be serious and sometimes, in budgetary terms, more serious than at present. But at the same time there must be growth – otherwise people will turn away from Europe; that’s what you’re seeing in many countries. (…)./.

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