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Middle East/peace process/recognition of the State of Palestine

Published on December 4, 2014
Interview given by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, to France 2

Paris, December 4, 2014


Q. – The French Parliament has passed a resolution asking for the Palestinian State to be recognized. Is France going to do that?

THE MINISTER – I’ve set out our position. The National Assembly has voted, the Senate is going to vote soon, but the position of the executive, the President and the government is as follows.

Recognition of Palestine is a right, not a privilege; it’s a right which already exists, which has been recognized since 1948. When you read the United Nations resolution of 1948, it already says: “a State of Palestine, a State of Israel”. The problem is that there’s been no progress since 1948: Israel is a recognized state – and that’s very good – but not yet Palestine.

So the issue is about practicalities and timing. On behalf of the government I’ve said, firstly, that there should be a United Nations resolution clearly setting out the parameters. Secondly, I’ve said there must be international support for all this. Negotiations take place periodically but never reach a conclusion, so there must be international pressure. Thirdly, I’ve said there must be a deadline. If, for example, there’s been insufficient progress in two years, then there could be, there would be unilateral recognition.

Q. – By France?

THE MINISTER – Yes, the aim is clear: Israel as a state, Palestine as a state, both in security, neighbours, democratic, and a guarantee of movement towards peace. The goal is peace. (…)./.

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