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Sahel/release of Serge Lazarevic

Published on December 11, 2014
Interview given by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, to various media outlets

Lima, December 9, 2014


Q. – Another subject in the news: Serge Lazarevic’s release occurred during your trip. What’s your reaction?

THE MINISTER – One of immense joy, as I said earlier. He was the last French hostage abroad. We’ve already secured the release of many. It’s a very, very big task. Obviously, we’re seeing the result of this here and it’s a matter of tremendous satisfaction for him, his family and all of us. During his three years of captivity, the services – be it the defence people or my own services at the Quai d’Orsay – worked daily, liaising with other countries: Mali and Niger. All this is reflected today, so it’s a matter of very great satisfaction, and that’s still putting it mildly.

Q. – It’s a diplomatic effort, but questions are still being asked about the quid pro quo in this kind of release.

THE MINISTER – As you know, I’ve always taken the same stance. When we took office, I believe there were 15 French hostages abroad. We’ve got many of them out. There are no more now. This demands a great deal of work, with one rule: discretion. I’ve always observed that rule. It’s the key to effectiveness./.