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Climate disruption/Climate Conference

Published on December 12, 2014
Speech by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, at the plenary session

Lima, December 10, 2014

Mr President, dear colleagues, two minutes, two ideas:

The first is urgency. I’m struck by the fact that, when you talk to the public, the issue of climate disruption is often perceived as requiring a solution in the long term. No. That’s not true: it’s urgent. The people in the Philippines who have undergone several tornados in the space of a few years – they can’t wait. The people who have contracted AIDS or Ebola because deforestation has released viruses that existed in forests in the latent state – they can’t wait. And so that’s the first theme: urgency.

The second theme is hope. I’m also struck by the fact that a few years ago, when we met at conferences, there was scepticism, and today it’s exactly the opposite. Everyone is saying: “in Paris it will most likely be a success”. I’m delighted by this, but we still have to create all the conditions for success. The fact that the United Nations Secretary-General – who must be thanked – made a success of the September summit, that Europe reached a very important agreement, China and the United States too, and that the Green [Climate] Fund has been capitalized – all this is very positive. I’m also delighted by what the various parties have said to ensure we can reach an agreement which aims at the short term and the long term, which is transparent and fair, which makes room for adaptation, and where there’s cooperation between state actors and non-state actors.

All this is very true, but – and I’ll conclude with this – I’d like to make an appeal for us to reach the right compromise in Lima, because we’ll do the maximum to give you a good welcome in Paris and try to succeed, but I’d like to finish by saying that the best way of achieving success in Paris is to begin with success in Lima. That’s in the hands of you all, my dear colleagues.

Thank you./.

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