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Climate disruption/Climate Conference/continuation of the Lima negotiations

Published on December 15, 2014
Statement by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development

Lima, December 14, 2014

Following intense negotiations, the Lima conference on climate disruption ended with an agreement that is a working basis for preparing the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. I pay tribute to the work of the COP20’s President, Manuel Pulgar Vidal. France will work hand in hand with everyone, particularly Peru, to prepare the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.

The Lima Call for Climate Action outlines the national contributions each country will have to announce at the beginning of next year. It was an essential factor for continuing the momentum of the recent announcements by the European Union, the United States and China on greenhouse gas reductions.

It also contains the beginnings of the Paris agreement. This agreement, which will still require significant and delicate work, will have to provide specific responses for combating climate disruption, particularly in support of the most vulnerable countries./.

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