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Published on January 12, 2015
Interview given by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, to the weekly magazine L’Obs

Paris, January 8, 2015


Q. – In the Ukraine crisis, can we trust Russia?

THE MINISTER – By annexing Crimea, President Putin laid himself open to international sanctions. Even so, who in their right mind would declare war on Russia? Absurd! We want de-escalation and a return to the Minsk agreement. This has been our approach since the outset: firmness and dialogue. We would like Ukraine ultimately to be a bridge between Russia and the European Union.

Q. – But is Vladimir Putin a man of his word?

THE MINISTER – In similar circumstances, François Mitterrand told me: “what you have to do in international politics is not automatically trust in other people’s commitments, but act in such a way that they are obliged to honour their own commitments”. This approach applies to Russia and Iran, and others. (…)./.

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