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Published on January 23, 2015
Press briefing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development Spokesman (excerpts)

Paris, January 22, 2015

Tourism – Meeting of the Tourism Promotion Council devoted to the hotel industry, investment and specialized tourism (Paris, 21 January 2015)

M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, yesterday chaired a Tourism Promotion Council session devoted to the hotel industry, investment, business tourism and shopping tourism.

The rapporteurs identified three focus areas after hearing the views of professionals (hoteliers, investors, representatives of small traders as well as department stores, conference organizers and police representatives in particular):

- creating the conditions for expanding accommodation capacity in major urban areas and improving the distribution of accommodation across the country, notably in areas where a shortfall has been identified despite international demand, as for example in the Cognac and Champagne regions;

- defining a strategy for winning new exhibition contracts and facilitating participants’ stays in order to boost business tourism;

- enhancing the customer experience of tourists through several measures including the opening of stores on Sundays and in the evenings – which would, according to the rapporteurs, be invaluable. We also need to facilitate visa procedures for tourists, ensure their safety and help them to consume.

The next meeting of the Tourism Promotion Council is scheduled to take place on 18 February and will be devoted to hospitality, the media and communication. (…)./.

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