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Fight against terrorism/main measures

Published on January 23, 2015
Communiqué issued by the Prime Minister

Paris, January 22, 2015

1. A strengthening of human and material resources

- An additional 2,680 jobs will be dedicated to the fight against terrorism over the next three years: 1,400 at the Interior Ministry, 950 at the Justice Ministry, 250 at the Defence Ministry and 80 at the Finance Ministry (70 of them for customs).

- Of those additional 2,680 jobs, 1,100 will be allocated to the domestic intelligence services responsible for combating terrorism (500 at the Directorate- General for Internal Security, 500 at the Central Territorial Intelligence Agency and 100 at the Paris police headquarters’ intelligence directorate).

- €425 million of investment, equipment and operational funding will be devoted to the plan over the next three years, including €233 million for the Interior Ministry and €181 million for the Justice Ministry.
- Some of these resources will be devoted to greater protection for (national and municipal) police and gendarmes: bulletproof vests and more advanced weaponry.

- A PNR [Passenger Name Record] system will be operational in France in September 2015.

2. A legal framework for the intelligence services’ activities

- Intelligence bill to be presented to the Council of Ministers and Parliament at the beginning of April.

3. Improved detection of radicalization by the Justice Ministry’s services

- Strengthening of the Paris anti-terrorism courts (27 members of staff) and of anti-terrorism prosecutors in prosecutors’ offices (16 members of staff).

- Strengthening of prosecutors’ offices and specialized cross-regional courts, given the links existing between organized crime and terrorism.

- Strengthening of prison intelligence (66 members of staff) to get a better understanding of radicalization in prisons.

- Creation of a monitoring and intelligence unit in the child protection service.

- Joint inspection mission of the General Inspectorate of Judicial Services and the General Administrative Inspectorate within the departments and institutions of the child protection service.

- Creation of a database of individuals remanded in custody or sentenced for terrorism offences, with an obligation on them to provide regular notification of their address and journeys abroad.

4. More intensive handling and monitoring of radicalized individuals

- On the basis of the experiment conducted in Fresnes [Prison], the creation of five wings within prisons dedicated to radicalized prisoners.
- Enhanced training for Muslim chaplains and a greater number of them (60, i.e. 30% more)

5. Enhanced efforts to prevent radicalization

- An extra €60 million, from an interministerial crime-prevention fund, will be devoted to preventing radicalization over the next three years.

6. Increased surveillance of jihadists’ communications and Internet use

- increased resources dedicated to the surveillance of cyber-jihadism and investigations into crimes committed online.

- stepping up the work under way with Internet operators, including in the European framework./.

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