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Ukraine/Russia/conversation with Angela Merkel, Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin

Published on March 3, 2015
Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic

Paris, March 2, 2015

President Hollande and Chancellor Merkel spoke this evening to Presidents Poroshenko and Putin.

The state of implementation of the Package of Measures adopted in Minsk on 12 February was examined. Progress is noted, but the situation must be improved.

The four leaders agreed to ask the OSCE to play a more direct role to improve the implementation of the ceasefire and of the withdrawal of heavy weapons, and to compile a daily report on their implementation.

Prisoner releases and humanitarian assistance must also be facilitated, in liaison with the ICRC.

The Contact Group must set up the working groups planned as soon as the ceasefire conditions allow it.

The foreign ministers’ representatives will meet on Friday to ensure that the implementation of the Package of the Measures adopted in Minsk is monitored./.