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L'Hermione makes its way to the East Coast of the United States

L’Hermione makes its way to the East Coast of the United States

Published on May 22, 2015
The tall ship replica of «l’Hermione» set sail on April 18, 2015 and will arrive in Yorktown, VA on June 5.

L’Hermione, the replica of the ship which brought General Lafayette to the United States in 1780, where he joined American insurgents in their fight for independence, will lay anchor in Yorktown, Va. on June 5. With the help of 200 hardworking volunteers, L’Hermione set sail on April 18, from La Rochelle, France, where President François Hollande bid farewell to the magnificent tall ship. The Hermione has already passed the halfway point in her transatlantic voyage.

The association Hermione-Lafayette, that initiated this long-term project, has been working to build the exact replica of the well-known frigate since July 1997. "The reconstruction of an 18th-century ship will provide a testimony of French naval history as well as represent a symbol of Franco-American friendship through a vessel whose name is attached to a historic figure, Lafayette, who embodies France’s support to the United States."

As the sight of the famous battle of the Revolutionary War in which Lafayette’s troops played a critical role, Yorktown was a key stop on the famous French general’s American journey more than 200 years ago. You will discover on this map the different stops that l’Hermione will make along its voyage in the United States. We invite you to visit the site of the Hermione organization for more information on the ship and the different events taking place to celebrate its voyage along the Atlantic coast.

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