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Fight against terrorism/Boko Haram

Published on April 7, 2015
Reply by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, to a question in the Senate

Paris, April 2, 2015

France is fully mobilized to support the African initiatives to combat the terrorism of Boko Haram, which is threatening the stability of Nigeria’s neighbours. The Paris summit of May 2014, which brought together the presidents of Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Benin under the auspices of the French President, with representatives from the United States, Britain and the European Union, gave impetus to regional cooperation. Since then, the African states have organized themselves to conduct joint operations. A plan for an African force is on the table.

France expresses its support and solidarity with Chad, Cameroon and Niger. The African Union Peace and Security Council’s unanimous adoption, on 4 March, of the African force’s Concept of Operations is going to allow more structured international support to be established. France will back the vote, in the near future, on a resolution at the United Nations Security Council which will authorize this force’s action and facilitate international support for it.

Beyond the military response, we need to respond to humanitarian needs and financially assist the countries threatened by Boko Haram. On 5 February, the President called on the international community to play a greater role in this. France has made more than €5 million of emergency aid available. It supports the African states’ cause within the multilateral bodies and has interceded with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank leaders to this end./.

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