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Letter from President Obama about the Hermione

Published on April 27, 2015
President Obama: "Celebrating the enduring bonds of friendship and solidarity"

(The White House - April 16, 2015)

I am honored to join in commemorating the journey of the Hermione, and in celebrating the enduring bonds of friendship and solidarity that bind our nations together.

For more than two centuries, the United States and France have stood united in the freedom we owe to one another. From the battlefields where a revolution was won to the beaches where the liberation of a continent began, generations of our peoples have defended the ideals that guide us-overcoming the darkness of oppression and injustice with the light of liberty and equality, time and again.

As we pay tribute to the extraordinary efforts made by General Lafayette and the French people to advance the Revolutionary cause, we reflect on the partnership that has made France our Nation’s oldest ally. By continuing to renew and deepen our alliance in our time, we ensure generations to come can carry it forward proudly.

As you gather on this special occasion, I wish you all the best. And to the crew of the Hermione, I wish you fair winds and following seas.

Bon voyage!

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