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Published on January 9, 2008
Statement made by the Minister of Foreign and European affairs, M. Bernard Kouchner

Paris, January 9, 2008

Tomorrow Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa is going to Beirut to present the Lebanese parties with the plan unanimously adopted by the League member States on Saturday with a view to resolving the crisis.

At this time, I would like to reaffirm to him France’s support for this plan which paves the way for a genuine political solution by making possible the immediate election of a president in a spirit of consensus, formation of a national unity government and adoption of an electoral law.

The events of the last few weeks, even hours, show that the situation in Lebanon remains fragile. Basically, and this is the conviction we share with the Arab countries and the rest of the international community, destabilizing this country is not in the interest of any party inside or outside Lebanon.

Following other attempts in close convergence with our efforts, the Arab plan, which Mr Moussa is going to present, represents a very positive and promising development. It must be translated into reality as quickly as possible. France, Lebanon’s friend, invites all parties to work to this end./.

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