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Published on January 9, 2008
Interview given by the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, M. Bernard Kouchner, to "France 2"

Paris, January 6, 2008

Q. – You are very familiar with the African continent. You’ve stated that the election was rigged in Kenya.
THE MINISTER – The election, according to the European observers we sent, weren’t fair and this must be taken into account. The President of Kenya proposes that there be a government of national unity. Mr Odinga is refusing.

What’s our position? What can be done? First of all, deploy humanitarian aid; France is contributing to this. Secondly, peace has to be restored: for the moment a return to calm seems possible.

Q. – Who’s involved in the mediation? Mainly the United States?
THE MINISTER – The United States and the British certainly. But the European Union as well. Mr Javier Solana has been active here, as we have. What has to be done is to try and find a solution between a government of national unity rejected by the opposition, who think they won – I remind you that the general and presidential elections took place on the same day, 27 December – and going back to the ballot box.

Tomorrow, Mr Kufuor, President of the African Union, will be in Nairobi and if we can do something, we will. (…)./.

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