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European Union/Greece

Published on July 7, 2015
Statements by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic, during his joint statement with Mrs Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Paris, July 6, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, Angela Merkel and I agreed to have a meeting the day after Greece’s referendum, and I thank Angela for coming here to Paris today.
We take formal note of the result and respect the Greek people’s vote, because Europe is about democracy. We’ve also listened to the message from all Greece’s democratic parties, which met today and together reaffirmed their determination for their country to remain in the Euro Area.

The door is open to discussions and it’s now up to Alexis Tsipras’s government to make serious, credible proposals so that this determination to remain in the Euro Area can be translated into action with a long-term programme.

Because Greece needs long-term prospects in the Euro Area, with stable rules. And this applies to the Euro Area as well.

So we’ve got a Euro Area summit on Tuesday, and it will be up to the heads of state and government to set out a position on the basis of the proposals Greece will make. But let me emphasize the fact that time is running out and this is a matter of urgency – urgency for Greece, urgency for Europe; it’s also a question of visibility, credibility and I’d even say dignity.

Europe is confronted with this responsibility. Europe isn’t simply an economic, monetary, financial enterprise. Europe is a group founded on values, principles, a conception; a conception of the world, not simply of our continent; a conception based on freedom, openness and also respect.

In this Europe, there’s room for solidarity. Solidarity exists throughout Europe and it must exist to an even greater extent. But there’s also responsibility. It’s this balance between responsibility and solidarity which must be our line of action for the coming days.

I thank Angela once again for coming and hand over to her./.

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