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Published on July 20, 2015
Statements by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic, at his joint press briefing with his Mexican counterpart

Marseille, July 15, 2015


Q. – Mexico, like the world, is watching Greece. There will be a vote in the French Parliament. There will be another very important vote in the Greek Parliament this evening. Are you confident about what will follow?

THE PRESIDENT – I wanted the agreement that was signed by all the European countries to be submitted to the French Parliament: both the National Assembly and the Senate. I’m delighted that there was a very strong majority in favour of adopting this text – not because we needed to, but because we wanted to send a signal before the Greek Parliament itself had to decide, because it’s the Greek Parliament’s vote that is going to be essential.

Do the Greeks want to remain in the Euro Area, as they’ve said? Do they want to engage in a process that will of course enable them to receive a lot of support and loans from Europe and also a rescheduling of their debt – I was especially keen on this – but also to carry out reforms? That was the condition. I know that it’s hard for Alexis Tsipras – who knows his people have already suffered a lot – to justify.

So it’s a choice that will be a credit to the Greeks and will commit us. If the Greeks so decide, there will be this programme, and we must stand alongside the Greeks. At the same time, we must ensure that this Euro Area and what belongs to us, this single currency, can be protected. That’s what I want: France’s interests, Europe’s interests, and the world is watching us too, you’re right. The United States, China and Mexico are telling us that this single currency – which is an exceptional adventure, which is going to give strength, which is giving strength to Europe – must be protected in the interests of the world. We’ll do that./.

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