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European Union/economic governance

Published on July 23, 2015
Reply by M. Harlem Désir, Minister of State for European Affairs, to a question in the National Assembly

Paris, July 22, 2015

Following the crisis Europe’s just been through regarding Greece, with the French President having secured an agreement for that country to remain in the Euro Area – because that’s its place, because it was in Europe’s interests and because it was in France’s interests to uphold the general European interest – we must learn lessons from this crisis, this ordeal, and strengthen the workings and cohesion of the Euro Area so that Europe has more solid foundations in the future.

The President announced in the 14 July interview and in an article on 19 July that France will take the initiative of proposing to its partners a new stage of reinforcing European unity, beginning with the countries that share the common currency.

This is why we want to strengthen the rules, solidarity, convergence and investment: strengthen the rules to ensure the Euro Area’s cohesion; strengthen solidarity in the face of crisis, because there will be others; strengthen economic, fiscal and social convergence, because our goal must be to raise the level of social and economic development and growth in all the Euro Area countries; finally, strengthen investment and growth, because jobs depend on them.

The President has proposed that we work with our partners – particularly Germany and Italy, but also all the founder members and other countries of the Euro Area which feel at the heart of the political construction of Europe, such as Spain and Portugal – on setting up a Euro Area government, a common investment budget within the Euro Area and a Euro Area parliament, to which, obviously, national parliaments and the European Parliament should be linked./.

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