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FACTS Conference takes place in Washington, D.C.

FACTS Conference takes place in Washington, D.C.

Published on September 24, 2015

With just over two months until the COP21 United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, the French Embassy hosted a discussion as part of the French-American Climate Talks series on September 22.

This FACTS conference kicked off with a keynote address from IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, and featured a panel discussion with members of the private and public sectors, including Laurence Tubiana, the French Ambassador in charge of climate change and special representative for COP21, and Robert Diamond, the White House’s director of private sector engagement. Bertrand Badré, managing director of the World Bank, made closing remarks.

French Ambassador in the Unites States Gérard Araud welcomed the speakers and panelists and expressed the importance of mobilization by members of both the public and private sectors leading up to the conference, saying “We have to show the international community that there are solutions to the problem of climate change.”

The panelists spoke about preparation leading up to COP21, focusing specifically on how the private sector can work with the public sector to accomplish the goals set by the conference. Participants recognized the close relationship between climate change and the economy, the need for support from the financial sector to counter the effects of this global phenomenon and the necessity of a larger framework to implement sound environmental practices in the private sector.

Ambassador Tubiana, who was appointed by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in May 2014 to promote COP21 around the world, expressed the importance of the Paris conference as a starting point for action on climate change, rather than an end point.“We should work together to see what steps we should take after Paris,” Tubiana said. “Don’t think that we will stop on December 11.”

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