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International exposition features strong French representation

International exposition features strong French representation

Published on October 2, 2015
Chicago Architecture Biennial

The first edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial will run from October 3 through January 3, 2016, showcasing creativity and excellence in a city at the forefront of architectural innovation. Four French architects and architecture firms—Didier Faustino, Lacaton & Vassal + Frédéric Druo, LIST and New Territoires / M4—are taking part in this international architectural event, entitled "The State of the Art of Architecture.” The program will also feature Xavier Wrona, architect-in-residence at the Méthode Room, a residency supported by the Institut Français and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S. These unique projects will be showcased at the Chicago Cultural Center and other locations across the city, including including Millennium Park, City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower, Expo 72, and the Stony Island Arts Bank, the latest exhibit space and initiative of acclaimed Chicago artist Theaster Gates in the Southside of Chicago.

For more information on the exposition:

For more information on French architects and architecture firms featured:

Didier Faustino

Lacaton & Vassal + Frédéric Druo


New Territories/M4/François Roche/Camille Lacadee

Méthode Room

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