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First nationwide seminar on francophone education

First nationwide seminar on francophone education

Published on November 3, 2015
The Embassy of France hosts first nationwide seminar on francophone bilingual education in the U.S.

On October 29 and 30, the Embassy of France hosted the first federal workshop on French bilingual education. Education professionals from various American states as well as France gathered to share information, best practices and pedagogical tools.

The overall goal of the conference was to set in place a concrete plan for the first unified network of bilingual schools.

The seminar was preceded by a roundtable that took place in Salt Lake City last October during the National Congress on Bilingual Education. Over the past few years, dual language education has grown in the United States, and an increasing number of American students are learning French in their classrooms. 1.3 million Americans speak French, making it the fifth most frequently spoken non-English language in America. 134 U.S. schools have French bilingual programs, across 27 states.

At this particular seminar, topics included the international demand for French language education; bilingual education in Louisiana, Utah and New York; networking tools for teachers; and pedagogical resources.

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