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China/South Korea/trade and cooperation agreements

Published on November 6, 2015
Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy

Paris, November 4, 2015

During François Hollande’s official visit to China and [South] Korea, the President was accompanied by more than 30 leaders of French businesses and organizations in the energy and environmental fields.

Seventeen trade and cooperation contracts were signed with a final value of €30 billion.
For Ségolène Royal, French excellence in the field of green growth and energy is recognized by the Chinese and Korean authorities, which signalled their interest in this expertise and called for partnerships to be developed.

This opportunity is highly advantageous for our country but also one of the levers for overcoming the [economic] crisis. Green growth is enabling us to create new jobs in France.

Commitments, contracts signed and projects presented

• Joint declaration on the climate by the French President and the President of the People’s Republic of China.

• France-Korea action plan to strengthen the comprehensive partnership for the 21st century.

Water management and waste treatment:

• Loan agreement with the city of Xianyang for a joint waste water treatment project by the French Development Agency and the Chinese Ministry of Finance.
Renewable energy and energy infrastructure:

• EDF-CNNC action plan (construction of two EPR reactors at Hinkley Point, design of new third-generation reactors and knowledge-sharing).

• Memorandum on the creation by the CEA [French Atomic Energy Commission] and CAEA [China Atomic Energy Authority] of a high-level bilateral committee on the back-end cycle. This memorandum is very important from the strategic point of view, because it will govern a broad range of industrial cooperation.

• Memorandum of understanding on possible in-depth cooperation between Areva and CNNC.

• Strategic cooperation agreement between Engie and Huaneng (scientific and technological cooperation, training, environmental protection etc.).

• Cooperation agreement between Engie and Beijing Gas for the design, supply and management of green energy for the 2022 Olympic Games.

• Cooperation agreement between Air Liquide and Beijing Gas on the clean conversion of coal to synthesis gas in Inner Mongolia.

• Letter of intent by EDF, Datang and the city of Sanmenxia to build a city heating system which recovers waste heat, and remove small coal-fired boilers.

• Action plan by France and Korea to step up cooperation on energy and nuclear safety.

Aerospace and sustainable transport:

• Airbus: two agreements signed for 30 A321neos for Korean Air and 25 A321neos for Asiana Airlines.

• Airbus Helicopters and KAI: commitment to create a joint company.

• Cooperation agreement between Ségolène Royal and the Chinese Minister of Transport for the development of sustainable transport

• Letter of intent by Ségolène Royal and the [South] Korean Minister of Transport in the area of transport

Sustainable buildings and City of Tomorrow:

• Investment agreement for Greater Paris between China Investment Corporation and the Caisse des dépôts et consignations [French savings and banking institution which manages National Savings Bank funds and local community funds]. Amount: €1 billion.

Green finance:

• Creation of a joint Amundi-Agricultural Bank of China fund to finance the energy transition.

Scientific cooperation in the area of global warming:

• Letter of intent by the French Space Agency and the China National Space Administration to exchange data on climate change satellite observations.

• Memorandum of understanding between the French Space Agency and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)./.