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Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Published on October 28, 2020


Dear friends,

We were extremely moved to receive thousands of messages expressing your sympathy and solidarity with the French people following the terrorist attacks that struck France.

On behalf of the French authorities and the French people, we at the Embassy would like to thank each and every one of you very much for your support.

France will continue to combat terrorism and any forces that seek to attack our shared values of freedom, democracy and human rights.

Thank you for your support,
The Embassy of France in the United States.

Chers amis,

Nous avons été particulièrement émus par les milliers de messages reçus à l’ambassade exprimant votre sympathie et votre solidarité avec le peuple français à la suite des attaques terroristes qui ont frappé Paris.

Au nom des autorités françaises et de tous les Français, l’Ambassade de France voudrait remercier sincèrement chacun d’entre vous pour votre soutien.

La France va continuer à lutter contre le terrorisme et contre tous ceux qui chercheraient à ébranler nos valeurs partagées que sont la liberté, la démocratie et les droits de l’homme.

Encore merci pour votre soutien,
L’Ambassade de France


Condolences / Condoléances

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  Mis condolencias a todos esos afectados de los atentados, es un golpe bajo a la sociedad de un país tan Hermoso!! No hay palabras para poder decir lo que los afectados sienten pero que ellos sepan que en el mundo entero la gente ora por ellos!!

  My heart and prayers are extended to your country at this time of sorrow. May we continue to pray for world peace and God protect you from any further attacks.

  Mes pensées et mes prières vont à tous affectés par cette tragédie.

  Many lives were lost in these awful attacks... It breaks my heart to see all the destruction and pain left behind these attacks. I know France will always survive, and will only continue to get stronger and grow. My thoughts are with all of you, America gladly stands by your side!

  I am deeply saddened by the terror attacks in Paris. The senseless, selfish, acts of a few affect so many. I pray for peace for all people but especially for the people whose lives have been lost, injured or otherwise affected by the recent events. I have not yet visited Paris, but will visit the GREAT City one day! Je suis Paris! Viva la France! May God be with us all.

  I don’t really have the words to describe how I feel. But I hope that this will spur the world to stand together in the fight against terrorism. Once again, America and France will stand together.

  We stand with you France. In the midst of your healing, please continue to be the strong, great nation that you are.
Sincerest regards, Joseph

  To All Citizens of France:
Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of loved ones you have experienced by the recent terrorists’ attacks. Know you have friends in America and we stand with you in this moment. It is my wish we will become stronger in our resolve to overcome and endure these assaults on our people.
With love and reverence.

  My deepest condolences to all the French people. My prayers are with President Francois Hollande ... May God give him direction and strength in all he continues to do for his beloved country. President Hollande has my absolute respect. May God protect us all.

  My wife and I are praying for the people of France. That this ugly act that was brought upon by a terrorist attack will not succeed. It will be defeated! We pray that God will bring you peace and comfort. My family and I are with the people of France. Long live France!
Sincerely, Joseph & Sue M.

  Je suis Paris

  Our thoughts and prayers are with your country and the families of the victims of this terrible attack.

  You have many british condolences behind you. God bless you to find justice and a sense of hope as we pray for you. #prayforparis

  We are with you all the way France we support you a ton and i personally am very sorry for what happened

  I send my condolences to everyone. Hope things get easier. And I’m sorry for all your loses. -to the people of france

  I feel so sorry that this has happened to you. I hope that you recover from your loss and find whoever did this. I’ve always appreciated the french language and I’ve always wanted to go to France. I’m glad that you’re our ally I hope you stay that way.

  France, I can empathize with you. my extended family was killed by terrorists. We are here for you. Viva France! Viva France! Viva France! Sincere condolences to the families affected and entire country! :(

  Ces actes sauvages n’ont aucune place dans le monde du 21e siecle. J’ai beaucoup de mal a comprendre ce que ces gens esperent gagner par de pareilles actions. Mes condoleances les + sinceres.

  I’m so sorry to what is happening to you guys. We know how much your country are in pain. we are supporting the lost and the paint that goes thought the country

  I am very sorry for what you guys are going through. You all are so strong and know that we are all here for you. You guys will make it through this. These times are very hard but stay strong.

  i’m not gonna say "sorry for what happened" or "this sucks, isis sucks" cause its not my fault it happened. Yeah it does suck. But what happens happens, my thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones. I don’t want to write a sad message, the only thing that does is bring up the past.

  I’m really sorry what has happened to your country. I will be thinking of you every day. Be brave and stay strong.

  Nothing I say can change what has happened to your beautiful country. All I can say is that I will do everything in my powere to support you guys, starting here.

  Praying for Paris you’ll get through this. We are all looking out for and will be here supporting everyone there until it is over!!

  My condolences as well as my prayers to go you, France, in hoping you can make it through these tough times. Your fears and worries will not go unnoticed throughout the world, during your time of need. What has been done is an awful and terrible thing, which should never be even thought about again. No matter what side of the world you are on, you have everyones support through these difficult times of need.

  I’m deeply sorry that Paris got attacked by the Isis and i hope that you guess can build through this experince and i hope that you will grow from this

  France, we will stand with you during this tough time.I’m not entirely sure what words can or will help you but, we are here to support you in this trying time. Stay strong but, don’t be afraid to reach out to cope with this.

  Sorry for the losses in your country. I hope that all is soon regained.

  I am very sorry for what has happened in Paris all of are thoughts and prayers go out to the the people of France. We are with you and we understand what you guy have had to go through

  i am very very sorry that your country was attacked. i hope you can rise again and we can take down isis once and for all. my prayers go out for all. #prayforfrance

  The U.S will stand with you during this period.

  Sorry you were put through a horrible thing. But now that everybody else has your back and is supporting you.

  We are very sorry for the tragedy, may God be with you and your families in this time of need.

  Im very sorry for the attacks in Paris my condolences are with you and the entire french people my heart goes out to the victims and families of these attacks.

  My condolences to everyone in paris involved in the attacks or have family members or friends part of it. Ill be praying for all.

  Bonjour. I am here to say that i am sorry for what has happened in Paris. I am truly sorry for everybody’s lose. You all have our supports. We stand next to as brothers and sisters. You are a glorious country and you have all of our support. #prayforparis

  Im sorry for your loss.

  I am very sorry for your loss of this amazing country i feel shot inside ISIS suck so bad

  I am sorry for this event that happened. I hope you are all okay and can get through this together. Prayers go out to all of France.

  Wow text can’t even describe how I and so many others feel about what happened. Even here in Montana we feel the impact of what happened. Stay strong France we know you’ll recover quickly.

  I’m sorry for the losses of lives in Paris. I hope your city stays strong from all the grief that has been caused by these extremest attacks.

My prayers go out to all the inocent people affected by this awful ocation. Its hard to image ever killing a person for their own personal belfies, but thats just me. I personally don’t know anyone that was killed it still my heart breaks for anyone that has lost a love one. My heart goes out to everyone affected. Love.

  Bonjour! I am so sorry that your beautiful city was attacked. I was just there two months ago and was in awe of Paris’s sophistication and elegance. Your city is amazing and I am so hurt that anyone would harm such a wonderful place. Desole.

  My condolences to you all. Hopefully this will pass soon and the problem will be solved asap. We are here for you all. I believe peace will come shortly.

  It is horrible what you guys are going through. I know it is tough, but we are standing behind you. My prayers go out to the whole country. Love.

  We are here for you. You should have never gone through a traumatic experience like that. If only there was no evil in the world. We send our condolences and love. #prayforparis

  Bonjour! Im here to say I’m sorry for what has happened to you there in France. I hope things get better for you soon. Stay strong guys, you can get through it.

  I give my support and I want you to know we are here for you. I send condolences and prayers to you and your family.

  we support you and we hope that you guys have a quick recovery and we will be praying for you. sorry for your loses

  Our prayers go out to you France. We are here to support you and stand with you. We love you!

  We are here for you!! I am sorry for what you have had to do through!!Stay strong!!

  So sorry something this bad has happened to you, im also sorry that everyone is thinking all muslims are bad. so sorry for the stereotypes, the loss and the over all effect.

  Je suis tres desolee pour l’tragedie dans Paris. Avec ma solidarite je vais tenter rejoindre le Legion Etrangere alors nous pouvons arrete la folie du ISIS. Pour France et tout le monde!

  France we are with you and stand by you as friends and allies - always Sympathies to all of France

  We, [..] Muslim Community, Bay Point, condemn the horrific terrorist attack in Paris. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the French people. We are all struck by depth of tragedy. Sadly, this is not the first time terrorists have attacked Paris – a pillar of the civilized world. This terrorist attack, like so many before it, is an assault on fundamental democratic principles that are essential to a free society. The supreme leader of International Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has condemned the incident in his message. Today’s brutality is another crude reminder of the terrorist threat to all those living in free societies. We must recommit our resolve to our efforts against these violent enemies and stand with our friends around the world. For their sake and for our own, we must prevail in this fight against violent extremism. Assuring of our highest grief and resolve that we stand by the victims and the French People, we remain
Sincerely yours,

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