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Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Published on November 17, 2015

Condolences / Condoléances

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  The pain and loss your country has gone through is unbearable. Stay strong France, you are in my prayers!!!

  Paris is beautiful, strong and defined by its people. The French population is confident and you will survive and triumph with all the world standing beside you. Right now we mourn with you and we support your actions.

  I’m so sorry for your losses. Your beautiful country and people didn’t deserve this. The world prays for you.

  Je suis très désolée et triste pour votre pays. Vous êtes dans mon cœur toujours. Vive la France!

  Je suis désolée pour votre pays! Mon cœur est avec vous! Je vous aime!

  I cannot express my feelings towards what happened on 11/13/15 and I am so sorry for your loss. I will always keep you in my prayers! Stay strong Paris, God Bless all of you and stay safe.

  Je vous prie de bien vouloir accepter mes sincères condoléances. Je suis désolé

  I pray for France after all that happed because they were there for the US when we went through 911 and we will do the same. I hope that everyone prays for the families that lost someone in the accent. I give you all my condolences.

  Je suis désolée pour votre perte. Je suis triste et c’est une grande tragédie. Je prie pour vous. Restez forts! Mon cœur est ouvert à vous.

  Je suis très désolée pour ta peine, et ta souffrance. France est dans nos pensées et nos cœurs.

  Je vous prie, les Français, d’accepter mes condoléances les plus sincères. Nous sommes avec vous comme vous avez toujours été avec nous.

  Ever since Friday night, I have continually kept ya’ll in my prayers. I know, through the continued support of the world, God will keep his hand on your beautiful country. L’amour gagne toujours.

  I’m sorry for you major loss in the past weekend and I would like to let you know that France is in our prayers.

  I pray for France for all the horrible things that you have faced with the attacks. I pray for peace.

  Nous sommes tous français.

  I am dearly sorry for your loss you were there in our time of need and we shall be there in yours.

  I’m sorry that this has happened to you. You have my support and love. I pray for you all and you have a place in my heart. Vive la France. x

  My deepest condolences go to France in their time of need and you are not alone, reste fort.

  Please know that we keep all the victims and their families in our prayers and I cannot express how much this saddens me. Pray for France

  In my mind, I cannot comprehend how much you all have gone through. Truly, I will pray, not only for Paris but for this world. Blessings my friends

  May peace be with you all.

  Je suis un étudiant français au lycée et je suis vraiment triste d’entendre ce qui est arrivé à Paris. Il est une tragédie. Les Etats-Unis et l’ensemble de ses citoyens vous appuient. Grâce à ce soutien, je sais que nous pouvons tous le faire à travers ces moments difficiles ensemble et ne pas laisser les terroristes nous abattre.

  Go France! I love your country, and the people in it. Stay positive and look for ways to see some light. XOXO

  France is very dear to my heart as I lived there for a summer and worked in the French Alps. I love this country and am so brokenhearted from what has happened there. I cannot stop thinking of and praying for all those who were affected by these barbaric acts of tragedy. My tears are for you, France. Please know that we are with you!! Nous sommes avec vous comme vous avez résisté avec nous . Vive la France!!!

  Les attaques à Paris sont terribles pour les Parisiens et pour tout le monde. Priez pour les gens en France

  My deepest sympathies on your loss. May France stay strong.

  Condolences to everyone who has been affected by this atrocity. May you all find the strength to carry on. Vive la France!

  To the French People,
Our heart felt condolences go out to you on your loss.Our hearts break for your loss and we cry and pray along with you. Stand strong and God bless.

  My family and I want to convey our sincere concern for the citizens of France. We watch for news each day and are confident that the French people will make all of us proud of France.

  Bonjour France,
I just want to send my well wishes to your country and applaud you all for your courage and determination to maintain your freedom. We don’t give in!

  To the people of Paris and France. We’re so sorry and we are your friends. My heart goes out to the family and friends in their time of loss. "Vive la France!"

  Nos cœurs sont toujours avec vous. Vive la France.

  My condolences to the people of America’s oldest friend and ally, France. From the first days of our republic you have stood by our side in solidarity, a better friend for which we could not ask.

  Our hearts are heavy as we try to reconcile the events of last Friday. Know that we walk beside you in thoughts and prayers.

  J’envoye mes prières à Paris. Je t’aime et j’éspere que vous allez bien et j’éspere que les temps ira mieux. 11/13/2015, un jour qui est dans l’histoire. Nous sommes avec vous tous les jours.

  Liberté, égalité, fraternité Mon coeur pleure pour votre pays entier. Pourtant, je sais à quel point vous êtes forts. Tenez bon la France;

  I offer my deepest and most sincere condolences to the people of Paris and all of France for your devastating loss. I send my prayers and love.

  Nous sommes avec vous. J’envoye mes prières et ma compassion à Paris.

  We reach out to you because this should not have happen to you. I pray that you will be safe and take care. I am sorry if you lost someone in theattacks. God is with you all the time.

  I hope the best for all of you in France and i will keep you all in my mind.

  Our prayers and our hearts are with your beautiful city and its people. You are not alone.

  I feel so sorry for all the families affected in the recent attack and I hope that France will be able to recover soon. Good luck to all the people effected and never forget We Are United.

  Je suis très désolée pour votre perte. J’envoye mes pensées et mon amour aux familles qui ont perdu les chers.

  Nos coeurs sont avec Paris.

  J’envoye mon amour a Paris. Tout le monde est avec vouz. Je croix que le monde est un bel endroit, et il y a l’espoir.

  Je donne mes condolences a France, une bonne ami des les Etats Unis. Les habitants des Paris sont dans ma coeur. Prie pour Paris.

  Je suis vraiment désolé pour votre pertes. Je ne peux pas croire combien tristesse tu dois avoir. Tu es dans mon coeur.

  Aux familles de peuple qui etaient blesse/tuer mon coeur casse pour vous et pour les peuple de France. Je vous encourage de rester fort dans ce temps de chagrin. Tout le monde autour le monde sont avec vous. #noussommesparis
My heart and prayers go out to France. Please know that you have so many people supporting you through this time

  Mes sincères condoléances à tous les personnes à Paris. Je souhaite que nous trouvions la paix bientôt. Je suis très triste que cette situation apparaisse. Nous nous souviendrons cet jour pour toujours.

  Nous sommes avec vous.

  Sending my prayers and thoughts for the victims and their families and friends. My heart goes out to everyone effected in these horrible series of events. Stay strong and come together. God Bless

  I pray for France, the citizens, and anybody who has been impact by the acts of terrorism on France

  Mon coeur est avec vous.

  To the people of France, I am sorry for your losses.

  Sorry for your loss, you are in my thoughts.

  My thoughts are for Paris. I’m with Paris. Je suis Paris.

  I send my condolences to all the people of Paris.

  My prayers are with you and your hurting families. I am so deeply sorry for the tragic and hateful acts of these attacks.

  Viva La France! Condolences for this horrific and brutal attack on your beautiful city and people. We are with you.

  My heart is saddened by your loss and my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and France.

  We support you and I’m praying for all of France

  We, like so many Americans who have a deep affection for France and Paris, offer our deepest sympathy and support during this most terrible time. We were in Paris two weeks ago and would return tomorrow if we could. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  I am sorry for this horrible event. The lives that were lost in this act of terrorism will never be forgotten. The people of America will stand beside you in these troubled times.

  I wish for the best for all of the people in Paris. My heart is with you all and I hope you all find the light and positivity through this. Reste fort. Our hearts ache for Paris. We send heartfelt condolences, prayers and positive thoughts.

  It is with deepest sympathy that I hold for those who lost their lives and their families. You are a fine and wonderful country

  May God bless you France in these hard times.

  Praying for all the families in France right now. Stay strong. #noussommesparis

  Nous sont avec vous en solidarité et liberté. Mon couer est brisé pour Paris, soyez forts.

  My heart goes out to the people hurt and killed in the Paris attacks and all of their families.

  Je vous donne mes condoléances. Vive la France!

  Les mots manquent pour qualifier cette horreur, la tristesse de voir mon pays et mes compatriotes subissant cela est sans fin. Je présente toute mes sincères condoléances aux famille des victimes de ces attentats.

  Prayers go out to you all. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!! Stay strong!

  Hi, I am only 12 years old so I don’t know much but I do know that YOU CAN’T GIVE UP. #Prayforparis

  Nous sommes avec les gens de Paris et toute la France. Je suis désolé pour vos pertes. Restez forts

  We are so sorry for loss. Our deepest sympathy and our prayers are with the families of those lost and injured.

  I hope the knowledge that the thoughts and prayers of the world are with you, will bring you strength and a small amount of peace. We stand with you as you have stood with us. May God Bless you during these difficult days.

  For the second time in ten months my heart is broken over attacks in Paris. Stay strong. We, your friends, are with you.

  With deepest sympathy for the loss of so many innocent French people. May they rest in peace.

  Je suis vraiment désolé. Toute ma coeur souffre pour vous.

  We support and stand by you in these horrible times. Stay hopeful, tomorrow is a brighter future. Je suis Paris.

  Mon Coeur est avec la France. Vive la France!!!

  I pray for the people that, are heartbroken on the deaths of their loved ones, and may God be with you all Je suis Paris

  I would like to send my prays to everyone in France, and for the families who have lost their loved ones.

  Mes condoléances vont à Les familles affecté. Nous nous levons avec Paris. Je envoie mes prières.

  My sympathy and respect goes to those who have been affected by this horrific event in Paris. I will keep you in my prayers and continue to show support and gratitude to you all.

  I want to express my deepest condolences to you and the people of France. I hope you find peace during this difficult time and know that your country is in my thoughts and prayers.

  Le monde entier est avec vous

  I offer my sincere condolences to the people of France. You are in my prayers.

  Dear People of France: We stand with you now and forever.

  Dans l’ecole, Nous avons porté les petits drapeaux francais. Nous sommes unis.

  We stand with you in solidarity as we pray for peace.

  My heartfelt condolences go out to the victims, the family’s , and the people of France. We are all brothers and sisters together in this world. We all mourn with you. My thoughts are with you. With Love.

  J’envoie mes meilleurs vœux à chaque personne qui était inclus. Restez-fort, et allez avec l’amour. Nous sommes avec vous.

  I stand with you as an American citizen, a French student, an ally, a friend, and offer my support to the families of the fallen and the people of France. Reste fort; vous nest pas seuls. Vive la France!

  My family, friends and I are sending love and prayers your way. God be with you all.

  Stay strong, Paris.

  My thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of France. God bless everyone during this difficult time.

  The victims, the families and friends of the victims, and all of France are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you all and may you all have the strength and perseverance to deal with these tragedies.

  Pour tous les gens en France qui a été affecté par les attaques, le monde est avec vous. Cette situation est très triste et je compatis avec vous et vos familles. Je sais qu’il n’est pas les mots qui pouvoir enlever la douleur, mais j’espère que cette message aider se répandu la lumière dans ces temps du mal.

  I’m so sorry for your loss, I wish this had never happened.

  Tous mes pensées et mes prières sincères sont avec Paris.

  I pray for the victims and everyone who was in the terrible attacks. Our hearts break with yours.

  Française et Parisienne qui vit loin de chez elle, je suis sans voix devant cette horreur absolue. Toutes mes pensées vont aux familles et amis des victimes, ils étaient nos proches à tous, nous qui défendont la liberté de vivre comme nous l’entendons.

  We reach out to you because all we have to offer is our deepest care. We cannot know your grief in the way you do, yet we cry for you and with you.

  I pray for France after the horrible attacks. God be with you all

  Sending prayers to all of the victims, their famlies, and friends. And prayers of strength for those of us in the free world who refuse to bow down to evil. God Bless Paris and God Bless us all.

  Your tears are my tears.

  Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of innocent life VIVE LA FRANCE!!!!!

  Mon coeur pleure pour votre pays entier. Pourtant, je sais à quel point vous êtes forts. Tenez bon la France; je vous aime.

  Words cannot express my deep sadness — I weep for the lives lost and the lives shattered. May the people of Paris and the people of France find peace. You are in my thoughts. You are in my prayers. You are in my heart.

  To the people of France
I would like to offer my condolence. The victims and there families are in my thoughts and prayers as well as the rest of the French people. These cowardly acts should not go unpunished and it is my hope that peace and justice come to all of the people. I am proud to say that I stand with France as France stood with us on our darkest hour. God bless us all. Again my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  My heart goes out to the families affected, God bless.

  My sympathy and respect goes to those who have been affected by this horrific event in Paris. I will keep you in my prayers and continue to show support and gratitude to you all. God bless

  I hope the knowledge that the thoughts and prayers of the world are with you, will bring you strength and a small amount of peace. We stand with you as you have stood with us. May God Bless you during these difficult days.

  I was honored to be a part of todays vigil. I may just be an American student now. But my French blood is pumped by a French heart. Justice will be served, and peace will be returned. Stay strong mes amis. Vive la liberté, vive la paix, vive la france!

  Please know that we love and are praying for all of the recently departed and their families. We fight the battle together, and hope you can find strength in God and everyone around you. We pray for peace. Peace be with you. Peace be with all of us.

  Paris est dans nos coeurs. Nous sommes toujours avec vous.

  Please forgive that I write in English. My French, I’m embarrassed to say is not sufficient to carry my emotions..I have been blessed to come to our oldest ally and have known the joy of the wonderful people of France. My heart breaks for you but I know that the special people of France will both prevail and lead the way to peace.

  stay strong my heart is breaking along with yours

  My heartfelt condolences go out to the victims, the family’s , and the people of France. We are all brothers and sisters together in this world. We all mourn with you. My prayers are with you. With Love. A sister in Christ,

  Française, parisienne, en déplacement à New York.
Sans voix, abattue...
Tellement de perte...
Une pensée à toutes ces familles, a tous les français.
Tous ensemble, tous français.

  I offer my deepest condolences to the French people. I am currently learning French and the impact the these attacks have made on me is incredible. In class, I have learned abou the beautiful language and culture of France but I did not learn until this terrible time, the incredible courage and strength of the French people. Stay strong, I send you my love and prayers.

  Dear people of France,
As you have blessed the people of the United States with support and encouragement so many times through the years, may you now be encouraged and supported through the love and help of your American allies. Blessings to you in these days of challenge, sorrow, and renewal of hopes. Sincerely and respectfully,

  On est avec vous. Restez forts!

  Sincères condoléances pour toutes les victimes des attaques. Vive la France! Vive la Liberté!

  Je suis vraiment désolé. France, la premiere amie des Etats Unis, est fort. Maintenant je demanderai que les Etats Unis donne tout l’assistance possible a la France dans la guerre contre ISIS - vive la France!

  Nous envoyons nos prières et nos condoléances à Paris, la belle vie de lumière. J’ai aimé la ville quand je l’ai visitée - j’ai pensée que c’est une ville très spéciale. Les prières pour Paris, et les prières pour la paix.

  I am not from France, but I am learning French as a student. The horrific actions that occurred two days ago in Paris shocked me and brought me to tears, and even I, halfway around the world, am under the cloud that brought the City of Lights into Darkness. My prayers are with the people of Paris.

  Nos coeurs et nos condoléances sont avec vous! Nous sommes tous des Parisiens dans ce moment et nous vous tenons dans tous nos pensées. Vive la France et vive la liberté!

  Nous sommes très fier des principes de la France et du courage des Français. A ce moment de profonde tristesse, nous soutenons le peuple français et transmettons nos condoléances aux victimes et leur familles. Vive la France, vive la Liberté.

  My heart and prayers go out to the great people of France. We love you and stand with you!

  Sympathy for all who were affected by this horrific event - God be with you all as you rebuild, recover, and go on. (A US Gold Star mom)

  France has been a close ally of the United States since the American Revolutionary War. The gift of the Statue of Liberty, replicas of Winged Victory given in thanks for supplies during the second World War. I have visited Paris and Nice and found French Citizens both so friendly and polite.
The dastardly attacks of November 13, 2015 will NEVER be forgotten and I send my condolences to each and every French citizen, especially those who had family and friends murdered or maimed in these senseless attacks.
Americans are united with their French brethren and such violence shall not be tolerated.
God bless the French nation and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  Deepest sympathy and condolences to all the lovely people in France during this awful time. Stay strong you have many friends praying for you. We love you !

  To the families and countrymen of the victims of this unspeakable brutality our hearts go out you and our resolve to face down this plague of hatred and intolerance is hardened. Vive la France.

  I want you to know of my sympathies and condolences for the innocent people who were harmed in the attacks.

  My thoughts and prayers are with the people of France during these sad days.
We are all France.

  Bon jour people to whom it may concern. True the only relationship I have with the French people is that I take a French class, and that we are apart of this same world. So, while I truly can not comprehend the disaster that has occurred, I am sorry. I look out my window and see a beautiful earth, a safe earth... I wake up everyday without having to worry about my safety or my survival that day. I am lucky. But there are others (including the French) who are suffering as we speak. And just like I can’t comprehend this tragedy, the majority of the world can not comprehend the suffering of this world. It’s not just France it’s everywhere. And the only thing that everywhere has in common is that we are all part of the same world. We share your pain France. And the world as a whole will do what they can to stop it.

  I am just a private citizen who wishes to offer condolences and deep sympathy to our Parisienne and French sisters and brothers in the wake of this unimaginable horror that is also an insult to God. We stand with you, our longest ally in freedom, liberty and fraternity.
Peace and all good.

  Our hearts break with yours.

  My heart breaks at seeing a city that I love in so much pain. My thoughts and prayers are with the French people. May the beauty and kindness of the French people, their culture, and way of life always prevail. Vive la France!

  My heart breaks for the people of Paris and all of France. I am blessed to have been able to travel to Paris and spend days there twice, and I love the city. May God bless you.

  Mon dieu..notre coeur est avec vous..nous ne pouvons pas imaginer..nous partageons votre peine, ma peine pour mon sais que nos mots n.appais pas notre peine..mais de tout coeur.. Votre peine est ma peine..notre France est forte et nous resterons fort et combaterons tout est temps de prendre more..!!! Dehors.. Mon coeur est triste..France est forte et garder la foie..mes condoleences aux familles et mon pays ..mon coeur est rempli de pleurs..❤🇫🇷

  I am so sorry for your loss for such a horrible reason. As an American who loves France, the French people and French culture please pass along my sorror.
If there is something I can do - please ask.

  Peu importe où je me trouve mon cœur sera toujours français. Je pleure mon pays et sa liberté disparue. Je prie pour les Parisiens et les Français qui ont fait face à une nouvelle tragédie. Pray for Paris
no matter where I am, my heart will be forever French. I cry for my country and our lost liberty. I pray for Paris and French people who suffered a new tragedy. Pray for Paris

  To The People Of France,
My family sends heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the people of France and to the families that lost loved ones in this senseless acts of terror . May those who are responsible for these evil acts be held accountable for their crimes and justice prevail. We stand by the people of France and share your tears like your country stood by ours during 9/11. May God Bless The People Of France.

  I feel really sad and sick by this barbaric act of senseless violence against peace loving wonderful people of France I love France and its people and have visited Paris several times. I wish the injured people a fast recovery and the ones that have passed away to rest in peace. And these barbarians are crushed with an iron hand.

  Our family lifts up, in prayer, the victims of the attacks. We stand with France, our oldest ally.
Notre famille prions Dieu qu’il donnerait sa paix durable aux victimes des attentats, et leurs familles et leurs amis. Nous supportons la Republique de France, notre vielle amie.
Avec nos plus sinceres condoleances,

  Please accept my sincere condolences and sympathy for those recent and outlandish attacks against France and its people by those Islamic Terrorists. We in the USA stand with you!

  Liberté, égalité, fraternité pour les enfants de la patrie et de toutes les patries!

  although I’m just beginning my plans to move to France, I truly love france, her people are the main reason, I chose to immigrate to france, they have always made me feel at home and loved . my heart aches for those hurt and touched by this horrible act, and I wish there was some way for me to help ease the pain or for me to comfort those whom have been hurt by these people’s actions. please just know you have many people round the world mourning with you and stand ready to help in any way possible , in this horrible time.

  Hello my heart is heavy and sad for the horrible attack. Please know that millions love you and are praying for you. We stand with France. We had prayer for you in our church today. God bless France


  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.God Bless,

  Chers Amis:
Mon coeur est cassé et les mots me manquent d’exprimer ma tristesse profonde des nouvelles des attaques barbariques contre les citoyens de Paris, contre la France, contre tous qui l’aiment et contre la civilisation. Je tiens les français dans mes prières, et je vous envoie mes condoléances les plus sincères.

  I am a Muslim American and want to share my condolences with the French people on the recent tragedies. Islam does not condone terror or violence or harming innocent people. I hope that these events only make the world more united to root out the corruption in our midst.

  My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris. Please let your countrymen & women know that the American people care very much about them and we are here to support them. Hugs to everyone in your country touched by this tragedy. Americans stand with the French people, today and always.

I am a Muslim, and wanted to share my condolences with the people of France. As Muslims, we should be standing in solidarity to counter these acts of terror in both Paris and Beirut.

  To the French People,
Our heart felt condolences go out to you on your loss. Such senseless violence can never be understood by anyone that is a member of the human family. Our hearts break for your loss and we cry and pray along with you. Stand strong and God bless.

  I am an American Muslim and I condemn the attacks in Paris in the strongest manner. The attackers are not human beings. Muslims are with the victim’s families.

  We stand with you and share in your pain.

  The nouvelles à propos de la mort de tant de personnes à Paris a été un choc pour moi.
Je ne sais vraiment pas comment vous consoler. Il n’y a pas de mots pour décrire ce qui est arrivé.
Mes pensées sont avec la France.

  Nous sommes avec la France.
We stand with France

  To the people of France know you are in my prayers from the terrible attacks this weekend.
I pray the Lord will send comfort to the families of these tragic events and swift justice to those who committed these acts.
Stay strong and Vive La France !

  Want to share my condolences with the people of France.
Being a muslim, I believe killing an innocent human being is sin. Attacking one human being is like attacking entire humanity.
May almighty help people of France overcome this tragedy.

  You are all in our hearts.
Peace, love & Namaste.

  Toute mes condoléances ... Je suis de tout coeur avec les familles des victimes... Que dieu soulage leur Coeur.

  Please extend sincere condolences to the families of those who perished in Paris, November 13, 2015, a day of infamy in French history.
There are many Americans who feel your pain and we will all keep you in our thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.

  To all citizens in Paris France,
I am from Paris Texas in the United States. We are praying for all of the citizens in Paris France. This is such a tragedy and I feel for everyone killed, injured or affected in any way.
You will be in our prayers for the safety of anyone involved.

  I send my condolences as I pray for Paris.

  We spent our honeymoon in Paris three years ago. We were in awe of the beauty of France and touched by the kindness of the people.
Our deepest condolences, dear friends.

  I apologize for your loss. Paris is beautiful and so is your spirit. Do not give up because of the attacks. Stay true to your country and all that you believe in.
We all ache for your tragedy and hope you can persevere. Vive la France!

  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and with your nation.
We stand with you! God bless you all.

  Our prayers go out to your country. Vive la France!

  Au mois de juillet, j’ai passé une semaine dans le 10ème, au coeur des attentats - cela m’attriste tellement et je vous tiens tous près de mon coeur.
Je suis d’origine française ( il y a très longtemps) mais je considère la France et l’Europe francophone comme chez moi, alors moi, je pleure aussi!
Restez fort ensemble!

  Bonjour, je suis désolé. Au revoir.

  I send my condolences from Ohio. The people who did this are cowards, and we shouldn’t be scared. I did not know anybody who’s life was stolen, and I can only image what you must be going through, but stay strong.
Don’t give them the satisfaction of watching us be scared. Nous sommes Paris.

  Avec mes prières et condoléances pour les victimes de l’attaque terroriste a Paris.

  Our family of four lived through 9/11 — our hearts to out the families who lost loved ones, to all of Paris and all of France.
We stand with you.

  I send my condolences to everyone who lost someone during this terrible attack on Paris.

  Je suis vraiment désolé. Je suis France!

  We wish the French Government and People all strength and wisdom to get over this terrible event.
We are sure that the French esprit will prevail.
Vive la France, toujours.

  Envoyez mes prières à Paris.

  Nous sommes unis!
Nous sommes Paris!
Nous sommes avec vous toujours!

  My sincerest condolences on the attacks taken on your capital city. Je prie pour la France et tout le monde entier.

  I just wanted to tell that Paris wasn’t expecting these attacks. Some may have lost family and or friends during these attacks.
Hundreds injured or dead, which make me sob deep down from my heart.

  It is so cruel that these people were in public just having a good time when they were attacked. I believe everyone should feel safe in their country.
J’adore le français. It just breaks my heart to think about how much fear and harm those people went through.
Du courage! America is praying for you.

  Our thoughts and prayers are with every single person who was impacted by the horrifying and horrendous attacks. Long live France!

  Hello France,
I am truly saddened by the events that occurred in your beautiful city of Paris on November 13, 2015. I would like you all to know that we are all here for you! We have and will continually keep you in our prayers. Du courage!

  My condolences to all the families who have lost there friends in this horrible event. I’m praying for all of you.

  La paix pour Paris. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims.

  I will never understand what you are going through now. But I hope you can understand that we are here for you. Du courage.

  United we stand, united we fall. Today I am French. Vive la France!

  We will get through this together. Vive la France.

  Sending many prayers to Paris. We stand with you always. Vive le France!

  May god bless all the people who were killed in Paris and hope that this will never happen again and I will pray for France with you guys amen.

  Je suis désolée. Restez forts!

  Je suis desolé, Paris.

  Sincères condoléances. De tout coeur avec les familles des pauvres victimes.

  Vive la France.

  Je suis très désolée, nous partageons votre peine en ce moment de deuil. Mes penpensées sont avec vous et je partage mes sincères condoléances. Nous t’aimons.

  Tu n’es pas seul. La force et la guérison viennent à vous tous. Reste fort.

  Tout au long de toutes les choses difficiles que nous traversons dans la vie, nous sommes toujours plus forts ensemble. Longue vie à la France.

  Mes chers amis,
Ces terribles événements de la semaine dernière nous rappelle à quell point nous devons nous tenir avec l’autre. Les pauvres victimes et leurs proches doivent endurer un chemin difficile . Comme amis et compatriotes à ces gens , nous avons le devoir de rester vigilant face à ces atrocités .Notre amour et nos condoléances à nos amis

  I am a student in Sacramento. Although I live all the way across the country I still feel your pain. When I heard about the attack my heart dropped. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I’m sorry for what happened in Paris. I just don’t understand. I’m scared now and I didnt even experience it. I can’t imagine how the children and adults in Paris feel. It’s such an awful thing. I feel for Paris and all of Europe. These people do not deserve this. I feel for Paris. I’m so sorry. This is cruelty. Pray for Paris and pray for the world.

  Amis À Paris, Je regrette. I am sorry for the unfaithful act upon Paris. We feel your pain here as well, and morn for the tragic accidents. We hope here, in the United States, that you all feel better than you have. I am praying for you all.

  I went to Paris over the summer and its a lovely place to be and to see it go through this tragedy is heartbreaking. We stand together through these tough times.

  Vive la France! Mon coeur est avec votre pendant ces temps. C’est une catastrophe. Mes condoléances sont avec votre, et j’espère le meilleur de chance. Je suis desolee pour vos pertes. C’est tragique. Je suis ici si votre devoir tout. "Donne-moi votre fatigués, votre pauvres, votre peuple regroupé désir ardent respirir libre." Je suis Paris. Nous sommes envie, et toujours serai. Je t’aime. Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Vive!

  I have been to Paris before and it was an amazing and beautiful place. You don’t deserve any of this and my prayers are with you...

  I pray for everyone in France and My heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry for your lose and America will always be there for you.

  God shall watch upon us for we shall survive and we shall carry on but those who have passed are forever in our hearts.

  I will be praying. I’m scared for all. ISIS needs to stop. Why ?

  The people who’s lives have been hurt I am so sorry. We will all grieve for those who have gone through so much. I will keep many people in my prayers and wish for them the best. I am so lucky and so blessed that this didn’t occur in my country and I am so thankful for all that I have! May god bless everyone, even the people who aren’t hurt but are suffering somewhere in the world. Stay strong, and be brave, or they can’t hurt us if we don’t let them.

  My prayers goes to you!

  En tant que Français et Parisien expatrié je voudrais exprimer mes plus profondes sympathies aux familles des victimes. Très touché par les évènements de vendredi dans des quartiers de Paris qui respirent la joie de vivre d’une jeunesse pleine d’avenir - des quartiers ou je me retrouvais souvent étant jeune moi-même. Je me sens très triste aujourd’hui pour les familles des victimes et pour ma ville et mon pays. Mais je n’ai qu’une hâte c’est de revenir à Paris pour profiter des terrasses de cafés et des restaurants qui respirent le bon vivre, de profiter des concerts de musique dans des salles intimistes et d’assister à des rencontres sportives et encourager mes équipes préférés : une chose est sûre personne ne nous fera changer notre mode de vie.
Fière d’être Français !

  Je suis très désolé pour les attaques sur Paris!! Je suis américaine et nous prions pour toi et ton famille. Liberté, égalité, fraternité! Nous sommes tous Parisien maintenant.

  Vive la France et vive la liberté.

  I truly sorry for the things that occurred this Friday. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.

  Mes sincères condoléances aux familles des victimes et aux Citoyens de la France. May God bless all the Citizens of France and Paris.

  we are praying for you guys! dont give up, we all support you and things will get better, stay strong!!!!

  Paris, we feel for you and are all praying for you. Maybe this attack will make Paris stronger. We all feel this was an attack meant to do damage everyone. JE SUIS PARIS!

  During my first trip to Paris, I was overwhelmed at the beauty everywhere I looked. Ugliness visited upon Paris by barbarians will never change this. I look forward to a planned trip to Paris with my teenage daughter in a few months and introducing her to all that is marvelous about your country and your people.
We mourn with you, our first ally. Vive la France!

  Nous offrons nos plus sincères condoléances dans ces moments pénibles.

  Au peuple Francais,
Veuillez accepter mes condoleances les plus profondes et sinceres. Mes pensees et prieres sont avec tous les victimes et leurs familles de ces attaques barbares a Paris le 13 novembre. Je suis en deuil et pleure forte avec vous tous! Je tiens avec vous en solidarite et liberte.

  I am a York Suburban French student and was very sad to hear of the attacks in Paris. My thoughts go out to all those hurt and killed in the attacks

  My sincere condolences to your wonderful country. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I’m sure the All the U.S. and the world is behind you. God bless France.

  France I am so sorry you had to go through that, sending prayers to all of you even the one who pasted away. Hope you feel better soon

  From Dayton, OH, USA, my thoughts and prayers have been with the beautiful country of France and all of her people.
Please know that the citizens of the US stand with all of you, may God Bless France today, tomorrow and always.

  Mes condoléances a tout le monde qui a perdu les amis et membres de leur famille. C’est une grande tragédie qui a passé, et les Américains seront toujours avec vous. Vive la France..

  I am very sorry about what happened to and it is sad to see innocent lives being taken because evil people think it is ok to express their opinions using violence. I hope Paris can recover from this.

  hope you all are safe and okay and I wish you all the best


I want to give extreme condolences from my heart to the true people of France. Those people who get choked up and those who stand at attention when singing the Marseillaise and when it is played. I am American and my Grandfather received his war wound at Chateau Thierry in WWI.

  My condolences go out to all the family and friends who lost someone to this tragedy. I hope their memory will live long and their family and friends will prosper in the best way possible to honor the innocent who lost their lives that day. My heart goes out to all of you.
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. Je suis Paris.

  Je suis tellement désolé pour ce qui est arrivé. Mon coeur va aux personnes vivant en France en ce moment ou a des amis ou la famille qui est là. Paris est une grande ville et je suis sûr que vous pouvez surmonter cette. Il est tragique de ce qui est arrivé.
État de Washington, États-Unis se tient avec vous.

  My thoughts and prayers are with the people suffering from this attack. It’s inhumane.

  I wish you both good luck and good fortune for both your and our future. It is extremely unfortunate that these attacks happened to Paris, and it was certainly not earned.
Please keep fighting, and remember that the entire world is fighting for you and is on your side.

  Our hearts are heavy after hearing about the tragic events in Paris. RIP to all the innocent lives lost. Wish for peace in the world

  Nos pensées sont avec vous pendant ces temps difficiles. Nous prions pour vous.

  Mon pensees est avec vous, reste ensemble.

  I am so so so sorry. I can’t even imagine how you feel. I hope anybody reading this is OK and there family is OK. Je suis pour la paix! Je suis pour la solidarité! On a tous le même soleil

  This devastating I am so very sad I hope everybody that got injured heals well and fast. If anybody has past away rest in peace we are france.

  am deeply sorry for the actions taken out on November 13th. And the lives that were lost cannot be replaced.
I am praying for everyone effected by this tragic occurrence. May peace be with your country, at this time of suffering.

  What happened it so horrible to think about. I feel horrible of what happened to you. Everyone who got hurt feel better!

  On est tellement désolés. On adore Paris, c’était horrible que les terroristes ont attaqué vous. Ca ira.

  I will continue to pray for the people of Paris. The attacks have killed and injured hundreds. There were families that have been attacked. Regular French Citizens shouldn’t be killed! No one will ever forget what has happened on November 13th in Paris,France.
I am from the U.S, and the time I got out of school 3:06 was the exact time in France 9:06 the attacks begun. #prayforparis

  Sending love to all of Paris. Words cannot express my sympathy. I know that my message is just one of hundreds of thousands of messages sent as condolence.
While no number of condolence messages can undo the terrible, cruel events that happened last Friday, they do show just how loved France is to the whole world.
The world loves you, Paris, and we’re all here to support you through these hard times. Stay strong Paris

  Je donne mes condoléances à les personnes de France. J’était très triste écouter ce qui s’est passé. J’aime le France beaucoup et j’espère que cela ne se reproduise plus jamais.

  My love for France and for the French people has only grown throughout this experience. Knowing that everyone is standing together and growing stronger because of this means there’s still hope left in humanity.
My deepest condolences to France, the French people, and everyone that has been affected by this terrible event. No one should ever have to go through such suffering. Vive la France.

  On est très désolés que çela s’est passé. On prie pour vous et on est avec vous. On voudrait vister Paris un jour. On adore Paris et on vous adore

  Je suis en classe de francais maintenant, et je prie pour les gens de Paris. Dieu benie.

  want to express my sincere condolences to all of those in France. Those innocent people who lost their lives will be remembered, and I pray that the nation and their families can heal.
Our prayers are with you, stay strong. "When life changes to be harder, change yourself to be stronger. What hurts you today makes you stronger tomorrow."

  Nos pensées sont avec vous pendant ces temps difficiles. On prie pour vous.

  We all offer our condolences to not only the families and loved ones of those that were so ungracefully harmed in this despicable attack, but to all of France as well. France is not alone in this.
Today, we are all French. We are very sorry for your losses. Stand strong, Paris. Stand strong, France.

  To the city of Love: I am so incredibly sorry for the pain, fear suffering, and loss you all have experienced. While I cannot speak for my personal experiences on this tragedy, I offer my sincere condolences for the attack. You will be in everyone in across the States’ thoughts, prayers, and hearts. We love you all. Be strong. It will be over soon

  stay strong France. USA got your back. I’m sorry for everyone you guy lost. you all are in my prayers

  Mon français n’est pas très bon, alors je voudrais donner juste un court message: Je suis désolée pour les attaques terroristes qui se sont passés au Paris.
Je donne mes condoléances à tous en France, et je résiste avec vous les crimes comme ça

  Mes condoleances a tous les francais qui on perdus les membres de leur famille. Nous sommes avec vous. Vive la France et vive la liberte.
Je suis Paris. La force du nombre , dans un moment pareil, est mieux utilisé pour la prière. Strength in numbers, in a time like this, is best used for prayer.

  It makes me mad that someone could do that. I hope that you, France, can recover, becoming a better and stronger country than before, and know that others will always stand with you.
Although I do not know what it feels like to go through something this devastating, but I pray with those who have lost loved ones.

  I am so sorry this happened to France. There were many innocent victims who’s lives were taken away by evil people.

  My deepest condolences to everyone impacted. Thoughts and prayers to you all.

  I am sorry for all the losses. My thoughts and prayers to all of those who are aching in anyway possible. We stand with you. Stay strong, stay positive, because there is always a light in the end of the tunnel. Je suis Paris.

  Nous sommes en classe de francais en Amerique. Toutes les personnes dans la classe veulent exprimer leur soutien et offrir leurs condoleances au people francais.
Nous avons ete amis depuis des annees dans des temps tres douloureux, et nous resterons amis et solidaires

  Mes condoléances vers le peuple en France. J’espoir tu aller combatre fort puis du tous le temps. Tu peuple viver dans un grand patrie. Avec un peu de chance le ville de lumier aller a briller plus de brillant.
(Sorry if the french is a little rusty I am an English student learning how to speak french).

  Je suis une étudiante de francais à lycée. Je suis trés désolé pour toute le monde à Paris qui avez perdu famille et/ou amis dans les attaques. C’est très horrible, et mon coeur va à vous tous. Nous prions pour vous tous les jours. Restez forts

  I’m sorry this had to happen. There should be a chance for peace and we will pray.

  As someone who has traveled extensively throughout France, I think of France, and the city of Paris, as good friends who need support at this trying time. I and my 300 million countrymen are with you. Aux armes, citoyens!

  Sincères condoléances aux familles des victimes , et aux français

  J’ai beaucoup de peine pour les personnes de Paris. Mes condoleances. I send all of my hopeful thoughts to Paris.

  My condolances to the people of France, and to all those who lost someone in this tragedy, no words can describe how sorry we are, but we will stand together as one people. Je suis Paris.

  The south will rise again and so will France...YEEYEE

  Je suis une etudiate de francais au Pennsylvanie. J’espère vous êtes sûr et je suis désolée pour votre tragédie. I am a student from Pennsylvania learning French. I hope that everyone is safe now and I am sorry for you losses.

  I am very sorry for the event that has happened in Paris. I give my dearest condolences to those that have been affected by this attack and especially to those who have lost someone special in the event. Although people tend to gear towards the possibilities of "what if", the only option is to mourn, stay strong, and move forward.
Myself and I’m sure many others will not forget what has happened, but most importantly, we must learn how to stop this from happening again. Terrorism was already an issue in the Middle East and the fact that it is becoming more relevant in other nations should give the world a clear idea that the issue needs to be addressed immediately and with urgent care. I’m sorry that this is the only support I could give, but I do wish the very best for the people and the well being of France.

  A tous les Parisiens touches en plein coeur, a tous les Francais, nous vous adressons nos plus sincères condoléances depuis les Etats Unis, ou nous participons de tout coeur, a vos profondes souffrances. Tout notre Amour pour vous soutenir et nos pensées de Paix pour vous réconforter, car tous unis dans la Fraternite, nous n’avons pas peur.

  I wish you so much luck from Pennsylvania, USA. I hope that you are doing okay because it will all get better soon. Hang in there!!! : )

  My condolences to the people of France. We are here for the city of love and light. Je suis Paris. Vive la France!

  Do not let the terrorists get to you there is hope through this. My prayer are with you and I am deeply sorry.

  Je suis tres triste pour les events qui on passe dans le venderedi, Mon Condoléances.

  I am devastated that this evil has been done to Paris and the wonderful people of France. So has it been done to us too, then, for we stand with you. Je suis Paris.

  Sending prayers for the families of those injured or killed in these horrendous attacks. Sending prayers and support for all the French in this time of sorrow and tragedy.

  The best thing we can do during terrible times like these is support each other. Nous sommes avec vous.

  thoughts and prayers to the people of France!

  I am very sorry for the attack and your loved ones

  y condolences to those who have lost those in these violent attacks in Paris. My heart goes out to all. Beautiful people have passed who did not deserve to.

  Mon coeur va vers la France.

  am very sorry, about what theses terrible people have done. I am praying for everyone who had lost anyone that they knew.

  I am very sorry about what happened in Paris. I send my sincerest condolences to those who have lost a loved one. I will pray for them.

  I apologize deeply for what has happened in your country. My condolences to you all, the fact that someone would even think about hurting a place like Paris is beyond me. It’s tragic.... truly tragic. Let God be with you. I pray for you all everyday until this storm you all are facing passes

  there are no words to describe the horrific event that has happened in Paris in France. Although the words im really sorry may be small, just know that we will fight to bring to justice those who have committed this crime. Just know that we are all in this as one.

  its tragic we wish you Paris peace

  My condolences to those whom have lost their loved ones. Stay strong, both for those dear to you and for our world as a whole.

  There are no words to describe the horror. But we are here for you

  I am from New Jersey, USA and I recently learned what happened in Paris and I sorry for all the victims of this attack. I hope that no more attacks happen and best of luck. #PrayforParis

  I am sorry for all the losses in Paris. Isis did a TERRIBLE thing with a lot of sad deaths. We are one with France, we feel very bad for what happened. We will fight with France and hopefully put an end to ISIS! But for now, we are very very sorry for what happened.

  god bless france

  t is very sad and upsetting what happened. My thoughts and prayers go to all who were affected

  When I heard about this event, I thought it was so crazy. I hope everyone is France that lived will be ok because it was no need for this attack. We Americans will always be here to help and support. Keep your head up france because you’re great people.
I’m currently taking french too. It is a fun and great language. I personnaly feel that we should have troops over there to help you guys.

  Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragic event

  I am extremely saddened by what has happened to the great country of France. My condolences to everyone who lost a loved one and to those who were injured.

  Je suis trés desolè pour quel arrivé.

  I am a french student at York Suburban High School. I am so very sorry for the terrorist attacks. I hope that everyone is able to regroup and move past this. I hope that the attackers are stopped and gone for good. This should not have happened to you. Prayers for all families and friends to those who have been lost.

  I am very sorry about what has happened. My condolences to everyone who lost a loved one and to those who were injured.

  My thoughts and prayers are with all the people of France. STAND STRONG !

  I am so sorry that this horrible attack happened to such a wonderful part of France. My love goes out to those who were lost and injured. I have hope France can find a reliable solution to this conflict.

  I’m very sorry that you must go through this. My prayers go out to all of you in Paris and I hope you and your families are safe and well

  I’m very sad about what happened in Paris and to the people who died. I hope this never happens again.

  I am very sorry for what has happened , the people don’t deserve this. My condolences to everyone to the people and Paris who has been affected by this event thoughts are with you God bless and Stay strong.

  My heart and love goes out to France and everyone there. Things like this sadly happens and when they do, we struggle. But no matter what, we are all strong and people are there to love and care for you. My prayers are out for everyone effect by this and know that you are never alone. :)

  My thoughts and prayers go out to Paris. So saddened by what happened. Nous sommes avec vous

  I am a York Suburban French Student living in Pennsylvania. I would like to offer my condolences for the tragedy that has taken place. While it is not much, I am deeply sorry. I understand that hundreds of e-mails must be coming in.
I cannot offer those wounded mentally and physically much, all I can say is that you have the support of the United States behind you. We stand with you as fellow human beings. We will work as a team.

  My thoughts go out to all who were affected by this tragedy

  I am a York Suburban High School french student, I am truly sorry for what happened in your beautiful city of Paris. It saddens me to think that this is the world we live in, that the only way to send a message is through an act of violence.
I want to give condolence to all the families that are suffering for the loss of a family member. I wish you happiness and peace. Vive La France!

  my prayers go out to you guys mes prières vont à vous les gars

  So sorry for your loss...God bless the French people. Stay strong!

  t is a terrible thing, what happened, and I feel for the French. You have much support.

  From York suburban high school; I’m very sorry for what has happened in Paris, and send all my condolences to the families/ friends who have lost a loved one or is severely injured. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  I am a French student in high school and my condolences to the injured and all who have lost loved ones in the attacks.

  My prayers go out to not only the population of France but to everyone truly affected by what had happened. godspeed To all

  I am a french student at York Suburban High School. What happened in Paris is a tragedy. We stand by you Paris. My condolences go out to everyone these attacks have effected.

  I am sending my condolences, thoughts, and prayers to everyone who was affected by this mass atrocity and the people over in France. The United States of America is standing with you during this hard time.

  Nous sommes avec vous en esprit. Vive la France!

  condolences all friends in france..

  We visited Paris two years ago and were welcomed, offered help when needed, and treated with courtesy and a smile. And, we fell in love with Paris.
Your lovely people do not deserve this horrid violence. We ordinary American citizens know what it is to experience terrorism. We stand with you.
Our hearts go out to you in this time of sadness. We admire your spirit and hold you in our hearts and prayers.

  May Allah lead guide and comfort France.

  Over the years America and France have traded barbs with each other. But know this WE ARE THERE FOR YOU and our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  Je serre fort la France et tous les français contre moi. Comme prof de français aux EU j’enseigne les valeurs et les moeurs d’une société démocratique aux élèves, et je leur transmets l’importance de l’amour et la liberté, au-dessus de tout.

  We have the people of France in our prayers. We will never forget as Americans that France helped us in our fight for independence.

  This is a terrible time for the French people. Our hearts, minds and thoughts are with you. You have been with us from our beginning and we will be with you till this terror is extinguished.

  I am so sorry for the tremendous loss that you have endured. May God keep you all close to Himself and may His love keep you strong. My prayers are constant. God’s Blessing,

  Même de loin, nous sommes tous unis avec votre douleur. Tout comme vous, nous pleurons avec les familles des victimes. Vous êtes dans nos coeurs, nos pensées et nos prières.

  Vive La France!
You are a great and proud nation. It makes me sick to my stomach and heart that this has happened to you.
’Je suis Francaise’
My love and best wishes to all who are lost and have lost loved ones.

  My heartfelt condolences go out to the people of France. May Our Lord bless and comfort your nation.

  My condolences to the people of Paris. God bless you always.

  My prayers are with you all...

  So sad!!!! WHY?????

  Je prie pour la France. "Vive la France." Les famille de ma mere,Ils sont Quebecoise. God bless the people of France.

  My dear friends,
These terrible events of this last week reminds us of how closely we must stand with each other. The poor victims and their loved ones must endure a difficult path. As friends and countrymen to those people, we are duty bound to remain vigilant in the face of these atrocities. Our love and condolences to our friends

  Nous somes tellement desole. Nos couers et nos priers sont avec vous. May God bless and protect the country of France. Please excuse my grammatical French errors but please know we stand with you.Vive LA France!

  It is heartbreaking that you had to experience such horrific events. An attack on such a beautiful culture is heinous. I’m glad you are also strong, resilient and as eager to eliminate ISIS as we need you to be. We need our French brothers and sisters.

  My Warm Wishes and Sympathy to all People in France. I do not support terrorists that killed many people in France and wish the situation to resolve as soon as possible and offering any help possible to resolve the tragedy of November 13, 2015.

  Terrorist are attacking so many countries and killing people by the hundreds. France is an incredible city that we love. I am an American and love the people of France. I am writing to send my condolences to you, and the people of France who have lost loved ones in these savage attacks of last Friday. I as an American stand in solidarity with your country. Sincerely,

  Our hearts go out to you, our French brothers and Sisters; I pray that we join you in avenging this hateful act and restoring the peace that we as a free people enjoy on a daily basis. Viva Le’ France!

  For all those that died, were injured or lost loved ones on that dreadful night and all of Paris and France we pray for you. May God bless France

  Comme vous, j’ai un cœur brisé pour mon pays adoptif. Je ne comprends pas ses actes de violences conte des gens qui vivaient leur vie. Pourtant, la France est forte. Les français sont forts. Je vous soutiens de tout cœur. Vive la France!

  Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. My heart goes out to you.

  My love and heart felt sympathy to the people of France, and particularly to those who have lost someone or had someone dear injured in the attacks of November 13.
Like so many people around the world, I love France because of its beauty, it’s culture, but most of all because of its people. May God be with the wonderful people of Paris and of all of France throughout the days and weeks ahead.

  We are praying for France and the victims of this carnage...

  Again the people of France have been the subject of an unprovoked attack by terrorists and have bravely responded. My condolences to the people of France and to the families of the killed and injured for the loss they have suffered. My respect is given to the police, ambulance staffs, and other official and civilian individuals who put their lives in danger to help the victims.
I stand with you in your opposition to the intimidation of terrorism.

  You are not alone. Vive la France.

  Aujourd’hui, nous sommes tous Parisiens.
Vive la France.

  I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about what happened the other day. It is abhorent that in a time when humans can do so many things to help each other that there are others who would do their disgusting acts.

  It pains me to hear of these heinous events which have happened in lovely paris which i have visited several times. no one is save anywhere and it is beyond belief the pain and suffering caused by these infadels, even against muslims. my deepest sympathy to the families who lost people but mostly to what we have all lost - answers.

  I speak for my family and for my friends. "We all pray for you."

  The French people are strong and resilient. My heart goes out for all affected by the atrocities that took place in Paris. Keep hope.

  Like brothers, France and the United States may sometimes disagree, but, also like brothers, if one is hurt, the other feels the pain. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of suffering. We also pray for an end to this senseless terrorism that has done nothing but harm to innocents of all faiths and nationalities.

  We stand with you against evil and curse the darkness. May God bless France and comfort her people as they mourn those who were lost. You are not alone.

  I am deeply saddened by the vicious attack on the city of Paris and the whole of France. We must pray that evil be rooted out and stomped out. I will believe God that the ones who are responsible for those will be caught and face justice.

  Dear Citizens of France,
I am so sorry for your losses. My thoughts are with the French leadership and people struggle to respond to these heinous and unspeakable crimes. May you somehow find justice, consolation and peace.

  My thoughts are with the people of France. I admire your courage, your resilience and your great heart. Je suis Paris!

  Je tiens à exprimer ma plus profonde sympathie et ses condoléances au peuple français. Moi et mes compatriotes suis avec vous dans cette période de deuil. Je suis désolé mon français est si pauvre, mais il vient de mon coeur.

  Mon coeur va à la population de la France et à tous ceux avec des êtres chers perdus ou blessés. Ici, à Hollywood, nous sommes avec le peuple de Paris et toute la France. Tu es dans nos prières. Vive la France.

  Please forgive me if I don’t translate this properly ...
Tout ce que nous pouvons offrir aujourd’hui sont nos cœurs et nos larmes. Paris, tous les gens de la France, nous sommes avec vous. Dieu vous bénisse.
[All we can offer today are our hearts and tears. Paris, all the people of France, we are with you. God bless you.]

  Our family is so sorry, for the pain and loss, that your country is going through right now, we are praying for y’all, WE LOVE FRANCE and stand by you!

  Pray that peoples eyes will be opened to the truth. Love your neighbor as yourself. Do good to thoughts that persecute you and say all manners of evil against you.

  Please accept our condolences for the barbaric attack in Paris. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Vive la France!

  My heart is with the people of France at this time of sorrow. My prayers are with you.

  I have shed tears for all who have lost their lives, and my prayers go to their families. So I ask all in France to please stay strong, show those cowards that no mater what they do, they will never break the spirit of the French.
Viva la France!!

  Vive la France!!!

  I got to know a lot about France and the French who I adore.
I have experienced some of my happiest days in France from touring Paris, hiking in the Alps, walking along the cliffs at Etretat and visiting the prehistoric sites around the Dordogne. I have met many wonderful citizens of France who enriched my life so this terrible atrocity makes it all the more painful to know how much you all are suffering at this terrible time in history.
The attack in Paris on the French people, who I have come to admire so much over the last few decades, cut me to the quick. I do speak decent French but not so well that I could express myself as well as I can in English. I just want to say how deeply sorry I am for the terrible suffering that all of you have experienced and want you to know how much affection that I hold for all of you.
Je vous embrasse,


My most sincere condolences to the French people for the senseless violence in Paris yesterday. Know that the love and prayers of the American people are with you all. God bless France. Je suis Paris.

  Healing thoughts and prayers to the French people. May all those touched by this evil know that you are in our thoughts and in our prayers wishing comfort and peace. We stand with the French people in this fight against this evil. Together we must defend our western culture and values. Vive la France!

  Lafayette, nous ici! We stand with the French as the French have stood with us! God bless and keep your great nation.

  Regardless of what our respective governments say or do, know that hearts of the people of America break for you. We stand with you. These parasites continue to take advantage of our hearts and try to destroy us from within. Wish I had answers.....

  Sending my deepest sympathies to the people of France. You will all be in my prayers.

  God bless you, France. I pray that you will be able to heal from this horrible incident.

  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of France at this difficult time. Please know that Americans, such as I, stand with you during this difficult time.
May God Bless and Protect France and all freedom loving people.

  People of France,
You were there for us at Yorktown in 1783 when no one else was there for us. You sent us your son, the Marquis de Lafeyette, when no one else was there for us. You gave us our Statue of Liberty as a symbol of our friendship and common love of liberty. We do not forget our friends. Ever. You, people of France, are our friends. You know what Liberty is and know that it is worth fighting for. We grieve at your loss as if it had been our own. May God grant the families of the survivors peace and strength in this difficult time. Vive La France!

  De loin en Arizona, mon coeur saigne pour toi France, Paris je t’aime. Nous sommes tous profondement touchés, accablés. Mes profondes pensées et condoléances aux familles et amis des victimes, à la France entière touchée par ce malheur.

  My family’s hearts and prayers are with your people...we are so sorry for your loss. I can’t stop crying for you. We support you and pray for your people.

  The state of Mississippi in the US are behind you!!! I am of French decent and I will stand behind y’all no matter what!!! We love you and prey for the ones that have departed!! We love u

  I am very sorry for the loss of so many French citizens at the hand of terrorists claiming to be acting on behalf on Muslims such as myself. I was in Paris last summer, and will be there again, to enjoy the hospitality and beauty of this wonderful multicultural city. The terrorists will not win and will not change our way of life.

  My prayer and thought s are with the people of France. I seriously condemn the act of terrorism.
Here is what I translated online-Ma prière et les pensées sont avec les gens de France. Je condamne sérieusement l’acte de terrorisme.

  We are so sorry for the loss of so many innocent lives. Our thoughts & prayers go out to everyone affected by this horrific tragedy.

  May your warriors be like lions as you strike back in the name of all civilized humanity. We are with you.

  I am so devastated about what happened. France will always be in my thoughts.

  I know many hearts are aching...right now. The entire world is saddened with these horrific attacks. I’m sure many held their loved ones a bit closer this weekend.
Our hearts are especially heavy with the ache, sadness, and uncertainty that is very reminiscent of 9/11. Friday was too close of a reminder for many.
My daughter wanted to do something special but did not know what, and came up with music. We hope it will soothe someone in France, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes solitude.
Video here.
Notre plus vieil allié, nous sommes avec vous, nos amis. Que Dieu te bénisse.

  We stand with you at this time and always! We offer our thoughts and prayers to everyone in France during this difficult time.

  In the aftermath of the horrific attacks in Paris, I am sending heartfelt condolences. This great city and cultural capital is a treasure to the world. In the coming days and weeks, I pray that your spirit remains strong and that the light from Paris continues to shine always.
Vive la France.

  There are no words sufficient to express my extreme sorrow and also outrage at what has happened in Paris 13 November either in English or in my limited French. I have been to Paris three times over the course of my life and loved it more each time. My hometown is sister-cities with Arles. I have always found the French people to be friendly and welcoming. My heart is breaking for you. I stand with France and with Paris!

  May peace and healing help everyone in France.

  France, my heart goes out to you. I am very sad and very angry. All people of the world must stand together at times like this. Today my heart is with France. VIVE LE FRANCE !

  My deep feelings and concerns for the people of France, and the whole free world. We must gather all our resources and rid the world of this vermin that is trying to terrorize us..

  I am sending prayers for all those involved in the attacks and the peoples of Paris and France. France is my second home and I feel a true love for all its peoples; I recently studied abroad in Pau, France and felt very welcomed by everyone. I pray that light destroys the darkness that has come to Paris. I know that the French are extremely strong and will destroy this darkness. I can’t tell you how very sorry I am for all the tragedy that occurred on November 13. I cannot express my feelings for France and for Paris; my dreams have come true by being able to share in the French culture and I hope that I can repay the French someday. Prayers for all those involved, their families and friends, and to the French. Je t’aime toujours.

  If it were not for French help we would have never won the American Revolution in the Battle of Lexington you sent 5000 soldiers to help us befree.An attack on France is like an attack on a brother or sister for every American My deepest sympathy to the victims ,the people of Paris and all ths citizens of France wherever in the world they are. Your neighbor,

  I was horrified to hear of this tragic events in one of the most wonderful places on earth. Be strong and don’t let these horrible people dim the spirit of the beautiful French people. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
My deepest sympathy for the loss of your citizens in the cowardly attacks you suffered. Watching the people of France carrying on after the attacks shows the terrorists the courage and fortitude of your great country. Viva la France!!!

  Paris: We in the United States, weep with you, stand with you and share your pain. Together, we will conquer evil. Stay strong and know you are not alone.

  My son and I send our deepest condolences to your citizens and government.

  Our hearts break for you and the tragic loss of all the precious lives lost at the hands of those barbarians. May God grant you the strength and comfort during this darkest of times. The world is praying for all of you. Peace be with you all.

  Our sincere condolences to all the families and friends of those who were so brutally murdered in Paris last night, and our best wishes for all those who are struggling to recover from wounds. We hope that the words of support from around the world help, in some small way, to assuage the pain and sense of loss.

  Thoughts and prayers to France and their victims of this tragic act of terrorism. May strength and healing come to all.

  Dear Brothers and sisters , we are here across the sea thinking of you, crying with you and praying with you, may peace come to us all.

  Vous êtes toujours dans nos pensées. Nous sommes tous Parisiens aujourd’hui, et nous devons se serrer les coudes.

  Dear French People - Pl. accept my heartfelt condolences on this horrific terrorist attack. We stand united with you and we mourn with you.

  To our French brothers and sisters, our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  Our deepest condolences to the people of France. We stand with you during this difficult time.

  Deepest condolences to the French people and the families that lost their dear loved once. Stay strong Vive la France.

  My condolences to the people of France for the unbelievable tragedies you’ve experienced this year. Paris is a beautiful city, and France a beautiful country. I will always cherish the fond memories of my experiences with family and friends in your lovely nation. Do not let terrorism diminish the spirit of the people of France!

  I love your city and am so sad to hear what has happened. My heart goes out to the families of those hurt or who have died. My thoughts and prayers are with your wonderful country. God Bless France.

  My heart breaks for the city that from the age of 13, made me who I am today. I’ve lived in Paris as a student, visited more times than I can count, and brought students there as a French teacher. Such senseless, horrific acts are beyond my comprehension. Prayers for the city I love! Vive Paris et Vive la France!
#peaceforparis #prayforparis #vivelafrance #viveparis #parisjetaime

  I am aching inside for my beloved Paris for its people and for all the humanity that is being destroyed little by little. I am with you Paris in heart in soul and in prayers.

  L’Amérique est avec vous. Dieu bénisse le peuple de France

  Lots of prayers going up for those involved in the Paris tragedy . Americas got your back! God bless France!

  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. Vive la France!

  My heart is heavy. The friendship between our countries means so much, and I’m truly sorry that your nation is under attack. I hope there is a swift and deliberate response under a cooperative NATO effort.

  Our love and prayers to the people of France and all who were affected by the cowardly act of terrorists. We will stand together to defeat those who spread hate. Vive la France.

  mes prières vont à Paris. Paris est toujours forte

  America is side by side with our oldest friends! Our sympathy, love, and prayers for all the people of France. We all grieve with you at this hour, and will be right next to you as we bring swift justice to the animals that perpetrated this heinous act. Vive la France!

  My wife and I are crushed by the cowardly attacks in your great country. Please accept our most sincere condolences, you (France) have been our first and longest ally, we have assisted each other throughout history – we stand by you, feel your pain! I pray our government helps to find the cowardly bastards that conducted these heinous attacks. God bless France and Viva la France, Viva Liberty!!!!

  How heartbreaking to see the City of Light suffer. Know that Americans everywhere grieve with you.

  Aujourd’hui, je suis une femme Français. Mes condoléances et ma sympathie.

  je suis regrette ce Paris etait ont attaqué. sorry my french is not good. i hope all becomes more stable and know that the world is with you guys. we pray that everythinf gets better

  I have visited Paris three times in my life and it is like a second city to me. I love it. These vicious actions by Muslim religious fanatics fill my heart with sadness. Je vous aime. Vive La France!

  Je suis prof de francais et j’ai visite la France 5 fois... Mes sinceres condoleances! J’adore les francais et la France! Je suis sincerement desolee. Soyez fort! Vive la France!!!! Je pense a vous en ces moments de douleur. Nous sommes unis, nous sommes France!
Vous etes dans mes pensees ainsi que dans mon coeur.

  my condoleances to france

  I wish to send my sincere condolences to the people of Paris and to all of France Our prayers with all victims and families.

  My heart weeps for Paris and the people of France. French blood flows through my veins and I hear it crying out in rage. Cowards! Criminals! Find comfort in each other’s arms, strength in your tears, let your heart break and grow stronger. God bless and keep you. Vive-la-France!

  I am so sorry for the devastating attacks on your wonderful Paris and its lovely people; deepest condolences, and my thoughts are with you in this horrible time; you have been a beacon in the world/human civilization, and continue to be so, enriching our cultures and lives in so many ways. Vive la France...Long live France...

  My heart is broken to see what has happened in the beautiful city of Paris..thoughts and prayers to all..Here in the United States we all stand by you and send much love to all. Vive La France!

  Acts of terrorism have been occurring all over the world for a long time and the world has been mostly silent. My sympathy to the friends, families and citizens of France for this latest act of brutality. May the people who died in Paris be the light that ignites the flame of determination to join forces, and link arms, to eradicate this plague from our world.

  My heart and deepest sympathies to my brothers and sisters in France...I pray that our Father in heaven God Jehovah bring peace and comfort to you all...May God Bless You Deeply

  my condolences to your country and to the peoples family

  Notre famille prie pour toutes les victimes des attentats de hier! Nos plus sincères condoléances! Nous sommes Paris!

  France, you are not alone. Your sorrow is shared with many many Americans. Stay strong in these trying times. Today we are all French.

  Nous sommes très tristes et choqués mais nous nous tenons debout avec le peuple Français.
Personne ne pourra jamais vaincre la France.
Nous te saluons chère France et nous t’offrons nos condoléances les plus sincères.
Un American d’origine Française à Cincinnati, OH.

  Je suis désolé Paris, la Ville de la Jolie.

  We stand united with the people of Paris at this terrible time. We share your sorrow and hope to see a day when people of all religions can put aside their differences and live together in peace.
Our prayers are with you.

  Mes condoléances et prières pour mes amis français et votre pays au cours de ce moment tragique.

  our hearts go out to all the families that have lost a loved one! you will be in our prayers xxxx

  Our thoughts and prayers are with the hundreds wounded Friday and we mourn all those who were murdered. Vive la France! We love Paris and look forward to visiting again next year.

  Our heartfelt sympathies to all of the citizens in France, My deepest condolences to the Familes and Friends who lost thier loved ones. May you hug your loved one closer. I also want to send a Thank You to your Emergancy Departments, Hospitals, Police Departments, Fire Departments or anyone involved in that area. To the people who brought other people to safety, Bless You. And to the people who are still in recovery and to the ones that are critical, We will pray for a speedy return to health.

  Our prayers and blessings go across the miles from Wash. DC to Paris. I have a blood brother who I have not being able to contact in Paris :(
However, my faith tells me he is doing fine. I ask the Lord to please comfort all the victims families and give them the strength they need for acceptance during this difficult time of mourning.
Being from an Honduran-American family I feel very connected to France having a blood brother who choose to live in Paris and I have a 14 yrs old daughter who is now fluent in the French language. My prayers and deepest sympathy, once again for all our French brothers and sisters.
Blessings to you all

  My family sends our prayers and Condolences to all those affected by the attacks on Friday. May the dead rest in peace, and God look after their souls. May the injured make full recoveries both physically and mentally. Please know that the USA stands as one with our French brothers and sisters in the war against terrorism. God Bless.

  My deepest sympathy to your people, to your country, and to the many who were effected by this act of terrorism. I have visited your country & your embassy & loved every minute & appreciated the hospitality you showed. I am so sorry. My heart breaks for you.

  Nous sommes tous Paris.

  Cher M. Ambassadeur, en ces terribles moments pour la France, pour sa population, pour ceux qui sont blessés, pour ceux qui sont morts, l’Alliance Française de Bonita Springs, Florida, très touchée, exprime de tout cœur sa profonde solidarité à la France.

  Sending prayers and love from West Virginia, USA. May God be with you and protect your beautiful country! We are thinking of you and praying for you from across the pond! Je suis Paris! bisou à toi!

  I’ve yet to visit Paris, but I have been studying the French language and culture for years, so this attack on the one of the biggest and most beautiful places on earth is heart wrenching. But in reality, the attack wasn’t on the French city, or any city to be in fact, but on humanity. Terrorist attacks have been going on days prior and after the Paris attacks on November 13, so I pray for humanity.
Paris, je t’aime beaucoup et je t’offre mes condoléances. C’est une catastrophe, les évènements du 13 novembre, mais je sais que vous vous lèverez de cette situation. Me prières pour vous et tout le monde.

  work with many wonderful French students here in the United States. Paris is my favorite city and I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time there. It is such a beautiful and inspiring place full of great people. I was visiting London on July 7, 2005 and I saw the strength and bravery of Londoners after the bombings that day. I know we will see the same from Parisians. The light of Paris will not go out. With great sadness and love—and appreciation for the most important city of art and culture in world history — I send my condolences to all the people of Paris and France.

  Here I am again with a broken heart. I am a 66 year old man, and I thought I was done with crying. As I was watching the news, tears were rolling down my cheeks. My thoughts and prayers go out to my French brothers and sisters. God Bless the French people, God Bless France.

  Dear Paris,
Mon coeur et mes pensees sont avec vous, les victimes, les familles dans la ville de Paris. Je suis americain mais J’adore Paris, tout de France, la culture, la langue, et beaucoup des choses francaises. J’espere visiter a Paris encore quelque jour. J’ai amis de France et j’aime faire la connaisance des amis francaises nouveaux.

  Studying french has given me a huge appreciation for the cuture further then what it had been before. I am sorry this had to happen and my thought and love out to you all and your familys. I hope justice is brought on to those who brought destruction on to you.
Meilleurs vœux vers vous.

  Paris je t’aime. Mes plus sincères condoléances. Je suis avec vous . Paix, amour et de lumière .

  Condolences to all who were harmed in Paris, To relatives and friends there, I pray that this won’t happen again

  My deepest sympathy to all the French people especially to the families and friends of those who were shot and killed. All the nations in the world need to come together as brothers and fight this evil. Please accept my message of deepest sympathy in these dreadful times. Stay strong and be proud of what you stand for.

  We are so very sorry for the tragic losses that have occurred. The people of France will always be in our hearts and prayers. Stay strong and know that we Americans will be there for you.

  I am a US Chinese and visited Paris in 1989, then a peaceful and beautiful city!
I am appalled by the unimaginable loss of lives from the attack. My family is sending our deepest condolence to Parisians and the French people!

  To the people of France I send my love and prayers. I wish for peace & love to you all .

  I will keep all the victims, their families & France in my thoughts & prayers during this horrible & devastating attack. God bless all of France,

  Words just seem to fail me. I am sickened by the cowardly and senseless attacks on the good people of France. May God rain comfort down upon you all...and take the souls of the departed into His loving arms. My prayers for strength and success in your military response to this horror! Long live the nation of France! We are with you.

  We will always help you as you have us in the past Bon chance pour votre pays


My condolences to the people of France and to the families of the victims. You have been our oldest ally and stood by us in our many hours of need. Please know that I am one American who has not forgotten. We stand with you now and always. Vive la France

  We are standing with you in your time of grief. May God bless you and your great country and keep you safe and free.

  Les assassins sont sans limites, sauf leurs limitations intellectuelles. Pauvres victimes innocentes, mes condoleances personnelles a leurs famles respectives. Lachaise.

  I hope everyone not only in France but everywhere in the world is okay and to the families that were affected by the attacks are okay

  Je suis un étudiant français à mon lycée. Ma coeur va à tout le monde qui a perdu un être cher et tout le monde qui vit à Paris. Je ne peux pas imaginer le horreur, mais, je maintiens Paris. Tous mes amis sont en train de changer leurs photos de profil sur facebook en l’honneur de Paris et tout le monde sont triste.

  My condolences go to everyone effected somehow, somewhere by the Paris attacks. I am praying for Paris. Much love sent your way.

  Nous sommes avec Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!
Je suis Paris!!!!!

  We will not let this horrible act of terrorism go unnoticed/

  May you feel the love from us Americans, many prayers are sent your way. We stand with you

  My sincere condolences go out to the families of those who lost their lives and prayers go out to all of those affected by this tragedy.

  On est avec vous pendant ces temps dificiles. On vous soutient toujours

  I cannot even begin to express all of my condolences for the people of France that were affected by the terrorist attacks last Friday. My thoughts and prayers are all to you. For the friends and families of those affected, and for the ones that are unsure of what has happened to their loved ones, my prayers are for you as well. Have hope, and let’s stand together as a world to destroy terrorism once and for all.

  I am deeply saddened by the events in Paris this past weekend. My condolences go out to the victims of these attacks and to their families, and everyone who was affected in some way. I hope that the authorities will find the horrible people who caused this devastation and bring justice to the people of Paris. May God bless you all in this difficult time.

  Many people have experienced losses and extreme terror on Friday. God bless the dead, and we will look up from here. Things will begin to look up, our countries, though not French, will stand by you. We are all affected heavily from the recent events. By now it’s a fact that we are all willing to help, and I will give you my heart in the sincerest. I am very sorry for the dead, wounded, and others that were directly, and indirectly, hit. Stay strong, I promise things will begin to get better.

  I send my condolences to all the families in France who were affected by this tragedy, and for those who lost their lives. You have my prayers, and I pray for all of you to stay strong through this tragic event.

  Dear people of France, thanks for helping us win our independence. America now stand with you in your current times of trouble. Viva la France, Illinois, USA

  Je sais bien que toutes les familles touchées dans les attaques à Paris et ailleurs dans le monde à cause de ces idéologies tyranniques pourront sentir l’amour à travers les paroles, les postes et les prières partout dans le monde. Pour cela, j’ajouterai aussi quelques mots de réconfort dans ces temps difficiles. Bien que c’est dur, je me sens courageux grâce à la solidarité du monde. La liberté, la justice, l’amour et la fraternité qui nous rejoignent sont les vrais principes qui ne se dissoudront jamais. En ça, j’ai confiance. Nous sommes puissants et nous sommes tous libres. Je suis américain. J’adore la France et je prie pour vous Paris. Vive la liberté. Vive la France!

  Sending love and condolences to the victims and their friends and families. We stand with you in this time of grief. Stay Strong

  S’il vous plaît accepter mes plus sincères condoléances pour les attaques horribles perpétrés vendredi dernier à Paris.
Les Français ont été les amis des Américains le plus longtemps, et comme tous les amis, nous avons parfois été en désaccord. Mais lorsque des terroristes menacent nos libertés, nous serons toujours soutenir nos frères et sœurs françaises de tout coeur. Nos pensées sont avec vous en cette période de deuil.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité toujours. Vive la France.

  On est tellement désolés qu’il y avait un attentat terroriste et des morts.

  My condolences to the citizens of France who lost their lives or were injured in the recent terrorists attacks. Many prayers being sent their ways. May God be with them and their families in this time of need.

  Aujourd’hui tout le monde est français. L’attaque a été un évent très très triste. C’est un tragédie monumental. Je prie pour Paris.

  I would just like to say that i am truly sorry for the victims and the victim’s families of the Paris attacks. My thoughts and prayers go to everyone in Paris and everywhere else in the world, that everyone stays safe and doesn’t get hurt from more attacks. Prayers also go out to everyone who witnessed the attacks. Please stay safe and God bless you.

  Sending my prayers and condolences to the people of France. God bless you all. Stay strong and united so that we can fight Daesh.

  I give my condolences to the people of Paris in this time of sorrow. May God stand with us as we remain strong for those who have lost a loved one.

  Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous dans ces moments pénibles.

  Nos pensées sont avec vous pendant ces temps difficiles. Le monde pleure avec vous.

  Mon coeur est trop triste pour vous. Je suis prof de francais a un lycee americain en californie. Tout le monde ici prie pour vous, surtout les eleves. La terreur ne va pas gagner!

  I am so sorry for all of the loses that occurred. All of the disaster that struck. All of the hearts that were broken. My condolences and my heart goes out to you all.

  As an American citizen, I stand with all of the beautiful city of France. Since France stood with us, we will stand with France. Just remember that you are not alone. Matthew 10:32-33: stay strong and never give up hope.

  I do not have the words to express my outrage and disgust against the barbarians who committed such terrible and tragic acts. My tears go toward the families of the dead and injured. France has been our longest ally. General the Marquis de Lafayette was an integral part of our Revolutionary Army. France offers so much to the world. May God protect France and all countries from the scourge of these terrorists. I am blessed to have been in France while I was in the United States Navy and grew to love the country and people. Long Live France!

  I hope and pray for everybody thats scared in paris

  Je me joins au monde civilisé, abasourdi pour condamner la barbarie islamique de ces attaques. Veulliez accepter mes sincères condoléances pour toutes les familles touchées et leurs proches Que Dieu accorde la paix éternelle aux morts et peut-il aussi donner la nation de la France la force en cette période de profonde tristesse. Vive la France. Toute ma sympathie est avec vous.

  We’re praying for everyone in Paris. Stay strong.

  My heart goes out to all the victims of these horrible terrorist attacks, and to the people around the world who lost their loved ones that day. Today, we are all French.

  I feel very sad for the people that have lost their friends and families who have died I really feel so terrible for those who have died.Feel so bad for those people who were innocent and have lost their lives. Our Hearts are with you.

  The attacks in Paris were horrific and despicable, and taking innocent life violates the principles of every faith. The orchestration of multiple locations and maximization of casualties shows a sinister disregard for life that is grossly at odds with any and all of us as human beings and as American citizens. Our prayers and condolences go out to the families and loved ones of the victims. Our hearts go out to all those impacted by the recent vicious attacks in Paris as well as in other nations and to all victims of terrorism around the world.

  Nous pensons à vous dans ce moment très, très difficile.

  Je vais vous soutenir

  On est tellement désolées pendant ces temps difficiles. Je prie pour vous. On est avec vous.

  My condolences go to the families who lost a friend and/or loved one. It is so devastating that someone would even think of doing such a thing to such wonderful, kind, innocent people. Again I am very sorry for your losses .

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