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Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Published on November 18, 2015

Condolences / Condoléances

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  To the citizens of Paris and the rest of France, I send my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved one and those wounded in the horrible terror is lat FRida 13 November 2015. My thoughts, hugs, love and prayers are sent to you all at this time. I stand and support you all.

  Toutes mes condoleances aux victimes innocentes, et tout mon soutien a ma famille et mes amis qui vivent a Paris en particulier. Soyons forts tous ensemble, et resistons a la barbarie terroriste. J’aime Paris, j’aime la France, mes yeux pleurent, et tout mon coeur est avec vous.

  My family and I wanted to send our condolences to all of the citizens of France and their families. We want you to know we are with you and your family and we are all praying for you.
The acts that have happened are terrible. They are horrible acts of violence committed by cowards that choose to murder innocent civilians and this can not be tolerated. Be strong France - I am sorry that you must go to war. I am praying for all of you.

  I am so sorry that your home was attacked: The city that never sleeps with the scent of fresh bread in the morning and the students bustling at bus stops. I truly hope that everyone is safe now and soon Paris will be bustling with people again.

  Même de loin, nous sommes tous unis avec votre douleur. Tout comme vous, nous pleurons avec les familles des victimes. Vous êtes dans nos coeurs, nos pensées et nos prières.

  Même de loin, nous sommes tous unis avec votre douleur. Tout comme vous, nous pleurons avec les familles des victimes. Vous êtes dans nos coeurs, nos pensées et nos prières.

  Mes condoléances très sincères vont à Paris. Les États-Unites sont avec vous.

  To the beautiful people of France. My heart breaks for the pain, suffering and horror that seared through your lives on November 13, 2015. Though words are inadequate and cannot heal the wounds or bring back your loved ones, my deepest sympathy and love to each of you. Your resilience throughout history is a testament to your unique spirit. Keeping you in my daily prayers, and hoping one day soon to visit your glorious country.

  Restez forts Paris quand la ville de la lumière arrête le monde sera là pour vous soutenir et vous éclairer back up (amour gagne toujours Stay strong Paris when the city of light turns off the world will be there to support you and light you back up (Love always wins)

  My favorite subject in school is French and I’ve always dreamed of going to Paris. I was heartbroken when I checked my Instagram. I had my school friends over that night, and as soon as we figured out what had happened, silence fell upon everyone. Paris is in my prayers

  In memoriam 11.13.15

  Je suis trés désolé pour ce qui est arrivé mais Je sais que vous allez devenir plus forte de cette situation. Vous avez tout mon prières. Reste Forte.

  Condolences to the French people. The United States will always be beside you.

  Je suis une ètuidant américaine. Je ne sais pas quoi dire car c’est une chose vraiment terrible. Mais Dieu sera avec vous, Paris. Pour les familles de victimes lire Psalm 46:1-2. Je t’aime Paris! Restez-forte!

  I stand for the people of Paris, France. I know if we stand up together in the name of God and our Savior, JesusChrist we can win ISIS. The good prevails over the bad. May all those innocent people who were killed RIP.

  I know my words may not mean too much, but I am always keeping those affected and hurt in my thoughts and prayers.

  Dear Paris,
I just had wanted to send my condolences regarding the attack that recently happened in France. I am so sorry to hear, and it breaks my heart that certain people would do such a thing to other innocent people just to scare them. I am currently in a french class over here in my high school and I am grateful for that because I do not think that I would not have as much sympathy and knowledge for and towards France without being enrolled in the class and knowing so much about the culture. I wanted to send this letter because during a time in need that America had gone through 14 years ago, France was there for us and I plan and hope the the rest of us over here are doing the same. I had just wanted to show solidarity between us two nations.

  J’envoie mon amour et les prières pour le peuple de Paris. Vive la France.

  My most sincere condolences to all the French people, but specially to those that during this horrific event, lost someone. There are no words to express my feelings when realizing that there is people who is driven by hate! My God protect us all!

  I’m really sorry for what is happening. My prayers go out to you, hope everything ends very soon.

  I am very sorry for all the people that have lost someone, have lost their lives, or were injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  I’m really sorry for what is happening. My prayers go out to you, hope everything ends very soon.

  Three adults in this household wish to let you all know how much we respect the French people and to thank you for the help you have always given our nation, going back hundreds of years. We feel the anguish as if we were citizens of your beautiful country. Our prayers are with you. Together, we will win... eventually...

  Cher citoyens et citoyennes:
Notre famille donne nos tres sincere condoleances aux familles qui ont été touché part cette terrible situation.

  Bonjour mes amis,
France will always have a place in my heart as I studied French for three years in high school. Also, over the years, I have met and made friends with amazing people who were born in your lovely country.
I am so saddened and angry by this senseless act. Your country will stand strong, and this American with a French name will support you! You will be in my thoughts, and I hope to visit Paris very soon!

  My heartfelt sympathy to ALL the people of France who have suffered and have been affected by the recent attacks. My hats off to France for taking an aggressive stance on suspects within your country and taking it to those on the ground in Syria. VIVA France! Long live France. - God Bless.

  J’aime Paris. Paix pour Paris

  Vive la liberté!

  Mes amis en France, vous êtes très courageux. Beaucoup de fois, vous avait été nos héros. Mais maintenant, vous pouvez compter sur nous. Nous sommes ici pour vous. Vous êtes dans nos têtes et nos cœurs. Nous envoyons beaucoup d’espoir et beaucoup d’amour à vous. Toujours retinez votre force.

  Je suis nee a Paris, J’ai ete elevee a Paris. Mon coeur est avec vous tous, mais surtout avec ceux qui ont perdu un bien aime. Ma famille a été epargnee.

  #priezpourparis ❤
I’m a 14 year old high school student taking French, and I just would like to send out my condolences to those families who lost their loved ones because of this injustice.

  J’envoie mon amour et mes prières. Je voudrais pouvoir emporter toute la douleur et la tristesse. I have been constantly thinking of Paris and have many questions, like a lot of other people. But right now, I hope you know the wole world supports you and is here to help.

  I am so sorry about what has happened and for all the loss and tragedy you have suffered through. It just blows my mind why anyone would do such a thing to innocent people. I send my condolences to everyone who went through this and all the people who have lost a loved one, be positive and stay strong. We will always be here to support you.

  We are all here for Paris. Je suis Paris.

  Toutes mes condoléances à toutes les familles victimes de cet horrible action
Je suis un pur Parisien né à Paris de parents et grands parents Parisiens
cela me touche énormément et d’être loin et impuissant n’est pas une bonne sensation
Mais croyez moi la France est toujours avec moi malgré la distance et le temps
Je n’oublierai jamais mon pays et ces pauvres gens qui sont mort à Paris

  Je suis vraiment désolé pour l’incedent qui est arrivé dans votre pays. J’en aime tout qu’il se sent comme s’ils l’ont fait ma seconde maison. Pour les familles qui ont perdu quelqu’un je suis désolé et j’envoie mes condoléances

  Tout mes condolences sont avec les victimes de attaques à Paris. Vous n’avez peur. Vous êtes dur. Comme un élève américain étudiant français, vous avez mon soutien.

  I was horrified to hear about the attack. The day that it happened my school was actually celebrating France and many other countries at our international festival. If there is one thing I know about the French people its the fact that they can jump back from any situation. America supports you and we will do all we can to make sure that France will jump back from this attack.

  My heart is broken for my beloved Paris and her citizens. May God give the families who lost loved ones the strength they need at this difficult time. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with France as we stand beside her, as she stood beside us after 9/11.

  My deepest condolences to all affected by the November 13th terrorist attacks. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope it is some comfort that you are not alone this fight against these cowardly aggressors who target the innocent. .

  Mes condoleances au familles au peuple et courage a la France
Esperons voir le soleil. Entre les nuages

  Je suis Paris. Tu es Paris. Ta mere a Paris. Nous sommes Paris.

  Je prend la francais en l’ecole en New York,Les Etas Unis. In french class, we have spent these past few days discussing what has happened in Paris on November 13th,2015. We are making crafts to support everyone in Paris and we send our condolences. I am so sorry to hear about what has happened,but we will all get through it together because we are a united family. I send my best wishes to everyone that has lost their lives,been injured,had family or friends in this devestation,as well as everyone else. Stay strong! Best of luck.

  God bless France, your people, the victims, families and friends. Those souls are now in the House of The Lord.

  I am so upset with what happens a few days ago. Stay strong France! I will keep you in my prayers.

  As you said on 9/11, "Today, we are all American," we will return the favor. Today, we are all French. You were there for us, and we will be there for you. Sending love and hope, America
Comme vous l’avez dit le 9/11 , " Aujourd’hui , nous sommes tous américains , " nous allons retourner la faveur . Aujourd’hui , nous sommes tous Français . Vous étiez là pour nous, et nous serons là pour vous. Envoi amour et d’espoir , Amérique

  Stay strong Paris, our thoughts and prayers go out to you! Justice will be made to the the families and friends of those fallen on Friday, just have faith.

  Our prayers are with Paris. Nos prières sont avec Paris.

  J’offre toutes mes condoleances et mes prieres a mes compatriotes qui ont ete victimes de ces attaques terroristes, et aux familles, et aux enfants qui on perdu un pere, une mere. Je suis de coeur avec vous. Quelle tragedie insensee! Nous sommes en solidarite. Courage! Vive la liberte.

  Les actes du terrorisme sont horribles. Je vous envoie toutes mes condoléances. Restez forts.

  It is with a pain in my heart that I send condolences to the people of France for the terrible thing that has happened. I cannot imagine what you must be going through right now. Love and prayers from the U.S.

  Everyone can learn from this to appreciate everything you have because you never know when it will be gone. I give sympathy to everyone in France, and hope those who are going through a very tough time right now can recover soon!

  Bonjour. Je suis navrée pour les victimes des attaques à Paris. Je suis vais voyager avec l’école à France. Je suis très triste pour tu. Reste forte!

  Profound condolences and enormous sadness.

  Dear citizens of France,
I’m so sorry about what has happened. I send my deepest condolences and am thinking of everyone during this hard time. Vous êtes tous très courageux.


  My condolences to the families of all the victims of this horrific event. Justice will prevail. Stay strong. Vive la France!
Prayers from Chicago, Illinois.

  For those who are in Paris and went through what had happen you have my deepest condolences. I hope that your families are safe and that you can get the strength to move forward towards another day.

  Je suis très désolée de voir les choses terribles à Paris, la ville lumière du monde! J’envoie mes condoléances à toute la France et bien sûr à Paris. Que Dieu vous bénisse. J’adore la France et les français.

  Je suis Paris! Paris, on t’aime!

  Je voudrais donner mes plus grandes condoléances aux personnes blessées et les personnes qui ont perdu des êtres chers dans les événements du 13 novembre . Je suis avec Paris.

  Sinceres condoleances au sujet des attaques meurtrieres a Paris, mes prieres sont avec tous les Francais

  Pais por La France et toutes ces citoyens.

  I feel how weak and fruitless any meager words of mine will assuage the grief of a loss so overwhelming, but whatever small solace can be found in the thoughts and prayers of a stranger half a world away can bring, I freely offer my most sincere condolences and best wishes.

  We traveled to Paris In 2014 and enjoyed this great city. We are deeply saddened by this tragic event.
God Bless the victims of Paris

  I am heartbroken about the events in Paris. My thoughts and prayers are with all Parisians and all the French people.

  My deepest condolence to the innocent victims of 11/13/2015 terrorist attacks. We are praying for you.
France, don’t be afraid

  I am so sorry for this terrible tragedy that is going on in your city ,your are is in my prayers and i know that it will get better.

  Please know everyone who hears of this tragic event wishes you the best, and even though we do not feel what all of you can who lost a loved one, we still condone you on the terrible things that have occurred the past week.
"La paid va gagner et la peur de perdre."

  May I send you sincere condolence for the attacks perpetrated by people too evil for words in Paris on November 13th, 2015. I grieve for the lives lost and hope their family and friends will find strength together. It is your tragedy, my tragedy, and the horrific tragedy for the entire world. I will always be with you in Paris. May the Lord watch over you and all of France.

  Des prières pour Paris. Je suis désolé pour vos pertes. Nos sincères condoléances au peuple de Paris et de la famille des victimes. Je suis Paris!

  Recevez mes sincères condoléances et l’expression de ma plus profonde sympathie

  The events that took place in Paris were absolutely horrific. No one should have to go through the tragedy that the people of France went through this November 13th. The world stands besides you.

  I’m sorry for what happened in Paris. I’ll be praying for everyone who was there and is suffering from the attacks. There are many people who are shocked about what happened, and that care about the people affected by this, and you have the support of all those people.

  Je vous envoie mes plus sincères condoléances à Paris de l’ensemble du pays et de la France . Terriosts continueront d’ essayer de semer la peur dans citoyens innocents , mais ils ne seront jamais capables de faire tomber un pays tout entier . Longue vie à la France

  A part of my heart is always in Paris. My soul soars with joy whenever I return. My heart is now shattered with sorrow and despair. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the grieving families. We are all France.

  Je vous envoie toutes mes condoléances pour les attentats terroristes du 13 novembre à Paris. J’y ai habité comme étudiante pendant une année. J’adore Paris et j’adore la France.
J’ai enseigné le français pendant plusieurs années et je suis maintenant traductrice. J’ai des amis et des collègues français. Vous êtes tous dans nos pensées. Courage. Vive la liberté.

  Toutes mes pensees vous accompagent. Je suis de tout coeur avec vous. Let your hearts stand united over the darkness in the world. All the world’s love stands strong.

  Dear citizens of France, My family and I send condolences to you and your country. We are all completely hurt by what has happened of the events of November 13th.
We want you to know we are with you and your family and we are all praying for you.
The acts that have happen are unexplainable. They are an unexplainable act of violence that can not be tolerated. I will be praying for all of you in this time.

  My deepest condolence to the innocent victims of 11/13/2015 terrorist attacks. France will be strong and united and will defeat the enemy for good.

  Toutes mes condoleances a mes compatriotes qui ont ete victimes de ces attaques au nom de la liberte du respect du droit et de nos valeurs. Je partage votre peine et vos larmes.

  Comme il est dur d’etre loin de son pays natal en ces moments tragiques... Une pensee emue pour chaque victime, chaque blesse ainsi que tous leurs proches. No pasaran!

  I give sympathy to those who are affected by the terrorist attack that happened in Paris. Don’t be terrorized from this situation and go on with your happy lives.
ISIS only wants to terrorized us and to live in fear. Don’t give them what they want! I have respect from you and stay strong. My prayers go out to you and to those who lost your loved ones.

  ous avons le coeur gros à cause de cette tragédie. On est tous avec vous en solidarité. Nous vous aimons, Paris!

  We are very sorry for what has happened, we’re all sending prayers to all of the victims, their famlies, and friends . You have our sympathy. May the lord be with you always

  You guys should not be afraid of the bombing any more because can put cameras on every stop light to see the terrorist with guns and the car to see and catch the terrorist good luck.

  My heart goes out to every one in France. Just remember don’t be afraid. Their power is based on your fear.

  I’m sorry to all of the families that lost their loved ones in this terrorist attack. America is still by Frances side and will help them get through this. I know this brings a lot of fear and pain but you will get hrough it. Work together as a country and show that you are still strong. France is not alone at this time. We are still one when we fight together and if we stand together up to terrorism, they won’t win this battle.

  Je suis désolé pour ce qui est arrivé dans votre pays .

  America stands with you, as you’ve been with us. As your country comes in need just know, the American people and all the people around the world support and understand the weary times you have faced.

  I pray for all of the people who were involved in the horrible attacks. I cannot even closely relate to the events but the understanding is still there. Everything will go up form here.

  To everyone in France, I hope you know that many people are praying for and thinking of you during this difficult time. We may not physically be there with you, but we support you anyway. Please don’t give up and stay strong for your beautiful country.

  We are with you, France, we are praying for you. May you find strength and love. Vive la France.

  May god be with you all , you are in my prayers. Stay strong :)

  Dear people of France, You are in our hope and Prayers. We hope that you will overcome is horrible occurence.

  Vous avez mes condoléances, Paris.

  Dear France and families of the victims of the attack, I am sorry for the current events that have happened in Paris. Please know that there are people back in the United States that are here for you. I personally hope that things can get back to normal. I am sorry for your loss.

  I am so sorry for what has happened. We pray that God is with you all and everything will be okay from now on.

  Paix, Amour, Respect, Insoumise, Soudarite

  To everyone who was affected by these horrible attacks on Paris, I am deeply sorry for your lost ones and I will continue to pray for you all. Stay strong France!

  Iam reaching out to paris you guys need to stay strong dont let this get to you guys you guys are strong and will make it through this we will all make it through this together prayers to spain god bless spain and god bless us all

  You can’t change the event that has already happened but you can control the way you act towards this event. Best wishes and keep moving forward.

  i am really sorry for everyone in Paris.. I’ve been to Paris and who would want to do soemething like that??? Paris, you are in my prayers

  To all that have been affected by the recent attacks — I am deeply sorry and hope that there is a way for the rest of the world to help. #PrayForParis

  I send you my deepest condolences, I am sending prayers your way.

  I would like you to know the people in west Millwaukee are with you. That we think about you and thank you for being strong.

  We are sorry for this tragic event and we will keep you all in our prayers

  Bonjour, mon nom est Chris. Je suis un étudiant américain. Après avoir vu les attaques terroristes répugnantes à la télévision, je décidé de vous écrire une note.
Nous savons comment il se sent d’être victimes de cette violence insensée. Le peuple américain se tiennent avec vous dans ce moment terrible.
Je vous souhaite la joie à la lecture de cette note et connais des gens si loin de vous vous souciez de vous. Que Dieu bénisse la France.

  I am very sorry for what happened to you and I hope you all are doing very well.
I believe that you guys and girls women and men will stay strong and you will be able to build your country back up even stronger than ever before. #jesuisparis

  Sending prayers to this wonderful city. Peace shall overcome. #NousSommesUnis #OutOfManyOnePeople

  I am praying for all the lives affected by these attacks. My heart is with you during your time of mourning. God bless you.

  We will pray for you and support France as they have supported us. Let our guiding mission in our endeavors to end the war on terror be present in our actions and thoughts.

  Vive la France. I am keeping all the people of Paris in my prayers and heart.

  France, je t’aime. My heart goes out to all that suffer. I will be praying for all of you and the strength you need to carry on. We are standing with you from the United States.

  We fell sorry for all your losses and what has happend but whatever you do we will support you

  Chers amis français, aujourd’hui, nous ne parlons non seulement la même langue, mais pous partageons le même mal laissé par cette profonde déchirure barbarique. Au nom de tous les employés du journal francophone Le Soleil de la Floride, nos plus sincères condoléances.

  You all are very strong. Keep your head up. I hope all of you guys are okay, I pray for all of you.

  Many people in America are and always will keep you in prayer after what happen so I hope that if your sad you’ll be happy and positive.

  Nous sommes unis. Nous sommes avec vous. Nous sommes francais. My prayers go to the all people of France.

  Mon coeur est triste en ce jour mon pays a été frappé de plein fouet par des fous que dieu bénisse toutes ces familles dans le deuil aujourd’hui Nous resterons forts et debout tous ensembles avec nos différences qui font ce pays qui est la FRANCE

  am sorry what has happened to you guys. May god be with you all. Stay strong

  The hearts of everyone in the world reach out to Paris after what happened on Friday. We all pray that you are safe and sound over there. May God protect you during this awful time.

  I hope you have a better day you have my prayers . Your tears are my tears. We are Paris .

  I hope that all the families in the bombings that were involved in the attacks get better soon

  Im really praying for the people in Paris and their families in Paris . I really hope that yall hava a better life after everything get repaired and things like that . #JESUISPARIS

  I pray for you and your country. Stay strong.

  always think positive Don’t think about the negatives Stay positive

  I send my condolences to all of the victims of the terrorist attacks; to all who lost someone they love, to all who lost their lives, to all of the French people. America is with you. Nous sommes Paris.

  Nous sommes avec vous en solidarité pendant cette tragédie, nous espérons que vous trouverez la paix. L’Alaska est Paris. Le lycée South d’Anchorage en Alaska classe de Français

  Mes plus sincères condoléances pour les familles et amis de toutes les victimes. Mes prieres sont avec tous. God Bless France

  Je suis trés desolée. Isis ce fait était mal.

  All my prayers go out to all of you, we’re all in this together. Don’t be scared. We are all here for you. Stay strong

  I am shocked and angered over the attack on the people of Paris by these radical Islamic terrorists. My deepest condolences to the families of the fallen and prayers for the speedy recovery of those who were injured. I am also praying for the people of France.
You stood with us after 9/11. Now we get to return the favor and stand with you. May God Bless and protect you all.

  This tragedy hit me extremely hard, for I was in France this summer for the first time and I fell in love with it the moment I stepped off the plane. My deepest condolences.

  A Miami aussi nous pleurons nos victimes. Nous pensons a vous et suivons heure par heure les nouvelles qui viennent de France. J’aimerai pouvoir vous prendre dans mes bras et vous serrer forts, De tout mon coeur,

  Je suis tellement désolé qu’une telle tragédie a été placée sur vous, France. Je vous souhaite guérir de cela et garder rester forte.
Mes condoléances pour les personnes, en particulier les familles, qui ont perdu quelqu’un dans cette attaque. Prenez garde, Paris.

  We are here for you, we suffer for your losses. We know how you feel as we went through 9/11. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.
We pray for the innocent lives that were taken and to their families. We will stand with you like you stood with us. Do not let them think you are weak, Nous sommes Paris.

  Hearts and minds are with you from all over the world. Je suis Paris.

  Stay strong in this difficult time, as there is much work to do, as all good kind people in the world know that our heart breaks for all of the sons, the daughters, the mothers , the fathers, the sisters and brothers lost last Friday,
As human beings we must unite and defeat this evil, but we must make sure in doing so, we do not reflect the same hatred as they have for us, or we are know better, then themselves. In hopes of Peace one day and with the return of laughter without sorrow.

  My condolences to the people in France, u have all the support from us here in the US

  Je suis désolé.

  Ayant consacré un demi-siècle de ma vie professionnelle à la culture française, connaissant parfaitement la ville de Paris où j’ai vécu plus de deux ans, je tiens à exprimer, en ces moments difficiles, mes profondes condoléances et mon admiration pour la force morale que le public ne cesse d’exhiber en ces jours difficiles.

  People of France: From all around the world, we have all heard of the tragic news of what happened in Paris. I want you to you know that you are not alone. Everyone is with you, we’re backing you up. We adore you and your cultural cities.
How can those terrorists call themselves human when their actions are of a beast. I just want you to know, we love you and we are all going to do what we can to protect you and every other country who might get attacked with our lives.

  My wife and I offer our thoughts and prayers to your countrymen in these tragic times. I am in hopes that you and your citizens will realize that the citizens of the United States of American are with you 100% and are ready and able to support your country in any way possible or as requested by you.

  We americans stand with you. My prayers go out to all the families in Paris.

  En restant en priere pour toutes les victimes et leurs familles en ce temps de detresse.

  Condoleances, tristesse, dechirement, et resilience, pour les familles et la France.

  My heart goes out to all the victims of this attack. Peace and prayers for Paris.

  Je suis desolee pour le attacks terroriste en Paris. Nous sommes uni, Vive la France!

  Bonjour tous. Dieu benesse le peuple de France et leur determination contre ceux qui voudraient fair de vous nuire. Au nom du peuple Francais et symathisants en Louisiane, ont le courage et continuent de frapper ces barbares pour le justice et la gloire de la France, On les aura! Vive la France!

  Je pleure avec vous.

  God bless and keep you safe, dear France. My heart is with you!

  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our many French friends and to all French citizens while they try to make sense of and recover from the despicable acts recently perpetrated on their people and their country.
Those acts were really acts against all humanity. All flags are flying at half mast in the United States and well they should be.

  Toutes nos condoléances aux familles Françaises ayant perdues des proches. Notre colère est égale à notre tritesse. Même de si loin nous portons en nous ce terrible Malheur.

  Mon frère se trouvait au stade de France vendredi soir. Je ne peux pas imaginer la douleur qu’est celle des familles. En tant que Parisienne (vivant à NY) et d’origine beur, j’ai doublement mal. Mais qu’est devenu ce monde si cruel, pourquoi cette haine aveugle?
Qu’ont fait ces innocents venus se détendre après une semaine de travail, d’études, autour d’un verre, d’un concert, que vous ont-ils fait??? Méritaient-ils de se faire canarder de la sorte????
Je présente toutes mes condoléances aux familles des victimes et souhaite de tout coeur que tous les blessés se rétablissent.

  Toute l’équipe de ….. se joint à moi et présentons nos condoléances aux familles des victimes des attentats du 13 Novembre. Nos pensées les accompagnent. Nous sommes certains que le pays des Droits de l’Homme saura sortir plus fort de cette épreuve et continuer à donner au monde un exemple indétrônable de liberté. Amicalement.

  Bonjour,de la part d’un Quebecois qui habite le sud de la Floride je vous offer mes sympathies, Quel chose triste la bas, incroyable a voir.

  My classmates and I are from McAllen High school. We live very far away with different cultures and life styles, but we all agree that what you did for Syria, taking in the refugees, was very honorable.
What they did in return, was tragic and unacceptable. We are sorry and torn with what happened in Paris. We give you our condolences. God bless your lovely country.

  Dear Friends, Our hearts are with you as you struggle with such great losses of life. God Bless You.

  Comme beaucoup je suis tres touchee et malheureuse de voir toutes ces souffrances. J’espre que c’est une lesson (penible) et que tous les peoples libres vont se mettre ensemble pour exterminer cette vermine

  Paris et la France je suis avec vous de tout Coeur

  God Bless t il peuple de France . La tragédie que vous avez confronté , je ne peux même pas imaginer. Je suis avec vous rester fort !

  Please accept my condolences in connection with the attacks in Paris of Friday, November 13. I have great admiration and regard for France and her culture and people. I treasure in particular France’s great culinary traditions and deem the culture of France a great gift to all of us in the world. Sincerely

  To the French nation and people, my heartfelt, deepest sympathy. France and its people have given me such beautiful memories of many happy times. I grieve with you. God bless and many prayers of peace for all of us.

  Stay strong, Paris! I am sorry for all the things that have happened recently. We, nations, stand with you, and hope for peace as well. I pray that everything will be okay and that things like this will not happen again. If you fall, we’ll be here to pick you up. Peace to paris

  My condolences to the French people. To all that lost their lives, or lost someone dear to them, remember that America is here to help. Nous sommes Paris.

  John Steinbeck once said that the only difference between us and the animals is our ability to give each other our blessing. May God bless La Belle France and all the French people during this terrible time of loss and unfathomable grief.
My belief in man’s innate goodness has been shaken to very core of my soul. Not since 9/11 have I felt so helpless, afraid and unable to believe what has transpired on Friday, November 13, 2015.
A day has not gone by that I have not made an attempt to shake off the lethargy that weighs heavily on my heart and soul. My prayers are with you.

  Bonjour, Je présente mes condoléances. Notre classe va voyager à Paris. Je suis navrée pour les victimes des attaques à Paris.

  Je suis avec vous de tout mon cœur. Toutes mes condoléances à toutes les familles qui ont perdus les leurs

  The terror that happened on November 13, 2015 was unspeakable. I cannot describe how much my heart grieves for the victims and the victim’s family and friends. Also the Muslim community who had nothing to do with the attack but are continually being blamed and looked down upon.
My heart goes out to everyone affected and I hope in time, physical, mental, and emotional scars are healed. Je t’aime Paris!

  You stood with us during our time of morning 14 years ago, now we stand with you. Prayers and love from Tennessee, USA.

  La force d’une personne ne soit pas déterminé par le nombre de fois qu’ils tombent, mais le nombre de fois qu’ils se relever. De tells tragédies ne nous rendent plus forts. Nous vous envoyons nos condoléances

  We send you our deepest condolences at this time of shock and anguish. We hope that the burden of grief borne by your great country will be eased by the love and support from ours

  dear people that were affected by the attacks that happen i really do hope that it makes you stronger country. and that you can rise back up with out fear and get to leave you lives as normal so you can

  Your Honor President Francois Hollande, Thank you for everything you do for your People, for France and for the world. Please accept my sincere condolences regarding the evil perpetrated against you and yours in Paris on November 13th, 2015.
Today we are all French and will always be in our heart. I feel true deep hurt and grief with you.
May our Lord watch over You, your family, and all the residents of France. From the bottom of my heart,

  When I heard about this event, I thought it was so crazy. I hope everyone is France that lived will be ok because it was no need for this attack. We Americans will always be here to help and support. Keep your head up france because you’re great people. I’m currently taking french too. It is a fun and great language. I personnaly feel that we should have troops over there to help you guys.
Much love and support,

  I am so so sorry for the tragedy that has happened to France. I am with you in spirit. We are with you in spirit.
France Is Forever Strong.

  I am so sorry that this happen to you. My condolences go out to everyone wether they experienced it lost someone to this or had to watch this.

  Stay strong, France. This was horrible, but ISIS can and will be defeated. Never again.
My condolences

  This tragedy affects all of us. We are all here for you France.

  I AM SO SOOO SO SORRY I wish everyone who lost a life or loved one to heal I hope you all can be strong to show that you are ok be safe love

  Im sorry for everyone who lost someone and got hurt. My prayers go out to yous.

  Let the families and friends from those innocent souls that prematurely departed find rest and peace in their hearts and that those that are behind those horrendous attacks find ways to understand how wrong they are and correct their believes and actions.

  My thoughts go out to those who are in Paris, I’m sorry for all who have lost their lives and who have lost friends or loved ones. Je Suis Paris!

  Nous partageons votre peine en ce moment de tristesse. Nos sincères condoléances, à vous et à Paris.

  I am so sorry and am thinking of all those suffering. There is no words to say how horrific this event was, and Paris will always be in our hearts.

  I send my condolences to Paris and the french people. We hope you act out against this horrible act. The US is right by your side. Je suis la paix. Je suis Paris. #prayforpeace

  I’m sorry for those who lost a loved on on the attack, I will pray for those who are suffering.

  My thoughts and prayers go to everyone in France,Paris. I feel really sorry for what they had to go through! Stay strong, we are all in this together. Peace and Love for everyone.
I’m from Chicago.

  My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people and families who are injured and hurt or have lost loved ones due to this tragic incident.

  my prayers to all involved and killed in the attacks.

  We stand united with the people of France, its Republic and its values of freedom and liberty for all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and particularly those who faced evil directly.

  Je suis Paris. We stand with you and all of France in condemning the terrorist strikes. We cannot and will not let them win. Thought and prayers for all who are affected by this tragedy.

  My condolences. All those people did not deserve to die, Isis was wrong and we will work together and get our revenge. I hope that you guys can heal from this just as we did when 9/11 occurred. I am very sorry that such tragedy occurred. And hopefully it will end soon

  I hope you all know that my prayers are with you, I can only imagine the pain you are all feeling in this hard time. My love goes with you all. Love.

  To the people of France,
I heard about what happened a few days ago in Paris. I am very sorry to here about it and I send all of my thoughts and condolences to the people who lost family and friends.

  Nous vous prions. We pray for you.

  C’est horrible ce qui s’est passé à Paris ce 13 novembre 2015. Mes condoléances pour tous les Français. Je suis Paris.

  No one should have to go through the pain you went through that terrible day. I just love that every one is coming together and supporting France it is important that we stick together. My prayers are with France

  I am truly sorry for all that has happened to Paris, France. No place on this earth deserves anything that has happened to Paris. My family will be praying for our fellow brothers and sisters in Paris.

  I deeply saddened of what has happened to Paris, my heart goes out to all of France. Forever be optimistic, it will get better. May peace find us all, when one day we truly will be united as one.

  Désolé pour ce drame terrible que DIEU soit avec vous..

  Nous vous prions d’accepter nos sincères condoléances
God Bless France from Texas

  Stay strong France. Je t’aime.

  We will get through this together. All love and best wishes go to you all in Paris. Nous sommes Unis!

  My prayers go out to all in France.

  I send my condolences to all of the lives lost in this attack. not only to the lives lost, but to the people who are scared. There’s no reasoning to these attacks and it is a sad thing. I truly send France my love.

  Je suis désolé et offert mon condoléances. I wish for all in paris to be well and that they know that every country will do their best to stop these horrific people from hurting any more people.

  I am so sorry for what you are experiencing! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers and I pray over safety, security and protection for you all. This is tragic and just remember everything will be ok! Peace be with you!

  My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone that lost a loved one and just the people of Paris in general

  I am dearly sorry for what has happened, please all stay safe and stay strong.

  We all support France!!!

  Stay strong; Fear does not win the battle. And after all, there are a lot of people praying for you guys. You can’t give up. France is strong, and we are with you.

  Paris is going through a very tough time, with so much fear surrounding them. People around the world, like me, are sending sending our prayers for Paris, that the citizens will have protection and safety soon. I cannot say that I know how it feels to be in this position, but Paris has everyone’s love and we will help you get through this! Viva la France. Je t’aime Paris. You are forever in our thoughts and prayers.

  My Deepest Condoléances to the French People, I too grieve with you as I was just in Paris 3 weeks ago. I stay in the Canal St. Martin area the 10 and 11th Arrondissements since 2008, this corner where 14 people lost their lives I frequent when in Paris. I am still in shock from the attack in January but I hope and pray everyone has the courage to truly live in honor of all those that died, Mon Coeur Paris, Sincèrement

  Toutes nos sincères condoléances aux familles et amis de toutes les victimes des monstrueuses attaques perpétrées à Paris. Nos pensées et nos prières sont avec vous.

  Us Americans are very sorry about what has happened to you all. We send you our condolences !

  Nous sommes Paris. Very tragic attack and many losses. France does not stand alone.

  Je suis un élève aux Etats-Unis. Quand j’ai écouté de tuer des innocents, j’étais triste et confus. Je suis désolé. Mon cœur va à la France.

  Je suis très désolé pour toutes les familles à Paris. J’ai de la famille en France et ils sont sûrs. Votre sécurité est dans mes prières.

  You are still in my heart and it bleeds to see you hurting. God bless you all.

  My prayers go out to the families, to Paris, and to France.

  Our deepest sympathy to the people of France our friends. Our family cries with you and holds you close in thought and prayer during this difficult time. We have lit a candle in honor and in remembrance of you and it will send its light to the city of light through the darkness. We stand with you and beside you. God Bless you ! We love you!

  De la part de ma famille et moi-même nous adressons toutes nos condoléances aux Familles qui ont tant perdu le 13 novembre 2015.Nous sommes très loin de vous dans les iles vierges Américaines mais vous êtes très près de nous dans nos Cœurs.

  Our love and support always, in this most terrible loss of life

  I have been crying for France, Paris, and all the innocent victims and their families, and for all in the free world. My Mom passed on to me her love of Paris. I spend a few days there every year, on our way to Rome, my home. The city of lights is in my heart. God bless us all!

  I want to express my deepest sorrow and sympathy to the French people and especially to the families of the victims of that tragically sad attack last week in Paris.
France is one of the main roots of Western liberal democracy and has been a major influence in shaping the modern world. The very moving demonstrations of solidarity across France, Europe, and the world are proof enough of this. Having myself taught in France in the recent past about the need to see the world not in transactional ways but in transformational and relationship ways in the way we interact with other people and do business among nations, it is imperative not only for France but for the entire Western world to move away from the old paradign of seeing strategy in business and in politics as an act of war (hegemony/power) to seeing strategy as an act of bonding (LOVE) and transformational leadership with other nations/citizens to finally fulfill our shared destinity in this precious planet by the fact that we are all breathing the same air and weall sherish peace, dignity and prosperity."
Sincerely yours,

  Your pain is our pain. Your loss is our loss. Americans mourn with the French and stand with the French as one. Long live France and the United States!

  My heart goes out to the families of all the beautiful souls who were lost in this tragic, senseless terrorist attack. My prayers are with you. I am an American citizen who can still recall the smell of burning buildings in NYC from 9-11, I will never forget... I am proud to stand with France as you stood with us through our devastating terror attacks. GOD BLESS AND KEEP HIS PEOPLE SAFE... PEACE TO HIS PEOPLE

  May God be with you all. We are so sympathetic with all those affected by the tragedies. Our hearts are with you in love and prayer.
Que Dieu soit avec vous tous. nous sommes si empathiques avec toutes les personnes touchées par les tragédies . Nos cœurs sont avec vous dans l’amour et la prière.

  Mes chers sentiments, mes pensées, je vous envoie, Paris et toute la France. Restez forts, nous sommes avec vous.

  Mon cœur est avec vous, mes pensées les plus fortes sont avec vous. Je présente mes plus sincères condoléances aux familles et amis des victimes, à la France.
Vive la France, vive la Liberté !

  Mon cœur est avec Paris. Je suis très triste pour les familles affectées et le pays entier.

  Praying for everyone who lost loved ones during the horrible attacks on Friday in Paris. Nous aimons la France.

  My prayers go out to everyone in Paris. Terrorism can never break the human spirit.

  Je suis désolée. La paix pour Paris.

  Bonjour, je suis américain. I am here to send prayers to the people of France. Time will heal who we can help speed the process. I just wanted to say I’m sorry for your losses. I will be joining you in your three days in the morning. I will always remember 11/13. Au revoir.

it rained everywhere today like even the sky
was mourning. the world lit its lights for you,
prayers in every mouth, sibilant.
know that you
are visible from outer space and believe
that someday the sky
will stop bleeding.
vous êtes dans nos prières et nos pensées. restez forts. nous sommes tous parisiennes.

  Je suis très touchée par ces événements qui se sont passés dans mon pays. Condoléances pour toutes ces familles innocentes.

  What happened in your city was a disaster no one should ever have to experience. I’m so sorry that this ever happened, and my sympathy is with the families of those who died. Our hearts go with you as you find a place of healing.
-A Friend In America

  Il n’est pas juste que ces vies aient été fauchées si cruellement et si froidement. Condoléances aux familles affectées et que la France se remette de ces actes criminels. Qu’elle s’unisse pour endiguer les futures tentatives de cette nature. Que les blessés se rétablissent vite et reprennent goût à la vie.

  We send our heartfelt condolences to the people of Paris and France. We have loved our trips to your beautiful country. We will return. Vive la France.

  Nous sommes profondément tristes et indignés par ces graves attentats terroristes qui viennent d’endeuiller notre pays La France. Nos condoléances et pensées vont vers les familles des victimes et nos prières pour les blessés afin de trouver un bon rétablissement. Veuillez agréer l’expression de nos considérations distinguées.

  I send all of my wishes and condolences to the people of France and also the familes of those who lost their lives, French or not. Don’t be afraid, France, and stay strong.

  We / I ’m with you! I was a Frenchman yesterday and from now on. God be with you I’ll keep you in my prayers. Wish I could help more. If need some I could do let me know.

  Stay strong! We stand with you all.

  My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families and friends. These horrible acts of violence should not go unpunished and it is in my greatest hopes that peace and justice comes to everyone.

  Cher Paris, je suis très désolé pour les attaques. Mon arrière-grand-mère est de Paris, et elle est très inquiète pour ses amies, et sa famille. J’espère que vous resterez un pays fort.

  We send all our best prayers of condolence for all you have lost. Our hearts cry with you and our minds are confounded by the same questions of why we as humans do this to one another. May you find comfort and peace somehow just knowing the whole world is with you all. God Bless and protect.

  Je prie pour Paris et nous souhaitons le meilleur pour votre pays.

  Je suis désolé pour cette tragédie. Je vais prier pour vous, et j’aime tout le monde en France. Bonne chance pour Le futur. Aujourd’hui n’est pas fantastique, mais Demain va être bien. Vous êtes dans mon cœur.

  To the people of France and the families and friends bereaved and affected:
You have support of friends in the US people who support France, and my deepest condolences, and prayers.
Nous sommes unis !

  I feel deeply sad for the victims, families, friends, and the people of France. We in the U.S. stand united with you. We feel your pain. And together we will overcome.

  All of my most sincere condolences with everyone in Paris right now. I feel awfully sorry for the terrible things that happened on Friday. Best wishes to all of you, and I hope you’re all doing better. I wish you all the best! Some people are sick and cruel to do something like this. No one deserves that. Just know that America and the whole world is by your side.

  Aujourd’hui, nous sommes comme une seule. L’ensemble du monde civilisé est avec vous.
Today we are as one. The entire civilized world is with you.

  we are here for all the people in France in this devastating time VIVE LA FRANCE!

  Etant canadienne vivant à NY et ayant traversé le 9 septembre, je me sens encore plus proche des parisiens. Au Québec nous vous considérons comme nos "cousins" et comme vous savez, il y a toujours de la place pour un de plus a la table. Nous avons célébré notre 25e anniversaire de mariage à Paris ou j’ai finalement bu mon café et mange un croissant à un de vos cafés-terrasses. Partout où nous avons été nous nous sommes sentis chez nous et nous y retournerons pour découvrir les villes de nos ancêtres. Au nom de ma famille ici à NY et de ma très grande famille, (cousins, cousines, parents et amis/es) a Québec (Ste-Anne de Beaupré), nos prières vous accompagnent. Nous retournerons prier avec vous a Notre-Dame et visiterons ma cousine à Paris. Courage ! Le soleil brille derrière ce nuage et il y a la lumière a la fin du tunnel. Gardez la tête haute et soyez fiers! Vous continuez d’être dans nos prières. Comme on dit à Québec: "Grosses colles et gros becs" a tous !

  Je souhaite que vous sachiez, le monde est inébranlable au moment où des gens se lèvent ensemble, donc restez comme ça, parce que nous des États-Unis nous lèverons avec vous. Nous pensons en vous, nous respirons avec vous. Vous avez nos cœurs, aujourd’hui tout est français.

  I wish to express my condolences for this horrible circumstances. Innocent lives have been lost, and only their families and friends will ever remember them by name.
I support the French government in any action that they decide to take in order to mitigate future attacks.

  Je suis prof de français aux Etats-Unis et voici les messages de condoléances de mes étudiants de français :
Mes sincères condoléances !
Do not give up. We will stand with you. Je prie pour vous!
Never give up, we will support you when time is rough
May the love and support from all who are thinking of you during this time give you strength. Even when it seems as though the light is dimming, it will never go out. Je prie pour vous!
Je prie pour vous!
Je suis solidaire avec vous!
Je prie pour vous!!!
Je suis solidaire avec vous!
Nous sommes tous des Parisiens. Je prie pour vous!
My prayers go out to all the people of Paris. Je prie pour vous!
Je suis solidaire avec vous !
Je prie pour vous !
Mes sincères condoléances ! Je prie pour vous ! May God be will all you in Paris to help you in this time.
Je prie pour vous ! We are here for you and praying for you all the time!
Je prie pour vous !
Je prie pour vous ! Our prayers are with you!
Je prie pour vous !
Je prie pour vous !
Je prie pour vous !
Je prie pour vous !

  Nous déplorons cos actes terribles et nos pensées. J’espère que tout sera bientôt meilleur. Nos pensées vous accompagnent .

  Chère France,
Je pense à vous en ces moments difficiles. Le tourist attack est horrible et triste. Nos prières sont avec vous.

  Nous déplorons ces actes terribles. Toutes nos pensées.

  Paris, vous êtes dans mes prières. J’ai été si dévasté dans l’audition de ces nouvelles terrifiantes et mon cœur en appelle à ceux qui ont été affectés.

  Chère France,
Je suis désolé. Nos pensées vous accompagnent.

  Paix pour paris. Nos pensées vous accompagnent. Même pas peur.

  Paix pour Paris. Nos pensées vous accompagnent . GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK.

  Paix pour Paris. Nos pensées vous accompagnent. Solidarité de la part des Etats-Unis. Je pense à vous en ces moments difficiles. Nous déplorons ces actes terribles et nos pensées sont avec vous. #prayforparis. Stay strong.

  I want to send my condolences to everyone in Paris. I am very sorry for what happened and you’re in my prayers. #PrayForParis.

  I send out my condolences to all those affected in the Paris terrorist attacks. May God be with you all.

  Je pense à vous en ces moments difficiles.

  Peace and love is what makes Paris up. The love we hold for you is only one of many hands helping this city find peace.

  Je pense à vous en ces moments difficiles et solidarité de la part des Etats-Unis.

  Nous déplorons ces actes terribles et nos pensées (prières)

  Columbia south Carolina est paris !!!!!!!!

  Paix pour Paris.
Que la paix soit avec vous, Paris. Je pense à vous en ces moments difficiles.

  This message I’m sending you is coming from my heart; you can’t expect much from a 12 year old girl. So, back to what I was saying I’m so sorry for those innocence people who died, they didn’t deserve to die. I hope yawl have peace, "peace for Paris" I know y’all struggle, the struggle is real.

  Je pense à vous en ces moments difficiles.

  I feel bad for those people. god is always with you.

  Bonjour. Je suis vraiment désolé pour les attentats-suicides. Nous déplorons ces actes terribles et nos pensées sont avec vous. J’espère que tout le monde est sûr maintenant. Je suis content que vous vous soyez aidés les uns les autres. Vous êtes gentils.

  Paix pour Paris. Nos pensées vous accompagnent

To those who say: This is my religion and it defines me
I am a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Muslim, and a Hindu.
“I will live by it, eat by it, fight for it, die for it, and marry by it,
Dress by it, morn by it, abuse by it and be judged by it”
I say fine, I say great, I too have a religion!
And I say, Paris, Paris is my religion.
It’s my church, my shrine, my mosque and my temple.
Law is my God -dressed in robes of liberty-
Crowned with equality, surrounded by brotherhood.
Voltaire, Moliere, Hugo, Zola -high priests of my thought.
The sacramental wine is a Bourdieu; the holly bred- a fresh baguette.
The little black dress - my robe of worship.
The incense is number 5 Coco.
The place is a café, any café, with friends, a book and you.
I can also quote from my scriptures:
Sartre said: Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.
De Beauvoir said: One is not born a woman but becomes one.
Camus said: The freedom to be free is the greatest of human values.
Some people have Mecca, some Jerusalem some go to Varanasi but I have Paris,
Every year, as a pilgrim, I go to worship.
To see that this thing, this thing of beauty is still here.
And I circle round its streets like you circle the Kaaba,
And kneel in front of the holy throne in Rome,
And pray at the Wailing Wall.
I sit in its cafes, to listen to the muezzin call of Proust and Baudelaire:
I eat the stale Madeline of whatever have been lost and never be found again.
My love and I we drink wine and bless Paris!
And buy pardoning for all those who hate my religion.
And now, when my Paris is at war, I pray: Paris, Paris keep Helen!
That one thing, that one thing of beauty.
Some people who love the Eiffel say:
“Oh…. Paris has changed… it’s not what it once was, it is full with non-Parisians.”
But I am a believer.
I believe in Paris, I worship everything in it:
The rudeness, the noise of metro trains, the weary black faces at Gare du Nord,
The smell of sweat, the drunks, the impetuous youth,
The woman that is covered in black (her face seems to glow with that thing, that thing…) in spite!
I love its struggles, its discontents, its doubts.
The crowd of many faces, of many colors
That bows only to one thing, one thing!
Do not insult my Paris, don’t say: I’ve told you so…
I see you…the one that no longer believes in Paris-
In that one thing, one thing of beauty
The thing that told:
“A way! A way with Tyranny”
The thing that made you free,
To worship who you like,
The thing of liberty!
And liberty is Paris.
Yet I’ll fight for thee although I disagree!
Since this is my religion, my law, my God, my sacred war
As long there will be Paris- you’ll be free: To hate, to love, to disagree.

  I would like to send my deepest condolences to the wonderful people of France. My family and I had the great pleasure of visiting France this past Spring and fell in love with not only the people but the amazing culture as well as the architecture. We stand with you during this difficult time.

  All I can really say about that painful massacre that happened nov 13, 2015 in Paris is that I am really sorry and hope you find the people who committed this horrible crime. Que la Vierge Marie prie pour Paris la ville lumière.

  My heart will always be with you. It is a grand tragedy what has happened. I am proud to see so many countries come together to support you. Paris and France in general shall be in my prayers.

  Just remember that we are thinking about you and you are in our prayers. I’m sorry this awful event happened and I wish you all luck in your recoveries.

  With all destruction comes hope. Remember every day when you wake up, that God is giving you another chance to live, breathe and be "you’.- don’t let a few people’s deaths take that away from you.

  Mes plus sincères condoléances pour les innocents. Je suis très triste pour les victimes, les attaques étaient une horreur.

  Les Français sont dans mes prières à ce moment terrible. Paris, je t’aime.

  I’m very sorry to hear about these terrorist attacks. I do know that everyone here, in the United States, stands with your country. This event isn’t taken lightly by the citizens, and it’s having a personal impact on many of us. Through the foreign exchange program, many of us know people from France, and feel much more connected, and concerned about your country’s well-being.

  We may not feel the grief nearly to the extent of the French. We all stand, and for you. Condolences to all those who have lost loved ones in this tragic event. We will find and put end to those who have caused this. While sympathizing with the french as a whole, like they have done for others.

  People of Paris, you have my deepest condolences for the losses of everyone in the terrorists attacks on Friday the 13th. This act was unspeakable and ISIS will pay for what they have done. I wish you good luck in your days of mourning and hope all of you will be okay. Stay strong Paris.

  J’envoie mes sincères condoléances pour toutes les victimes des attaques. Qu’ils reposent en paix.

  I send my deepest condolences to everyone in France. Please know that as a society we can overcome difficult things like this. TOGETHER we can put an end to all of the violence and we can catch the people that did this. To the victims that were involved in this, know that everyone around the world is praying for you and your country. But like I said TOGETHER we can do it. If all we do is join hands and put an effort it will all be over.

  Words cannot express my deep sadness — we weep for the lives lost and the lives shattered. May the people of Paris and the people of France find peace. You are in our thoughts. You are in our prayers. You are in our hearts God be with you all as you rebuild, recover, and go on.

  We are thinking of you at this time and the entire world is hurting with these acts of terrorism. The only thing to do now is to not only remember the people we lost but also what we stand for and become globally stronger.

  We send our Condolences to you Paris from the United States. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as you suffer from the lives lost of innocent people. The United States will help you stand up, get back on your feet, and show the terrorists that what they do is not okay. Paris, you have the support of the United States next to you. God bless all of you!

  The thought of someone, anyone taking away something of yours is sickening. Not only did they take away your home, they took away what was once security and turned it into fear. As much as it is difficult to see past the hardships and broken down lives, something good will come out of this. Through this, France will become stronger and hopefully what you are left with is a great sense of pride.

  In the midst of tragedy you stand strong and that’s commendable, Keep standing tall and strong #NousSommesUnis

  There aren’t enough words to describe how saddened I am by the hundreds of lives affected by this tragedy. #prayforparis

  Je regrette pour la perte pour les personnes innocentes de Paris. Nous nous souviendrons toujours. Vive la France.

  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all. God bless your country.

  I fell really sorry for the people who were attacked in Paris, and lost some of their family and friends. I hope everything else goes alright in France.

  I would like to give you my deepest condolences. Good luck, and remember that we’re all in this together.

  To the people of France, I pray for you. I reach out to you to say God bless in your time of need.

  Bonjour! My thoughts go out to all the citizens and families in France. When the lights went out France shined brighter than ever.

  I pray for all those people that lost their lives during that awful, awful, awful day. My prayers also go to the families of those who died. God bless you all and VIVE LA FRANCE!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

  We send our condolences and stand by France.

  We would like to offer our deepest condolences. Our hearts go out to the victims and people impacted by the terrible events that happened. We cannot understand the grief you all are feeling during this time.

  All of our thoughts and prayers go out to the people and families affected not only through death and loss but the fear inflicted into the innocent people who were affected not in only in Paris but the other areas of France. God bless

  I pray for you in your hardest times. I hope you can get through this, everyone is here for you. Je prie pour vous!!!!!!!!

  Such a beautifully cultured country should never have to deal with such disaster

  Hearing about this horrible event over the weekend has been awful. Our whole Country’s thoughts and prayers are going out to all of the people affected by this. We all hope that your country can recover quickly.

  Je suis profondément triste par ce qui est arrivé à Paris. Je ne voudrais jamais à personne de se sentir la tristesse qui vient avec un tel événement, et je vais prier pour vous.

  I know it is hard but we stand with you.

  Our hearts break for our French brothers and sisters. We stand in solidarity with you.

  Paris, France, j’étais très triste d’apprendre les nouvelles des attaques terroristes. C’est horrible. J’ai des amis en France est à Paris et mon cœur est avec vous. Courage, France, mes amis. Love.

  Après les attaques, je voudrais dire que vous n’êtes pas seul. Nous sommes avec vous.

  Tout le monde français, je prie pour vous. C’est difficile maintenant, mais vous allez vaincre. Vous êtes fortes.

  Our thoughts and prayers go out to your country after the horrid events of this weekend. We hope that you recover quickly and that the survivors can return to their daily lives. We will stand with you.

  We wish that everyone in Paris, and France are safe.

  Sorry for what happened to you all. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and don’t let this bring you down

  Nous nous levons en solidarité avec vous pour la paix et des droits de l’homme.

  Tout le monde est une famille, et maintenant j’ai perdu trop des frères et soeurs. Je vous aime.

  Il n’y a pas les mots pour cette situation. J’espère pour ta sécurité. Je sais la gouvernement français est très capable et va répondre à la tragédie de façon appropriée. Les États-Unis sont avec vous.

  To all who have suffered in Paris, my heart goes out to you. Stay strong, and rise from the ashes as a more unified country. Vive la France!

  We are all saying a prayer for Paris; we are with you in thoughts and in hearts. We are with the people of this city as you were with us on September 11th. Evil will be fought with good grace and love, no matter how long it may take. God bless France the people of Paris. We are all Parisians at this time.

  Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage. Avec ma plus sincère amitié.

  Je suis désole. Les morts n’étaient pas justifie parce que les victimes étaient les hommes et femmes innocents. Il est important que nous réfléchissons les gens qui sont morts et que nous célébrons les médecins et les survivants des attaques. Les yeux des gens qui ont été touchés par les attaqués nous regardent. Être fortes, mes amis.

  Je sais que mon français n’est pas le mieux, mais j’ai juste voulu de dire que j’espère que la vie en France sera de retour à la normale bientôt. Le monde est avec vous.

  We feel for you and we will be here for you through this. Je suis solidaire avec vous.

  Je t’embrasse de tout mon cœur.

  J’espère que vous, les citoyens de France, savez que le monde va l’aider. Nous sommes désolés vraiment pour votre tragédie, mais vous pouvez rester, savoir que nous pouvons surement détruire Daesh. Nous allons réussir; la France, le monde envoie ses condoléances.

  En ces jours de deuil en France, nous sommes avec vous de tout cœur et nous partageons votre tristesse.

  To the people of France. We feel very sorry for what’s happened. Everyday people have had to give up their lives. People who had just gone out to dinner or even just taking a normal walk have died for nothing short of a tragedy. I can’t imagine being in this situation. What if it where my friends, family or even me? I can’t say I know how this feels since I don’t even remember 9/11 and I didn’t lose any of my friends and family to it. But to humanity we have lost mothers, daughters, sons, and fathers and so have you now. I am very sorry for this tragedy, but always stay strong because we will stand by you in your time of need.

  Je suis très triste pour vos pertes. Toutes mes prières vont aux familles et aux amis de ceux qui ont été blessés ou sont décédés.

  Je suis sans voix et mes prières sont avec vous. Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage. Avec ma plus sincère amitié.

  Il n’y a pas de mots pour cette situation — je veux offrir mes condoléances. C’est un événement horrible et j’espère que les victimes, les familles, et les amis vont rester forte pendant cette période tragique. France, je t’aime.

  I send my deepest condolences and prayers. We can never forget how France stood with us in our times of need - we stand with you now. I hope you find peace and solace. Peace be with you and God Bless.

  Paris est dans mon cœur. I’m so sorry for all of your loss and suffering. The United States stands with all of the friends and families of those who were harmed in the attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad.

  We are United With Paris.

  Nous vous présentons toutes nos sincères condoléances et vous souhaitons beaucoup de courage et de force pour surmonter cette épreuve.

  Nous sommes unis. Les Etats- Unis sont avec la France.

  Bon courage pour cette grande épreuve. Je t’embrasse de tout mon cœur.

  Mon amour et mes pensées et mes prières vont avec tous les touchés. Reste fort.

  Tes larmes sont mes larmes. Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage. Mes prières sont avec toi.

  Je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage après cette tragédie. Avec mes plus affectueuses et sincères pensées.

  Nous vous présentons toutes nos sincères condoléances. Je t’embrasse de tout mon cœur. Je suis désolé.

  Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your entire nation at this terrible, tragic time. Even if our leaders don’t show it enough, America stands behind you. This terrorism and evil must be stopped. Be strong, be brave, and carry on. Goodness will triumph.

  Je n’ai rien de mots.

  Mon cœur est avec vous et tous les autre villes comme Beirut et Baghdad qui ont souffert parce que il y ont des hommes qui ne sachent pas l’amour, qui sont plein de haine. Sois-forte France.

  Je suis très désolé pour tous qu’ont perdus. C’est avec une immense tristesse que nous avons appris le décès de ton gens. Bon courage pour cette grande épreuve. Avec mes plus affectueuses pensées.

  Solidarity to the French people!

  Deepest sympathy for you losses.

  I will never be able to understand the terror that France is feeling as I have never experienced such things. All of the people in France will be in my thoughts and heart.

  Please accept my condolence on the terrible events that have happened. I am sincerely sorry for those who lost friends, family, and loved ones. VIVE LA FRANCE!

  My prayers go out to the country of France and to all affected by the attacks. God be with you all. Love

  I am sorry to those who lost their friends and family. But just remember Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. Je Suis Paris

  Mes sincères condoléances vont au peuple français. Je prie qu’un mur de protection garde vos cœurs. Que l’esprit vous donne la paix.

  I’m sorry all who lost a loved one, the world shouldn’t be this way. Je suis désolé.

  Paris is a beautiful place. The city of lights and romance may be struck by what has happened yet it stands strong with the ally of the USA

  Dans un situation de crise comme ceci, on doit trouver l’amour. Restez fort et je vous donne mes condoléances plus sincères.

  To all of the victims, families, and France, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  My prayers go out to the people in France, after the recent tragedies that occurred.

  My heart goes out to everyone affected by this attack. Stay strong.

  My love and support is with the people in France after this horrible attack. Even though this is an incredibly hard situation, the people of France are handling it with grace and I look up to them tremendously. Vive la France.

  We are all shocked and saddened by the despicable attacks on your country. The French have stood with us time and time again, and it is our time to show our support. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

  One of my friends live in Paris and it’s heartbreaking to see such violence take place in France. This has not only affected France, but the entire world. May God be with you.

  Words cannot describe the inhumane attacks carried out on the 13th. I wish you best of luck to Paris and the victims of this tragedy

  Prayers from all over the world reach out to Paris to help them through this horrible time. God bless Paris.

  Restez forts! Nous sommes avec France.

  Avec beaucoup d’amour, de prière et de lumière pour les victimes, pour leur famille et pour que notre monde vive en paix.

  Quand il y a catastrophe, la France continue avec courage et fierté pour leur pays et pour le peuple. Nous, des états unis, sommes avec toi. On continue ensemble.

  Nos frères et sœurs de liberté; le peuple de France, nous sentons le battre de vos cœurs, nous entendons les cris de votre tristesse, et nous comprenons vos peurs. Savez que vous n’êtes pas seul, que vos épreuves sont partagées par des millions en face de l’océan. Avec notre force unie, soutenu par les valeurs universelles de l’humanité, nous surmonterons chaque peur et terreur, et nous accomplirons la victoire d’amour, de paix, et de la justice. Vive la France, Vive Paris, Vive l’Humanité.

  Mes condoléances sincères. Je suis désolée pour Paris.

  Paris, nous sommes avec vous. Tout le monde prie pour vous. J’espère que le monde peux accepter la paix et tous les attenta arrête! Ensemble on peut arrêter le terrorisme.

  Je suis vraiment désolée pour toutes les vies perdues dans cette tragédie. J’espère que tout va bien. Nous sommes prière pour vous

  Bonjour. Je voudrais faire ce message à la France et au monde. Je suis vraiment perdu à cause de ces attentats. J’ai des amis français, une amie française qui est une étudiante d’échange à mon lycée, et je voyagerai à Paris bientôt. Je m’inquiète quand j’entends des crimes contre toute l’humanité comme ça. J’adore la France, et je me demande pourquoi et comment on peut faire ces atrocités. Ça se fait se demander s’il y a du bon dans ce monde. C’est si horrible. Mais, il y a d’espoir, je suis sûr. En regardant les suites des attentats, on voit la beauté. Les gens viennent ensemble, tout comme la France. Le gouvernement fait des changements pour la sécurité. Le monde, ensemble, se bat contre les mauvais. Mais, malheureusement, ça ne change pas la tristesse et l’horreur de cet événement. Des gens ont perdu leurs santés, leurs amis, ou même leurs familles. Rien ne peut le changer. Mais, comme le monde, ensemble, nous pouvons nous lever plus fort qu’avant. Nous, les américains, sommes toujours pour vous, les français, nos meilleurs amis. Vive la République, et vive la France!

  Mes prières et mes condoléances sortent au Français. Il est très horrible ce qui s’est passé à Paris. Je suis Paris!

  Nous envoyons nos condoléances. Nous sommes en train de prier pour tout le monde en France. Désolé.

  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the horrific events on November 13, 2015. All the love.

  La France, mon cœur est avec vous. Ton pays, un pays avec tant de beauté et de sollidité, va endurer. Je ne peux pas imaginer le chagrin dans ton patrie, mais j’espère que vous savez que nous sommes avec vous. Maintenant, et pour toujours.

  Je suis désolée. Les peuples américains sont avec la France. Vraiment, tout le monde est français aujourd’hui, demain, et tous les jours. Mes condoléances. Mon cœur est dans la peine pour France. Vive la France!
-Une élève du Connecticut

  Je prie pour la France et le peuple français sont dans mon cœur. Reste forte. Vive la France!

  Dear people of France,
We send out our prayers and condolences today to those who have been affected. We understand you are going through tragic times and we stand beside you.
You are in our hearts,
High School French class

  My thoughts go out to all families and friends grieving after this senseless act of violence.

  Toutes mes condoléances aux familles affectées par cette tragédie. Nous pensons à vous.

  We are sorry for all of your loss and we hope we can fight together to recover and eliminate the evil.Love from the USA

  Je donne mes plus sincères condoléances pour la tragédie qui s’est passée à Paris. C’est un acte troublant mais je crois que Paris, et la France, vaincra l’attaque terroriste. Aucune force ne peut détruire les valeurs de la liberté. Vive la France, vous êtes dans le cœur de l’humanité.

  The French people and the American people have always been allies. We grieve at this attack on democracy and liberty. Remain strong in your resistance to evil, as you did so courageously in World War II. Our hearts, hopes, and prayers are with you. Vive la France!

  Désolé pour ceux qui ont perdu famille et les amis

  J’envoie mes plus grandes condoléances vers vous. Me cœur sent votre douleur, mais mon esprit ne peut pas comprendre cette énorme perte.

  J’ai le chagrin pour le pays fort de France. Il y aura une lumière à l’extrémité du tunnel, et nous gardons le peuple français dans nos cœurs.

  As human beings, we always feel in control when we support each other across borders. Silence, Respect and Love for our citizens and families...

  Envoyer mes prières. Tout ira bien.

  I am a long time New Yorker and second to NYC, Paris is a city I have spent the most time in outside of New York. My heart and condolences go out to the people of Paris. Je t’aime Paris. Hier, aujourd’hui et demain, vous avez mon cœur toujours.

  To the people of Paris France. As a French citizen, we stand with you in prayers and ask for God to bring His Justice. May God comfort your hearts in this time of sorrow. God Bless!

  To the mourning, the teary-eyed, and the heartbroken, the weeping, the fallen, and the ones who lost a loved one.
My condolences to you all, you have the world’s support behind you. What has occurred is a tragedy to the people of France and to the people of the world. The many lives that were lost will never be forgotten. However, we must stand strong, people of France, the world stands behind you. We must not let them accomplish what they sought for, the instilling of terror into our hearts. My heart goes out to all the lives that were lost. We know, the world, that you aches and we ache with you. Do not waver, do not fall, do not feel hopeless, the world stands behind you in support.
My family prays for each every single person, this attack is an attack against mankind. One that we, as a united world, will not tolerate. Be sturdy, be strong, be united.
Vive La France. Nous sommes avec vous.

  Nous, le peuple Américain, partageons avec le peuple Français un chagrin profond à cause de cette tragédie.
Restez forts dans la bataille pour la démocratie et la liberté. On est toujours son allié. Nos prières sont avec vous. Vive la France!

  France, you are our oldest ally. The United States would not be here if not for your help in the early days of our Republic. We stand with you as brothers and sisters, and we pray for Paris. Justice will be served. Aux armes, citoyennes! Vive la France!

  The city of lights has always been in my heart. I intend on visiting again as soon as possible to show my support. Stay strong, we stand with you.

  Je suis navré pour victimes des attaques à Paris. On va voyager en France avec l’école. J’espère que la France et Paris ont la paix.

  Je vous offre mes plus sincères condoléances à ce moment difficile. J’ai regardé avec horreur les événements déroulaient à la télé et j’ai pleuré ma deuxième ville. Luttons ensemble pour la paix et contre les monstres de l’EI. Que nous puissions vivre ensemble en paix dans un monde meilleur sous le même soleil.

  Le monde entier pleure pour vous. Vous n’êtes pas seuls.

  Je suis très triste pour la France. Mais, je sais que le terreur ne peut pas gagner dans une lutte contre la France. N’aies pas peur, mes amis français.

  Stand tall and persevere.

  Je prie pour les victimes des attaques. J’espère que ces actes violentes vont s’arrêter un jour.

  Je crois que les français sont forts. On vous soutient et on peut nous battre le terrorisme ensemble.

  Je suis très désolé pour votre situation, et je sais que vous deviendrez plus fort pour ça.

  Je suis vraiment désolée pour tout ce qui s’est passé vendredi; mon cœur est cassé. Je prie pour les victimes et leurs familles, et pour le beau et fort pays qui est la France. Vous êtes dans mes pensées toujours. Je vous envoie tout mon amour et espoir. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

  Mes prières sont avec vous. Je pensée à toutes ces familles, a tous les français. Paris ne perdra jamais sa lumière. Nous devons être sans avoir peur...mais avec le courage et l’espoir. Envoyer mon amour.

  I’m very sorry for all your losses. Stay strong, never give up. Things can only get better

  You have my sincerest condolences for the families of the victims in this terrible attack. Praying for France.

  I send my condolences to the people of Paris

  We are France; we will stand together. Praying for you all

  I am so sorry for all that you have been through.

  My condolences are with you, and I’m so very sorry for the things you’ve had to face recently. My prayers are with you, stay strong!

  J’offre mes condoléances pour le tragédie en France. Nous sommes avec vous. Mais aussi, Les Français sont très fort, et le pays va retourner plus forts. Le pays va se grouper de récupérer, et nous allons assister le récupération. Les personnes est mort n’oublier jamais. Je pleure avec vous, et restez forts.

  Mes prières vont à la France. Je prie pour toutes les familles et les gens qui sont touchés par cette terrible attaque. Je voudrais exprimer mes plus profondes sympathies aux familles des victimes. Dieu vous bénisse!

  We reach out to you because this should not have happen to you. I pray that you will be safe and take care. I am sorry if you lost someone in the attacks. God is with you all the time.

  I hope the best for all of you in France and i will keep you all in my mind.

  Our prayers and our hearts are with your beautiful city and its people... You are not alone.

  Mes condoléances pour vous.

  Je suis désolée.

  I feel so sorry for all the families affected in the recent attack and I hope that France will be able to recover soon. Good luck to all the people affected and never forget We Are United.

  Je suis très désolée pour votre perte. J’envoie mes pensées et mon amour aux familles qui ont perdu les chers.

  Nos cœurs sont avec Paris.

  J’envoie mon amour a Paris. Tout le monde est avec vous Je croix que le monde est un bel endroit, et il y a l’espoir. Je comprends que vous êtes mal, mais j’espère que vous serez content un jour.

  Mes condoléances sont avec les citoyens de France. C’est vraiment un acte horrifique. Ma famille est française, et j’étais effrayé pour eux et pour tous les gens qui sont affecté. Vive la France!

  Je suis de New York. Je suis dans le classe de français. Je suis vraiment désolé. J’aime Paris et J’aime la France. Je prie pour les personnes de Paris. Je t’aime Love.

  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. My heart goes out to al people who are struggling with this situation and for all of you who had to go through, or deal with this terrible situation, that you do not deserve. May God lead you to better things.

  To the people of France whom were terrorized by the attacks that took place on Friday: my condolences are with you. Much love and support is being sent from the States. Viva la France!

  Je me suis désolée pour la perte des victimes. Nous envoyons notre amour pour les familles. Je soutiens les personnes de Paris. Vous êtes tous dans nos cœurs.

  I want you to know how horrified and sorry I am about the senseless attacks in Paris on the civilian population. It was a cowardly attack on defenseless people and we all support the French. May the God of love support you during this time.

  Je ne peux pas imaginer cette tragédie. Je suis triste pour les événements de Paris et les personnes qui sont mortes. Je prie pour les personnes qui ont perdu une personne.

  De tout mon cœur, je souhaite aux familles des victimes de ces meurtres de trouver un peu de sérénité et de paix pour pouvoir prolonger l’amour de ceux qu’ils ont perdus. Tout être humain digne de ce nom est en deuil auprès de vous. Je pense très fort à vous.

  Deeply saddened and distressed by the events in Paris. God bless. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  My thoughts are with you and your families. I’m sorry for what has happen in this terrible tragedy

  Je souhaite que la paix trouve Paris. J’envoie mes prières et mon amour aux victimes des attaques. Je regrette que les attaques fassent Paris dans une place d’horreur. Nous sommes avec vous et nous trouverons la paix.

  Vous êtes dans nos cœurs et nos réflexions. Ce qui se passé c’est éprouvant. Je suis déçue que vous soyez en cette position, et je souhaite que tous les prières soient avec toi.

  To the people of France that have lost loved ones and more, i will have you in my thoughts and prayers. My heart goes out to you.

  Nous nous levons avec vous. Je souhaite que vous trouviez la paix. J’envoie mes condoléances à vous. Je désire que vous n’ayez plus d’horreurs. Nous n’oublierons jamais cette tragédie.

  You have all of my thoughts with you. I pray for all of you that have lost someone.

  Here in America we experienced a tragedy similar to this on 9/11. We know what you are going through and we are here to support you. We are praying for you, and just remember America has your back!

  If God brought you to it, He will bring you through it. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God bless you during this difficult time.

  People draw lines on the land and fight over them and cross them to cause harm, but we all live under the same blue sky. I offer my condolences and I know I cannot know how you feel exactly. But, remember that when you are in pain or grieved, look to the sky and know that we care.

  Stay strong; don’t let fear get the best of you. God Bless

  Sending our deepest condolences to everyone involved and the people of Paris. We send our prayers and love.

  I pray for all those who have been affected by this terrible event. #PrayForParis

  It saddens me to see a beautiful city of innocent people fall victim to cowardly acts. These people had so much to live for and their lives were taken away by a bunch of cowards. Paris is a beautiful city and even in tragedy, it’s still the city of lights and city of love. My condolences go out not just to the victims and their families, but everyone around the world who was affected by this terrible tragedy. #noussommesparis

  All of my thoughts and prayers are with my friends, family, and everyone residing in France.
Je t’aime et je prie pour France

  Je suis tellement désolée de ce qui s’est passé vendredi. J’ai pleuré quand j’ai reçu la nouvelle. Nous sommes avec vous. Restez fort, et vive la France!

  My deepest condolences go out to the people who have lost loved ones. I send you my prayers and love. God Bless.

  The relations between our countries and people go back a very long time. For that reason and a million, million more I offer my support, admiration and friendship to the People of France, in this your time of need and healing. Vive la France

  I just wanted to express my outrage at the slayings in Paris. As a Muslim and lover of peace and friendship, I am appalled and so are many others around the world by the hatred shown to the innocent victims of this tragedy. We and all good people stand with Parisians, the city of Paris, and the people of France. My heart goes out to the family and friends in their time of loss. "Vive la France!"

  If you have lost anyone due to the attacks or have been affected by them in any way, I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  Praying for you and hope you are all safe!

  I’m very sorry about what has happened. I grew up in this beautiful city, and although there have been horrible events, it is still beautiful. Stay strong! The U.S. is with you.

  Stay strong Paris. The world is praying for you. You are not alone.

  Nous sommes tous avec la France. Vos larmes sont nos larmes.

  We are here for you, Paris. Stay strong.

  Mes Chers Citoyens de France,
Vous avez été mes amis, mes professeurs, mes amants; vous m’avez appris que la vivre peut être vécue avec grâce et intelligence. Maintenant, les gens de votre Capital de la Lumière ont montré au monde comment répondre à horreur avec courage et compassion. Veuillez-acceptez mon immense tristesse que mon remboursement insuffisante à vous. Les cœurs de tous les gens qui sont libres se joignent au Français d’aujourd’hui.

  My condolences with the country of France and the city of Paris, may your people prosper.

  Just as France said "Today we are all Americans" during the 9/11 attacks, know that we stand with you during your time of grief and unimaginable loss.

  To all our French friends—our thoughts, prayers, and positive thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Vive la France!

  My condolences to the families of the victims and all those in Paris. I can’t begin to imagine your grief, but my family and I have prayed for you.

  Stay strong my hearts with you.

  The pain of losing people is overwhelming, no matter who they are and if you do not know them. It is painful to see that we are victims to other people negative actions. I am sincerely and unconditionally sorry for what happened to you people of Paris. May God help you through this, and may you find success in your endeavors to heal your people.

  C’était une tragédie et un évènement inexcusable. Je compatis et mes prières sont avec vous.

  I am very sorry for the horrible things that have happened recently. It is such a horrible thing that has been brought upon Paris. So many people that deserve none of what they got have died or been injured and I am deeply sorry. Best wishes.

  Dear people of France,
These past attacks were horribly sad, but there are people who are hoping you are safe, and I am one of them. Try to keep hope and stick together and these attacks will become less frequent. We are thinking of you.

  We pray for all those innocent people who died in Paris.

  A truly awful tragedy and I wish the best for the people of France as they recover from this awful occurrence.

  I’m very sorry for what has happened in Paris, it’s terrible how human beings could be against one another when standing together would make the world such a better place. I’ve never been more proud that I’m learning the French language and such a beautiful culture. The French people are truly inspirational to show strength through such a tough time.

  We grieve with you for all of the innocent lives that were lost in this barbaric attack. Please feel the love of Americans who share your pain. God bless.

  I send all my condolences to your country. Everything that has happened this past weekend was truly horrible but I admire that you won’t let it bring you down and that no matter what you are sticking together as a country and holding up your own.

  My prayers go out to all of those affected by the events that happened Friday night. Being in a different country, all I can offer is my deepest condolences and care. As an echo of what France said on the night of 9/11; tonight, we are all French

  My prayers are with you. Stay strong

  We will stand together with each other and find justice for all those whose lives have been lost.

  Sending love and prayers to Paris in their time of need. My condolences to the families and friends affected by this act of terror. All the love. Tout l’amour.

  I feel so sorry for the family’s that lost their family my heart goes out to them and may they rest in peace

  I send my condolences to all those who have been harmed by the terrorist attacks in Paris.

  Paris we are all praying for you in these hard times. There have been many tragedies in this world and unfortunately they keep happening. Everyone stay strong whether you are morning a loved one, were there during the event, or just a bystander. All of us around the world we are praying...

  To all the people of France, I send my prayers and condolence. Stay strong and God Bless.

  Dear Paris,
My condolences go out to you in your time of fear. We pray for you and your loved ones that lost their lives. But most important, we are proud you didn’t let the attackers take your pride away. You still stand beautiful and tall and may you stay like that until the end of time. We love you!

  We stand with you. Our thoughts will be with you and you’ll never leave our minds. Much love.

  I am very sorry for the people of France.

  We all are praying for you after all the attacks like you have done to us after 9/11, my condolences.

  Stay strong Paris and know that we are all here for you with support from everyone.

  My condolences for the attacks that happened in France. I wish the best to all the families that lost members. Keep living, no matter what.

  My heart goes out to all those affected by these attacks whether it be victims, families, friends. Every person murdered through this terrible attack was a son, a daughter, a friend, a mom, a dad and I pray that the people held responsible for this will come to a realization of the terrible act they committed.

  My condolences go out to all of France and everyone affected by this horrible tragedy. I mourn with you all.

  Paris, you will be in my prayers. I pray that you will stay strong and not let this put a damper on one of the most amazing cities in the world.

  Stay strong Paris. All of our love, hope, and support goes out to you! Je t’aime Paris. Love.

  I am so sorry that France had to experience this tragic event. I hope that America will be at your side through this all and help in any way possible. We feel deeply for everyone in Paris, sending love and peaceful thoughts your way.

  My heart is with France and everyone affected.

  Je me tiens avec vous. Vous êtes très fort. Je reste avec toi. Rester en sécurité et protéger mon bon ami et son famille. Les États-Unis chantent La Marseillaise avec vous.

  We pray for France because France embodies the good spirit in all of us. We know that France will recover because France is strong and we will stand with you. Vive la France!

  On reste en solidarité avec vous.

  All the lives that were lost will never be forgotten. All the families of the victims and the people of France will be in my prayers.

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