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Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Published on November 19, 2015

Condolences / Condoléances

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  My thoughts and prayers for France and all those people who died or got injured from those attack. My sympathy to everyone who has lost a loved one and to those people who were injured. Il n’y a pas de mots pour s’exprimer la douleur que tout le monde se sent à ce moment. Paris sera toujours la ville illuminée malgré ce qui s’est passé vendredi soir. Vive la France!

  you all are all in my prayers believe in yourself and you can get through this. Never stop giving up and I hope everything turns out well for you guys.

  All of my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in France. Stay strong!

  I am so very sorry for your lose. The thing that happened to your country was horrible and should have been avoided. You are a survivor. I hope you find a safe place for you and your loved ones. I hope that none of your loved ones died in the tragedy. I encourage you to stay strong and go through your life and be happy in spite of what happened. I also encourage for you to do something to make the people in your area happier. Fight for France, you don’t have much to lose. Thank you for reading this you have my heaviest condolences. Our revoir, bisous

  All my thoughts are to the people who lost loved ones or that are still finding them.

  My deep sorrow regarding the tragedy that happened in Paris. My condolences to everyone who lost a loved one. God rest those who are no longer with us! Vive la France! Vive la liberte! Je suis Paris.

  My deepest condolences to those affected by these events and all of France. My thoughts and prayers go to you.

  I find myself speechless today knowing about this act of violence. I am praying for the family’s in France.

  My heart goes out to the families affected by this terrible attack. I am deeply saddened by how many lives were taken, my prayer’s are with everyone in France.

  I am sorry to everyone these attacks effect, and I will pray for you all. It will get better.

  I’m very sorry for what happened for the attack.

  My condolences go out to the people of France and the victims involved in the attacks

  May God bless you, France! My prayers go to you. Bless those who have been killed.

  We are learning the language and culture of France. We are deeply sorry that your city was attacked and that so many lives were lost. You have our condolences, and our class supports you in this difficult time. We love Paris. #PrayforParis

  I am so sorry for what has happened in your country. Paris is in our prayers. We love you.

  I’m so sorry for what happened Paris. STAY STRONG

  I am sorry for the families that may have lost their loved ones in this attack

  I am deeply saddened. This will remark as a horrific event in history. America stands with you France. I am sorry to those who lost their loved ones. I hope the injured get well soon and we will pray for you. #PrayforParis

  Our deepest condolences to all of the people of France. We send our love and support to you.

  Horrifié et révolté par les récents évènements tragiques survenus à Paris.

  Nos coeurs sont avec vous, Paris. Restez forts. Fluctuat Nec Mergitur.

  I am so sorry for everything that has happened!! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you and all of the families that were involved in the attacking.
It is so scary to think about because I have been to Paris and have walked right by the theater and one of the cafés that was involved in the attacking. I am so sorry for all of your losses!

  Paris je t’aime! Mon coeur est avec vous. Reste Fort!

  Je suis désolé pour ce qui arrivé, j’envoyé ma condoléances.

  Iam so sorry about the attacks that has happened to Paris. I think that it is time to come together and help each other in this time of mourning. I pray for Paris, I pray for everyone who has been effected in these attacks.

  I am very heartbroken to know about your situation. I want you to know that you are not alone and we are all thinking of you. Paris is such a beautiful city and deserves better.
Please keep in mind that flowers are greater than guns. We will win this.

  We are all French. Vive la France!!

  Bonjour, ma petite or whoever is reading this I send my condolences because Paris with all its dark alleys, A city of Light and Love filled with secrets and mystery a beautiful monument of modern civilization has fallen on dark times with these attacks but remember in these dark times that we not only pray for paris but pray for those effected all around the world and those still being effected by terrorism. My heart is sad as these acts of inhumanity are committed.
Please everyone don’t blame one another and run away let us all stand together united against these groups that threaten to tear peace apart

  I’m sorry for everything that happened. This means so much to me because if something happened like this in Chicago I would be really sad.
I just want to say that these lives that were lost will be our inspiration for keeping peace around the world wherever, whoever.

  I am so sorry for your losses during the attack. Events such as these can make the world seem so dark, however it is important to remember that there are good people who care about the well-being of others.
ISIS feeds off fear, so the world must remain united. Stay strong Paris, my prayers go to you.

  I am so sorry for the losses that happened in Paris. I know it is a very tough and sad time, but things will get better soon. Paris will only become a stronger city, and the people of Paris will also become stronger.
Stay strong and positive because you all will get through this tragedy. My prayers are with you all.

  I feel bad becuase my unkle was in the place they bombed djing and it makesme think what if he was still there.

  I pray for the victims of the attacks on Paris. Stay strong France and work hard to learn and become better, to not allow these poor peoples’ deaths to be in vain.
My best wishes and regards to the families of the victims. To them I say, remember your friends and families in their best of times and good luck to all!

  Paris, je t’aime! Mon coeur est avec vous. Vive la francais. Vive France.

  I am honestly very sorry for what has happened to you paris. I know you lost a lot of friends and family, and Im sorry. You have to stay strong till the end.
Or when you defeat the terrorists. Rip. all the people that passed away. Good luck to all of you that made it and remember stay strong.

  It’s terrible and heart-breaking what happened. I have a big connection with Paris so my heart is broken. Don’t live in fear, live in love. Stay strong Paris! You have a lot of supporters who love you!

  Hi Paris, I am deeply sorry about what happened. But, if you realize the day it happened, it occurred on Friday the 13th. I hope that everything is OK, and thank you to raise people who offer home to those tourists stuck in Paris.
That was really nice of you. The world shouldn’t hate anyone. It’s depressing that we do.

  I am truly sorry for all the victims and there families and friends.

  All of my heart is torwards the families that have suffered a terrible loss.

  My deepest condolences for your loss, having visited Paris this past July it is very close and very sad and words will not express enough

  Dear France, I am very sorry this had to happen to your country. No country should have to go through this tragedy. Everyone is praying for you.
We are all united with you, and these terrorists will not get away with what they did. My prayers are with you, your families, and the city of Paris.

  am really sorry about all of your losses. It is a hard time, but you can get through it. Just keep your head up and everyone is praying for your healing. Stay strong.

  I offer my deepest condolences to the people of France. It simply seems unfair that things like this have to happen to innocent people around the world. I am confident that France will overcome this horrible obstacle.

  Hello. I will write this message with optimism. You will grow stronger from this experience. We all will. This will all work out in the end. And even if it doesn’t, then, the universe owes us one. Stay determined, Planet Earth.

  To everyone in Paris- My deepest condolences to France. Anything I can do? Be strong Paris, we will get through this together!

  Toutes nos condoléances à nos chers compatriotes et victimes de ces horribles événements à Paris. Nos pensées et prières sont avec vous. Liberté. Égalité. Fraternité. Peace & love.

  I send you my condolences, thoughts and prayers are going out to you.

  Our hearts goes out to the victims of the attacks. Nous prions pour vous. Nous sommes unis.

  Sorry France for what has been happening to you. Always remember we are praying for you. Remember that after a tragic event comes a good one, this is our time to unite as one. Godbless everyone affected by this accident.

  Vous etes dans nos pensees. Nous sommes avec vous de tout coeur. Nous voulons vous donner notre sympathie. Nous continuons a vous soutenir.
Nous esperons que vous allez rester en securite. Nous voudrions vous aider Nous vous offrons notre aide Ranney School est a vos cotes Vive la France!

  Sorry Paris for what has happened to you. All our prayers are with you. Always remember that after a bad situation comes a good one. This is our time to unite as a nation.

  Aucun mot ne pourrait exprimer la tristesse que l’ensemble de l’Humanite dois ressentir en ces moments douloureux. Peut-être. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

  Paris, je t’aime! Mon couer est avec vous.

  People of France, You stood with us on 9/11, we will stand with you now. We all are sending good thoughts and wishes for peace. Be strong.

  I have been to Paris once, for only three days. But when I was there, I witnessed nothing but kindness and love from the people. It is absolutely horrible that your city was sadly and unfairly polluted by people who cause nothing but death and destruction. My prayers and thoughts are with you, Paris.

  I am extremely sorry about what happened,I am sick to my stomach! I am sorry for your loss. You guys got this stay strong nothing can take you down. I give you my condolences.

  Liberté, égalité, fraternité sera toujours la devise qui est fondamentale pour nous rappeler que n’importe quoi tous les compatriots seront forts ensemble. Je vous envoi toutes mes condoléances et malgré ces attaques terroristes, Paris restera toujours la ville émerveillante du monde.
Le people américain se tien avec vous et nous sommes angoissés par ces évenements. Nous espérons que la France trouve la paix.

  Aujourd’hui nous sommes tous PARISIENS...Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

  Nos cœurs sont brises par cette tragédie,Paris et les français sont dans nos prières et nos pensées.Restons unis et forts durant ces terribles moments,VIVE LA FRANCE.

  As a French teacher of many years, I have tried to instill in my students a love of the language and culture. When I heard about the attacks in Paris, I was very moved. In school, my students wanted to talk about the situation and asked what they could do.
I suggested that they post a message of condolences to the French embassy web site. This is a step they were happy to take.
They went to their cell phones and their computers to express their deep concern and sympathy for the French people. I would like to do the same.

  They - the TERRORISTS/ISIS - are the REAL cowards. You are the brave and the free. Our family’s heartfelt sympathy to the grief-stricken friends and loved ones as well as to all of France.

  Il n’y a pas beaucoup de mots pour exprimer mon immense tristesse après ce terrible vendredi 13 novembre.
Mon cœur est avec les victimes de ces terroristes qui essaient de détruire nos valeurs et notre liberté. Egaux dans la mort, ces victimes nous apprennent, de nouveau, la fraternité face à l’adversité.

  even though i have never been to paris i do know that they will be strong and fight those who are enemies i wish the best of luck and stay strong

  As a world community we in the United States stand by you, against hate, violence, and intolerance. Innocent people should not be murdered because others disagree with a nation’s way of life.
France is our oldest ally, dating back to the 1770’s - we stand by her today!

  I feel sorry for Paris hope they don’t get attacked by terrorist again I hope u guys get peace

  Je tiens à vous les gars savent que tout ce qui est arrivé à Paris était la pire chose que je pourrais ai entendu sur les nouvelles sur Novembre 14. Il était si triste d’entendre Paris attaqué et comme un acte de guerre m’a donné envie d’aller en France et de donner mes condoléances .
Je ne peux pas le faire à la France d’aujourd’hui, mais vous serez dans mon cœur jusqu’à ce que le traitement des attaques ont disparu et la France aux États-Unis, et tout le monde se joindre à battre le terrorisme. J’aime Paris pour ces prochains jours, nous sommes tous des citoyens français .

  Les citoyens de Paris, je t’aime. Rester en sécurité. Nous sommes avec vous.

  Dear French citizens, I am so sorry for the awful attacks your country had to endure November 13th. I pray for the friends and families of the victims.

  Je suis très triste que la attaque se soit passé. Je souhaite que quelque chose comme cette ne se passerait jamais. Tous mes voeux de bonheur allent à vous.

  Remember that you are all strong, and together you can get through anything. To the families of the victims, I am very sorry for your loss.

  Je prie pour tous les gens en Paris. Peuvent leurs âmes repose en paix, et peuvent leurs morts ne sont pas en vain.
I hope that this is the last time a terrible attack like this happens, and that no matter what the cost, we will stop attacks like these in the future.

  actuellement en voyage aux Etats Unis nous sommes abasourdis par la situation dans notre pays, et, partageons la peine de tous, proches et moins proches.

  From the first moment of my first trip to Paris, she made me know that I was home. To all of France, my second home, my deepest condolences are rooted in the knowledge that that we shall not be terrorized.

  Je suis désolé de ce qui est arrivé. Mes pensées et prières partent pour Paris

  La petite réplique Tour Eiffel sur mon bureau, à la fois au travail et à la maison, rappelez-moi en permanence de mon temps dans votre beau pays et la ville de Paris. Mon coeur va à vous tous, mes pensées et mes prières sont toujours avec vous que je me joins à votre chagrin, une New-Yorkaise.

  Heartfelt sympathies to those lost and to all their loved ones – stand together, be strong in the face of oppression and terror. Lead your life with strength and a love of life! God Bless You!

  France has been and is a great friend of my country (the US), and, particularly for that reason, I want to express my sorrow for the losses, pain, and suffering terrorists inflicted in Paris on November 13th and earlier this year.

  Nous, les Francais demeurant a l’etrangers, prions pour La France. Nous sommes solidaires meme au dela des oceans. Nous presentons les plus sinceres condoleances aux familles des victimes et au peuple de Paris. Vous n’etes pas seuls dans la tristesse. Nous esperons que la douleur que nous partagons soulage la votre.

  Mon cœur va à toutes les victimes à Paris. Je ne peux pas imaginer comment cela se sent d’avoir un attaque! Je suis heureux à dis ma famille en France est en sécurité. Je ne peux pas croire qu’il y a trois mois j’étais en Paris. Rester forts Paris !

  Get well soon

  hi my name i Kyle and i would just like to say that you have my support Paris, and that i hope you stay strong in the journey ahead. but i would also like to say to everyone there not only to try to rebuild the feeling of security they had before but to also encourage a stronger culture from this attack and i know that i havent been through what you’ve been through but i can still show my affection and sympathy torwards the people of France.

  My heart is with the relatives and friends of those killed and wounded. Very sorry

  Je regrette sujet des attaques au paris. Mes condolences.


  Sincere condolences to the French people. Long live La France.

  Je l’espère tout le monde est bien. Prier pour Paris!!

  We send out our condolences towards the victims of the bombings and towards their families in this time of despair and heartache. We are praying for the families that have experienced such a tragic event. We need to stand together as one to overcome the issues of terror throughout the world. Nous prions pour la France et son peuple.

  I’m so sorry about what happened to Paris on Friday the 13th. My prayers go out to the innocent victims and all the families that were affected. Stay strong, Paris. Je t’aime!

  My heart grieves for all of you for the tragic and horrible events that you are having to deal with now. I truly apologies for what had happened. I give all my condolences from the bottom of my heart.

  My condolences goes to France. I am truly sorry for all the people lost and those who were there to experience this horrible event. I hope that one day, Paris and France will stand tall and overcome these fears that led to these tragedies. I hope people of Paris and France recover soon. I wish you all the best.

  Stay strong and keep moving forward.

  God Bless you, stay strong Paris!

  To the People of France,
s young Americans, we cannot imagine the suffering and pain your country is feeling. Your safety and wellbeing is in our thoughts and prayers in this time of great sorrow. We can only hope that the attackers are found quickly and justice is served. We are proud of your strength and patriotism that has shone through this great tragedy.

  My condolences to the people of France. That after this dreadful event I believe in all you guys. You will be able to stand up again and pull it back together. France is a strong strong country of beautiful people and will overcome this. No words can explain the horror you guys went through but, don’t be afraid. We’re together in this. The whole world is together with you

  We all feel sorry for the unfortunate event that had happened, I give you my support and wish the people of France will recover and live better in the future.

  All peace-loving people mourn the tragic loss of so many innocent people in Paris at the hands of merciless killers. We will hold those lost, all of France, and all peace-loving people in the light.

  My condolences to all the victims and their families and loved ones. Vive la france.

  Dear president and people in France, I want you to know that here in the United States, we mourn with you about the horrible event that happened recently. We express our condolences and deepest regrets, and hope that you will stand strong and keep the great fire burning. May God strengthen you, and may He protect you from further danger.

  Dear President Hollande and People of France. I am sorry for what the terrorists people did to you guys. My heart goes out there for all the people that have died, or see the event the that happen. I just wish there was peace in this world. But there will not be for now. So for now you all are strong people, that continue living doing your normal things. So yeah keep being strong!!

  My prayers go out to all the families who’ve lost. Stay strong and keep fighting, for the better days will hopefully be knocking on your door sooner than you realize. Vive la France!

  My heart goes out to all the victims, families, and all who have suffered in the terrible acts committed on Friday the 13, 2015. Stay strong, Paris. America loves you!

  I send my condolences to all the people of France, or anyone in particular, who have been affected by this horrible tragedy. I cannot imagine what you must be going through, and I hope that you will find peace in light of this awful incidence. I hope that the people responsible will be captured and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Je suis Paris. Nous sommes Paris.

  Stay strong. You guys are awesome!

  Dear people of the nation. My deepest apologies go to the innocent victims of the 11/13/2015 terrorist attacks as well as to their families and friends. They will not be forgotten. However I know that France can be strong and unified in order to defeat the enemy for good. Thank you for your bravery.

  Dear people of France, am sincerely sorry that this happened to these innocent people. What happened there that day is truly an act of terrorism, and I send sympathy to the strong people who lost a dear family member. Again, I am sorry this happened to you.

  We are with France. The damage done will be remembered because it marks us all with a sense of unity and hope.

  To whom it may concern, I sincerely apologize for the tragic events that happened not long ago.
I give my condolences to the families of the victims. I am truly shocked by this horrible act of terrorism. I wish that there is something that I could do to help.

  My heart goes out to all of the grieving families, we are sending you our love.

  This tragedy has affected us deeply, we are so very sorry Paris expirenced these horrors. The people of Paris and the rest of the world are in our prayers as those targeted recover from these events stand tall mon ami

  We are wishing you the best and sending you our love!! Stay safe

  My condolences to you. I will pray for you all.

  n old legend says that God sheds two tears every time a soul is taken too soon. It is not only god who is crying for the people lost in these atrocious times.
My thoughts and prayers are beside the people affected by this horrendous predicament.

  When I resieved the news about the horrible attack on France I was both shocked and very sadend for those who were affected in the worse manners and needed to show my love and respect to those who were affected so to all, I am very sorry for what happened

  i hope that families in France have good luck and happiness. the whole world will be with u to make sure you get better!

  I hope things get better in Paris and know that the whole world is with you.

  My thoughts and prayers are with you Paris ! I’m so sorry that this happen to you ! You will come back from this event and be stronger then ever !!

  Stay strong Paris. America is right with you in the struggle with terrorism. Your beautiful country will pull through this hard time

  I send my dearest apologizes to all of the victims and families affected by the tragic terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris. We send all of our best wishes and prayers in these tough times. It only gets better! Je suis Paris!

  We are all French in this troubling time. France was the first ally of the American revolutionaries. Americans have fought with the French in two world wars.
Our two countries will always be bound by the principles of Libertié, Égalité Fraternité.
We are proud of the French heritage of my maternal grandfather’s family (H. from Alsace). My wife, my daughter, my son and I have enjoyed Paris many times, and we will return to France many times in the future.

  mes condoléances à ceux qui sont perdus dans cette attaque teriible, je prie pour saftey et le confort à toutes les familles. nous prions tous et vous soutenir dans ces moments difficiles, comme tu a fait pour nous .

  Our condolences goes out to you (Entire country of France). We know and seen the impacts you’ve faced this pass week/end.
We’ve experienced similar experiences of terrorism in America with 9/11.
We have just recently recovered from the attack we’ve face with our new building and hope that you, France, will also recover soon and even better than us.

  All of us send condolences to you and your country. Your a strong country you will fight as hard as you can to defeat the enemy.

  Deepest condolences for those who were lost in the attacks. Be strong guys.

  Our family has all of France in our thoughts! Please don’t let these fanatics ruin your culture. We feel your pain and know you will continue to hunt these animals down.

  When I heard what happened in Paris on firday I almost cried. Even over these past few days in French class hearing about it again and again makes me want to cry.
The victims and the family’s of the victims have and will continue to be in my prayers.
I hope for the best for all of the family’s and the people who lost someone or if someone the know or love was hurt.

  Vous n’êtes pas seuls. Vous avez la monde avec vous. Vous êtes forts.

  It saddens me to think about the terrible events that took place on November thirteenth. We could’ve never imagined that something that calamitous could’ve happened that quickly.
Too many people have mortaly paid an expense that should’ve never existed.
To those who have lost something or someone that night- I stand with you. We all stand with you. Have hope and stay strong, City of Light.

  Je sais que je parle pour tous quand je dis que l’Amérique se sent pour vous.Longue vie à la France

  De tout Coeur avec vous et votre peine. Toutes mes condoleances aux familles et amis des victimes. Courage a mes compatriotes francais. Restez forts et unis.

  I’m with you France! Lets kill it with love! Let us not give it hate to feed on!

  Mes condolences les plus sincère a tous les français pendant cette periode difficile. Les americains sont avec vous, aujourd’hui, demain, et toujours. Vive la France!

  To anybody who has been attacked or who’s loved one has been attacked I just want to say I’m sorry and that if I were in Paris I wouldn’t be as brave as you because I would probably be hiding in my house but I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to lose someone you love or to be traumatized by the attack stay strong I’m praying for you

  My hopes and prayers go to Paris, I know how it was considering that my aunt was in one of the twin tower building during 9 11. The things that Isis is doing is pure evil. On Monday there was a mass text that everyone got and it said to were black to remember the lives lost. My hopes and wishes go to you.

  My hopes and prayers to everyone in Paris. Even though I didn’t have an personal connections to this it made me really sad. Once again my hopes and prayers to France. #prayforparis🇫🇷

  My prayers and support goes out to Paris and all those affected by this tragic event. France is a beautiful and strong country that prevails even through such tough times like this. The world stands with France, and I am sending nothing but love and peace its way.

  A part of my life is happened in Paris and i always wanted to support them if any one is hurt. There were many people who need help and going to a red cross also shelter
. but most of the people are supporting for them as we prayer goes out to Paris .
I really know there were a terror attack in Paris and many people who are given out flower and candle.

  Paix, Amour, Respect, Insoumise, Soudarite. Nous pensons á vous. Amitiés, L’Irlande.

  i’m so sorry for what happened in paris. i hope that everybody is ok and continuing on with their lives. its okay to be scared of everything that has happened, i would be beyond scared. hope you are having a grand time!

  Don’t give up all of Paris!! To all the people that pasted away, Rest In Peace... You’re all being missed and supported from all around the world. May all the flags, posters, pictures, comments, and many more be a remembrance of all those who has pasted away and symbolized the love from all over the world to all of Paris. You have my symbolized love!!!

  I’m sorry for what happened. I sincerely hope that everything gets better.

  Sorry for the loss.

  I send my deepest condolences to all the people of France. Words cannot explain this awful tragedy. I also send my prayers to the mourning families who lost their loved ones.
This horrendous attack was aimed at one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the City of Love. I wish to send all my love to the people of France.
My message to the people is to not live in fear, be strong, and don’t lose your happiness. Do not live in fear, for all of you are stronger than them. Be strong for your loved ones, don’t let these attacks scare you.
Don’t lose your happiness, because their main goal is to make you all terrified, but don’t let them get the better of you.
Show them you’re happy and strong, for they will live in despair. Je Suis Paris.

  Apart of me will always be there. All of my respect goes to all of ya’ll. I want ya’ll to know that ya’ll are in our prayers and we wish you the best.
Don’t let it get to you all they want is your pain and grief.
Stay strong it will be over soon. Get your mind off of it think of all the memories that you had with the people you have lost. Once it passes don’t look back.

  Le monde peuplements avec Paris. Notre amour se rend dehors a Paris. Je suis Paris. Le monde est Paris.

  suis désolé pour ce que vous allez à travers l’espoir que vous les gars aller mieux et se remettre de cette Atack espère juste u guys Dont avoir peur et paranoïaque vous souhaite le meilleur gars et bonne chance

  Je veux envoyer mes condoléances à tous ceux qui a été effectuée par les attentats à Paris. s’il vous plaît être en sécurité.

  My heart goes out to the friends, relatives and families of the victims of this unforgivable act on November 13, 2015.
This attack was unbelievably horrible, and there is NO WAY this kind of action can be justified or tolerated.
This is an example of the purest insanity I have ever seen! I weep with you all!

  Je vous envoie mes prières et mes condoléances à tous ceux qui, à Paris, et je suis profondément désolé pour ceux qui ont perdu des êtres chers dans cet incident. ISIS n’a pas le droit de blesser une terre merveilleuse et ce sont les gens.

  Paris, je t’aime. Mon coeur est avec vous.

  My heart is broken to see what happened. My prayers go out to you. My deepest condolences with the victims of the attack. I hope that you can prosper and overcome this horrible attack. Stay Strong at these hard times.

  Je t’aime Paris! Mon coeur est brisé parce que des attaques. J’espère vous allez bien!

  Je suis très triste à cause de ces événements, mes condoléances vont à tout le monde à Paris. e vous souhaite bonne chance et espère que vous êtes en sécurité.

  I visited France, our country’s oldest friend, with my family last summer and we all fell in love with it. Having felt this affection for France, it is especially hard to think of the wonderful people there suffering from this attack.
We are encouraged by the stubborn resolve of the French who continue to live their lives in spite of this insult.
We admire the will to continue to accept people who still flee from the Daesh barbarians and to resist the call of fascism.
It gives courage to us all. I think always of returning and we will return.

  Mes prières sont avec tous les victims français,Je suis très desolé.

  Appris hier Vivre pour aujourd’hui Espère pour demain.

  Nous pensons a vous et nous prions pour vous..... bon courage..... Recevez nos sinceres condoleances.

  e suis vraiment désolé pour ce qui se passe. nous sommes avec toi. Nous prions pour vous. tu n’es pas seul, nous sommes avec toi.

  nous sommes avec vous, vous n’êtes pas seul. nous prions pour vous

  Quand j’ai regarde les raportages à la tete, j’etais choqué. Nous sont avec vous, Paris. Ces circonstances est injuste. Je espere que vous pouvez trouver paix un jour. Je prie pour Paris et je prie pour paix. Restez forts.

  Aujourd’hui, demain, et pour longtemps, je vais pleure la disparition des gens de la belle France. Vous devez savoir que vous avez beaucoup de soutien pour vous dans les Etats-Unis.
Ma coeur est avec vous. Puissent vos belle ville qui s’appelle Paris bien se porter apres ça tragedie terrible.

  Une partie de mon cœur est toujours à Paris. Mon âme monte de joie chaque fois que je reviens. Mon cœur est maintenant brisée de chagrin et de désespoir.
Ma sympathie va à toutes les familles endeuillées. Nous sommes tous de France.

  Je suis très désolée pour les hostilités vers France. C’était une tragédie et je pense que la tragédie n’a pas nécessaire. J’espère que vous êtes bons. Avez le courage France! Vous êtes forts.

  Cher les personnes de Paris, Je vous donne mon coeur. Je priee pour la paix a travers le monde et pour les personnes de la France. Restez fort. Je t’aime.

  Je suis desole. Je suis de tout coeur avec vous. Je espere que France gueriras au plus vite. France va retrouver le force et la orgueil.

  Bonjour, je m’appelle C.. Je vive dans les États Unis. Ces attaques me souvinit de quand j’était très jeune et l’attaque de 11/9 m’est passé.
Quand il s’est passé mon père était partir pour trois jours essayait chercher survivants parce que il était un policier.
Depuis que je n’ai jamais pensé que quelque chose comme cet pourrait s’est passé encore fois.
S’il vous plait connaît que tu n’est pas seul et il y a beaucoup des gens dans les États Unis et la monde qui te soutenir

  Tout mes condoleances sont envoye aux victimes des attaques et leurs familles. J’espere que la violence finira des que possible. Les Francais sont tres forts.
J’adore le pays et Paris. Je sais que la France va survivre. Liberte. Egalite. Fraternite.

  My heart, prays and tears are with you, but you are strong and will prevail against such cowardly acts. Stand strong and know that the world stands with you.

  Je suis vraiment desolee d’apprendre aux attaques a Paris. Je prie pour les victimes et ses familles. La situation est tellement triste, mais le monde est debout avec Paris, et nous aiderons la France a se lever encore.

  Paris, je t’aime! Mon Coeur est avec vous. Paris, I am deeply sorry for the tragedy that has occurred for you all. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Things will get better

  Shocked. Outraged. I stand with France. Vive la France. Vive la Republique

  We stand behind you, not as another country, but as people in the world.

  Although France is very far away, it was scary to hear about the terrible event that took place on Friday.
I’m sorry to hear that so many innocent people were killed, and I send my deepest condolences.
God bless you all, and I pray that nothing like this happens again, especially to such a beautiful country.

  Words cannot express my deep sadness. My family and I are praying for the families and citizens of France. This tragedy will not be forgotten

  I am very sorry for what has happened even if my words do not help or change anything.

  My heart is so heavy as I write this. I have been to France almost 30 times and with each visit, I grow as a person with more appreciation of the beauty around us; with more empathy to those who have so little and I return with a resolve to ensure that my work to bring tourism to France is thriving.
My heart sends loving and healing thoughts to my second family. I unite with you all in this battle.
I unite with you in the pursuit of justice. And I unite with you and the rest of the world in helping those who are mourning their loved ones recover from this tradegy.

  je suis desolee pour qoui passe en paris. Mes condoleances pour les familles aux victims


I want to say that all the thoughts are with all the families who lost someone on the attacks last Friday, you are not alone, you have the whole world supporting you in this moment.

  Paris shouldnt go to war it’ll only make things more difficult for the residents and the children in paris. The paris government should just take things slowly in to their own hands so it can all just pass by slowly like nothing ever happend so the children dont get tramatized. The residents of paris should learn how to prepare themselves for what ever happens so they can stay safe

  I’m very sorry for what happened in Paris on Friday. All of you are in ourprayers and we hope that everything will get better.

  Bonjour, je suis desole de ce qui est arrive a Paris le 13 Novembre, mon coeur est brise pour ceux qu’on perdu leur famillier.

  Fier d’etre francais.

  I am very sorry for what you are going through and the losses you have had. Praying for the people of France.

  Everyone in France is in my thoughts and prayers, I am still in shock of what all happened.
We all just need to come together and be strong and not let this scare us.
God be with you all and when we rebuild ourselves and the city.

  My deepest sympathy for all the people of France. This was an attack not only on France, but on all of Humanity. I have never been to France, but I greatly admire your culture. Today I am a Frenchman!

  I pray for you guys after all of these horrible attacks. I will pray for you and pass the word on. Please accept my sincerest condolences for the loss of all the innocent people.
I hope that you all know that we all care and hope it will get better.

  I’m sorry for all your loses and hope you heel. I give you all my prayers. I cried and felt sad and I want you to know that I care.

  My condolences to everyone who lost family, friends, and loved ones. Be safe stay strong

  Que Dieu soit avec vous en ces moments terrible. Mes sinceres condoleances a vous tous.

  My deepest condolences to you, the people of france. Everyone who supports peace stands with you. Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

  We, the students of McAllen High School in Texas, want to express our sorrow for your losses. Although we are very far away, we are still praying for you, your peace, and your safety. As Victor Hugo said: "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise." - Les Misérables.

  What happened was not just felt in Paris. We are proof of that, and that is what makes us strong. As long as we all realize this we will prevail.

  Tres triste de voir nos jeunes se faire massacrer dans notre capitale.

  France we must come together to end this pain. The US is with you. We will fight to end this terror together. My prayers and my best wishes go out to all of France .#NousSommesParis

  Hoping our government stands with you in action as we stand with you in spirit. You are a beacon of hope for the world. Shoulder to shoulder, together with you, France!

  I pray for the victims of Friday’s terrorist acts. We are all united with the French people and remain strong against the face of evil anywhere in the world. God bless the victims and their families.

  Je vous écris pour partager mes condoléances à la lumière des récentes attaques sur Paris. Je veux que vous sachiez que mon coeur tend la main à toutes les familles qui ont perdu quelqu’un dans les attaques. Mais ne vous déteste pas, pour qui est ce qu’ils veulent .
Ne pas craindre, pour ces attaques étaient d’effrayer et d’effrayer pour montrer leur «pouvoir» .
Ne désespérez pas, mais rappelez-vous plutôt les gens ont perdu pour tout ce qu’ils ont fait et non pas pour comment ils sont morts .
Ils étaient plus de leur mort, se souviennent eux et qui ils étaient, sont profondément dans leurs âmes. Je t’aime Paris.
We send our prayers from the US.

  My condolences to the people of Paris, France and to the friends and family of the many people that passed that night. This tragic event has impacted people all over the US and the world, not just Paris like many would think. May the ones that passed never be forgotten

  I am so sorry about this tragic event. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and I hope you can overcome this tragedy and won’t have to live in fear. God bless and stay strong.

  Paris, you are in my prayers. I hope that Paris will return to its beautiful view soon.

  My condolences and sympathies go out to the people who have passed and been a victim. I know Parisians are strong (: I hope every single one of you guys are safe. You got this Paris! (:

  I am terribly sorry for your losses during the attack in Paris. I really hope you heal and recover from this and come out stronger than you were before the attack. Don’t give in to fear.

  You all have my condolences. I will be praying for you. God bless you all.

  I support France during this difficult time. France and the people killed are held in a special place in my heart right now. I know France is a strong country that will still stand strong despite the terrorists. It is a hardship to the whole country, and I pray that you persevere.

  My prayers go out to you people in Paris. I will pray every night for you guys and hope that everything will get back to normal very soon.

  We are all with you.

  My deepest condolences go to all the people of Paris. I hope that Paris will soon return to normal

  Cet evenement m’a vraiment pris aux tripes. La France est tres proche a mon coeur. Je prie pour Paris. Mes condoleances a tous les familles touches par cette tragedie.

  the world over has seen your pain, and it wishes only the dearest condolences to all those hurt and afraid. With a hope for a better future, long live France!

  With the deepest sorrow and strongest feelings of support, I offer my condolences and that of the 800 members of our "France Fanatics" facebook group. We love the beauty, spirit, gentility, culture and history of Paris and France, but especially the people; and we know no acts of mindless terrorism will quench that joie de vivre. Avec nos sincères condoléances,

  Toutes mes condoleances aux familles touchees par ces attaques terrorists du vendredi 13 novembre 2015 a Paris .

  Toutes mes sincères condoléances aux familles des victimes touchées par cette tragédie. Malgré la distance notre cœur de français se rallie à l’effort de soutien national.
Que le temps apaise votre chagrin et l’histoire allège votre douleur.. Toutes nos meilleures pensées de Floride.

  I’m sending my heart to you guys in France. Push through because you can do it. #TodayWeAreFrench!

  Dear People of France, I am very sorry for what has happened in the past few days. I can’t imagine how hard and tense it is, I send my condolences. Have a wonderful day.

  To the People of France, I’m very sorry for what happened. I will pray to God that you will be strong and safe. It was such a tragic event, but just keep calm and fight on! And may God bless you!

  I pray for all the victim’s families who lost their loved ones. May all victims sleep in peace where none can harm them. I wish all families happiness to lift their spirits so their loved ones can be happy too. Look into the future and remember there are others around you that are happy when you are happy, so take their hand and smile for them.

  Sending prayers to all the victims, their families, and friends. Our hearts break with yours. We pray for peace. Stay strong France.

  Our condolences to the citizens of Paris. We stand united with the good people of France.

  I am not from France, but I respect and love it, as well as it a people, and sympathize along with them.

  Dear France, I am sorry for what happened to you. I hope it never happens again. Nous sommes a la France

  So sorry for France. I know y’all will make it through this

  ma cœur est très triste pour des événements sur le 13 novembre. Ma pensées est avec tout de France. avec amore, une fille américaine et mexicaine

  Nous offrons nos plus sincères condoléances dans ces moments pénibles.

  I am very sorry for all that has been suffered. I wish eventual peace upon your hearts and minds as well as a swift resolution to this madness. Many of us here at Pacific University stand with you.

  Paris, Il faut que vous restiez fort. Je prie pour vous. Si vous avez le foi croire dans Lui. Vive la France!

  Dear Citizens of France, I feel that it is unfair that the people of France get attacked for no reason all over the country even though you did nothing wrong. I have always loved France and always will even though I have never been there.
I feel bad for all the people in France who lost a family member or a friend in the attack. I hope this doesn’t happen again, and I think it was completely unfair that these people would single out your country just to attack you.
I hope your government is doing everything in their power to make you feel safe. People all around the world have shown their love and support for France and I will too.

  France, after the horrible attacks always know that America is here for you. #prayforparis

  To Paris. Our earliest friend. We send you our condolences and our sympathy. During the 9/11 France said that "we are Americans" well today we are France. PRAY FOR PARIS

  Paris sera toujours Paris! La plus belle ville du monde Malgré l’obscurité profonde Son éclat ne peut être assombri Paris sera toujours Paris!

  We’re sorry about what happen in Pairs and hope it won’t happen again. We also hope that you guys recover from that and keep an eye on us too, so we don’t get attack too. We will continue to look after you guys too and don’t be afraid.

  Paris, the city of light. Our light shines with you. My heart is with the family, friends, and citizens both affected and unaffected by the horrific events that took place on Friday. Stand strong

  As a citizen of the United States, I wish to express my condolences for the families affected by the terrorist acts in your country.
I look forward to the terrorists being swiftly brought to justice. May our countries collaborate against this common threat.

  My deepest condolences and sympathies to the families and friends of the victims, and to the people of France. You stood with us in our darkest hour, and now we stand with you in solidarity.
Let us go forward, together, so that justice will be done.

  Tout mes condoléances pour la tragédie... Nous sommes avec vous, je suis Paris.

  i just want to send my condolence to you guys in Paris and for all the victims family. i hope you guys stand strong and keep on living on.
That you guys will make it through this all you guys have to do is keep fighting and heads up high.
thank you for your guys time and stand strong

  Je suis American - Je suis Paris!! My husband and I love the City of Light and have visited often. We are deeply saddened over the horror inflicted upon the people of Paris. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  My deepest condolences for all lives lost and every tragedy undergone in Paris last Friday. Paris will always be sparkling & beautiful, and we all know terrorism won’t darken her brightness so easily.

  I pray for all the Parisians after such a shocking attack. I hope all the people know that they are not in this alone, and that the whole world is suffering. Vive Paris!

  Although this has been an unimaginable tragedy, know that the entire world is here to speak out for you and that we stand by the people of France.

  Je suis désole. D’Amérique j’envoi mon prier

  France, You are not alone. I can empathize for your event, and give you my sincerest condolences. I hope the people of France know that America, as well as many other countries are here for them. We are all in this together. Je suis Paris.

  Aloha from Radford High school. We are all thinking and supporting you. Hawaii and french club our supporting you guys.

  Robert M. Hensel once said," Whenever we feel as if we can no longer go on, hope whispers in our ear, to remind us, we are strong".
We are united, and together supporting the people of France because together we are stronger.
It is a tragedy what has happened, I hope you know we feel your pain. We are here to support you France!!!

  World is united for Paris, the city of love, compassion, life, champagne, and joy. Stay strong, stay united Paris J’teaime!

  Mes condoléances pour la perte les Français endurent. Je suis desolée en plus pour les races et les religions assument la blâme.

  Our hearts are with you.

  My prayers go out to the people of Paris. Gods be with you all

  Mes condoleances pour tous les victimes des attaques atroces par ISIS. Comme un americain je reste avec le peuple de la France a cette heure de la horreur at la souffrance.
Vive la France! Vive le peuple francais.
Vive la liberte, l’egalite et la fraternite et pour toujours. Marchons, marchons. Qu’un sang impur, Abreuve nos sillons!

  Je suis tellement désolé pour les citoyens français qui avaient l’expérience d’un tel événement horrible. Mon coeur va avec vous tous et espérons que chacun est de rester en sécurité. Je vais prier pour la famille touchée. beaucoup d’amour.

  On 9/11 the French said "Today, we are all American". It’s our turn to say "Today,we are all French".

  I’m so sorry you had to experience this, but remember the mind is mightier than the sword. Hawaii stands with you!

  God bless paris. through everything im here with you. we all pray for you, we all as america bless your great city, and your great country #prayforparis

  The best we can do is to cherish the memories of the ones who were taken away from us, by showing the world that we won’t let somebody poison our ways of thinking and that we will keep our heads up high and protect freedom, something that the French people symbolize and embody.
We owe it to those murdered, we owe it to ourselves.

  God be with you all. Two days ago I was an average but when I heard this attack I was really upset beyond belief God help the people of france

  Dear France, I am so sorry for the attack and I wish you all the best of hope. Bless you all and your prayers. Bless,love,hope and pray for France. Best of luck Paris. we love you all.

  I’m was so sorry to find out that this happened. I wish i could go help the familys the lost someone but unfortunately this is all I can do.
I wish stuff like this didn’t happen but it does so we can only pray to help the people that died/wounded and the familys to help them get over this.

  I am so sorry for what happened. You supported us when the twin towers fell on September 11th in New York City, now we are here to support you.
Always remember America is here to support you always. We give our love to you and we will always support.

  To the people of France: You are our brothers and sisters, and we mourn with you. We send you our love and condolences from America.
You are in our hearts and minds as you grieve. We pray for complete peace and safety to return to your nation so you may resume your lives without fear or danger.

  Bonjour mes amis français, Je m’appelle M. je habite au États-Unis. Je suis désolée pour la événement tragique qui se passe le vendredi novembre 13. Mes prières sont pour la France et le monde où nous habitons!

  I am a teacher in the US. Several of my fifth students felt compelled to write letters of condolence to try to ease the suffering of those effected by this tragedy. I could not deny them this act of kindness. I have chosen to send all of their messages along with mine in one email:

  Paris- I’m so sorry for the bombed from whoever bombed you guys.

  Dear Families of France- I am very sorry about what happened on Friday, November 13th, 2015. That is very heartbreaking to hear. I am sorry for those who have lost family members and friends. I hope everything is better soon. Again, my heart is broken hearing that this happened. I hope there is peace again and everything will go back to being okay. I will keep all of you in mind and continue to think about those who have lost family members, friends, and also pets. Sincerely, T.

  I hope that no one was hurt in your family. If so, I feel very sorry for you. I hope this isn’t rude but I hope for the best of luck in the future to everyone in your home! L.

  Dear Paris- I am really sorry about ISIS bombing you. I am praying for you and I hope that despite, this tragedy, you all can find peace! –A.

  Dear Families of France- My name is K. How are you holding up? I have heard about the tragic bombing on November 13th. I can’t even believe what happened in your hometown. What a tragic event. I pray for every family member, friend, and pet who was killed. I hope all of your loved ones rest in peace. For someone to do that in inappropriate! Well, I do pray for everyone who lost their lives.

  To Anyone Who’s Been Touched by this Tragedy- My heart breaks for you during this tragic time! I cannot fathom the insurmountable loss your community must be experiencing. Please know, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I also want to send my condolences to anyone who experiences misplaced blame or hatred due to misunderstanding. We hope you can heal from this unfortunate event and rise from the ashes stronger and more united. -Love, Mrs. L.

  The entire world stands with France after the attacks on Paris on November 13. On that day, we were all French. We must all stand together to fight this terror.

  Envoi mes salutations et souhaitant le meilleur. Vive France!

  I’m sorry Paris, our hearts and prayers are with you.

  After watching the footage, it suddenly hit me that this was actually happening. Not some made up movie scene. This is a real life horrifying event, that has taken the innocent lives of many. I feel your pain and wish you the best regards and the Police force and everyone there who helped have my highest respect.

  The attached song was written prior to your tragedy, but it seems sadly apt. Please accept it as part of my condolences to the brave and heartbroken citizens of Paris and all of France.

  Nous sommes solidaires avec vous.

  Paris, we are with you, every step of the way. Love. You are not alone. La paix pour Paris

  No matter what happens you all have to to stay strong. All over the world people keep France in their hearts and thoughts. The 13th will forever be remembered and it will be a day where everyone hangs their heads and remembers what happened on that tragic day. My love is with France. Je suis Paris

  Avec beaucoups d’emotions je presente mes profonds respect aux familles eprouvées. Vive La France Eternelle. Vive La Republique

  I feel bad for the attacks in Paris and I hope your guys be safe.

  We will pray for your tragedy. I send my deepest regards, and wish the whole city of Paris the best. We hope that you are able to put your beautiful city back together and live happy lives again. I send my deepest condolences.

  I send my deepest condolences to those who’s family members have died from this attack. It has been tough seeing all the destruction that ISISL has caused.
Hoping that Paris can soon get back on track with life and hope that everyone will once again be able to live a happy life.
From everyone over in the United States, love, hugs, and support for everyone over in Paris while they morn over this devastating event. Hope everyone is safe.

  Tant que français, je suis tellement triste des événements qui se sont dérouler à Paris la semaine dernières. Sachez que toute ma famille et tous les français dans le monde entiers pensent à la France, aux victimes, et à leurs familles.
Nous sommes tous la France! La France, les français, et notre République ne sera pas vaincu par ces monstres.
Nous tenons à vous manifester notre profond soutien et notre entière sympathie dans ce deuil qui frappe à toutes les familles des victimes.

  I am praying for everyone in this situation. I am sending an angel to you.

  I pray for the people that lost their lives in the attacks, and theirfriends, and families. On that Friday the whole world stopped for a moment. I see humans, but no humanity. God be with the French.

  We send our deepest, heart felt condolences to the Peoples of France and Paris.
On Thursday night we will walk in Palm Springs in remembrances of all the beautiful souls we lost this night..and for us all to remember our beautiful souls and connections that cannot be destroyed.
Our love and Hugs...always Humanity.....

  Je suis une étudiante en America, et je suis étudiée Français, donc je s’excusée pour des erreurs. Je suis très désolée et je veux vous savoir cet tout l’America avons France dans notre esprits. Je souhaite vous le meilleur dans cet temps difficile.

Je suis désolée! Je souhaite que la situation ne se soit jamais passée. C’est trés important que tu restes forte er nous unitons. J’adore Paris. Vive la France! Vous êtes dans mon coeur et mes prières.

  I am praying for yall. Stay forte

  We will be with you during this tragedy.

  France can get through this tragedy, for they are a strong country. My concern, thoughts, and heart go out to the French people.

  Jackie E. - Je suis vraiment désolé. J’ai visité Paris il y a trois ans, et c’est une très belle centre-ville. J’espère que tout le monde récupère! Vous êtes dans mes prières, Paris.
Kayla C. - Je suis désolé pour tout.Les États-Unis prient pour vous. Quand j’écoute les informations j’étais très triste. J’espère Paris la meilleure. Nous vous adorons.
Paul J. - Je voudrais offrir mes condoléances à tous les personnes qui habitent Paris.
A.G. - Paris est ma ville favorite. J’aime visiter Paris, et j’aime les personnes françaises. Mes prières sont avec vous. Nous vous soutenons! Restez forts,
Abby B. - Je suis désolé. Nous voudrions que vous alli mieux bientôt. Bonne chance.
Toby S. - Restez forts Paris! Nous prions pour vous tous les jours! Nous comprenons ce que vous endurrez. Nous sommes à vos côtés. Je souhaite la meilleure des chances à toutes les personnes et les membres de la famille qui vivent à Paris. Bon courage France!
Gabriella - Dans ma classe de francais, nous voudrions a offrir notre aide. J’étais tres peinée quand j’ai entendu de la tragedie. J’espère que la France va rester forte. Aussi, toutes ces vies vont nous manquer pour toujours. S’il vous plait, soyez bien!
Victoria C. - Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous. Nous sommes très désolé.
Emma N. - Paris est dans nos pensées!
Brooke N. - Je suis très desole. C’est très triste d’entendre ces nouvelles. Je envoyer mes plus sincères condoléances. Nous prions pour Paris.

Avec tout notre amour,
Une Classe de Français
we love you, paris!

  "Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine
Et nos amours
Faut-il qu’il m’en souvienne
La joie venait toujours après la peine

Vienne la nuit sonne l’heure
Les jours s’en vont je demeure

Les mains dans les mains restons face à face
Tandis que sous
Le pont de nos bras passe
Des éternels regards l’onde si lasse

Vienne la nuit sonne l’heure
Les jours s’en vont je demeure

L’amour s’en va comme cette eau courante
L’amour s’en va
Comme la vie est lente
Et comme l’Espérance est violente

Vienne la nuit sonne l’heure
Les jours s’en vont je demeure

Passent les jours et passent les semaines
Ni temps passé
Ni les amours reviennent
Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine

Vienne la nuit sonne l’huere
Les jours s’en vont je demeure"

Nous ne serons pas briser. Ici, nous restons.

  Just as France was with the US on September 11th, we will be with France now in their time of need.

  I’m so so sorry and we are with you all the way

  Dear the People of France
For all the people who witnessed the terrifying events. I give all my condolences to France. GOD bless you.

  Nous sommes tous Pairisiene. Mon coeur est avec vous.

  I give all my regards to all the victims and families of those involved with the Paris attacks, just remember you are not alone.

  We will keep you in our prayers.

  Our hearts and prayers are with the people of France.

  L’Amérique est avec vous, et je suis avec vous. J’ai le cœur gros. Je prie pour tout le monde à Paris et dans toute la France.
I apologize for my poor French, I am a sophmore in highschool, and my French is not the best. I tried my best, though, and I tried to double-check. All the same, I hope my message comes across the same either way. We will make it through this together!! Bless you all, and vive la France!

  Mes sinceres condoleances,
It is very sad to see innocent civilians attacked, everywhere in the world. The politicians should think about the life of people, not national interest interest that would eventually harm you more. All those people that lost their lives in wars in the Middle East. Most of them are civilians. Maybe the western governments support and bomb them in the name of democracy and freedom, and that is why people become extremists and fight the west. Please consider your decisions!

  I wish France the best. I hope everything works out, although i do not know what it is like to be under such circumstances everything will get better.

  Vive la France!!!!

  je suis désolé.

  Restez fort Paris


  Es tut mir so wahnsinnig leid was passiert ist. Ich bin so wütend und traurig!! Ich versteh nicht wie man sowas machen kann. Ich wühnsche den Opfern alle Kraft der Welt um darüber hinwegzukommen.

  Praying for Paris Stay Strong We Stand With You

  Dearest condolences for all those affected during this very hard time. I send prayers to all and hope you know and understand that the world is with you.

  i would like to send my condolences out to the people in France who suffered from a terrible event .. I’m sorry for your lost and I am praying for you guys. Everyone Keep your head up.

  mon coeur va à tout le monde en france. sais qu’il y a retour aux États-Unis, les gens qui sont là pour vous. rester fort france

  We are all French. We cry with you

  nous sommes tous français

  Je Suis désolé.
je prie pour France
Que le Seigneur soit avec vous mes mieux regards

  Bonjour Mes amis, je t’aime. Je étais très triste quand je entendu les infos.
America loves you!

  This incident made me sad, because to see all the places lately that are being attacked and all the kids being traumatized by the attackers. I would not wish this upon anybody and I hope it all gets better and the world will be happy


  Je regrette beaucoup pour perdre vos gens. France est forte. Je dèsire que vous ayez calumet. Vive la France!

  Dear citizens of France I am so sorry for the tragedy that has befallen you it is not okay what has happened to you and no person should have to go through what you have to go through. But you and your country will get through this. ISIS cannot bring you down. The whole world and I grief for your loss and we stand with you stay strong.

  My thoughts and prayers for the people of France! We must stand together to defeat terrorism. We must not live in fear for if we do the terrorist have won! We must fight for our freedoms and stand together. God Bless and peace be with all.

  Paris, je t’aime! Mon coeur est avec vous. Vive la France! Vive la République! Je souhaite que vous soyez forte.

  with a heavy heart, i am sending condolences. i am so sorry to everyone out in France. It made a big impact on the US as well. we are all praying for everyone there.

  Je suis très desolé de ce qui arrivé dans paris: J’esperè que tout le monde est sûr. Ête fort, combattre forte, est revenir plus fort. Et à toutes les familles qui ont perdu un être cher, puissent-ils reposer en paix.

  We are sorry for what has happened in Paris, you are in my prayers, France, stay strong.

  Mon cœur se brise pour l’ ceux qui est décédé pendant les attentats de Paris , leur famille et leurs amis, et tous ceux qui devaient être près de lui . Je prie pour que l’esprit incroyable de la ville ne fera que croître plus forte

  Toutes mes condoléances à mes compatriotes français victimes de ces horribles attaques. Je n’ai pas de mots pour décrire mon chagrin et ma tristesse. Puissent ces épreuves nous aider à nous concentrer sur ce qui nous unit en tant qu’humains et sur les valeurs et sentiments qui nous permettent de vivre en paix et en harmonie.

  Mon cœur est brisé à cause du cauchemar qui est arrivé la semaine dernière. Je pense à tous les français en ce moment.

  My deepest condolences go to all the people of Paris. I hope that Paris will soon return to its true beauty.

  L’espoir est la seule chose fort que la peur. Love.

  Paris, vous avez mes condoléances. Les attentats sont horribles, et les terrorists ne devraient pas utilisent la violence et la terroir. Je prie pour les morts et les blessés. L’amérique va aide toi, et tout le monde en Amérique prient pour vous, aussi.

  Mon cœur est venu vivant à Paris, et il est une ville que je vous aimerai toujours.. Le peuple de Paris: le monde pleure avec vous ... Bonheur et de joie prévaudront, et ceux qui cherchent à imposer la souffrance et la violence ne seront jamais gagner.
Du Texas avec de condoléances
We are all with you.

  Je suis désole.

  Paris je t’aime. Je suis desolée. I couldn’t imagine what you guys are going through, but just know that none of you are going through this alone. We are here for you. You have our sympathy. Everyone of you will be in my prayers. I wish the best for you guys, stay strong.

  I feel bad for all the family’s lost in the attack. i send my regards to all of the people lost i hope they find peace in there days

  My heart goes out to Paris and all the victims that were deeply affected by the terrorist attack. The whole world has your back and we are here united as one. We all love France.

  Its very tragic to hear about the events that took place in Paris last Friday. Please know that you have all of our condolences here in Hawaii. My friend Maria lives in Paris and she told me that you are strong people, and i know shes right. The world can be a cruel place but the best thing to do in a time of despair is keep your heads held high and keep going. then no one can stop you from being the amazingly strong country we all know you are.

  May god be with you, you all shall be in my prayers. You are not alone. We stand together.

  I’m so sorry to hear about what happened in Paris. I hope you all know that we care and that we’re here to support. I find it great that all of you are keeping strong and not giving in to fear. Continue on what you guys usually do and don’t stop because of them, show them that you guys are better then that. I hope that this doesn’t ever happen again, no one should ever go through this. Thank you

  My deepest condolences go out to Paris, France, and the world as a whole. We must stand tall, and we will get through this tragedy together, not as countries but as humanity as a whole.

  The people of France are constantly in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time. Though we are all grieving with you during this dark time we also know that the City of Light will always shine as a beacon for freedom loving people around the world. Stay strong, we are with you.
Sincerest Regards,

  C’est avec une grande émotion remplie de chagrin et de douleur que j’envoie ce message à toutes les familles qui souffrent d’avoir perdu une personne qui leur est chère lors de cet atroce massacre à Paris et aux ami(e)s des Français qui sont morts pendant cette terrible soirée. Croyez-bien que je partage profondément leur chagrin. Toutes mes amicales pensées.

  Bonjour. Nôtre classe sommes navrée pour les victimes des attaques à Paris. Nous allons voyager avec l’école à France bientôt. Reste forte!

  Our hearts here in Collier County are broken by the pain your countrymen and women have suffered this weekend. There is no understanding what compels such horrendous acts.
Please know that we stand side by side with you and that your enemy is our enemy. We will be strong with you and support the French people and hope for the day when this barbarism flourishes no more. With deepest sorrow and equally deep resolve, we remain committed to our friendship and to democracy,

  I pray for France and the victims of the senseless attacks in Paris. We in the U. S. stand with you. Stay strong.

  À tout les gens de Paris et France,
J’ai at tout le monde que je sais envoyer nos cœurs à vous pendant ce temps. Je crois que les choses seront bientôt bettet et la justice est servie. Mon coeur va à vous pendant cette période de tristesse et de deuil. Je vais gardner Paris dans mes prières. Je suis pesant et le soutien de Paris et sera là pour vous, quoi qu’il arrive ensuite.

  In a time of loss and sorrow, we shall stand together. Our hearts are with you now and always. Our prayers and blessings go out to you all.

  May God give you strength and continued courage in the days ahead. I pray for the souls of those lost, and the healing of those injured.I stand with you in solidarity!
Peace to us all.

  1. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes tous français. We send our prayers. Hope everything gets better.
2. Sending prayers your way. You are in our hearts.
3. Vive la France!!!!! Everyone that was in the Paris attacks are in our thoughts.
4. Our deepest condolences are with you. We are sorry this happened. We are praying for you. Stay strong.

  Dont worry you will make it

  People, victims, and families of victims in France you are in our thoughts and prayers. As your brothers and sisters we admire your strength and would like to let you know that we are always going to be by your side fighting for you. Nous sommes avec vous Paris.

  It is very sad to hear about what happened in France. It is especially troubling to hear that many of the people who died were at a concert. It is terrible for something that bad to happen at something that is about love and having fun, like music.

  Mes condoleances a toutes les familles, et tous les francais. Tous ensemble, nous n’avons pas peur
Vive la France

  Dear People of France, my heart as well as our nation’s heart breaks for you, during this time of incredible pain and anguish. The citizens of the United States will not forsake you. We are with you in wanting to rid this world of the most sinister and mentally sick monsters since WWII.

  I am very sorry for the people who lost loved ones, or anyone injured. My condolences to everyone espicaly to the people that expirenced this.

  on a prié et on va continuer à prier pour le peuple de France. Jésus est la réponse du monde. L’amour vaincra le malin. Dieu soit avec la France.

  i would like to offer my condolences and pray for France after the horrible attack. I hope this incident never happens again. May there always be peace. Love.

  I am truely sorry for everyone who has lost a loved one. It is a shame that the people of Paris have to experience this.

  I hope you are all calmed down and you are in my prayers.

  A tout les disparus du triste vendredi 13 novembre 2015, le peuple français ne vous oubliera pas, cet acte barbare ne restera pas sans réponse, la République gagnera, vive la France.

  I hope you all the best. They were wrong for everything they did. You guys didn’t deserve any of that.

  mon coeur est brisé pense à vous.

  My deepest condolences. I’m so sorry for all of your losses, and thankful that there were not more losses. I want to let you know that I stand by you in this tough time, and I hope and pray that this is the end of the attacks. Praying for you.

  Nos sincères condoléances aux familles et amis des victimes de la tragedie du 13 Novembre. Nos pensees ainsi que nos prieres les accompagnent.

  I’m sorry for the whole city of Paris. It’s hard losing one, but losing over 100 is devastating. I’m sorry and you being everyone alive and lost (but never forgotten) have my love now and forever.

  Sincères condoléances à tous mes compatriotes qui ont perdu un proche.

  Française installée en Floride, je reste de coeur avec tous ceux qui ont été touchés par ces horribles attentats.

  My family visited your wonderful country last December. Since then, two horrible tragedies have taken place. We love your country, we support you, and we wish you healing and the courage to persevere.

  My heart goes out to all of France. We must rally against ISIS and defeat them. We can do it if we all come together. If we overcome our differences and work as one then we CAN beat this!! Bless you all.

  A tous les Citoyens francais,
De l’autre cote de l’Atlantique, je partage votre immense douleur que ces derniers attentats ont cause. J’ai suivi avec horreur les affreux evenements qui m’ont bouleversee.
Mon coeur peine avec vous. Notre belle France a ete meurtrie, mais elle se relevera de sa douleur la tete haute. Nous le devons a nos enfants et petits enfants. Que Dieu nous epargne de tout autre malheur et qu’il apporte la paix dans le monde.
Veuillez recevoir mes sinceres condoleances.

  Comme tous les Français vivant à l’étranger et loin de chez eux, mes pensées sont en France et vont à toutes les victimes de ces attentats abjectes ainsi qu’à leurs familles. Avec toute ma fraternité,

  Nous adressons nos sincères condoléances à toutes les familles qui ont perdu un être cher, à tous les parisiens, et à l’ensemble du pays dont le coeur est immensément lourd.. Votre joie de vivre, votre optimisme et votre unité sont autant de précieux remparts contre le terrorisme et la barbarie. Nous pensons fort à vous et sommes à vos côtés. Une famille de français de Miami

  I’m sorry you are in a situation like this.I hope you will have better days than the ones caused by others choices. Bring joy to others that have lost loved ones,and show hope.Take care,bye.

  My dear friends;
As an American and also as an Officier de La Légion DˊHonneur, we are all so very disturbed at the tragedy that has taken place in Paris. My family and I offer our deepest condolences to the nation of France and the families who lost their loved lost and to the wounded.

  Je suis Paris. Hopefully everything is well and everyone is safe. The statue of liberty was a gift from the French and she’s crying for her country while America comforts her. American stands with France.

  To the people of Paris,
The French Honor Society of Peachtree Ridge High School would like to send our deepest condolences and is truly touched by the tragedy. Our knowledge of your country and culture is why we care so much about what you have been through. We wish you peace and we hope to visit a thriving Paris one day.

  Je suis, nous sommes, Paris. My deepest condolences on what happened in Paris. I know that America, and the world, will be there for you all. We shall continue to show our support to you in any way possible, and we hope that everyone is alright. Hopefully, this won’t ever occur again, since it has brought so much devastation.

  Nous Américains veulent vous transmettre toutes nos sympathies. C’est une bien sombre semaine, pour tout le monde! Bon courage!

  Chers Français,
On pense à vous avec tout ce qui arrive à Paris. On vous envoie nos condoléances à ce moment sombre.
Que la lumière revienne éclaircir vos jours !

  Nous sommes tous les Parisiens, je me tiens avec la paris, vive la liberte, vive la francais!

  Au-dela de l’Atlantique, toutes nos pensées les plus sincères sont avec les familles endeuillées. Nous envoyons également tout notre soutien aux blesses et a leurs familles pour retrouver la santé et un retour a la vie quotidienne.
ue le monde entier s’unisse pour aneantir ISIS et mettre fin a ces barbaries inhumaines au plus vite.
-Famille française résidant aux USA-

  Que la paix soit avec toutes les victimes de ces attentats odieux. Sidonie, journaliste.

  I hope everyone in France is ok and I’m vary sad that this would happen...I hope everything will be ok.just know I’m prating for everyone in France/Paris.all of you stay strong.

  There is no more business as usual. This time we don’t go back to normal, this time we get better and learn from this. May Paris return to a great city and may the people. May the army of Paris. We don’t forget, we don’t forgive, but we love and we live and we shan’t back down

  Dear President Hollande and People of France,
My heart grieves for all of you for the tragic and horrible events that you are having to deal with now. I commend you for taking a strong stance against terrorism and for firstly, protecting your existing citizens who do not seek to cause harm to others. I will be flying the French flag here in solidarity. Thank you for leading by example. Vive la France!


  Toutes mes condoleances aux victims et leur familles.

  My condolences go to the French and the people who were affected by this horrible act. May the horrible men that carried out this heartbreaking massacre get the justice that they deserve. You have no need to fear, because as we all come together united, they will fall. May God be with you all and bring peace to France and let him be with all of us as we come together to take down these monsters. You will all be in my prayers and may God be with you.

  Cela fait plus de 30 ans que j’ai quitté ma ville natale, Paris, pour vivre aux E.U. Après les multiples attaques insensées et meurtrieres du 13 novembre, mon cœur est terrifié et bouleversé. A Orlando (Floride) nous tiendrons cette semaine une vigile 3 soirs de suite en l’honneur des victimes de cette horrible tragédie. Mes condoléances les plus sincères à leurs familles et amis.

  My most sincere condolences to all the French people, but specially to those that during this horrific event, lost someone. There are no words to express my feelings when realizing that there is people who is driven by hate! My God protect us all!

  Dear People of France, President Hollande and Ambassador Araud,
As your country works its way through this catastrophic time, I would like you to know that there are many people in the United States that support the people of France. It deeply saddened me when I heard of these horrendous acts of cowardice. I do know that France will make it through this one step at a time and come out stronger in the end.
From Charlemagne to now the French people have a very proud and noble history, and like any person or country in the world there has been dark moments but the light comes and pushes out the dark. Not unlike when President De Gaulle then General De Gaulle never gave up hope of freeing his home land from the Nazis, or Joan of Arc when fighting the English. Without help from the French my country would not have been able to break from British rule. I understand that you are aware of your history, I just want you to know that others are aware also and we stand with you. I was a paratrooper and infantryman in the U.S. Army for 11 years, and would gladly stand with any Frenchman in defense of the Great Nation of France. You and your people have my deepest sympathies and prayers, I wish there was something else I could do for you beside giving heartfelt words.

  nous souffrons pour les victimes. vive la france pour toujours

  The attacks on the city of lights is cruel. My prayers go out to all the family’s who’s loved ones were injured or lost there lives in this tragic event. We all stand by you. You have been there with America, and we will always stand with you. Love.

  Comme citoyen danois
Comme propriétaire à Paris
Comme New-yorkais
Je vous rassure:
Nous nous seront jamais soumis.
La république pour toujours!

  Nous étudions le français au lycée et nous aimons votre langue, votre culture vos gens et votre pays. Même si nous sommes loin de vous, nous sommes près de vous dans le coeur. Nos pensées vous accompagnent dans ce moment difficile. Ayez du courage, restez fort et Vive la France!

  mes pensées et mes condoléances sont vers toutes ces familles ,la paix et la joie revendra dans mon beau paix la france ,cette france unis ou nous ne nous laisserons jamais soumettre par ces barbares qui ne représente en aucun cas un pays de paix ,nous n’avons pas peur, jamais nous n’aurons peur de vous ,liberté ,égalité,fraternité a toujours été notre devise

  Plus que jamais on est ensemble pour reafirmer les valeurs de la France .C’est horrible la tragedie qui a eu lieu ,mais le people francais toujours se montre courageux !

  Je suis tres desolate pour qui se passé en France maintenent. J’aime ton vile c’est tres belle, et calme. He envoye ma Aimer et condolènce à tous comment faire mal, ou mourir. Tu es vivant sa.

  Stay Strong! My heart goes out to you, Paris. Love.

  I give my condolences to the people affected by this disgusting act of terrorism. My heart goes out to all the families and their loved ones who have passed.

  To France,
Here in America, in our school, we are honoring the innocent people that lost their lives in the attacks on Friday,November 13th by raising the French flag with our flag, making posters to hang in the school halls, and preparing a little ceremony with the French National Anthem. I am praying that some way in this world we can find ISIS and take them down before more people like victims on Friday are killed innocently.I am also so sorry for all the families who had a loved one that was ether wounded or killed at the attacks. Thoughts and prays going to you, keep fighting on France!
don’t give up, we are here for support! :)

  All my prayers goes to the innocent of victims of Paris. Stay strong, America always stands for you.

  I am very sorry for what has happened, if there was a way to go back in time and avoid this i would.I’m sending all my love and prayers to the people in Paris. The United States stands with the people of France

  My heart and soul pours out to the victims and families that were effected in 11/13. Please know that you are not alone that you are not isolated in this situation. We support you 100% . Little do these terrorist know that they are just causing us to unite, so lets stand all together as one and fight for what’s right. #peaceforparis

  We just want you to know that you guys are in our prayers and that we are sorry for what happened, At our school we have your flag outside every classroom. We also have your flag on Our pole out side our school. One last time you are in our prayers.

  I’m sorry to all those who lost someone close to them in these attacks. Stay strong. Know that America is with you. Vous avez mes condoléances, Paris. Vous avez mes condoléances, France.

  Mes prieres pour les victimes

  Dear France, I’m truly sorry to hear about the attack. I’ve never had to live through something as scary but I can imagine. Nobody deserves to go through what you’re going through. If I could help in any way, I would. But I can’t and it hurts to say. Don’t let the fear get to you completely, be strong and fight back by being brave. You truly deserve to live in a world without fear and I hope when this is all over, you can. Protect your families and friends, even strangers. Right now you need to support each other as much as you can. Stay safe and stay inside. Much love from the U.S.

  Je suis desole. Je espère que vous êtes tous d’accord.

  I mourn for the victims that died on November thirteenth. Hopefully one day the sadness and despair that has been brought on by this tragedy will be reborn as peace and prosperity between all nations, the good people that were taken from us will always be remembered as honorable heroes.

  I am deeply shocked and saddened after what happened on Friday after the attacks in your great city of Paris. While this was a very horrible tragedy, you still came together to help and support each other as a united city. With strength, courageousness, determination and grace you are fighting against these terrorists and not showing fear, and for that I have much admiration in you. Vive la France.

  Mon cœur va à toutes les victimes à Paris. Je ne peux pas imaginer comment cela se sent d’etre attaque deux fois à Paris cette année. Ces personnes haineuses peuvent penser qu’ils ont gagné. Mais cela est faux ! Comme un peuple partook dans le monde nos cœurs battent à l’unisson . Et nous pouvons arrêter cet acte de dévastation balayant dans notre monde . Restez forts Paris! ‪#‎Paris‬ ‪#‎staystrong‬ #prayforParis #Prayfortheworld

  Dear citizens of France,
When I saw the news of the tragedy that unfolded on November 13, 2015, I was shocked. My heart goes out to all of the survivors of the attacks, and the families and friends of those who passed away. I cannot put into words how glad I am about the support the world is giving you. Now is the time that France can show how strong it is. Stand proud and be brave, the support of the world will help the terrorists see that your country is not one that is easily shaken. These acts of terror are unexplainable, and I am very sorry for the loss of so many innocent people. Vive La France.

  My classmates and I send our deepest condolences to Paris. We are so sorry the attacks and I know that we will all stand with you guys. We love you and hope you can all stay strong. You will all be in my thoughts. Vive la France.

  we will stand by your side at peace and at war,my deepest condolences to france and my prayers to the lies that were lost. we are all france.

  Dear citizens of France,
I am so sorry that this event had to happen to your country this past weekend. Every country in the rest of the world stands by your side and we are here to support you. It is amazing to see all of the ways that the world is showing their support. I have been seeing French flags everywhere and it is so gorgeous. My heart goes out to all of the families in grief and to all of the people of France. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have your country attacked like that. I am so sorry.

  My deepest condolence to the innocent victims of the horrifying Paris attack. Stay strong and don’t let anyone bring you down.

  Dear France,
I am very sorry of what has happened to you. My heart and prayers go out to everyone in France that was injured or in anyway effected by the horrible acts of the terrorist. After this happening, I believe that you guys will become a better and stronger nation. I hope that those mean people stop hurting your innocent people and realize the wrong that they are doing. Rememver, there is always a rainbow at the end of a storm :)

  We are with you France

  Deepest thoughts and prayers to those affected by the attacks. We are with you and we will stand together. Rest in peace to the lives that were lost.

  I stand with Paris. In my mere 15 years of life, this is one of the worst tragedies I’ve heard of. But I send my thoughts and condolences to the souls that have been taken from this world. May you rest in peace and may your families grow stronger from this tragic event.

  My heart is with all of the people in Paris. I am so sorry to the families that have lost there loved ones. May God be with you guys and God bless. We are united as one and you guys will get through this tough time with strength.

  You’ve suffered a great tragedy and lost many lives. I beg you not to be a bystander and go to fight back. You’ve always been a strong nation and you haven’t been crippled completely. It was a terrible loss of lives, but we will reform and let the terrorists be taken down. You have the worlds support and condolences. You have nations who will fight tooth and nail for you to get back on your feet. Nobody will be forgotten and nobody will ever be left to stand alone in a sea of weakness. Take some time to get back onto your feet and meanwhile other nations will begin rallying troops to fight, this will not go unanswered. And it will be known as the day France grew stronger. You helped us get through 9/11 and we will help you get through 11/13/15 we can’t let you be alone when support is wanted and welcome. France we love you. François Je t’aime. Stand strong. France i love you!!

  Our family sends condolences to the families of the terrorist victims and to France as a nation. May peace be found in our time as a world and one nation. Our thoughts are with you and you are in our prayers.

  I send out my prayers to everyone who was affected by these attacks. The World the is one with you Paris.

  I send out my prayers to those who were affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris. May god be with you all , you are in my prayers. Stay strong!

  All of my prayers are in Paris. Together as a whole country, we will not let anything get in our way. Together we will strive for healing. Together we will fix the damage that’s been done. Together we will pray for those who have fallen and have passed. Together we will let the enemy know we our strong and haven’t lost this battle. Together we will stand till the very end. Je suis Paris.

  Toutes mes condoleances aux victimes de cette tradégie. Les États-Unis se tient avec vous et nous vous envoyons nos prières. Nous sommes toutes française.

  I send out my prayers to everyone who was affected by these attacks. The World the is one with you Paris.

  To the people of france, I send my prayers out to every one of you and I hope that these problems going on in the world are over soon. We will get through this together.

  I love Paris. I want to visit someday. I’m sorry for what happened, Paris is a beautiful place.

  Qu’ils reposent en paix et que Dieu tout puissant nous fortifie dans ce moment très pénible. Courage, la lutte continue.

  Dear French citizens, I am so sorry for the awful attacks your country had to endure November 13th. I pray for the friends and families of the victims.

  Je suis très triste que la attaque se soit passé. Je souhaite que quelque chose comme cette ne se passerait jamais. Tous mes voeux de bonheur allent à vous.

  Remember that you are all strong, and together you can get through anything. To the families of the victims, I am very sorry for your loss.

  Je prie pour tous les gens en Paris. Peuvent leurs âmes repose en paix, et peuvent leurs morts ne sont pas en vain. I hope that this is the last time a terrible attack like this happens, and that no matter what the cost, we will stop attacks like these in the future.

  I truly hope to see progress and growth throughout the weeks following this incident; I think we can all fight this together.

  Comprenant particulièrement votre douleur du fait que moi-même j’ai perdu mon fils en Irak le 15 Novembre 2004 . Il était en action pour essayer d’éviter les évènements que nous voyons actuellement. Je présente mes sincères condoléances et prie pour tous. De tout Coeur avec vous.

  Mes pensées et mes prieres sont avec vous tous! Mes sinceres condeléances! Courage, le Monde vous embrasse fortement!

  I teach French in a small high school in Indiana, US. My students and I are heartbroken for France, for Paris, for the families of those lost and hurt. We have been thinking, praying, and my students created this wall of condolences for France and to say we stand united against terrorism. Nous vous envoyons nos condoléances sincères et les plus profondes. Nous pleurons avec Paris et avec le monde.

  Je suis Paris.

  actuellement en voyage aux Etats Unis nous sommes abasourdis par la situation dans notre pays , et , partageons la peine de tous, proches et moins proches.

  From the first moment of my first trip to Paris, she made me know that I was home. To all of France, my second home, my deepest condolences are rooted in the knowledge that that we shall not be terrorized.

  Nous sommes avec vous.

  Je suis désolé de ce qui est arrivé. Mes pensées et prières partent pour Paris

  La petite réplique Tour Eiffel sur mon bureau, à la fois au travail et à la maison, rappelez-moi en permanence de mon temps dans votre beau pays et la ville de Paris. Mon coeur va à vous tous, mes pensées et mes prières sont toujours avec vous que je me joins à votre chagrin, une New-Yorkaise.

  Dear people of Paris my thoughts and prayers are with all of you . My deepest sympathies go out to all of you but we will not let them win Paris is Paris and no one can ever change that vive la France We’re all with you Paris the city of love and we’ll always have Paris (Humphrey bogart)

  Heartfelt sympathies to those lost and to all their loved ones – stand together, be strong in the face of oppression and terror. Lead your life with strength and a love of life! God Bless You!

  Dear all,
We are an English class learning French and we are very sorry to hear the sad news. We think all about you.
Best Regards

  Paris as you hurt we hurt. We will always be with you in heart and soul. My heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones. Your loss will not be forgotten.

All we need is Love
Avec ou sans religion

  France has been and is a great friend of my country (the US), and, particularly for that reason, I want to express my sorrow for the losses, pain, and suffering terrorists inflicted in Paris on November 13th and earlier this year.

  Nous, les Francais demeurant a l’etrangers, prions pour La France. Nous sommes solidaires meme au dela des oceans. Nous presentons les plus sinceres condoleances aux familles des victimes et au peuple de Paris. Vous n’etes pas seuls dans la tristesse. Nous esperons que la douleur que nous partagons soulage la votre.

  Condolence to the Paris victims families, relatives, friends who lost loved ones, sympathy to all who are affected by the terrorist attacks that happened in France and I wish speedy recovery to all those who were injured. I am keeping you all in my prayers.

  Je suis desolée. Vive la France! Vive la République!

  Mes condoléances. Je suis choqué d’entendre au sujet des attaques perpétrées à Paris le 13 Novembre 2015. Je prie la France de rester forts et à pleurer avec le reste du monde pour les vies innocentes. Ce n’est pas seulement une attaque contre Paris, c’est une attaque contre l’humanité. Je souhaite vraiment que l’année prochaine sera une meilleure année pour tout le monde. Le terrorisme est la chose la plus horrible qui ait jamais existé. S’il vous plaît, ne vivent pas dans la peur. Habitent avec amour dans votre cœur et je souhaite que cette attaque injustifiée va permettre aux gens de France pour être forts et à attirer l’attention sur l’horreur qui persiste sur notre planète.

  Hommage aux victimes des attentats de Paris. Nous partageons la douleur des familles et leur souhaitons bon courage.

  I felt like crying when I heard about your attack. I will pray for the French people.From an American

  Mes pensées vont à Paris. Je suis très désolé pour cette terrible événement. I am sending lots of love and support wishing you all the very best.

  To the good citizens of France;
I am in sorrow for the tragedy that has befallen you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Vive la France!

  Je suis un américaine élève dans Seattle et j’étudie français. Quand j’écoute quel se passer à Paris le vendredi, j’ai désespérée. Je ne crois pas que gens pouvoir tellement odieux. J’envoye mon amour à les familles qui être affecté par ces attaques. J’espère voir un monde en paix et heureux. Reste en sécurité.

  Nous sommes très désolé pour votre perte, et tout de l’Amerique est avec vous. Nous allons garder la France et les victimes dans nos coeurs. Mes condoléances pour les familles qui ont perdu un être cher. J’éspére il est paix pour Paris.

  My prayers go out to everyone in Paris and France. Just as you have stood with us, America stands with you. Do not give up, stay strong and have hope. Our hearts go out to all of you!

  Dear People of France,
Nous vous prions d’accepter nos sincères condoléances. In America our hearts are grieved by the horrific attack on your incandescent city and beautiful people. We are all citizens of France today, and we mourn with you. The attacks of November 13 were a monstrous injustice, an assault on all free peoples of this world who stand with you. I am praying for your country and for the victims and their families. Continue to live in freedom and courage.

  Je suis très désolé d’entendre parler des attentats à Paris. Je suis très triste parce que beaucoup de gens perdu leurs proches. Vous êtes tous dans nos pensées.

  In the spirit of Lafayette, I express my support and condolences.

  Bonjour mon amis, Je suis trés désolé que vous devait souffir contre ces attaques. Tout le monde c’est avec vous. Mon coeur et mon prières c’est avec toute la familles qui sont triste. Vive La France! Liberte égalité Fraternité

  Bonjour (Je vais essayer ecrire le meilleur que je pouvre). Les attaques qui sont passees le Vendredi etre tres triste. Je prie pour tous les victimes, leurs familles, et pour tout le monde. J’espere que la France peut unir et que vous pouvez le passer.

  Il pleure dans mon coeur comme il pleut sur la ville. Mes plus sinceres condoleances.

  J’etais très triste quand j’ai entendu tout les attaques dans le monde, particulièrement l’attaque de Paris, parce que j’ai des amis français, et qu’ils sont habitent près de Paris, et j’ai très agité pendant le weekend. Mais, nous allons toujours avec Paris. Rester forts les Parisiens, mes prières sont avec toutes les familles en France et tout le monde!

  Mes pensées et mes prières sont avec le peuple de Paris et toute la France . Le pays que je considère comme ma deuxième maison .

  To the people of France, our hearts are heavy for your is the same as if our own countrymen were lost. Our prayers are with you all, especially for the families and friends of the victims and those who were injured. It is a sad day.

  We all pray for you and the rest of the victims of these terrible attacks. Je suis Paris. Je suis le monde.

  Quelques barbares ecerveles, des millions de temoignages de solidarite et d’amour, qui gagne ?
A few brainless barbarians, millions of love messages, who wins?? Love.

  Mes plus sincères condoléances à cette grande tragédie qui est venu à votre beau pays. Le peuple de France est tous de mes pensées et dans mes prières. Mon coeur pleure pour Paris et toute la France. J’ai hâte de retourner à Paris donc je peux embrasser la ville avec mon cœur et mon âme. Maintenant, nous sommes tous Paris, France. Nous sommes tous Sainte-Geneviève. Nous sommes tous Sainte Jeanne d’Arc. Nous sommes forts ensemble et être victorieux. Vive la France.

  I am deeply saddened that such a vicious attack occurred in such culturally rich and beautiful city and nation. It is truly a heart-breaking event that although shook us, did not take away our pride and joy as humans. We must stay strong together and overcome those who want to take away that pride and joy. Je suis avec France. Nous sommes avec vous.

  "Chaque homme a deux patries: La sienne et la France."
Nous sommes tous ensemble dans le deuil et dans la resistance à la barbarie.

  C’était un événement très malheureux. Mon cœur va à les familles de ceux tués ou blessés. Les victimes des tueurs n’ont pas été impliqué dans la guerre et ce n’est pas seulement. Vive la liberté.

  On the 13th, I was shocked to hear yet another attack on the news. My heart broke hearing the numbers of your dead. I am terribly sorry for your loss, my heart is with you.
Je suis très désolé pour les morts de votre gens. Vive la France!

  Je suis vraiment désolé de l’accident qui est arrivé à Paris. Les mots ne peuvent pas expliquer comment faire mal je suis malgré pas étant une personne française natale. Nos pensées et prières partent pour vous! France, nous voulons souhaiter la meilleure pour vous. Les americains sont avec vous, aujourd’hui, demain, et toujours. Vive la France!

  C’est un événement tragique. Ma cœur est avec vous pendant ces temps. La France est un pays incroyable, est les gens de la France ne mérite pas ça. J’espère que le terrorisme s’arrête. Les actes de violence sont blessent des gens innocents. Et je prie pour les victimes, parce que ce n’est pas juste. J’espère aussi que les victimes repose en paix. Paris, you are in our hearts at this time. I am so deeply sorry that this terrible event came across such a wonderful city. I hope and pray for this violence to come to an end. Vive La France.

  To France, to Paris, the city of light that darkened. For all the families who lost someone in the horrible attacks I wish you the sympathy in heart and words that I can’t give you in true help. Paris, reste forte avec espoir et prières.

  Je suis de tout coeur avec vous. Je suis tellement désolé et j’espère que le monde sera plus sûr très vite. J’admire vous et vous êtes tous dans nos pensées.Nous vous aimons, Paris!

  I spent a month in France and loved it of course. My memories of Paris endure, a city of such beauty and culture. I am saddened, shocked and angry that these criminals have hurt so many, so badly. I know many, many Americans are with you, wishing for better times.

  Nous sommes avec nos amis francais.

  A terrible day in the city of lights. The lights of may off in paris, but France shines in many countries through out the world with the countries showing their support for the French people. My prayer for the families of the victims./ Une terrible journée dans la ville des lumières. Les lumières de peuvent hors à paris, mais la France brille dans de nombreux pays à travers le monde avec les pays de montrer leur soutien au peuple Français. Ma prière pour les familles des victimes.

  My Family prayers go out to the family and victims of the Paris massacre. We want you all to know that you are not alone and that good will always over shadow evil. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

  Notre club de français (au lycée) voudrait envoyer nos condoléances à tous les victimes innocentes des attaques à Paris. Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous. Néanmoins ces moments tragiques ne servent que nous rendre plus forts. On souhaite que vous pouviez trouver la force après voir le soutien de tout le monde. Nous sommes Paris. Nous sommes avec vous. Love.

  La France au Français ,
Elle l’était,
Elle l’est,
Elle le sera,
Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité
Pour l’éternité !
Gardez la tête haute, chère compatriotes,
Vive la France !

  Je suis désolé que ce genre de choses doivent se produire dans notre société. C’est injuste et cruel. Je souhaite que nous pouvons devenir plus fort de cette.

  Je suis Française et triste de vivre des événements si tragiques. Je suis dans la tristesse pour toutes ces familles endeuillées. Je suis fière de mon pays, de ses valeurs et de son rayonnement. Mais n’oublions pas que ce monde détruit partout beaucoup de vies et nous sommes tous unis dans la douleur car nous sommes tous freres

  Je suis très désolé pour leur pertes sur le week-end. Tu as mon prières. Mon espois est nous irons cultivons fort après cette situation. Vous avez ma condoléances, Paris.

  J’espère que les familles des défunts peuvent trouver la paix pendant les temps difficiles. La France est très forte, et les gens en France sont aussi.
My sincerest condolences for the city of Paris, especially for the families of the killed and wounded. I pray that France will recover even stronger than before this tragedy struck. We can make this act of violence less successful by standing up, unafraid, and facing the enemy with determination. Rather than allowing this terrorist attack strike fear and hatred into countries around the world, let this terrible act unite us as one as we fight the common enemy of violence and anger with peace, liberty, and loyalty.
Paix pour Paris.

  I hope the superpowers in the world are able to eradicate these terrorist networks and cells. To stop senseless violence and killing. So, we can have a more peaceful world. Peace for France and the world. My sympathy goes out to everyone. We are all France.

  Please accept our deep sympathy for the grief your country and Paris are experiencing. France and especially Paris are at the core of Western civilization; your ideas, literature, art, music and philosophy inspire us all, as does your steadfastness during the traumatic events of the 20th and 21st centuries. Our churches are praying for your safety every day. Vive la France!

  Nos pensées vont à vous. Les attaques étaient inexcusable et impitoyable. Nous pleurons les victimes innocentes qui ont été prises ce jour-là. Je ne peux pas commencer à imaginer ce qu’il est comme d’avoir ce qui surviennent- en particulier dans une belle et paisible ville comme Paris. Le monde vous soutient. Je souhaite pour la paix. Nous prions tous pour Paris.

  Liberte, egalite, fraternite. Words that will always live in our hearts. We will not stand to terrorism, and we will not let this attacks change the way we live. We will not give ISIL what they want. We will not let them terrorize us. We will stand tall, and become one to defeat them. We will be resilient, and the good will win. Today we are proud to say, Nous sommes Paris. Vive la Republique, et vive la France

  Nous envoyons nos pensées et nos meilleurs vœux aux gens de Paris at dans toute la France. Nous souhaitons une bonne santé pour tout le monde blessé et nous pleurons pour les gen qui sont morts. Restez forte France. Nous sommes avec vous.

  Dear citizens of France/Paris
I send condolences to you and your country. I am completely hurt by what has happened of the events of November 13th.
I want you to know we are with you and your family and we are all praying for you. The acts that have happened are unexplainable and intolerable.
I am praying for you.

  Je donne mes condoléances aux familes et les personne qui on était traumatiser dans les attentas de Paris. Je suis très pardon pour que est-ce qui c’est passer, et j’espère que vous trouvez la paix dans les fumes. Merci d’être l’allie de l’Amerique pour tres longtemp, et merci pour nous aider quand il y avait 11/9 (9/11), et maintenet c’est a nous de vous aidez. Le seule façon de battre contre ISIS c’est de ne pas avoir peur, et d’etre fort. Ils ne sont pas des terroristes s’il ne font pas peur. J’adore la France est j’espère que nous vons battre contre ISIS ensemble.

  Nous sommes avec vous en solidarité. Mes prières et espères sont avec vous. Il faut que les gens du monde change le monde et croient à la paix. Soyez fort, soyez fier de la France et restez ensemble. Nous sommes Nous faisons les mêmes choses que vous. Mes sincères condoléances. Je vous aime.

  Mes condoléances vont chez les gens en France et pour les familles des victimes. Mes prières sont avec vous tous.

  sinceres condoleances a toutes les familles

  Dear the people of France,
It was an awful event that happened to you, and I feel so sorry for all of France. I hope things will get better soon, and I apologize for all the awful things that ISIS did to your people. You all have my support and love, and hope that it doesn’t happen again.

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