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Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Published on November 19, 2015

Condolences / Condoléances

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  Cela me brise le coeur de voir une telle horro arriver à une telle grande nation, mais s’il vous plaît laissez-le être connu que notre lumière et notre soutien vont à ceux touchés par les attaques brutales qui ont eu lieu

  We Americans are deeply sorry for you all that lost a family member or got injured. Hopefully we can help you in your time of need with all the strength we have.

  My truly regards to France for such a devastating turn of events, We pray for the victims and their families, we pray for France, stay strong. Vive la France !!


  My thoughts and prayers go out to the country of France, but more importantly to the beautiful city of Paris. We are all in this together. May God hold and comfort everyone whose families are left to wonder "WHY".

  I give my dearest condolences to those involved in the attacks in Paris. I feel great sorrow for those either injured, killed, or emotionally hurt by the loss of family or friends. May you persevere in all of your actions and may you get out of this crisis.

  I feel very sad for the events that have taken place in Paris. I sen you my deepest condolences and hope everything just gets better. I feel bad for those injured, killed, or emotionally torn from losing friends or family. To you i say stay strong and everything will be okay.

  A toutes les familles qui ont été touchées par les atrocités à Paris le 13 novembre je vous envoi plein de prières, soyez fort. Sa me rend triste de savoir que la ville ou j’etait nee et sous attaques, j’espère que cela ne continuera pas. Mes prières sont avec vous pareille que toutes du monde entier.

  My sincere condolences to the victims of these tragic attacks. Violence is unnecessary and we as allied nations must come together and put an end to radical extremists, such as ISIS.

  My family and I love Paris, our sister city with Washington. We will always have Paris!

  Shocked on the events that are happening but knowing that this is making us stronger as one makes me feel like the hope is real

  I am deeply sadden to hear this attack of terror and destruction. I am grieving with you.

  Je suis vraiment désolé pour ce qui est arrivé le vendredi. Je suis vraiment choqué qu’il ya des gens de ce genre mal dans ce monde. I, comme un Américain, ai une idée de ce que vous allez à travers .

  Vive La France!

  Nous sommes avec vous à travers ces moments difficiles. nous vous donnons tout notre amour et de soutien. rester fort et avoir du courage.

  I hope Paris will recover fast from the attacks and I hope Paris becomes much stronger to protect itself from any other attacks.

  Sending love and empathy. Vive la France

  My condolences for you and the people who were harmed and killed during the attack. I’ll keep you in my prayers, stay strong, God is with you all.

  I send my deepest sympathy to the residents of the City of Light. I love your city and I know that peace and good will overcome evil. We stand with you and continue to pray for you.

  Mes plus sincères condoléances pour l’attaque a eu lieule 13 Novembre, bentot récupérer tous ceus qui ont été lésés. Vive l’France

  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  My prayers are with the people of France and all those affected by the tragedy.

  My condolences are for all the family’s that were lost

  We are praying for your country. All the family’s have been in our hearts. We will never forget the loss you have suffered. Prayers and love<br>A family in Minnesota, USA

  I know that you will be able to push through. Also know you are not alone everyone has got your back!

  I am sadden to hear this attack of tear and destruction. Any of us could have been affected, I am sorry for this tragedy.

  The U.S. stands with you. Our hearts go out to Paris and the families that lost a loved one during this tragedy. We are with you Paris.

  Ma brise le cœur de nombreux parents et amis de ceux tués ou blessés et pour toute la France dans son ensemble. Ma tête est toutefois levée haut et mes bras sont tendus à vous dans l’unité, la force et la résilience.<br>Viva La France

  My heart breaks for the cowardly assault on the citizens of Paris; terror cannot win as long as the free citizens of the world unite to combat and defeat it. God Bless France and the United States of America!

  All of us in the French class at Mayfield High School in New Mexico send our prayers and wishes. Don’t let them beat you down stand up and stay strong.

  You are in our thoughts. We stand with the people of Paris.

  My the souls of those lost rest in peace! We stand with the survivors!

  We stand with Paris and all the French at this time. Your citizens have shown great courage and kindness; we will need both to mitigate the energy of this enemy which has neither.

  Mes condoléances à tous en France. Il est vrai que cette événement soit un tragédie. Je suis désolé que vous perdez ces gens. C’est horrible qu’ils fassent ça. Je veux que vous réoccupèrent, mais n’oubliez pas les personnes qui vous avez perdu. Je crois que vous soyez plus uni après cette événement terrible. Je désire que vous ayez du paix. Vous méritez du paix. Il faut que nous avancions vers un avenir meilleur. Je détester que les attentats soient dévastatrice, et qu’ils soient passer tout à fait. Je souhait que les familles du victims soient en paix. Mes condoléances. Malgré que les événements soient terrible vous récupérer.

  Prayers from a Christian who knows God and He made us all no matter our ethnic heritage. Let’s pray that He will bring to justice those who perpetrated this horrible crime. May He richly bless you all in Paris.

  Bonjour, j’appelle Anthony. Je veux donner mes condoleances apres les attaques qui a passe le samedi dernier. Ceux qui sont perdu sont maintenant dans un meilleur endroit. J’espere que je peux faire plus pour tout le monde. J’espere que vous aurez la bonne chance.

  Who does not love Paris? I’ve kissed my wife and my daughter on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower at midnight, enjoyed the cafes, the museums, and all its history. The French are strong and will survive these attacks and help lead in finding a way forward to a world that is more peaceful, more respectful, and more hopeful for all its inhabitants.

  I am very sorry for what has happened, I will be supporting you guys and hope you guys stay strong

  Amour pour l’humanité est la compassion au travail pour la paix, le pain spirituel de nos vies, ne l’oublions pas ça.
My deepest condolences to all the families and victims of the current of horrible events that took place in Paris!

  I am truly saddened by the news that I recieved on Friday the 13 about the attacks that happened in Paris.My thoughts and prayers go out to everybody effected in the attacks.

  We stand united with you, stay strong!

  J’envoie tous mes plus sincères condoléances à toutes les victimes et leurs familles. J’ai écrit un poème au-dessous pour exprimer mes sentiments et mes pensées concernant cette tragédie à Paris le 13 novembre 2015. <br>Nous sommes tous Français,<br>La France est plus que juste un pays à mon avis,<br>Les valeurs Françaises unissent le monde entier,<br>La France simplement représente notre vie—la Démocratie,<br>Nous sommes tous Français,<br>J’adore ma Liberté,<br>Dans nos cœurs, Nous travaillons dur et Nous prions pour l’Égalité,<br>Nous sommes tous une seule famille collés avec la Fraternité,<br>Nous sommes tous Français,<br>La France est plus que juste une idée,<br>La France est la raison pour laquelle Nous vivons,<br>La France est Notre Mère qui brille toujours avec la Beauté,<br>Quand la guerre et la haine envahissent l’Âme de notre Être,<br>le cœur de Marianne est frappé,<br>Mon coeur est frappé,<br>Nos cœurs sont frappés,<br>Notre Mère pleure en ce moment,<br>Je pleure,<br>Tu dois pleurer,<br>Le monde entier pleure,<br>Une mer de larmes pour laver le mal,<br>Parce que Paris est la Lumière blanche de l’Homme de l’espoir dans ce monde de Ténèbres,<br>La Tour Eiffel est notre grand monument qui se lève fièrement,<br>La Tour Eiffel est le symbole de notre Pouvoir et de Force en tant que peuple libre sur cette Terre,<br>Hier, les armes et les bombes des terroristes ont versé le sang dans nos rues,<br>Aujourd’hui, Notre Mère en deuil reçoit des fleurs de rouge vif en signe de Solidarité, <br>Demain et pour toujours, Paris sera la ville de l’Amour,<br>Nous sommes tous Français,<br>Nous sommes tous Charlie,<br>Nous sommes tous Paris,<br>Nous sommes tous Unis,<br>Nous sommes tous Français,<br>Notre Paris possède un Arc de Triomphe,<br>La France a donné naissance à notre Destin et,<br>Paris est la véritable capitale de notre Prospérité,<br>S’il te plaît, n’oublie pas que nous sommes UN—une Nation unie,<br>Nous sommes toute l’Humanité,<br>Nous sommes tous Français.

  I give my sincere condolences to anyone who was affected by these horrific acts of violence against Paris. Everyone here in the US are sending out prayers to the people in France. We are with you.

  C’est avec émotion que j’apprends le deuil qui vous frappe tout d’un coup et je tiens à ce que vous soyez assuré de ma chaleureuse sympathie.

  My prayers are with you and your entire community on the loss and injury to your family and friends. We continue to pray for your strength during this time. May peace come to your land and the world. Know that God is with you.

  Je suis Américaine. Il est nécessaire que j’exprime l’empathie et le doleur que je sens pour vous. L’attaque terroriste qui a passé a été une chose cruelle. Je suis furieuse qu’ils aient fait cette chose terrible à tant de personnes innocentes. Il faut que les méchantes qui ont fait cette attaque reçoivent une punition. Je pense qu’il est indispensable que les morts soient honoré. Je conseille que vous acceptiez l’aide de tout les personnes que la donne. Il est temps que nous nous unissions et il est urgent que vous sachiez que vous avez du support de beaucoup des Américaines, comme moi. Je prie pour vous.

  Toute mes condoléances aux familles qui ont ete affecte par cette tragédie. Je suis Français bien que n’avoir jamais vécu en France, je partage votre douleur. Je suis jeune et ils étaient jeunes aussi. C’est injuste.

  i give my condolences to those affected by these attacks and the victims killed/injured. I hope that the world will be a safer place and will not get attacked like in Paris.

  My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in Paris. We love your beautiful city! I was at the Boston marathon the day it was bombed. We send our love and good wishes to all in Paris, and all of France. Be strong. We stand with you.<br>Arretez de faire du mal aux autres. La paix

  Sincere condolences. My heart breaks for France, a most beautiful and peaceful country. Please know the United States stands with you.

  My heart, soul and prayers are with each of you during this time. We support you and stand with you as you resolve the difficult challenges you are faced with.

  My prayers are with you all at this time. It is very unfortunate that we have fought for freedom for so long and today we are still fighting! We are here with you....peace and many blessings.

  Dear France,<br>I am so sorry to hear what has happened to your country. This was an unspeakable act brought on by horrible people. It was and still is a devastating act that your country and the world will always remember. I hope that everyone stays safe and are caring for those in need from these horrid events. As Americans we are thankful for your help in the past and would be happy to help you in your time of need.

  Dear France,<br>I give my condolences for you and your people. You will be in our prayers. The tragedies that took place on the 13th of November will always be remembered. Not only in your country, but all over the world. You are not alone. We stand with you as one. We cry with you as one. We mourn for your lost lives as one. Nous sommes unis!

  Dear France,<br>Through your rough times of hardship, America will support you always. In this horrid and dangerous situation, America and many other countries will help France stay strong now, and forever.

  In times of misery, it is only natural for humans to band together. The french people must do the same, to face the every looming threat of terrorism. Together, humans can do so much more. Problems that would have taken years to solve can be solved in a week with help from others. It is our job to help, to group up together to solve this problem, to stop people who just want to see the world burn.<br>VIVE LA FRANCE

  I am very sorry for ISIS has done to your country with the two events that happened recently.We from America all hope that ISIS pays for what they have done.Either by karma or force.

  Please accept my deepest condolences on the losses of your compatriots. I stand firmly with your country in showing resolve and courage to "people" who only want to erase culture around the world and go back to the stone age—and have control over everyone else.

  Nous avons triste. Les citizens au Paris est courageux.

  Je suis désolé. Je prie. Vive la France.

  Je suis tres desole pour les familles a Paris. Je prie pour vu. J’ admire votre courage.

  Je suis désolé. Je prié pour en France.

  Je Suis Paris!

  Chers: peuple de France<br>Nous prions pour vous et votre famille.<br>Le monde vous soutient.<br>Nous souhaitons que vous les blesses recuperent rapidement.<br>Nous sommes avec vous de tout coeur.<br>Vous m’etes pas seuls, nous partageons votre peine.<br>Nous n’oublions pas les victimes.<br>Nous remercions tout le personnel de sauvetage.<br>From [...] French class

  We are praying for you and the people across Paris.

  Je vous écriture de Miami dans l’état de Floride aux États- Unis. Je suis ecrivais ce message afin que vous sachiez que vous n’êtes pas oubliés et que nous comprenons la tragédie et le cœur pause qui a dévastée France. Même si ce fut un événement très tragique, je sais que les Français sont parmi les plus fortes dans le monde et vous les gars vont rebondir et rester unis. Bien que ce jour ne sera jamais oublié l’utilisent comme motivation pour lutter contre les maux de ce monde ainsi que d’un moyen d’unir non seulement que les Français, mais comme des êtres humains, qu’ils soient d’ Espagne Luxembourg ou aux États-unis.

  Je suis un etudiant d’une lycee en Miami et je suis tres triste que cet horrible evenement soit arrive dans ton pays. J’espere que tout les personnes a Paris se recuperent. Je ausi donne mes condoléances a vous et je regrette que ses attacks a passe en pour vous. Il n’est pas juste que vous devez passer pour cet situation. Je suis etonne que les personnes peuvent etre si diabolique. Je desire que tous le monde vivent en paix. Ce sont un temp pour etre ensemble avec ton famille et amis. Vous etes dans mes pensees.

  I would like to send my condolences to those of the family members and friends to those that lost members in the assaults, and to hope that the world wouldn’t have to experience tragedy such as these. "Everything has a beginning and an ending. Make peace with that and all will be well."

  Un mélange ahurissant d’émotions ces derniers jours. En premier lieu, une profonde tristesse pour les victimes et les jours difficiles que devront affronter les survivants. Il y a également la fierté. Tellement fière des Parisiens qui sont descendus dans les rues pour affirmer qu’ils n’ont "même pas peur". Et finalement, il y a la gratitude envers les forces de l’ordre qui ont combattu jour et nuit, et qui ont vu et vécu des choses indicibles. Aux victimes et à vos familles, je vous souhaite le courage de continuer votre chemin et de vivre "encore plus fort". Vive la France et les Français!

  My condolences to every family member that was affected due to this terrible tragedy. May god give you are strength and hope to keep on your daily lives.

  Je suis un etudiant d’une lycee en Miami et je suis tres triste que cet horrible evenement soit arrive dans ton pays. J’espere que tout les personnes a Paris se recuperent. Je ausi donne mes condoléances a vous et je regrette que ses attacks a passe en pour vous. Il n’est pas juste que vous devez passer pour cet situation. Je suis etonne que les personnes peuvent etre si diabolique. Je desire que tous le monde vivent en paix. Ce sont un temp pour etre ensemble avec ton famille et amis. Vous etes dans mes pensees.

  I really hope everyone stays safe in France and I’m praying for all the families who may have lost anyone.

  There are no words to describe the tragedy that has occurred. This wasn’t just an attack on France; it was an attack on the world. We must stand together against this threat to insure that no more innocent lives are lost. Paris is in all of our hearts and thoughts.

  I have been extremely sad to hear and bear the news of what has happend not only in your country but around the world. We are with you in your grief and sadness and we will stand along side to beat this burden. I hope that together we can push through and stand for our liberties and beliefs, and I know just as much as our countries are united so are we in this ironic fight to peace. For now we can all grieve together and stand strong with our values. We are very much in understanding of this sadness and pain caused by terrorist attacks. Hopefully this tramatic issue will be soon stopped and our world can live freer of fear and sadness.<br>Best wish for you and your country.

  I honestly feel your pain because it is as big as 9/11 here in the United States and it was a horrible moment for everyone

  Mes sinceres condoleances a la France et des citoyens. Vive la France et tout ce que nous defendons!

  Hope everyone is ok.

  We are praying for Paris. We love u guys. Wish u Guys alot. Me Myself love Paris and i want to keep yall and pray.

  My heart aches for the people of France. It truly hurts me that a place with such beauty and culture would be hit by devastation of this stature. France is covered in diversity and art, and is home to an even more beautiful group of people. The French citizens are strong and brave. I believe they will rise above this and come out an even stronger nation. I hope the people of France know of all the people around the world who are supporting them. Nous sommes Paris, Nous sommes unité.

  Je suis désolé. Je sais que c’est très difficile pour votre pays. Je vais être toujours dans vos cœurs. Nous vous aimons.

  In Paris some have lost their lives, others have lost their friends or family, and all of them their peace of mind. Americans will stand with France and will do our best to prevent this from ever happening again. We understand the fear that comes with these attacks, but we also understand that this fear will pass. Stand tall, stand strong, stand together.

  I think that it is very sad,and it is terrible, what has happened in France, this past week, and I hope they can get through it fine. I think that we all need to help them get through it, just like they stood with us when this same kind of thing happened to us in the United States. Not just some of us, but all of us need to stand with them, so we can get them through this terrible thing that has happened. Vive la France!

  My condolences go to all of France and the families who experienced loss from this tragic event. It is hard to think that still today, people believe killing others will solve problems and make things go their way. This awful act of terrorism has impacted not only France, but all of humanity. It shows that there are many bad people in this world that take time just to harm others for no purpose. Though this tragic event has affected many people negatively, it has also brought everyone closer together to go against groups that commit such awful crimes.

  We stand strong in our support for you and the loved ones you have lost in your wonderful city. Please know we are praying along side you all for a victory against terrorism and for lasting peace.

  Hello my name is Isabel and I wanted to say I am so sorry for what happened. I know this whole disaster that happened might have changed your way of living but you should never give up. You guys do not deserve this. I am praying for you guys and wish everything becomes better for Paris and the people in Paris. I am very glad that you are alive and able to read this message you are a survivor and stay strong :)<br>Wishing you all the best,

  Dear Citizens of France,<br>here are no words to describe the sorrow that I feel for France. As Americans we are happy to be here for support while you are going this tough time. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families. We will seek revenge on the people who seek to hurt us all. I am planning on going to Paris in the spring and I can not wait to enjoy your city with peace and love. You are not in this alone Je t’adore!

  My condolences go for all the people that died in the bombings that day it was very painful to see the aftermath

  To The Citizens Of France,<br>The events that took place on your loving home will forever be remembered. But the strength and love your country and citizens have will forever change the face of humanity. The courage you had just moments after the attack show greatly how beautiful France is, not just its features but its people too. The victims will forever be remembered and never forgotten. For this event will mark a turning point in France. This event will only allow you as a country to thrive and learn from it. Although it was horrible and to many lives were taken, you must stick together. My prayers and love goes out to the victims and there families but also the citizens of France. I envy your courage and strength and I hope you all realize what affect it has on the whole world. France your not alone

  I do not have a high proficiency in French, and so I will write this in English to convey just how I feel about the attacks that have taken place. These attacks are outrageous and cowardly, no words exist to describe how tragic these attacks are. I know that France is a strong country and I, along with millions across the world will support you through this. You have strong hearts and though these attacks were cowardly, evil, and frankly sickening, you will persevere while the world support your efforts and helps you through. The people of the United States stand by you and feel your sorrow, we will support you and your battle against those who wish to harm you.

  It is very sad that anyone would do something to this to such a beautiful loving country as France and her citizens in Paris and all over France. My condolences to all of the families who have lost people or are simply in the dark about relatives whereabouts; may god bless them all. Our prayers go out to all of France from all over the world and as we weep at this terrible crime committed against the French people we must remember, we are united "Nous sommes Paris".

  My deepest condolences to the people of France. Your brothers and sisters in American stand with you in this time of deep sadness. Without France there would be no U.S. We are here for support. It is so sad that they would attack such a beautiful city as Paris.


  I am not as proficient in French as I would like to be, so this is in English, so I may properly convey my message. I watched the news live on 11/13. I watched as the carnage ensued and the death toll rose. I watched in fury as the cowards blew themselves up rather than be caught for what they did. I am so sorry for you, people of Paris and for that matter all of France. As upset and infuriated as I am, it in no way can be anything compared to how you all must feel. My sincerest condolences are with you in your darkest hour. I am old enough to have lived for 9/11 in the US, but not old enough to remember it as it happened. This is something France will always remember, hopefully, soon enough, not as a time of despair, but as a triumph. Triumph that you survived. Triumph that you were not afraid. Triumph that those who planned this attack are completely annihilated off the face of the Earth. I hope this day may come for you, as it did for America. We are together in this. The whole world feels your loss, and stands by you. Especially me and those beside me, also writing to you their condolences for this atrocity. The people that committed this act can be described only as barbarians. I am sorry, especially to those who lost people in the attacks. I hope soon we can truly have Peace for Paris.

  All forms of terrorism is abominable and hurts all of humanity. We pray for peace for your people and all people. There are no words to describe the amount of pain the city of Paris has suffered, but we, the United States, are with you and will always be.

  The thirteenth of November is a day that will eternally live in infamy in French history, and truly in world history, as well. The phrase echoing from the hearts of all those affected, "nous sommes Paris," is a deep statement. Solidarity and fraternity, not just in France but in all of those who have been emotionally, socially, and physically devastated by the attacks on Paris, will undoubtedly overcome. Ils n’ont pas peur. Nous n’avons pas peur.

  Cher Paris et toute les personnes,<br>Je voudrait donner ma condolences, parce que je pense cette actuellement sont terrible. Je suis triste qu’il aie passer a vous, mais il n’y a pas un temp que toute les personnes peux réaliser le menacer que Isis aie possé. Il est malheureusement que plus personne doive mourir d’avoir justice, mais je suis passionne que la combat puise continuer contre la terrorisme. Il est necesary que nous ne renoncer à l’espoir. Il faut que nous soutenions l’autre. Je crois que France vive. Paris est un belle ville et il est essentiel que vous continuer à se battre. Nous croyons en vous. Avec beaucoup d’amour et des prières

  Chers Paris, je suis sincèrement désolé pour les malheureux événements qui se déroulent. Mon cœur et nos prières vont aux victimes et j’ai garder Paris dans mes pensées.

  The entire world stands with France after the attacks on Paris on November 13. On that day, we were all French. We must all stand together to fight this terror. #PrayforParis

  Condolences from India which too has suffered same kind of tragedies in past. May god give strength to berieved families and bring the culprits of such an act to justice. Stay Strong against all kinds of terrorism.

  Chère France, je suis vraiment désolé pour les moments tragiques que vous rencontrez. Mon coeur va aux familles touchées par cet événement malheureux. J’adresse mes condoléances aux familles touchées et nous sommes avec vous.

  I cannot adequately express my sorrow over the events that occurred in Paris. My condolences to all those for suffered a loss. May you bring those responsible to justice, to stand before us all as the cowards they are.

  My heart and my families hearts go out to every citizen in France during these very troubling times. ISIS is trying very hard to disrupt your countries and the United States along with The Soviet Unions way of life. But as the United States has recently endured some tragic acts of terrorism and also France Mr Ambassador I know that as a Christian God will not abandoned us and will not fail us....BELIEVE ! God Bless the French and France will forever stand strong. God Bless

  You have my prayers, don’t lose your faith and it’ll all be fine, God bless

  Je suis profondément attristé sur les événements de vendredi dernier. Je ne peux pas commencer à imaginer la douleur de tout les familles qui ont perdu des membres de famille. Je sais que tout le monde a besoin de soutien dans un moment comme maintenant.Et egalmente une petite pensée de quel qu’on peut inspirer quel qu’on d’autre à être meilleur à notre semblable. Restez forts et restez unis!

  Je suis très désolé. Mon coeur est avec tout la France. I am very sorry for your loss. My heart is with all of France.

  My sincerest condolences to you and the people in France. We stand united with you at this terrible time. You will prevail. Viva la France!

  Fluctuat nec mergitur

  Mes frères et soeurs, <br>J’offre mes plus profondes condoléances au Gouvernement français et aux familles des victimes de la tragedie de 13 novembre. <br>Aujourd’hui, je suis française

  La monde est désolé pour les attaques en Paris. Si nous pouvons vous aidez, on va. Les choses comme les attaques sur le 13 novembre sont mal pour tout le monde, et les actions de la group ISIS sont inexcusables. Je suis Paris.

  Dear People Of France, I would like to send my condolences. Everything will get better and this is only the beginning. you will get stronger with time.

  I am very sorry for the horrible attack, nobody should have to live through that. I am very sorry for your loss of family and friends. You shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable in your own home. Stay strong!

  Dear People of France, we understand the pain to lose loved ones or dear friends in a terrorist attack. In 9/11, we lost a lot of people. We hope you get everything fixed soon.

  To the people of France who lost love ones I hope you will heal from your losses. Just remember the pain will heal and don’t forget that we live under God and he will watch over you and keep you safe in the future.

  Our deepest sympathies to the people of France and particularly to those who lost loved ones. Let our two countries join forces to route out the evil ISIS and others like them.

  We here in the U.S pray for those in France that had lost family members. Please accept my condolence. VIVE LA FRANCE!!!!!

  Dear Paris, this condolence is to tell you that you are not alone. There have been many disasters that makes us feel unsafe in our own homes. May god be with you.

  Our deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers goes out to all the people of Paris and all the citizens of France. No words can begin to express the anquish and sadness we the citizens of the United States feel for these terrible attacks against your country. We care deeply, we feel your pain, we share your grief we cry with you. Vive La France your country will only be stronger as we, United States Citizens, became after 911.

  Prayers go out to Paris, and especially to those who were sadly victims of the attacks.

  My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of France. Deepest condolences to the families of the people killed in the attacks. Nos cœurs sont avec la France.

  I too have tears in my eyes when I think of loved ones lost and loved ones left to grieve. May God bless France.

  We stand with you

  Les Français,<br>Je suis désolée pour votre blessures émotionnelles. Il est difficile de voir une attaque sur votre pays. Vous êtes dans mes prières<br>Sincèrement, K.S.

  Viva la France and the world!

  To the people of France,<br>I am sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolences. Stay strong and be brave my dear people. We are praying for you here in the U.S. Remember that love defeats all evil. Take Care.

  Toutes mes sincères condoléances à la France! rester forte, beacoup d’amour de les Etats-Unis

  I am praying for France after these terrible attacks. Vive la France!

  Mon cœur et mes prières sont avec vous; je vous aime Paris, je vous aime.

  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you in Paris, God bless

  I would like to send prayers to anybody affected by the bombings and that the families stay strong and that everyone knows they are not alone, we are with you in spirit.

  I hope that everyone that is hurt or have lost by the attacks get better mentally and physically. I am prying that everyone gets better and that there is not a big war between France and ISIS so that no more innocent citizens men, women, and children get hurt. I hope that everyone gets stronger from these attacks and to know it is okay to takes one step back to take three steps forward.

  My prayers go out to everyone. The loved ones who now suffer, the ones trying to recover from these horrific injuries and also the ones who committed these violent and tragic attacks I pray that you find their own savior and get out of this terrible lifestyle. I pray for all.

  praying for this amazing country filled with amazing people. #noussommesunis

  I’m sorry for your loss and hopefully they will fix all the places that were destroyed quick.

  Je suis trés désolé. Je donne toutes mes condoléances. Tout les paris est dans mes prierés.

  My condolences to all the people who lost someone on Friday. No one deserves someone taken from them like this.<br>Je suis Paris

  Please stay strong; the world supports you and we will all fight to end this menace. You are all in our prayers and thoughts. Times are difficult now, but they will get better. We stand with you in solidarity.

  Bonjour, my name is Gaby from the U.S and I am 12 years old. I have never been to France nor do I know anyone from there. Either way, I was still devastated when I had learned about the horrors that had happened on Friday. Everyone, no matter where they were from, mourned for the people who lost their lives to the attack. I send my deepest condolences to any one affected and know that my thoughts are with you.

  I would like to give my condolences to the people of France. The struggle you went through should not have happened. I hope you can recover soon.

  Our hearts and prayers our with the French people who are a brilliant light of freedom. We send loving thoughts, mourn with you and offer deep sympathy.

  I cannot imagine what this horrific event must be like for the French people. I will be praying for you. Je ne peux pas imaginer ce que ce terrible événement doit être pour le peuple français. Je prierai pour vous.

  My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of crisis. May God bless you, your families, and the citizens of France and the other countries who are suffering as a result of this tragedy.

  France will be in my thoughts and prayers, my condolences to all those lost in the attacks.

  We are heart broken for France and her people. We stand side by side with you as France did for us here in America at our time of need. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected.

- Nous sommes trop nombreux à refuser le terrorisme, pour en avoir peur. Soyons tous unis justement en ce moment pour combattre cette lâcheté. -La France, nous vous présentons notre solidarité. Ce deuil nous le portons tous, et tous unis nous gagnerons cette bataille.

  I send my condolences to the families and friends of the victims this past week. It is truly a great tragedy but know that America will always be here to support you through the evil times.

  Vive la France. Love.

  Mes condoléances au peuple de Paris.
Nos pensées et nos prières vont à vous. Je vous souhaite la meilleure des chances à surmonter cette terrible tragédie. Les vies perdues ne seront jamais oubliés.

  My wife and I are recently returned from Paris. We the people of the United States are with you in your time of grief, and also in your battle against those who seek to destroy us all. Be of good courage.

  Toutes nos sincères condoléances à la France et ses citoyens. Vive la France, et vive la liberté !

  J’enseigne le français aux Etats-Unis et je suis fière comme toujours d’être avec vous. J’adore la France et les Français et mon cœur est brisé pour vous, mais je sais que vous vous élèverez contre ce terrorisme et vous seriez plus fort et plus unité. Je prie toujours pour vous.

  There are no words to describe the incredible pain I feel for France.
I’ve cried, I’ve questioned, and then I found out that I could send a message.
I no longer question. I act.
An such a dark hour, we, the world would like to be your light.
We can be your rock, we can be your shoulder to cry on.
We are here for you Paris. We love you, and we will stand with you until the end.

Il n’y a pas de mots pour décrire l’incroyable douleur que je ressens pour la France.
J’ai pleuré, je me suis interrogé, et puis j’ai découvert que je pouvais envoyer un message.
Je ne me pose plus de questions. J’agis.
Une telle heure sombre, nous, le monde aimerait être votre lumière.
Nous pouvons être votre rock, nous pouvons être votre épaule pour pleurer.
Nous sommes ici pour vous Paris. Nous vous aimons, et nous serons à vos côtés jusqu’à la fin.

  We are sad, to say the least. We know your pain.

  My prayers for the victims and their families.

  S’il vous plaît, transmettez mes condoléances aux familles des victimes et toute la France. Je souhaite que la paix revienne en France.

  Sincere condolences to the victims and to all the people of France in their time of need. Vive la France.

  Dear Citizens of France,
All of us in the Unites States stand with you in your time of sorrow. May God bless you and protect you!
We must stop ISIS! We are with you! Stay strong! God will help us!!

  We the American people stand with our oldest ally, France. We offer prayers to families that lost loved ones or suffered injuries from this Islamic Terror Attack.

  C’est très triste. Tout le monde devrait prier pour France. Non seulement pour les gens qui sont été blessés, mais pour toute France. La dernière fois, quand Charlie Hebdo s’est passé, beaucoup de Français ont détesté les gens ayant les mêmes origines que les terroristes (where ever the terrorist attackers were from.) J’espère que France ne vas pas répondre avec ni haine ni violence. J’espère que France va répondre très calme, bien que la situation est très, très terrible. Sorry my french is really bad. My heart is heavy for France. We must pray for those who are grieving at the loss of a loved one. We must also pray that the French will respond with love and compassion as opposed to hatred and violence.

  Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous. Love. May liberty reign in your country and in your hearts. Que Dieu vous donne la paix.

  There are still so many caring people in this world. France, you cared for us on 9/11 and this meant a lot to us. We care for you. Rest your weary hearts and lean on us. Take care and rest, we are here for you.

  Nous tenons à vous faire connaitre notre sympathie. Nous serons toujours vos alliés sur lesquels vous pourrez compter. Nous venons en France pour fêter le Réveillon. Nous n’avons pas peur. Les victimes et la France resteront dans nos esprits.

  Words cannot express the sadness and horror I feel for all of the families of the victims and for all of France, and for all the world. Please know that my prayers are flowing to God for your comfort and healing, and for your courage. Americans will stand with you in the fight against this brutal, godless enemy.
In deepest sympathy,

  I share the deep sadness of the French people in the wake of such senseless violence. Yet, I know Marianne is resolute in the face of oppression and terrorism. The people of the United States stand with you in fraternité!

  I am so very saddened by the acts of terrorism in Paris. France is a beautiful country, has been our friend since we fought for our freedom, and is home to my friends Marianne and Emilie. I cannot stop praying for you and "la belle France". I sent my daughter to Paris when she was just 16. We still look at pictures and enjoy the memories. God be with you and keep you safe from harm. Love,

  I wish to convey my deepest sympathies to the People of France during this time of unspeakable tragedy and immense sadness. I keep the French people in my thoughts, my heart, and in my prayers. Today and always, all who care about humanity, who love freedom, who oppose violence, and work for peace, are Parisians. Those responsible for the barbaric attacks attacked all of mankind. In this time of such devastating tragedy, may God comfort, protect, and heal Paris. Let us all stand together against the dark horror that is terrorism. Let us all stand as one and declare as one: On est avec vous, Paris.

  My deepest condolences to the people of France. Your brothers and sisters in American stand with you in this time of deep sadness.

  My deepest sympathies to those who’ve lost loved ones in the recent cowardly attack on Paris’ fine citizens. This kind of random violence speaks loudly of the fear and desperation that moves a minority of hatred to commit atrocity. I urge all ISIS members to lay down their arms and rejoin the community of peace.

  Our hearts and prayers are with the French people.

  I the name of our family I extend our solidarity with France and French people. As an American I have the grates sympathy with France who helped us during our revolution/independent fight.
Stay strong and we are with you,


  I’m truly sorry to hear about the lost of life in the terrorist attack on November 13th. As a Muslim I’m hurt to hear this and wish condolence and well wishes to the families and friends that were affected by this terrible act.

  In times like these is when we must remain strong and brave. I am sorry for the harm that has come upon the French nation, and I hope that those who have lost loved ones may one day be able to recover from their grief. The souls that have been lost upon this attack against humanity do not leave without invoking the cries of many. Ave atque vale to the lost, and hopeful healing for those injured. Here’s hoping to the day when brightness fills the sky again as the darkness of humanity’s fears leave this Earth, and May France see better days soon.

  May there be peace and justice for the people of France. And may God bring you peace as you grieve your terrible loss.

  We have a friendly rivalry, but Americans deeply care about our friends in France. God bless all of you and we’re sorry for this senseless loss.

  As a friend of France, with many friends in this proud and wonderful country, I wish to express the condolences of my wife any myself to the people of France. As nationals of Australia, Indonesia and now the United States, I wanted to let you all know that we share your pain. I have had the opportunity to live and work in your wonderful country. One which celebrates it’s multicultural past. The events of November 13th fill me with disgust and sorrow. May the core pride of all French rise up and overcome this most recent challenge. Vive la France!!!

  Such great sadness for such great loss. Vous sommes avec vous, unis!

  I was born in america, but am immigrating to France, so I consider myself to be a french citizen. The reason for my strong feelings about France is simple. The French people are great kind loving and accepting people, whom have always made me feel comfortable and loved whenever I’m around them. The French people are a wonderful and unique culture I greatly admire and respect, as well as love. My heart truly aches for those hurt by this horrible tragedy and I wish I could be there to comfort and help these great people in this hour of need. Please know there are many whom stand beside you ready to help in any way possible, at any time necessary. You have inspired so many great people in history, and have given so much to the world, so when you are hurt, the world hurts with you. Myself and many others suffer and cry with you as well. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité,Vive La France!

  Your friends in North Dakota stand with you. We are hard working, simple and plain spoken people and most of use would not ever be able to travel to France but please know our grief is real and commitment to you is strong.
There would be no United States if not for France. We have not forgotten.

  Chers Mesdames et Monsieurs,
C’était avec l’horreur et l’incrédulité que nous aux Etats-Unis et le monde entier avons entendu parler des événements affreux à Paris vendredi soir, le 13 novembre. Bien que nous partagions votre choc et votre tristesse à ce moment, restez assurés que le monde civilise vous soutient dans ces jours et mois sombres et difficiles qui suivent. Souvenez-vous bien qu’il y a plus qu’une fois que nous étions frères d’armes dans les combats contre d’autres tyrannies et encore une fois, nous nous engageons dans une lutte qui ne sera gagnée qu’avec la vigilance, la fortitude et la solidarité. Nous saluons votre dignité et votre détermination; vous êtes un peuple brave et courageux et nous sommes toujours à vos côtés.
Vive la liberté. Vive la France.

  So very sorry

  Please accept my sincere condolences and heartfelt prayers for the many dead and wounded during the attacks of 13 November, 2015.

  I love France. You are in my prayers!

  I’m a history nerd. I don’t believe that the French EVER truly surrendered to the Nazis during World War 2. There was the La Résistance française, France Libre and Forces françaises libres that fought against the oppression and barbarism of the Nazis. Now.... if one of the most powerful militaries in the world that had tanks, planes, ships, etc.... couldn’t defeat the French... then those b

  *ds from ISIS sure as hell can’t. VIVE LA FRANCE!!!!

  Les événements d’avant-hier m’ont mis, comme à tous mes amis, les larmes aux yeux. On ne s’y attendait pas, et les images resteront toujours. Mes condoléances à la France, pays que j’aime tellement.

  Sincere sympathies with the people of Paris and France in this difficult time. We are all Parsians today.

  Toutes mes condoléances - le monde entier est de cœur avec la France.

  Mes condoléances les plus sincères aux familles de mon pays qui ont perdu des êtres chers dans cet acte de haine et de violence.

  I am so sorry that your city went through this horrible ordeal. My family will have you in our prayers. May God watch over you. I live in Kentucky in the U.S.

  On behalf of the Montgomery County, Maryland Department of Fire and Rescue, we are thinking of our brothers and sisters of the Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris, and standing with the People of France as they stand defiant.

  Citizens of Paris, I send my deepest condolences that this tragedy has befallen you. People all over the world are feeling your pain, and though we cannot take your suffering, we share your sorrow for what has happened. I am praying for healing and peace for all of you and for the world. I hope all humans can one day evolve and live as one. Vive la France!

  Bonjour Paris and citizens,
I was there is April. It is a lovely city. I wish to express my condolences for all the people killed and injured in the horrific attacks.
May you all find strength through God and your people over there and know the world (I am from Australia,) and other countries are with you. We all support you spiritually.
May you all find peace at this time with God and his angles and know you are strong. I loved the spirit of Paris. I will return in a couple of year hopefully. All Australians are with you.
A Bientôt Paris.

  Ever since I’ve started taking French in 8th grade, I’ve been very involved. I always take great interest in the French culture. I love many kinds of French music. I love learning new things about France, and the culture. So when I heard about the attacks in Paris I was devastated... I felt so bad for all of those people. I give the best of wishes, and my sincere condolences to those families, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, lovers whose lives were lost on that fateful day. May Paris be strong!

  Je pense à toutes les familles qui ont été touchées par les atrocités à Paris le 13 novembre. Mon cœur a mal pour mon pays qui est en guerre.
Mes prières et pensées sont avec vous bien que je sois loin. Courage, relevons la tête. Paris je t’aime!

  France, you are our oldest ally. You stood with us after 9/11. We Americans stand with you now.

  Puissent nos pensées et nos prières être avec vous.

  May God bless the people of France and give them the straight need it to cope on this hard times.. the international community stands with France. The United States stands with France and I’m glad to have heard our president said the same. My prayers go for all the people of France and hoping that with the help of the international community the people responsible for the attacks can be brought to justice.

  We are all so so so sorry for everything that has happened. Paris is in our prayers.

  Oh la France, Oh la Belle France, Oh Paris la ville lumière!
De l’autre côté de l’Atlantique nous les Américains pleurons.
Du fond de nos cœurs brisés nous versons des larmes.
Tant de fois la France est venue au secours de notre République et nous espérons que notre pays offrira sa solidarité à la République Française et à la ville de Paris. Nous vous aimons et nous vous souhaitons la paix.
Vive l’amitié franco-américaine.
Comme notre professeur de français nous a enseigné il y a quarante ans:
Fluctuat ne mergitur.
Vive Paris!

  There are no words. We mourn and pray with you.

  À tous les parents frères et sœurs qui vont souffrir tout au long de leur vie à cause de la folie de quelques-uns, j’adresse toutes mes condoléances

  Je suis Paris. We are with our family in France in this time of sorrow.
Vive la France!

  The people of Paris were so very kind and helpful to me during my visit four and a half years ago, and I did my best to use my high school French of so many years earlier — much to their amusement! My heart goes out to the parents, spouses, friends, lovers of those killed and injured in this senseless act of barbarism. Paris, je t’aime!

  My prayers, condolences, and sympathies are with the people of France and the people of Paris. What happened there was truly barbaric. Mon coeur est avec Paris.

  I am so sorry about this tragic incident. I am keeping everyone in my prayers every day. Hoping no more people will be hurt.

  I don’t know how to say but je Sui Charlie my heart goes out to the many innocent victims of the attacks in Paris I pray that you will receive some comfort from the love that people around the world have in their hearts for you at this difficult time

  Veuillez recevoir mes condoléances les plus sincères. Nous aux Etats-Unis partageons votre peine en ce moment de deuil.
Vive la France !

  Je suis tres désolée. My heart goes out to everyone in this city and country I love for your terrible loss. We stand with you.

  You are in my thoughts and as this weighs on my heart my moms best friends live there as well. I am glad you fought back. I am so proud.

  So sorry to hear about the shocking loss of lives due to the despicable acts of terrorists. Our hearts are heavy with your losses. We treasure you as our allies and together we must face the evil force that threatens our nations.
Our prayers are with you and all your dedicated military men and women.

  My deepest condolences to all of France for the horrific attacks on your wonderful country!

  Surrounding the City of Light with ribbons of love and prayers. May the force of good be with us all.

  France, our oldest ally, we are there for you in your hour of need. As in 1917, 1941 we stand with you today. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

  My heart goes out to the victims and families affected by this tragedy. My sincerest condolences for the lives lost and the fears this attack has generated. I hope all of the evil that spawned this will find justice quickly. Vive la France.

  🇫🇷 + 🇺🇸 = 💙
I hope the French people can feel our love and support across the pond.

  My deepest condolences goes out to the people of France.May God be with you.Good will always over come evil

  Chers amis, compagnons dans le monde...
Je vous envoie les pensées les plus sincères de solidarité et condoléances a ceux qui la semaine dernière ont souffert l’attentat aux mains des terroristes. Chers amis, si vous souffrez, nous souffrons avec vous. Quand vous êtes heureux, pleins de joie, nous sommes heureux avec vous... nous sommes compagnons dans le monde...

  Je suis triste pour les français. Je suis américain, et j’adresse des condoléances pour des victimes.

  My deepest condolence to the victims of this vicious and barbaric attracts. May them rest in peace. You are not alone against the evil and France has my unconditional support. France, UK, USA and Republic of China were allies during WWII and we must all unite to fight and defend our values.
Long live France! Je suis Francais.

  To the people of France. You are strong and courageous. In the midst of this unspeakable tragedy, you will prevail. We are behind you in solidarity.

  The hearts of Americans cry for you at this hour of tragedy. Our condolences to all. May God be with you always,

  Je vous envoie mes condoléances et mes prières de tout mon coeur. Que Dieu vous bénisse et que tous ceux qui souffrent trouvent la paix.

  November 15, 2015
To His Excellency Mr. François Hollande
President of the French Republic
Shalom, greetings with great respect
May the Almighty bless Your Excellency with long and blessed years.
As Rabbis, we express, in the name of our Jewish brethren from around the world, our deepest condolences on the terrible and tragic loss that has befallen your great nation. May the Almighty send a complete and speedy recovery to the injured and succor to the families of the murdered. May He protect your country in the future from any further tragedies. Also we would like, once again, to express in the name of our Jewish brethren, our deepest gratitude to your country for being a home and safe haven for the Jewish People for so many hundreds of years.
May the Almighty protect Your Excellency, your family, your ministors and your entire country.
May the Almighty bless the French Republic with prosperity and peace. Amen.
With humbleness and great respect

  France, you’re freedom to enjoy life has been attacked. From an American who loves her freedom too, just know that the most resilient societies are those that live freely.

  My most sincere condolences to the people of France after the cowardly attacks inflicted upon innocent citizens of the French Republic. Being one quarter French ancestry, my family and I stand with you in solidarity along with the rest of the United States. Vive la France et vive la liberté!

  All our sympathy and support. Nous sommes solidaires!

  We are prayers to all of the French people in these sad times.You have my prayers and support, Praying for peace...

  I was very saddened by the attacks on November 13. My prayers are with the victims, with their families, and with France. As President Obama said, this was an attack not only on defenseless individuals but also on the cherished values that we share.

  I bought a white rose and put it in front of French consulate San Francisco last night. I am a US permanent resident with Chinese nationality. Such ruthless attack is not only to Paris, it’s to all the people who love and cherish peace. I stand with France. Bless Paris, bless France, bless my beloved world.

  I just wish to express my deep sadness at the recent bloodshed & loss of so many lives in Paris 13 November.

  Our thoughts and prayers are with France and with all of those affected by this tragedy. We grieve the losses and hope for peace and happiness again.
We love you and are thinking of you every day.

  I am sending a deep heartfelt message of sympathy to all France and especially to those families who lost their beloved dear ones and friends in such a tragic way. I always believed that my generation would change the world into a better place, a place where we can all live in peace and harmony with each other but now more than ever I am starting to believe in John Lennon words in his song "Imagine".

  My prayers go out to all of the mourned and mourning in Paris, stay strong.
God will get us through it. Much love.

  I just feel so bad for the French people. I am very sorry.

  Je suis très désolé lire la tragédie à Paris. Le terrorisme ne peut vaincre pas. Les Francais sont fiers et forts. I wish the best to the French people and know fear will never win. Mes condoléances aux victimes de cet acte barbare et horrible.

  Profound condolences for the loss of precious lives. Our hearts go to the wonderful people of Paris. Long live France !

  Our family wish to send our condolences to the People of Paris. We are heartbroken and in shock you are going through this horrible atrocity. We feel so helpless and so sad being so far away and wish we knew more of what we could do to help. We are sending our prayers and hope it will bring some comfort and healing to you. We are standing with you and you are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless from Indiana, U.S.A.

  Please accept our deepest condolences and support. In Russia, we share your sorrow.

  Deepest sympathies to all the people of France. But I have every faith that you’ll get through this and come out even stronger.

  Please accept our deepest sympathies for the terrible loss the French have suffered. Our hearts are heavy with grief and the world is in pain because of the barbaric and craven attacks on Paris. We hope sincerely that comfort and healing come quickly to all the wonderful citizens of beautiful France.

  My sincere condolences to all the French people, Your country is not only beautiful but also one of the most refined and humanistic in the world. You do not deserve to see such horror. I along with all true Muslims totally condemn what happened and are sure that together we shall win our war against this outright Evil.

  Je suis née Française et je suis fière et honorée d’être une citoyenne Française. Bien que vivant aux Etats Unis, mon coeur est toujours en France. Profondément attristée par les attaques à Paris, mes pensées vont aux victimes qui ont péris sous les attaques meurtrières de la folie de ces hommes, et aux autres victimes qui sont blessées. Mes pensées et condoléances vont également à leurs familles pour la perte de leurs proches et pour l’immense peine qu’ils traversent. Remerciements à notre Gouvernement et aux forces de police qui ont agi le jour du drame et qui continuent actuellement à agir à différents niveaux pour défendre et protéger notre pays avec l’aide de la force militaire. Malgré cette tragédie et les attaques, le peuple Français restera debout. Notre pays est fort. Notre devise est Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.

  My daughter had studied in Montpellier France in the Fall 2014. I went over to France to visit her and your beautiful cities Montpellier, Nice and Paris. My daughter and I were treated w so much kindness and loved every moment in your country. We are both so saddened and very much concern for your country and your citizens. One loss of life is just too many. Our hearts and prayers are with all of you ESP those who lost loved ones. We are united w you and we hope that you know how very much the people of the United States care and respect and remember our friend France.

  With a lot of sorrow I send my condolences to the people of France .We as Kenyans stand with u this difficult time & the fraternity of the university of Nairobi.The students here are mourning with you. May God be with you people of France.

  We pray for Paris! Condolences from Poland. We are with you! Be strong!

  My deepest sympathies to the French people.

  A tous les Français, mes sincères condoléances et l’expression de ma plus profonde sympathie.

  Je prie pour ma patrie. Je me joins à la douleur de mes Compatriotes. Ma belle ville ou je suis née est dans mon cœur pour toujours.

  I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all the victims and offer our prayers to all those injured who are recovered in hospitals. I also like to show my support to all the French population in these very difficult times.

  France has stood by the United States from the very beginning, from supporting us in our War of Independence against England to showing solidarity with us in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. The United States remembers, and we stand by you in this dark hour. The great people of France have never allowed the darkness to win, and you are demonstrating that yet again...darkness cannot defeat the City of Lights. My deepest condolences to your country and your people. Vive la France!

  I wish to express and send my Condolence to the people of Paris and France. May God bless the families who have lost loved ones in these horrible attacks.

  No words to express the sorrow I feel for your loss. My prayers for the innocents lost and their families. I stand with you.

  My stomach is still churning and I can’t turn my mind off. I leave part of my heart behind in Paris every time I visit this wonderful city. The rest of my heart is with you now.

  To the people of France: There are 2 consoling songs on YouTube, "The Love" and "Goodbye For Now" Brother Eugene Jones CD "Let Your Spirit Fill This Place" My prayers and sympathy goes out to all those who mourn this tragic loss!

  Toutes mes condoléances au peuple et gouvernement francais, et aux familles des victimes.nous sommes tous contre ses actes terroristes. La voie du peuple forte vaincra le terrorisme inchallah...

  Paris is close to my heart since I spent several years there. Reaction should be continuing as nothing happened, with the weight of emotions. My deepest prayers and condolences. France will be strong.

  Je vous aime très fort et pense à vous.

  Nos sincères condoléances

  We stand in unity with the people of Paris and France — Nous sommes Parisiens! — and we send you our wishes for continued strength and resilience in these difficult times.

  France is a beacon of humanity and civilization in the world. We love you, France. Vive la France!

  Good morning. Our thoughts and our prayers are truly with your country, those who have died, and those who are suffering. We pray God’s blessings on your country and on your citizens. France has for so long welcomed political discourse, and has been open to the free expression of differing points of view among its citizens. It makes any decent person angry to see those freedoms abused and even exploited. Parts of my family can be traced directly to the Alsace from the 1300’s so I am proud today of my French heritage! Vive la France!

  May you all rest in peace.

  My condolences to you and your country people. We Americans have such a heavy heart and hope that you can heal from such evil in the world. God Bless you!

  We are so sorry for the dreadful attacks on 13 November that took the precious lives of so many of your citizens. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the families that have been impacted by this senseless violence.

  I have been in France almost for five years for my studies and I know how nice people they are. The recent attack in Paris certainly has shocked me and my family my heart feels so sad for all those who have lost their lives in it. We feel the pain and suffering everybody across Paris and France is going through. We with a heavy heart send our condolences to this beautiful country. Vive la France.

  I had never left the United States before visiting Paris at the age of 24. The week I spent in Paris left a deep impression on me and sparked my thirst for travel and career in international education. My thoughts are with the people of the wonderful city of Paris and all of France. I look forward to introducing my sons to your city in the future!

  Stay strong and know that we pray for you, everyone can make it through this with support and hope in our hearts.

  I am a French learning student in Pennsylvania. I can’t imagine the trauma that the people in France are dealing with. My prayers go out to the people who are suffering and their families.

  We, as citizens of America, know how it feels to have our nation’s sovereign soil violated, and we stand with you through your time of struggle and loss as you stood by us in ours. Stay strong France and have the courage to continue the fight. God bless you.

  To all affected by the 11/3 Paris attacks:
All of America was greatly sorrowed to hear of this horrible news. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you. May the families affected by a loss gain wisdom and peace in understanding that their loved one did not die in vain. God Bless France.

  I am very sorry about the attacks on France. It is unfair that the terrorists took away those peoples’ lives. Please know everyone is concerned.

  I am very sorry for Paris and the ones affected. These acts of terror are saddening and cruel acts of humanity. All of America prays for you. With Love, an American student.

  My heart goes out to the people of France during this very hard time. I have kept everyone in my thoughts and prayers who have suffered during this tragic event. I will continue to pray for the family and friends who have lost loved ones on November 13. Stay Strong!

  Hello, I am a level one french student at Unionville High School. My condolences go to the families of those killed or hurt in the attacks. I just want to say that the thoughts and prayers of Unionville go to you.

  I am so terribly sorry for the events of this past weekend. You will all be in our hearts as you recover from these horrible attacks. Know that America supports you completely through these events as you have done for us in our time of mourning.

  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Paris! Stay strong and have faith. We wish our condolences to the wonderful people of Paris. With love, an American student.

  I send lots of love for the beautiful city of Paris. My deepest sympathies and prayers go to everyone in France. Though there it is a dark time now, things will look up eventually. America and the whole world is here for you. The lights will not go out for France.

  I would just like to say how tragic this attack was and how terrible the people responsible are. I know that I cannot be of much help to you because I am only a 9th grade student in America. But I would just like for everyone in France to know that we are behind you and will support our oldest ally in the fight against whoever committed this despicable act of terrorism on innocent people. Justice will be served.

  Hello I’m in a level one French class in the U.S and I’m so sorry to hear about the tragedy that has happened in Paris. You are in all of our prayers. I wish the best for all the families that have suffered.

  Was so horrified and upset to hear about the attacks in Paris on Friday... my thoughts and prayers for everyone in France and especially to those with friends and family injured or killed in the attacks. I am a student and take French at my school, and all the classroom doors have a symbol for the Paris attacks posted outside their doors. We are with you and support you in these troubled times and think of you as we go about our day today. America feels your pain and we know that soon the beautiful city of lights will once again be safe. Liberté, égalité, fraternité, always.

  I am very sorry to hear about the terrorist attacks that happened. You have my deepest condolences. I want you know that I care and support you in these scary moments.

  We know you’ve lost loved ones, but just know it will get better in the end. The pain won’t last forever, and y’all are going to get through this.

  It’s unbelievable what occurred this weekend in Paris and my heart goes out to all the people in the city. I pray for safety for all the people of France after this. It was tragic but I believe you can get through it, you cannot defeat a place as wonderful as Paris.

  I’m so very sorry for the incident and I would do anything to help. I think we all need to be more aware of our surroundings and I’m so sorry that all of you had to face this tragedy. My prayers go out to you.

  Sorry for all of the attacks that have been happening. Je suis désolé.

  Paris, you’re close to us all in America. We all love you and are here for you always. Vive la France!

  I can’t believe this happened to such innocent people. No one deserves to go through this. My prayers go to those who are suffering from this, whether it is a family member going through this or you are going through this. You will get through this, I know you can. Sending love from the U.S.

  This was terrible what happened. People shouldn’t die, but good things will come back to France.

  Our thoughts and hearts go out to the people and city in France. Have strength and hope to continue in this tragic time

  I’m sorry for the loss of family and friends and the terrible things you have had to endure these past few days. I give everyone my love and hope that you know that God is with you. Love.

  We stand by your side through this difficult time.

  Praying for everyone that has been effected by these terrible acts of violence. Every single one of you is in my prayers... pray for peace in France and pray for the terrorists and their families as well.

  My heart goes out to everyone in Paris. The U.S will be together with you as you were during 9/11.

  This is truly a tragic event but you must stay strong and keep living your lives and remember to stay positive in these times of darkness. I will keep Paris in my prayers.

  This is a horrible thing that happened. Terrorism must be stopped. Innocent civilians have been killed in cold blood because these cowards. We will stand by your side France, As you did for us in 9/11.

  Nous devons nous battre pour être forts et ressusciter des attaques!!!!

  I wish to honor all that died and respect their loved ones.

  We are so sorry about your losses and we will always be with you in your hearts. Stay Strong Paris.

  Chers frères et sœurs français,
On est unis avec vous pendant ces jours et pour toujours. En attendant le jour quand la paix et l’amour règneront dans le cœur de chaque personne du monde.
Veuillez accepter mes plus profondes condoléances.

  I am very sorry to hear about these attack my heart goes to the people in Paris. The United States stands with France.

  We will play for Paris. I feel very terrible of what happened and just wanted say God bless everyone.

  My heart goes out to all of France.
God Bless France.

  I am so sorry to hear about what happened. My prayers are with Paris! I can imagine how much pain everybody is suffering right now.

  My heart goes out to the whole country of France after these tragic events. The world is praying for all of you. Stay strong.

  I am not old enough to remember anything like this, so I cannot say that I know the pain the people of Paris and the French people as a whole are feeling. I can say that they should know that one moment doesn’t define your history or your future. With the support of the whole world behind you, France you must realize that time will slow down at times and help will be needed to get it back up to speed.

  Paris stay strong, from the beginning till now. America will stand by you no matter the cause.

  Sorry for the loss of France, stay strong!

  Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris. In these hard times America stands with you. Vive la France!

  I am a French student and I send good luck and hope to Paris as these attacks continue. Just remember that the U.S. supports you.

  Stay strong France! America and the rest of the world will never forget this day, and because of it, we will all stand by you and give our support to you. Bless you all!

  My heart goes out to all the brave Parisians whose life was taken and/or injured. Stay strong, America Supports you!

  I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I’ve been told that one of my ancestors co-founded the village that became Lons-LeSaulnier. I’ve always had an abiding affection for French values, honor, culture, and history. The attacks were perpetrated by people with very tiny brains being gullible enough to believe a smooth talker who was selling hatred and evil. You cannot imagine the fury these attacks have caused in people here in the States. Know that the U.S. will always be your loving friend and ally. God bless you all.

  I am so sorry to hear about what happened. Best wishes for the beautiful city of Paris.

  My prayers and love are with France and her lovely people. May God bless France and protect her. America stands with you in the fight against evil.

  Le choc et la tristesse... Je ne sais quoi dire. Les mots me manquent, mais je me souviens cependant que nous, les français, sommes forts, et ne nous laisserons pas terroriser. Vive la France!

  En ce moment, nous pensons à vous. Vive la France.

  My prayers are with you.

  Mes condoléances à toutes les familles des victimes de ces actes de barbarie.

  The attacks were truly devastating, but I know that no matter what, you shall all recover. Je Suis Paris.

  Nos pensées vont au peuple Français. We are heart broken by the events that happened.

  Mes prières vont aux familles des victimes et des blessés.

  Nos prières et nos cœurs sont avec votre belle ville et ses habitants. Vous n’êtes pas seuls.

  We in ridgway support france and mourn their loss united we stand

  Please accept my heartfelt condolences during this tragic time. The French people are strong and shall overcome this horrendous attack.

  Je suis désolé pour le tragédie de vendredi. Le people et le staff seront dans mes prières.

  Je suis désolé. Ces attaques sont écœurant. Je prie pour votre nation, et je vous souhaite la paix. Vive la France, et que Dieu vous bénisse. Mon cœur est avec votre belle ville et votre peuple.

  My thoughts and prayers are with you (France).

  Les personnes innocentes de France sont dans nos prières. Je vous souhaite la paix et l’unité en tant que nation.

  Dear Paris,
My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for the loss of over 100 people. I wish I was there to hug each and every one of the victim families, but alas, I can not.
May God bless all souls.
My deepest regards.

  I’m so sorry for all the people who have lost someone and those who have been hurt.

  Dear France,
I’m speechless. I feel terrible about the terrorist attacks. I’m sorry for your loss and your loved ones. ISIS will be shut down, will be destroyed. We are going to strive and fight back. God bless all of us.

  It is hard to sympathize with France as I never experienced something as harsh as they have encountered. I am too young to fully understand the American attack of 9/11, but I do understand loss. My condolences are sent overseas to not just Paris, but all of France.

  A gun
Sleek and smooth
Opens its mouth
Spits out the death of another
Who knew the fate of a living being would depend on the heart of the soul behind the terror. One choice. The death of another. No amount of regret or sorrow can rewind the clock to the moments before. It could have been me, could have been us, but instead it was you. You suffered so we could learn, you perished so we could prepare. This is to the ones lost, the ones we’ll never see again, the ones we left behind.

  To those of you that had to witness what happened in Paris, my condolences to not only the families affect but also to the country as a whole. Those lives lost will not be in vain. You stood with us on our day of falling, now we shall stand with you. I know Obama has not made a decision to help, but as people we are with you. Just like every action they make they will receive a greater response. As my favorite martyr said, “Remember Remember the 5th of November.” You, too, France will have your vendetta, give it time.

  Dear Paris,
My heart aches to hear the news. In so sorry that such innocent people have to face this tragedy. It’s sad to think there’s such crazy people in this cruel world. My prayers are with you. When I heard "The lights of the Eiffel Tower are now shut down." My heart broke. I personally have no idea what it’s like to go through what you’re going through, since I’ve never been in such situation. But I’m sure it’s horrible... I pray for this crazy world. I pray for humanity. I pray for peace and lastly I pray for all of you innocent people.

  There are no words to explain the sorrow that is being felt for the tragedy in Paris. The raids were an attack on peace around the world and in no moment will that be forgotten. We hope you’re feeling the support that we wish to provide and know that you will not have to fight this battle alone. Good will always prevail, so don’t lose sight of the final consequence

  Dear Paris,
We send you our condolences and we hope with all our hearts that it gets better for you guys. May the comfort of God help you during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been affected by this horrific act. Also I pray that the people who are responsible are brought to justice.

  I am deeply sorry for what happened to my lovely French people. You will arise and shine and destroy our enemy once and for all. In God’s name I hope you the best of luck on your mission to find and eliminate ISIS.

  Dear France, Our hearts go out to you. What those people did was appalling, we pray for the families of the victims. We hope you know you’re not going through this alone all of America are grieving with you. “We will not lose our humanity over their inhumanity”
My deepest condolences,

  I’m so sorry for the people who died in the Paris attack. The people were innocent and didn’t know that would happen to them. The terrorist shot like the Paris citizens were like animals. I’m really sorry for what happened. Have faith and the people who died rest in peace.

  what you went through was very sad and even though you lost alot you must always keep your head up

  Dear Mr. Ambassador:
Please accept my most heart-filled condolences for the losses that the French people have recently suffered. Over the centuries, the French and American peoples have been friends; I, an American, grieve for you, my French friends.
As in past crises, the French people ultimately will prevail; and I hope that you will see us Americans as firmly standing by your side in getting through this difficulty.

  The tragedies that have forsaken your country are unacceptable and touch us all. Mere words cannot express the devastation that is felt both in France and world wide. It is heartbreaking to know that this is not over, however the strength of France is something that speaks to everyone, as individuals,as nations, as a world. We could all learn alot from France! Not only do you not let the heathens responsible for this get away, you have not turned your backs on the innocents out of fear or anger. And you continue to send a message to everyone that you will not only protect your own but open your hearts to others as well. We all need to be more like France! We are with you. Je suis Paris!!! VIVE LE FRANCE!

  We send our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to everyone affected by these tragic events that happened on November 13, 2015. We all stand together to bring peace to the world. May our hopes and dreams win out over evil. #Noussommesunis #PaixetamourpourParis

  Dans les États-Unis, nous sommes très désolé pour vous. Nous sommes en deuil avec vous. Nous sommes tes amis et alliés toujours. Nous avons senti ça quand les États-Unis nous avons attaqué des terroristes à 9/11. Nous sommes avoir avec vous toujours et nous sommes Paris.

  Bonjour, Je veux envoyer ma condoléances. Je sais, cette Paris sera traverser cette tragédie. Vous avez rester forte pour Paris, et je vais prieres pour Paris.

  Dear Paris,
The event that has occurred in such a beautiful city is terrifying. Paris has always felt like an escape into a different world, a world with no worries. It is such a tragedy that reality can break such a comforting feeling.
I pray for all the victims and families who were affected. My aunt was in the stadium during the attacks, so this event is very personal for me. I sympathize with all of France, and that is what friends are for.
I know the terrorist may scare you, but that is exactly what they want. No matter what, do not let it get to you. Do not let these people stop you from doing anything. You must live your life without fear, and come back from this event stronger than ever.
I hope things settle down for you soon, and I will return to visit as soon as possible :)
I love you, Paris!

  Je suis désolé pour l’horrible actes de terrorisme que France a enduré. Vous avez mes condoléances. #prayforparis

  Dear Paris,
I am terribly sorry for the attack on your country! I can’t say I know what your going through because I don’t. I was only 1 when the terrorist attack on 9/11 happened here in America. I can’t imagine the terror your country is going through. Even though your country is going through a rough time it is amazing how your people have banned together with great amounts of courage. Words can’t describe what happened and how you are feeling. My prayers go out to you as you recover from the awful attack that happened in Paris. Je Suis Paris!

  We are so sorry for all that has happened in the past year or so with first the attacks about the comics, then the attack on the train, and now this. You were with us for 9/11 and we are here for you now. Our prayers go out to everyone in Paris and France. It is terrifying that this happened and we hope that it will not happen again. I am so sorry for all of the families of the victims. Prayers from the United States! Je Suis Tu As Nous Sommes Paris!

  Dear France, my mother tells me about how traumatic 911 was, and so I feel that all of the U.S. can understand your pain. I hope we will do everything in our power to help you, and to stop these ruthless attacks. It’s not fair to this world, your country, and all people to be wondering who will be hit next, and how much worse could it get. We must not be afraid, because that is exactly what they want. We must fight against these terrorists, and never stop fighting till we win. The U.S. is praying for all of you, because France and the United States stick together.

  Here in the U.S. the French victims are in our thoughts and prayers. We understand how devastating it must be, seeing how hard it was for us after 9/11. Together we will unite in order to put an end to terrorism.

  I am so sorry for what has happened to you, the world sends our condolences and hopes that such a beautiful place will recover from such a horrific act of violence and cruelty. Je t’aime Paris

  Je présente mes condoléances à tout le monde en France . Restez forts Paris. Je prierai pour toi

  Dear Paris,
I send my deepest sympathy to those who fell victim to the recent attacks. It is very hard to understand why this happened, but we must stick to together with a supportive community. I am extremely sorry for all of the families who lost their loved ones. I keep Paris in my prayers.

  Dear Paris,
Everyone here in America has witnessed what happened to you over in France. We are just as surprised as you are and we can relate to your pain. We all hope that the worst is all behind us and that we can live in peace. If you ever need anything, ask for it, we’ll be there. You are not alone.
-All of America

  Je suis vraiment désolé pour votre souffrance. Vive la France

  Dear France,
I addressed this letter to France, not Paris because this is an attack not only on Paris but all of the French people. I am deeply angered and sorry for what has occurred. We are still strong, and hope you are too. Let’s band together and become stronger, and not shy away. They want us to be scared, so we must not be. Stay strong.

  To all affected by the tragic events,
We send our blessings and condolences to all of you. We are proud of your strength and bravery throughout this last week. Stay strong Paris! #PaixpourParis

  Courage, Paris, mon amour. On te frappe mais tu survis.

  Je suis tellement désolé pour tout le drame que vous avez enduré. J’ai honte que les gens puissent faire ça. Il y a une chance que les gens ne voient pas comment traumatique leurs actions sont. Il est nécessaire que nous venions ensemble et que nous battions contre ces horribles personnes. Nous avons envie que il soit notre responsabilité de vous aider dans ce moment terrible. Il y a trop de violence dans ce monde. Nous voulons que le violence arrête. Je soute que le monde vive en paix complète, mais nous devons essayer. Jusqu’à ce que nous ayons la paix totale, les gens vont continuer à souffrir. Il semble que vous ayez la cible sans raison et nous sommes tellement désolé pour ce que. Il est important que nous restions ensemble et que nous battions ensemble. Il est crucial que nous les tuions avec amour et que nous ne les tuions pas avec des armes. Je aime que nous soyons réunis pour deuil et de l’amour. Mais, je déteste que cette tragédie soit arrivé.
Avec l’amour,

  A nos frères et soeurs français, nous restons maintenant et resterons toujours avec vous dans cette guerre aveugle. Plus important, nous restons avec vous pour le respect que mérite tout le monde. Nous prions pour ceux qui ont été touchés de trop près dans cette tragédie inhumaine.
To our French brothers and sisters, we remain now and always with you in this blind war. More importantly, we remain with you in respecting everyone. We pray for those who suffered most in this inhuman tragedy.

  Turkish Americans are deeply saddened by the terrorist attack in Paris on November 13th, 2015. This attack in Paris is not only an attack to Paris but to the whole humanity. We condemn in the strongest terms any and all terrorist attacks and any act of violence committed in the name of religion and other means. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the People of France.

  Dear Friends,
It was a horror to learn of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Please accept my condolences, especially for the families of all those who lost loved ones. Of course, all the people of France grieve and I join with them. God bless you now and always. Viva la France!

  Dear Paris,
My heart aches with you and I will pray for you. At times like this, I think that it’s important to remember that laughter is the best medicine and that ISIS will not win. The light will shine through the dark and the darkness will lift. The goodness in our world will win over the dark. Know that there are people out there like me who are praying and sending our love to you. We will stand with you.

  Dear Paris,
I’m dearly sorry for lost loved ones and all of the victims in the incident. ISIS will be takes down eventually because they are cowards and will not win this fight. Paris will soon get back what was taken from them and be even more beautiful that it originally was. Remember " Everyone was given a life because they are strong enough to live it." meaning that we all fall, but we can rise again and be bigger and better than last time. Much love to Paris you will get better.

  हम आप के लिए प्रार्थना करते हैं।
Nous prions avec vous
We stand with you, united.

  Dear Paris. I pray for you for all the victims and families who had lost a love one. I want to wish to send my deepest condolences to the families and many others affected by these attacks. I hold out my arms to you in a comforting embrace to make your worries wash away. May God meet you with love,peace and happiness as only He can. We be right by your side to help you if case you need it. We will stand by you. Pray for Paris. J’adore Paris.

  Mon condoléances sont avec la France, et avec les peuple affecté par les attaques. Nous sommes unis avec toi.

  Mes condoléance a les français. Le monde est avec vous.

  I am so sorry for your losses and I hope you make it through.#prayforparis

  Dear Paris, Oh God! im so very very sorry for your many loses i couldnt stand for this to happen i have no reason why the ISIS Community would do such a thing to you! What have you guys done to them? NOTHING! My heart aches for all pf you i hope all of you recover soon the USA will always be here for all of you whenever it is when you need help. I pray for all of you and everyone else. ISIS will suffer for what they have done.... They’re time will come.

  I’m very sorry. France and the people of Paris are in our prayers.

  Mon Coeur est avec les Parisians qui a perdu les proches pendant l’attaque la semaine derniere. Je suis avec toi et tes familles, puisque je suis americain. Il faut que nous nous soyions ensemble pendant ces temps, et battre contre le mal.

  C’est a mon grand chagrin a ecouter des attacks a Paris. Je suis penser de les personnes qui perdu la vie et les families qui a frappe le tragetie.
Mes pensees sont avec toi.

  Reste forte Paris! Toute le monde là pour vous aider. Nous sommes désolé. Nous vous souhaitons la meilleure

  Cher Paris,
Je suis desole d’entendre des attacks de Paris. J’espere que le pays recupere dans un temps vit. C’etait un horrible act de terroisme et tout le monde doit travailler pour faire le monde libre de terroisme. Je vais penser de vous pour les semaines et les mois prochains. Meilleurs voeux!

  Cher Paris,
Je suis desole de voir et eteindre des attaques perpetrees a ta ville le 13 novembre 2015. J’espere que tout le monde peut rester fort pendant les temps difficile. Mes pensees et nos prieres sont avec tout les gens qui etaient affecter. Encore, je suis navre qu’il y ait les gens qui faisait quelque chose tres horrible. Meilleurs voeux.

  Paris, je t’aime. Je souhaite que je pourrais aider mieux que écrivais une lettre. Je ne sais quoi dire. Mon coeur est avec vous, toujours.

  Dear Paris,
We are french students from a high school in Miami. Florida, United States. We would like to send our condolences to the families of the victims and to the people of France. We are learning about the situation on a daily basis.

  Our hearts go out to the people of France who witnessed this unfortunate tragedy. We would like to give our condolences to all the families who have been affected by these horrible acts. Long live France! Strong alone, unstoppable together.
#PrayforParis #longliveFrance

  We send our deepest condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. You are forever in our thoughts and prayers. United we stand as one. #Franceforever #PrayforParis #PaixpourParis #VivelaFrance

  Les étudiants de [...] à Tallahassee, Florida vous envoient tous nos sentiments les plus sincères en ce moment. Cette tragédie nous touche au fond de nos coeurs, et on espère que vous pouvez trouver le courage de continuer à vivre librement, sans la peur et sans la haine. Nous pensons à la belle France et nous prions pour les familles des victims et pour tous les citoyens.

  Je ne peux que compatir à votre douleur.... plein de courage, toutes mes pensées sont pour vous.

  Vivre la France.

A strong city like you will get through this hardship. We pray for you, your families, you city, your country. These people will end in failure and you will continue for prevail and conquer! A tout alors mes amis!
Je t’aime Paris

  A tous nos amis francais qui ont souffert cet attentat inouie et incomprehensible, nous les americains, nous sommes avec vous dans ce moment de tristesse et douleur. Nous vous aimons. Nos coeurs sont avec vous. Nous sommes Paris.

  Dear Paris,
I am so sorry for all of the terrible events that you have had to go through over these past few days. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all of you daily and we hope that you will all be able to recover from this horrible act of terror. These events are the type of things that you hear on the news but you never expect it to happen to you. It’s sad to say that we can’t think like that anymore because this could happen to any of us. It breaks my heart that you are scared to even walk our your front door. It’s not fair. Nobody deserves this. All of our hearts are broken for you all and we will continue to offer our love and support through such tough times.

  Dear Paris, My heart and prayers go out for you. I pray for you, I pray for the victims and the families who lost loved ones. I hope the families that got hurt and Paris get the justice they deserve.
With Love ,

  My wife & i extend our condolences. My mother un law loved going to paris twice in her 70’s. My father in law arrived in le harve november of ’44 with the 89th division & at sometime was on leave in paris. So alittle connection to your wonderful country.

  Dear France,
My deepest sympathy. Your beauty and light touches the world. Please know that the whole world stands beside you. We love you.
Pennsylvania, USA

  Dear France,
My heart goes out to you. There is no words to describe the tragedy that has happened to you. What I am here to say is you may have fallen but there is no reason you can’t get back up. We must show ISIS that no matter what happens we are going to get up stronger and better than before.

  Dear France:
You have my condolences. I am very sorry for your loss. What happened that day is unimaginable. Remember that America and many other countries are here to sympathize with you.

  Dear France
We are truly sorry for the lost of all of the 129 people that had died in the bombing incident. ISIS people are very cruel; they will pay for what they have done. Being in France at that moment of time must have been terrifying; just relaxing and walking down the street and then all that chaos happening. You have our condolences and the rest of the world’s.

  Well, Dear Paris,
We all know that what happened was outrageous. To all of those who died, R.I.P. All be blessed and not forgotten. My, myself I think of this as stupidity; people with no life, people with anger and a slow mentality, because, they do this knowing that they are about to kill people who have done nothing to them. So many people died, loved ones also. In my opinion, if I were to capture them I would sentence them to death. People have hope, you are not alone. We have strength and this won’t stay this way. Justice will be made.

  Nous avons appris la triste nouvelle. C’est un moment fort douloureux pour le quel nous tenons à vous offrir notre affection et notre soutien. Que votre coeur retrouve la paix et la sérénité. Nous pensons à vous et à la France. Veuillez recevoir toutes nos plus sincères condoléances.

  Hier,La Monde étais divisé
Il y avais just un peu d’amis
Mais, maitenant, La monde est uni
Car, Aujourd’hui
Nous sommes tous ami.
Et Nous sommes tous ,Paris
Stay strong mes amis français!

  May God be with you!

Je compatis a la douleur des victimes et ses familles. Ces actes incensees se sont sentees par le monde entiers. Ce que nous avons besoin de c’est le paix. Les terroristes d’ISIS sont des laches, c’est la seule explication. Le Dieu que je connais est amour, pas violence. Paris is love, and will always be in my heart. We must stay strong in this hard time and not let the terrorists win.

  Dear people of France, we have so much grief for your country, but as I am and most people are still just children, we still don’t really understand. We aren’t really kids, we just are so unknowing of these situations, that we might as well be children. They tell us only the number of those who got hurt, or worse, died. We only hear the numbers, but we won’t understand the fear that must follow people now, the stories of those people, and how this had such an impact. At the most we can send you our apologies, and while we don’t understand, we can definitely try.

  Je veux vous exprimez mes condoléances les plus sincères et vous dire que je pense tous les jours à la France et aux Français. Sachez qu’on est solidaire avec la France. On doit continuer. On ne doit pas laisser gagner ces gens tellement laches.


Nous avons appris la triste nouvelle. C’est un moment fort douloureux pour le quel nous tenons à vous offrir notre affection et notre soutien. Que votre cœur retrouve la paix et la sérénité. Nous pensons à vous et à la France. Veuillez recevoir toutes nos plus sincères condoléances.

  The events that took place last week have caused a tremendous amount of death, destruction, and grief to Paris and the cities surrounding it. The acts of terrorism that have killed over 120 people were shocking to everyone. Even though the United States is 4,740 miles away from France, our hearts reached out to all the people of France. My french class spent the day discussing the events that happened. I want to travel to Paris one day not only to see the city for the first time, but to try and understand what the citizens of France had to go through. I truly am sorry for everything that has happened to France this past year. From the Charlie Hebdo shooting to these violent attacks on innocent lives in Paris. I sent many prayers to France in the past few days. Some in English and others in a sincere way in French. While my French is not perfect and I may have pronounced things wrong, I truly believe that the world will find peace one day. Words can not describe the thoughts and feelings of the families of the victims and the injured are feeling. Nor can they describe how I feel. I hope that this letter, as well as others from around the world, will reach the eyes of the French people. In hope that they can understand that some people truly care about them. I know that I will never forget this attacks. Every year I will remind myself of these attacks. I will sing the French National Anthem in honor of those who died. God bless each and every one of you. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
With Love,

  Nous avons été bouleversés par cet événement tragique, et nous vous adressons nos plus sincères condoléances.

  I am so very sorry for the terrible event that has occurred in Paris. Paris is a beautiful city and everyday I dream of going there. It is so sad that such an event could have transpired in a city full of life, beauty, and happiness. I am sorry for those of you who lost loved ones. It can be a scary world, but you don’t have to face this devastation alone. You have our support, thoughts, and prayers. Continue to stay strong during this incredibly difficult time. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers every night. Sending you our love. Nous Sommes Paris

  I am deeply saddened by the news of what has happened in Paris. I feel for all those who have been harmed, or who’s loved ones were harmed throughout the crisis. What the terrorists have done is unforgivable, they think they have won, but they will never defeat us. Their cowardice has only brought us all together, and we will never back down. Your nation has always stood with us, and now we stand with you. My sincerest condolences.

  Dear Paris, the events that took place on November 13, 2015 have broken my heart, as well as yours. I offer you my deepest condolences on behalf of the entire United States of America as we are all mourning for your loses, and another lose of humanity. We stand with you as you make your way through this tragic part of your history. You are not alone. Nous sommes Paris.

  I am very sorry for what has happened to you in france. I pray those who were injured will recover greatly and those who have lost someone, I apologize and I hope you get the help you want/need.

  I’m very sorry for the horrific events that have occurred. I will be praying for you and the families who are suffering after the loss of loved ones. May God help you to be strong and overcome the events.

  To anyone who was negatively affected by the Paris bombings, I send my most sincere condolences. It is my hope that the families and friends affected by the attack are given nothing but love and support through these difficult times. A quote from the book the Martian by Andy Weir is what will prove our strength as a society:
"Every human being has a basic instinct: to help each other out. If a hiker gets lost in the mountains, people will coordinate a search. If a train crashes, people will line up to give blood. If an earthquake levels a city, people all over the world will send emergency supplies. This is so fundamentally human that it’s found in every culture without exception."

  The events that have passed in France were devastating and heartbreaking. I think I speak for many Americans when I say that we send our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the people that have fallen during this horrific event. France is in our payers and we hope for happier times to come for the people of France. America is rallied behind all of France during this harsh time. We are all French.

  I would like to send my deepest condolences to all the families in France who were affected by these attacks. You were there for us during 9/11, and we will stand with you after this tragic event. You have our thoughts and prayers always. Restez fort et rappelez que le monde vous soutiens.

  I am deeply sorry for what happened in Paris. I cannot even begin to imagine the sorrow and shock the people of France are feeling right now. I hope that your family is safe and that you feel comfort during these awful times. I stand united with France and pray that everyone in France stays safe into the new year and beyond. I want to express my sympathy and let you know that my thoughts are with you during this difficult time. "Je suis de tout cœur avec vous."

  Although its unclear why France specifically was targeted these past few days there are some things we can be sure of- France is one of the strongest countries in the world, under no circumstance will the french be pushed around by people who claim superiority. Now, we are all french.

  It’s a shame what happened this could have been avoided if ISIS were controlled sooner. Now look what happen people who didn’t deserve it passed away.

  L’Union Fait La Force

  Dear Paris,
I stand with your people in solidarity. We can not let fear take over us.

  My heartiest condolences to the families affected by the attacks. May They rest in peace!

  I am truly sorry for what happened in France. It was a tragedy brought on by radicalism. But the attackers don’t matter what matters are those who were affected. Our thoughts and prayers across the world our with you and that your loved ones may Rest In Peace

  Je prie pour la protection de Dieu de tous les français, de Paris, et de la belle France. Vous n’êtes pas seuls. Nous sommes tours Paris.

  I am so sorry for what happened on November 13. I understand that it wasn’t an accident, but it was on purpose. thank you for standing up for yourself.
With love,

  Au cher peuple français, au cher peuple des Lumières, au cher peuple des philosophes des Lumières, au nom de ma famille et de mes enfants, on vous présente nos condoléances et on dénonce le barbarisme et le terrorisme qui menace l’avenir de l’humanité.

  À entendant parler des dévastations de novembre treize, mon coeur fauché. Pourquoi doivent tant de vies être pris s’ils ne sont pas les ennemis pour revendiquer. Pourquoi doivent les familles être fauchées. Mon condolesces vous est envoyé parce que c’est des moments très difficiles, mais avec la force dans vous,vous pouvez essayer d’avancer. Nous devons vivre chaque jour de nos vies en faisant le meilleur parce que si pas nous laissons la victoire a l’ennemie. La France est la terre des gens courageux. Vive la liberte!!!
Sincerement, un amie de Miami. Love.

  All of our prayers are with you in America we are here to stand with you.

  I am deeply sorry for the attacks and America stands with you all the way.

  I offer my sincerest condolences to all the people of France and especially those who lost a loved one. I hope that everyone recovers. Please know that there are people supporting you and praying for you. Show them that you will not succumb to these unavailing attacks by remaining strong! Love.

  My prayers go out to everyone who lost a loved one and for Paris as a whole Love. We are here to support you all the way!

  I am so very sad about the attacks in the beautiful country of Paris last Friday. The attacks were carried out by cowards. This devastating event has caused many losses for families and friends. I send to you my deepest condolences and I am praying for everyone affected by the attacks. Stay strong!

  To Paris,
What tragedy has befallen the citizens in France is an act against humanity and an act against love. We, everyone who can possibly feel compassion and empathy, will mourn your dead along side you. We will fight with you, support you, and pray with you.
God speed.

  Once people know they are safe they can rest in peace and then when they are able to understand safety they can understand peace and start to become one.

  Dear Paris. My heart and soul ache for you. I pray for you, the victims and the families who lost loved ones. I think of a quote from Gandhi:
"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall – think of it – always.”
ISIS will fail as well. Only cowards kill and that is what they are. They think they can destroy us but they will not. Love, kindness, brotherhood will win. The God I believe in doesn’t tell people to kill. He loves us all.
With love,

  I touts mes amis français et à la République Française !!!
Vive La France !!
Vive La Liberté, La Fraternité et La Égalité !!!
Nous sommes avec vous !!
La France gagnera !!!

  I wish to send my deepest condolences to the families affected by the attacks. I hold out my arms to you in a comforting embrace. May our God meet you with love and peace as only He can.

  Nous sommes désolé. Nos cœurs sont brisés. Notre amour pour la France plus forte que jamais .

  Mes plus sinceres condoléances a le peuple Français. Nous sommes avec vous.

  I am deeply sorry for what happened to you guys. Words can’t adequately express the anger, sadness, and hatred I felt when I looked at the photo of the horror at the Bataclan. You are our oldest ally and you were there for us on 9/11. Now we stand with you. You have our full support and love. Show no mercy to the Daeshi rats. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.
Je Suis Paris.
Nous Sommes Tous Français.

  Je voudrai exprimer mes condoleances pour toutes les vies qu’ont ete perdues la derniere semaine.L’attaque fait etait tres injuste. Restez forts Paris. Ici, en Amerique, nous vous aimons et soutenons.

  To our French friends, my wife and I send our prayers and deepest sympathy to all the families who have experienced the loss of their loved ones in this dreadful attack as well as those who were injured. This is indeed an attack on all the nations of the civilized world. We pray that all will be well for those in your armed forces that press the counterattack to ISIS.

  Je suis triste que cet horrible événement soit arrivé. Je suis étonnée que les personnes puissent être si diabolique. Il est important que vous soyez fort et il faut que nous aidions les autres qui ont été blessé. Je déteste que vous doiviez à vivre cette tragédie et je suis furieux que ce se soit déroulé. Il est crucial que nous arrêtions cette violence. Je désire que nous vivions dans un monde sans que les personnes tuent les autres. Je regrette que ces attaques se soit passé en votre beau pays.

  Our hearts in America are broken as we watch the suffering of our French sisters and brothers. We stand with you, united against this evil in the world. We will not stop until we are safe.
Love wins over hate. Freedoms wins over oppression.
United we stand!!!

  My prayers are with all those families who have lost someone close to them.

  Je suis un étudiant de Miami. J’écris pour exprimer mes condoléances pour ce qui est arrivé le 13 Novembre 2015 en Paris. Je suis étonné. Je ne sais pas pourquoi les terroristes allaient attaquer Paris ou quel’que chose ville généralement. Je peux imaginer la peur que Paris et les familles souffrent, tout comme les États-Unis en 2001, quand les tours jumelles sont tombées. Je souhaite à Paris et le monde amour, et paix aux familles qui ont perdu des membres le 13 du Novembre.

  Il est horrible que ce qui se passe et il faut que je donne mes condoléances à vous. J’ai envie que nous devions travailler ensemble pour récupérer. Sans que nous aidions, nous ne serons jamais guérir. J’aime que les personnes envoient l’amour et des prières à Paris. Bien que nous soyons triste, je suggère que nous soutenions les amis et les familles des victimes. Je demande que nous essayions d’être positif, quoique il soit difficile. Vous êtes dans mes pensées Paris.

  Je suis très désole pour votre souffrance. Notre pensées et notre cœurs sont avec vous.
Vive la France.

  Greetings from Pennsylvania! Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this crisis! We are following the news closely and ready to do whatever we can to help!

  Mes condoleances les plus sinceres a toutes les familles endeuillees par les evenements du 13 novembre. Que Dieu les aident dans leur douleur.

  As Thomas Jefferson so beautifully stated, we are all French. My deepest sympathy.

  Je vous donne mes condoléances au des gens de France. Rester fort, Paris. #JesuisParis.

  Je prie pour ceux qui ont été perdus et suis avec ceux qui luttent sur.

  I am so very sorry for the lives taken in Paris during the attacks, and I send my utmost condolences to the friends and families of those lost. Stay strong people of France, we shall stand with you as comrades!

  J’espère que tout les personnes à Paris se récupèrent et je regrette tellement que ce désastre se soit passé et que beaucoup de familles ont été affectées par cette tragédie horrible. Je veux que vous sachiez que nous sommes tous derrière vous et que nous sommes furieux que vous doiviez à passer par cette calamité. Il est crucial que nous soyons ensemble pour battre contre le mal dans ce monde. Et nous devons exiger que ces tyrans paient pour ce qu’ils ont fait et qu’ils soient apporter en justice. Il n’est pas juste que cela puisse passer à des gens innocents. Je ne doute pas que vous puissiez passer à traverse ça et il est temps que nous doivions aider tout les personnes qui a été blessé de quelque façon alors qu’ils sont capables de cicatrisation.

  I hope all ends up well in the end and all prayers go out to Paris

  We are deeply saddened by the events and losses of the past week in France and world-wide.
The children I teach have prayed for you.

  Dans ce moment tragique, nous tenions à exprimer nos sinceres condoléances.
Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous, et vous rejoignons dans la douleur.

  We stand with you, great country of France, in your fight against the violence perpetrated against innocent young people enjoying an evening in Paris. My heart goes out to your people and their loss. You have shown the world your courage and your refusal to hide in fear. You are a beacon in the darkness of terrorism. Vive La France!

  Restez fort et rappelez que le monde vous soutiens.

  mes condoléances pour tout ce qui est arrivé. A travers la tourmente vient courage et de force.

  Despair, sadness, sorrow, shock, fear, rage, disgust, indignation, pity, devastation....I’ve run out of emotions as I watch this unfolding horror in Paris. The only one left is LOVE....and I will always love Paris. My heart goes out to all that were touched directly or indirectly; we stand solidly with you as you work your way back from this.

  Mes pensees vont aux victimes et a leur famille. Les francais montrent déjà le pouvoir de la solidarite et de la fierte nationale.

  To the people of France. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time. May God bless all of you and protect you.

  All of my condolences to everyone in France. Wishing you the best everyday, hoping you receive our prayers and thoughts. Sending all of my love for people who’ve lost a loved one in such a tragic attack.

  I am so sorry for everyone affected. This was truly a horrible tragedy. My prayers to all those in Paris.
J’aime beacoup les personnes de Paris!

  Mes sinceres condoléances a tout ceux qui ont perdu leurs proches lors de ces horribles evenements. Tous les jours je pense a vous.

  Je suis désolé pour vos pertes. Il est un attentan c’est trés horrible. Les Americans sont là pour vous. Le group de Isis c’est physchotique. J’espère que vous avoir une récupération rapide. Les Americans sont Paris. America pieure avec Paris.

  I give my deepest condolences. The attack in Paris was something unhuman. My prayers go to the family of the victims and to the whole country itself, it’s time to come together and help one another in times like this. You guys are not alone, the rest of the world is supporting you.

  Sending love to all French people. My heart hurts for all of you — may you find peace. France will always hold a special place in my heart - I fell more in love with my boyfriend in France, walking the streets and experiencing a new country, and now we are married. I have visited your beautiful buildings, restaurants, shops, museums and cafes. You are all part of a beautiful, vibrant country and we are in this together!

  I am so sorry for the terrible tragedy the French people are enduring. I have great admiration for French culture and products. The city of Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. It is a treasure for all of humanity.
I also admire very much the dignified and resolute way Mr. Hollande has conducted himself. He has shown true leadership. I hope someday to visit Paris and to meet French people. I send my admiration and support in the meantime.

  My deepest condolences to all involved in this terrible tragedy. We stand with you and will not let this horrible act of terrorism weaken us. As your country begins to heal, may your hearts remain full of love, your spirits remain strong and full of hope, and there be no fear or hatred present. My heart and thoughts are with you, and I now more than ever want to visit France for the first time to lend my support.

  mon coeur va à tout le monde en france. sais qu’il y a retour aux États-Unis, les gens qui sont là pour vous. rester fort france

  Je suis désolé pour vos pertes. Je étudie français au america, et J’adore la langue. Nous soutien vous, et aimons vous. En Amérique, nous admirons vous. We copie votre cuisine, et mode. Ainsi, nous allons supporter à vos côtés. Apres tout, vous sommes notre la plus ancienne ally. Peu importe ce que nous aurons toujours votre dos. Finalament, je suis désolé que vous deviez passer par cette, et je suis désolé pour ma mal français!

  Mes condoléances vont à vous tous à Paris. Je vous souhaite à tous de rester solide et puissante dans ce terrible moment. Je suis désolé pour vos pertes, car cela est un temps terrible dans toutes nos vies. Il est horrible que les gens pouvaient faire quelque chose comme ça à tous vos amis innocents et des membres de la famille. Je vous souhaite de toutes mes forces. Répandre l’amour autour. -K

  Vous êtes toujours dans mon cœur et je vous souhaite le courage et la puissance pour surmonter cette tragédie. Je vous soutiens. Vive la France!

  I am so sorry that you are being attacked right now. i hope that things will get better for you soon! and pray that ISIS wont come to the USA.

  C’est du fond de mon cœur que j’envoie toutes mes condoléances aux victimes et leurs familles après cet événement si choquant et affreux. Je peux seulement imaginer la douleur que les Parisiens souffrent en ce moment après d’être la cible d’une attaque si cruelle et odieuse. Dans mes pensées et dans mon cœur je souhaite que tout le monde soit courageux, fort, et qu’ils ne perdront jamais l’espoir. Même si ces attentats ont bouleversé Paris, la Ville Lumière ne s’éteindrai jamais!

  Que la paix, l’amour et la guérison viendra à vous, Paris.

  Je suis tres desole pour les personnes tuees. J’adore vous et bonne chance!!!

  I can’t begin to fathom what those who were affected by the attacks are going through right now. Innocent lives lost because of radicalism. But our thoughts should not be with the attackers but with the attacked and humans need to stand together in this time of tragedy and come out of it stronger than before and use it for the future.This is a world issue that France will not be alone in. Again my condolences to those who lost loved ones the whole world is praying for you and that your loved one’s Rest In Peace

  My condolences go to you in your time of tragedy. As someone who studies not only the history of your country, but also the language and culture, I was mortified to hear about the terrible attacks made against both you and your society. As a people we stand with you in your time of tragedy.
Je suis tres desolee.

  Je suis très désolée que Paris et le Stade de France ont été la cible de ISIS. Il est important que nous aidions la France pendant ce temps difficile. Je veux que tout les personnes de France sachent que je voudrais aider. Il est rare que quelque chose comme ça se passe, et je suis étonnée que ça se passe. C’est horrible que ISIS existe! Je regrette que ça se passe en France. Il est bien que tout le monde veuille aider. Il faut que nous arrêtions ISIS. Il est urgent que nous arrêtions ces actes de la guerre. J’ai honte que nous habitions dans un monde où quelque chose comme ça peut se passer. J’espère que les personnes qui habitent en France puissent rester forte. J’aime la France et je suis ici pour aider.

  Chers citoyens de la France condoléances à vous et votre pays. Je suis profondément désolé pour tous les personnes qui sont morts et de blessés dans les attaques. Je prie pour Paris pour récupérer. Love.

  Les attaques comme ces ont le but de nous faire peur, mais je pense que nous sommes capable de surmonter le peur, et lever tous ensemble contre l’ennemi. Maintenant, il faut que nous prenions conscience des familles des victimes, et que nous soignions pour eux. Concernant le futur, ce qui reste avec moi encore est la culture à Paris. Je suis triste à penser que ces attaques peuvent arrêter la majesté du Paris, et j’espère que nous voyions que l’unité est une bonne façon de le combattre. À moins que nous eux montrions que nous n’avons pas peur d’eux, ils penseront qu’ils ont gagné. Je ne suis pas certain que vous aillez m’être d’accord, et il se peut que vous pensiez que la seulement façon de les combattre est la violence. Malgré ça, je veux que les gens du Paris connaissent que nous dans les États-Unis sont avec vous. S’il y a une chance que nous puissions vous aider, j’espère que vous nous demandiez. Nos pensées sont avec vous.

  Nos condoléances les plus attristées. Toutefois, soyez sûrs que le monde entier est convaincu que la France saura et pourra relever la tête au plus vite. Comme François Hollande l’a d’ailleurs si bien dit dans son allocution du château de Versailles, la France, par le passé, a vaincu des adversaires plus redoutables et donc l’histoire saura se répéter à nouveau et à coup sûr une fois de plus.

  I am sorry for all the injured and the lost. Hopefully, France will recover from this attack. For every minor set back is a major comeback!

  I hope that everyone that was injured or the families of the injured are doing well. I am very sad that this happened. My thoughts are with the people affected by this tragedy. We stand with you. For every minor setback is a major comeback. You will recover

  I am deeply sorry for the attacks in Paris.

  I give my deepest condolences to the people of France. This was a tragedy that nobody should ever have to go through. It fills me with sadness to watch this happen.

  Sincerest condolences to all the families who lost a loved one. May God bless every one of you and just Paris as a whole! Keeping you in my prayers. Love.

  It is incredibly unfortunate that this has happened to you all. My heart goes out to not only the grieving families who might have lost someone due to the attack, but to all of the people of France. Reste fort, je t’aime.

  Hello, I want to send my condolences to all the French families and victims of the terrible attack. My family is from France, Normandie, and once my dad and I heard the news we were very distraught. We are sending our prayers and thoughts. Vive la France.

  I feel sorry of the people who lost their loved ones or friends in the attacks from the terrorists. I hope ISIS will soon face the consequences that they deserve.

  Better days are to come. Stay strong in your struggles! We are all praying for you. Long live France!

  My prayers go out to France. I am so sad to know this happened. God bless France and to the people whose lost their loved ones. #prayforparis

  Hi. I am sooooooo, sorry that this has happened. I am so sorry for your losses. I hope everything will soon be okay there. Again I am soooooosorry. Feel better!

  I’m sorry for all the loss, I feel bad at what had happened to you guys. I know this is a sad note at what had happened so I’m just going to say sorry. I wish you the best of luck if you lost a loved one.

  I’m so sorry of all of you’re losses. I really feel you pain. This is really just a sorry note. I wish you all luck without one of you’re beloved siblings. Me and my friends will all the best of luck to you all and hope for the best without that sibling.

  C’est avec grande tristesse que je vous écris aujourd’hui. Je suis prof de français ici aux Etats-Unis et ce week-end je n’ai pensé qu’à la France. Mes grandes sympathies et je vous souhaite la paix pour le futur.

  I am praying for you guys 24/7. I am sorry this had to happen to you. Stay strong and together we can make it through this terrible event. Don’t give up yet. There is still hope left in all of us.

  I’m sorry about what happened. Also for the people who lost their loved ones. I feel so bad. I wish I can help so bad. You are so brave!

  You are in my prayers

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