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Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Paris - Condolences / Condoléances

Published on November 21, 2015

Condolences / Condoléances

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  Nous condamnons fermement les attentas qui ont frappé des innocents. toutes nos condoléances.

  n’ayant pu trouver un autre accès, nous envoyons nos condoléances par ce détour en l’espoir qu’elles seront bien reçues.
C’était avec grande horreur et douleur que nous avons entendu les nouvelles du terrible attentat à Paris. Nous rejoignons le monde francophile qui regrette profondément les victimes de cette attaque vicieuse et lâche. Soyez assurés que nos coeurs sont proches des vôtres en ces jours de deuil.
Cordialement, from Weingarten (Allemagne)

  I am so sorry for the horrible attacks on Paris. We will all stand united and we for support and love. Many lives were lost and we mourn for all of the lives lost. We pray for safety and protection all over France. Everyone will come together and support and give our love to France. We hope for safety and protection. Stay safe!

  Im in French 3 right now and we are all talking, praying and thinking of you all. We are all upset and thinking of you all... We are all praying and thinking of you all praying for your hope and strength. JE SUIS PARIS.. Love.

  I want to make something clear: I don’t know what to do about this horrible massacre. I don’t know whether we should reinforce anti-immigration policy in order to punish the innocent to prevent the guilty, or should we protect our global neighbors and let in these monsters. I’m not sure anyone knows what we should do, not Obama, not Trudeau, not even Hollande. However, what I do know is that we have been through this before. There has been many times when we have been knocked off our feet, but through time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears, we have rebuilt our worlds in response to the offensive forces of men who want to watch the world burn. We can do this again. Tonight, we bury our dead. Tomorrow, we mourn them, remember them, and put 100% into rebuilding and maintaining the world for the living.

  Mes plus sinceres condoleances. Mon coeur pleure....

  I want to give my condolences to the lives lost on this tragic Friday the 13th, my prayers are with the family’s lost.

  I am sorry for all of the awful things Paris has had to endure the past few days and for everyone that has lost a loved one that doesn’t live in Paris as well

  Please excep my most deepest respect to the french people for the losses they have exoerience in the hands of the terrorist. May the city of light never extinguish the light of liberty.
Viva la France

  Mes sinceres codoléances et solidarite de la part des amis de la France en Amérique Centrale.

  Hello all,
I am writing this to show support to everyone in Paris and in France in general. What happened Friday is not fair for all the innocents. Many people’s life were stolen that day by heartless killers. As France showed support in 9/11 and other events we will support in this time of terror. We stand together!

  Me sincères condoléances. Nous partageons votre peine en ce moment de deuil. Je suis désolée. Mes pensées sont avec vous.

  Bonjour. Je m’appelle Keely. Je suis tres dèsolée. Je partage votre peins en ce moment de deuil. Viva la France.

  Je suis désolée et nous partageons votre peine en ce moment de deuil. Vive le France. This is as much as I can say in French, but I wish you all well and we stand with you through this time of great mourning. Our thoughts are with you.

  Sault Je m’apppelle Kelly, je suis tres désolée for the horrid event that occured friday et partage mes sincérs condoléances

  Mes sincères condoléances au peuple de France, et nous partageons votre peine en ce moment de deuil.

  Nous partageons votre peine en ce moment de deuil. I cannot completely express my feelings of sadness in French but my heart goes out to all who have lost something in this event. Mes sinceres condolèances.

  With tribulation comes perseverance, and that is exactly what France will do. You are in our hearts and our prayers. Stay strong.

  My heart goes out to all who were directly and indirectly affected by this horrible event. We all will stick together and get through the hard times as a whole world, but more importantly as one big family.

  The American people offer their support and solidarity for the people of France. May France persevere through this difficult time and grow to become something stronger. -Long Live France

  Paris, as much as I can do I found a way to send you a message. I know that it is hard. I know that lives have been lost. But we will all get through this. We’ve gotten through 9/11 and and we can do this. You were there for us. Now let us be there for you. I send all my love.

  Mes condoléances, et sympathie. Soyez fort France.

  Condolences to the victims and the people of Paris and France. Stay Strong!

  Chers Parisiens, nous sommes avec vous. Je sais que c’est des temps difficiles, mais ne perdez pas l’espoir. Il y a sept ans que je habite a Paris, c’est tres beau là bas, et j’aime la personnalité du peuple. Personne ne meritait ce qui s’est passe, toutes mes condeleances. Soyez forts.

  Condolences to all the families who have lost someone, and deepest regards to those struggling to deal with what has happened.

  Mes sincéres condoléances. Vive la France!

  all acrossed the world we are feeling the pains and sorrow in France. I am moved by how countries all throughout the world are bonding together to help support the french

  Our condolences to the people of France, and all who have suffered. Our hearts go out to you. Stay strong France, for we are with you.

  My dearest condolences to all those who have lost loved ones due to the recent attacks on Paris.

  Peace be with the hearts of the people who lost family members. Stay strong

  Stay strong Paris, our harts go out to you.

  You are in our prayers. Stay hopeful!

  We are praying for Paris. The families and the community are in our prayers everyday. Stay strong.

  I am very sort for everyone that this event effected. I have been to the city and know how beautiful. I give french citizens my condolences. Again I am so sorry for what took place.Vive la France!

  To France -
America is with you. I hope you can rebuild and learn from this tragedy.

  Je suis vraiment désolée. Nous sommes tous parisiens!

  Mon cœur est avec vous. Je suis trés triste de qu’est ce passé à Paris. Je prier pour veux.

  Je suis profondément désolé pour votre perte

  Mes sincères condoléances.

  My prayers go out to you. I hope that those responsible will suffer for these atrocities.

  Je suis désolée pour les personnes à Paris!!! Ils ont mes sincères condoléances.

  I would to leave my condolences to the people of paris. I have family that live there and this will not stand with me.
Love, Sydney

  Mon cœur est meurtri,
Mon pays souffre dans sa chaire,
Je souffre aussi.
Que tous ces petits anges montés au ciel soient sûr que nous ne les oublierons jamais.
Ma France je t’aime.

  Our prayers go out to everyone in France who had to go through or see someone else go through the pain and suffering brought by the terrible event. We are with you every step of the way.

  Je garde tous les francais et la France dans mes prières.

  Nous n’avons pas peur! My heart goes out to France. The one song lyric I have had in my head is this from "Emma" by Imagine Dragons: "Hell and silence! I can fight it, I can fight it!"

  Obama should ACTUALLY do something about it

  It saddens me that you have had to experience the heart wrenching sadness of abrupt loss. It saddens me that this world that we live in can hold such hatred and can cause so much pain. I sit here knowing that I can never fully understand your loss, but I can share my support. I stand with you, with spirit if not body, in times of happiness and in times of pain. Let us share the hope that a time of happiness follows this time of pain. Sorry for your loss.

  I am in shock at what had happened last Friday night, and France definitely did not deserve it, Paris is a great city and nobody should have thoughts about the way the terrorists did. We all as a functioning society should do anything and everything we can to stop the people from forming another attack like this, especially on Paris. I hope the people of France can stay strong after this. #prayforparis

  To the people of Paris and France,
I am sending my prayers and concern for the victims and their families. This was an outrage that breaks the heart. I would like to learn how I can send a donation to help. People at my church also wish to know, as well. Praying for all. Vive La France! Ray Gallagher

  My sincerest condolences to the people of France. Your light shines brightly around the world, and no one will be able to eliminate it. Je t’aime Paris, et vive la France!

  Peace for Paris!!! Thoughts go out to the people of Paris! The lights will never go out, stay strong and know that people are supporting you!

  A poem I wrote:
The city of love,
with the shining lights.
so high above,
the Eiffel Tower glows bright.
from dawn to sunset,
oh, how we’ll never forget.
Je t’aime Paris

  It is heartbreaking to know that horrible things, such as this, are happening around the world. Stay strong France and all of the other countries suffering from terrible events. I am with you.

  Sending prayers to the people of Paris!

  The Western World is at war. Please invoke article 5 of the NATO charter. The withdrawal of President Obama after the success of the Surge led to the birth of the Islamic State. France and the U.S. need to destroy Raqqa and every element of the caliphate in Iraq, Syria and among its allies and franchises around the world. Stop the heavily infiltrated migration of Muslim men. Weed out the Islamists in your nation, close their mosques and step up surveillance, deportation and detention. Vive la France! France, Europe, the US, Egypt, Israel, Jordan must survive. The alternative is hell on earth.

  Bien mal acquis ne profite jamais. Nous sommes avec vous, Paris

  Je suis tellement désolé pour toutes les pertes. Je ne peux même pas imaginer ce qu’il était! Je vous souhaite bonne chance.

  France is like a brother to America, they gave us the Statue of liberty, we fight terrorism side by side and the acts of terrorism that have been blighting their country go unpunished. France stood with America on 9/11, the time has come to return the favor.

  As a women of both French and Tunisian descent, I would like to express my sorrow for all the lives lost due to today’s terrorist attack in Paris, France. I feel extremely sad about this attack, especially because today was suppose to be a day of celebration after winning against Germany. Instead, we will know it as the day when more than 100 people died due to shootings in a theater and stadium. I feel deep sadness for those like me, North Africans living in France, who will have to deal with the repercussions of these attacks. Facing treatment as if we are the enemies. Thank you to all the friends who have reached out to me to check up on me and my family. Thankfully they are safe. #PrayForParis

  My deepest sympathy to the families who lost relatives or friends in the most recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

  We have thought of France and the French people constantly since the terrible events in Paris on Friday. Our prayers are with the people of France as they mourn the loss of their children, brothers, sisters, parents and friends, and as they recover from these dreadful attacks and resolve to defend their humanitarian values. We in the United States, and everyone world wide who loves freedom and justice, we all stand with France at this time.

  I would like to say I am sorry for all of the francs that died in the brutal terrorist attacks. Just remember that even though we’re scared and in mourning, we have to stay strong because if we don’t, who will? I have no hatred in my heart for the ones who’re responsible for this, but I cry for them as well, sad because they let the corruption in their hearts spread its wings... and look at the result of it all. Mais souvenons, nous sommes avec vous.

  When I found out what happened in Paris my heart hurt and still hurts for the wonderful people of your beautiful nation. Our prayers and our condolences go out to the people in paris and our hearts are with your beautiful city and its people.. We are truly sorry for the loss your nation suffered.The people of the United States of America stand with you, and know your pain, as we have felt it also.. Mes sincères condoléances

  All my condolences for you and all families that feel sad of the trouble. God have all in control and he know why.

  Bonjour, je suis très desolee de ce qui s’est passé en France. Au revoir. Abbi

  Terrorists will never defeat democracy.
Love Paris, you are not alone. The world stand with you.

  This was an awful event to happen to the city of lights. I am so sorry and am praying for the wonderful people of Paris.
Nous sommes unis.
Je suis parisien

  Our hearts and prayers are with you in the beautiful city of lights, and our condolences to the families who lost loved ones. We have been fortunate to spend three days there and was pleasantly surprised to be treated so well, it made us long to return to spend more time someday. As JFK said in his famous speech in Germany, changed to fit the times, "We are all Parisians", we will stand with you. The Wagners, Winston-Salem, NC. USA

  Je prie pour tout le monde en France. Je prie pour les familles qui ont perdu des êtres chers. Je prie Paris. Les lumières seront jamais sortir à Paris.

  It’s so sad to hear what happened. All of America is praying for Paris! Je suis Parisien. Nous sommes unis.

  France is a wonderful country. The people are nice and welcoming. They are innocent. I wish the best days for all people in France.

  Though the darkness may descend on the City of Lights, the light will always shine through the night My heart goes out to you Paris

  My condolences to all the Families,Friends and everybody,who is touched by the terrorists
A speedy recovery for the wounded and for the Deaths R.I.P. viva la France.

  My and my family’s hearts go out to everyone who was hurt in the attacks, and we are praying for the friends and families of victims. May the lights never go out again.

  Nuestros corazones estàn con la gente de Francia
Que Dios este con ustedes.

  I send my condolences. The tragedy that happened in France is terrible, but I am astonished by how strong that you are being.

  Dear citizens of France,
I am an American citizen. I am studying how to speak French and the culture of your history. I am very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine something happening like that to me. So for it to happen to you is awful. I hope everything get’s better for you.
Taylor from Philadelphia

  My heart goes out to Paris. I cannot grasp why or how someone could do such a horrible thing.

  Dear citizens of France,
My deepest condolences to your country. I am so sorry this attack has happened on your country. Stay safe. Veronica T

  We will stand tall with Paris, and people that were lost. Our heart go out to people of Paris
God bless France! Let the lights forever shine on The City of Lights.

  I am very sorry for the losses of your loved ones, America is behind you in spirit and heart.

  My love and support goes out to France and everyone affected by this tragic moment. So many people from Paris and the whole of France sent condolences to Americans about 9/11 and showing so much support, my class and I want to return the favor and give our condolences and love for all of Paris. Je suis paris.

  I am so saddened by the recent attacks on your beautiful country and the innocent citizens of Paris. I was recently there and had such a wonderful experience that it is so very hard to see and hear what your country is going through. You are in my heart forever and in my prayers. L M, Sacramento, Ca.

  America will always be there with you. We may not be there physically but we will be there in your hearts. We support you like you did us.

  America is praying for your France!

  I Have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. VIVE LA FRANCE!!!!!!!!!

  I hope that you are seeking out God in all of this. Hoping to see more people turn towards him, in the past few day you have had some very terrible things happen to you I hope for all of you to be safe. I wish that I could be there helping but I am just a kid so I will he here in America praying for you all. I hope and pray for all of you! You are in my thoughts! Hope you are well.

  Nos pensées vous accompagnent

  I’m sorry for the lose of Paris. America stands with Paris.

  If I could I would personally hug each and every one of you to let you know it’s ok and I am here for you.

  When the City of Light went dark, the rest of the world lit up for them. Longue vie à la France. We stand with you always. You will make it through this.

  To our friends in France,
I am sorry to hear the bad news in Paris. We, in America are with you. I send you my prayers.

  Our hearts go out to the people of France. You are all in our prayers. Vive la France!

  We all stand by Paris at this time of grief and our prayers are always with you

  Dear citizens of France I know you probably heard this a lot, but I am sorry for the attack on your beautiful country. We in America are here for you guys

  France, you have all of our prayers and support; we will always stand with you. I am sorry for the many lives lost. Stay strong. Vive la France.

  My prayers for Paris and for the world. Please be safe.

  Je suis Paris. My heart hurts for everything you’re going through and I know it will get better and my heart goes out to those who have lost lives, friends, and families. I wish I could say I know what you’re going through but I don’t and I can’t imagine it at all it must be absolutely terrifying but like I said it will get better I promise and Paris will shine as bright as always. We’re with you.

  I’m so sorry for all of everyone is Paris who has lost anyone to this awful accurance. Please accept our condolences and hopes for healing in the days ahead.

  To the shadows of those who have lost there live`s, to the people who will forever be strongly affected by the attack of Paris. My heart will greatly be affected always, and forever.

  I’m so sorry for all of everyone is Paris who has lost anyone to this awful accurance. Please accept our condolences and hopes for healing in the days ahead.

  France will not be the same, nobody saw this coming. After the attacks in New York during nine eleven it took about 6 months for people to walk the streets as they once did. People in France are in hiding and all of our prayers go out to France. May the lord accept the souls of those who were lost.

  My thoughts go out to all the people of France. We send our prayers and condolences during this terrible time.

  I’m praying for your country and the people of France. Just keep pushing! Vive La FRANCE!

  To all the people in France, you have my support and prayers.

  Stand together france. America loves you. We stand with you.
Our lights are on!

  the soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war

  I was on the Aldgate train that was blown up in London 7/7/2005. My heart bleeds for you. God bless.

  dear all french citizens i give you my condolences and stay strong america is with you.

  What happened in Paris was horrible, and I strongly wish that the people of France know that we are with them at this time. I have many friends in France, but I will never know the real impact that this must have had. Please know that many, many people are praying for you and supporting you.

  My heart goes out to all those in Paris; those wounded, murdered, their families, everyone. Although I’m not religious, I’m praying for you all. God bless.

  Condolences. We are with you.

  Paris has gone through something terrible. I pray for their recovery, and that those whose lives were lost may rest in peace.

  My sincere condolences to all the people in France.

  Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Vive la France!

  Mon Condoléances

  America will be praying for Paris. "the lights will never go out in the city or lights." Vive la france.

  I’ve met many people over the years, including some from France. I am so thankful that they are well, but I know that many people are suffering from loss. I can not imagine the kind of pain everyone is feeling. France is beautiful. Stay strong through this hard time. All my prayers go out to you. Vive la France!

  I will pray for paris.

  I feel horrible about what happened on Friday and I wish the best to the families of the victims

  My heart goes out to the people who were injured, and I hope these senseless acts comes to an end.

  America’s hearts are with you.Vive la France!

  Je suis trieste pour Paris.
My heart breaks because of the tragic event and my heart goes out to those lives lost.

  praying for he world in this time of crisis, we should stand together we are all paris.

  Praying for the victims and witnesses of the attack on France. May France finally get the peace it deserves. Vive la France!

  my condolences go out to France.

  Mes sincères condolèances. Vive la France.

  A tous les Français, Recevez mes très sincères condoléances et l’expression de ma plus profonde sympathie.

  Je suis tellement désolé pour votre perte. Mes pensées sont avec vous et votre famille. Vive la France

  America stands with you.

  Je suis désolée. Mes sincères condoléances le deuil. Vive la France.

  Many people in America were very upset when they heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris. Everywhere around the world lit up their national monuments in honor of these attacks. America sends their condolences to everyone in Paris.

  My heart goes out to all those that were lost, wounded, and to the families of those who were lost. I am very sad to hear what happened to such a beautiful city. America is praying for you. We are sending lots of love ans support during this difficult time.

  You are all strong and I send my deepest condolences.

  Je suis désolé

  My prayers are with Paris

  My heart goes out to all of the people in Paris who had lost a family member.

  Reste forte. Mes penses sont avec vous.

  Cher peuple de Paris,
Je suis très désolé de ce qui vous est arrivé. Vous ne méritez pas d’être terrorisé par les musulmans. Je dois mon cœur pour vous les gars et je espère que vos chers disparus seront dans ton cœur pour une longue période à venir. Je l’espère vous les gars se lèvera et combattre les musulmans. Je souhaite que votre ville de lumière va propulser contre les forces des ténèbres et de la liberté et de la liberté acheive.

  There are no words to express what has happened. I am very sorry! Vive la France

  Vive la France!

  mes plus sincères pensées et nos prières sont avec vous pour toujours. Ce qui est arrivé le vendredi était absolument horrible et je espère que notre pays peut aider à guérir vos blessures. Yur pays est absolument beuatifu et la pensée de gens innocents blessés est la pire image que je peux imaginer. Je prie pour Paris. je suis paris

  je suis désolée
le deuil
vous avez mes condoléances
Vive la France

  Mes sincères condoléances.

  France, you will always stand strong. With Evil, good will rise up against it. France is the good, and you will rise up because the city of lights is always brighter than darkness.

  I am very sorry for your losses. Paris is in my prayers! Mes sincères condoléances

  America is supporting you with our hearts and spirits!

  vous êtes tous dans nos prières, la France est toujours brillant ... Je suis paris !

  Condoléances aux victimes de Paris. Je suis profondément bouleversé ce qui est arrivé en France est une attaque contre l’humanité. Roumaine, je me tiens, encore liés dans l’histoire, le peuple français pour montrer la solidarité avec le peuple français. Mais je dois le pouvoir de dire que la liberté et la fraternité n’a pas été prise à partir du peuple français. Je sais que le peuple français et la défaite puissante et victorieuse. Vous êtes un peuple qui ont surmonté depuis, la deuxième guerre mondiale. Que le Seigneur Jésus bénisse la France. Avec estime et de respect pour le peuple français. Vive la France
Vive la Liberté
Condolences to the victims of Paris. I am deeply upset about what happened in France is an attack against humanity. Romanian I like me, still bound in history, the French people to show solidarity with the French people. But I have the power to say that freedom and brotherhood was not taken from the French people. I know that the French people and defeat powerful and victorious. You are a people who have overcome since, the second world war. May the Lord Jesus bless France. With esteem and respect for the French people.

  Je suis très désolé pour tout ce que vous vivez en ce moment et nous vous soutiens à travers tout cela parce que vous soutenez toujours un pays dans le besoin. Nous avons été à travers ce que vous les gars passent par raison de 9/11 et je voulais juste pour montrer mon soutien pour tout le monde en France. Ce fut une action terrible, mais la réaction de vous les gars est incroyable parce que vous arent Fighting Back qui est la bonne chose à faire alors restez France forte !

  A tous les Français, Recevez mes sincéres condoléances. Je suis trés compatissant. Je suis réfléchi de tous les personnes en France. Je priés pour les familles qui avoir un personne mort.

  My heart, and many other people’s hearts go out to France. I know it must be very hard on you guys. Just spending a few seconds to brighten up your day, just a little.

  My deepest condolences are with France in the face of this tragedy. I know that as a whole, not only Paris but all free countries will rebound from this attack. They only put a small scratch in your entire society.

  I join many around the world in prayer for France.

  mes prières sont avec vous.
 étudiant américain

  je suis désolée

  Mourir, c’est partir beacoup.

  Je suis tellement désolé pour ce qui est arrivé samedi. Vous êtes dans mes pensées et mes prières, et je espère que yu sont et se sentent en sécurité maintenant. Reste fort

  Our thoughts and prayers are with you France. America loves you!

  Les lumières ne mourront jamais! God Bless France!

  you are not alone france,everyone is here to support you

  My heart goes out to all the people who have been hurt by these terrible attacks. Paris is the city of light and the light will shine forever. God Bless!

  Mes plus sincères condoléances aux familles des victimes. Ceci est injuste et cruel. Il n’y a même pas de mot assez fort pour décrire l’hinumanité de ce qui c’est passé.

  hope you guys can recover from your destruction

  I would like to send my most sincere condolences for Friday’s attack. America has your back, France. We will not leave you in the dark.

  I would like to express my deepest condolences to the whole of the French nation. Solidarité avec la France!

  Paris, vous êtes une lumière qui ne s’éteint jamais. Nous t’aimons!

  Les gens qui sont morts et blessés pendant ces attaques étaient en train de danser, boire, chanter, et rire. Ils étaient en train de vivre. On est tous avec eux, mais la ville lumière ne s’eteindra jamais jamais. On pleure tous, on est en deuil tous, mais on est tous ensemble. On va pas laisser la haine à vivre. On va pas la supporter. On est tous français.

  Toutes mes sinceres condoleances a tout le mined a Paris

  I am so sorry for your loss, I will pray for you and all the people who’s lives were taken from them. I hope that this tragic event will never happen again. God bless. Toutes mes sincères condolénces à tout ke monde à Paris.

  Avec les sentiments d’amour et l’espoir, je donne mes condoléances à les personnes qui perdent leur vies et à les familles de ces personnes. Dans les temps de tragédie, nous se levons avec les autres et croyons la paix est possible.

  Il est très difficile que les terroristes attaquent France, mais c’est pas le prémier fois. Il est plus triste que ISIS (et les autres groupes de terrorisme) fait les attentats. Je ne sais pas comment le monde peut être mal comme ça, c’est pas d’accord et je suis plus désoleil pour l’attentat au Paris. Vivez en paix. Merci. Les Etats Unis sont avec vous. Nous vous aimons.

  Je suis desole pour les attaques. Nous avons ici pour votre, France. Nous avons été ici avant et nous allons passer au travers encore.

  Je suis très désolé que innocent France a attaqué. Mais je crois que France persérvérera. Vive la France!

  Je suis très desolé. Les évènment qui a passé à Paris était tragique. Les Etats Unis se levent en support avec vous, et vous avez mon soutien.

  This is made my heart so heavy.its terrible to think that terrorism is still present today. My heart goes out to all the families and friends of the individuals that lost their lives in this tragic sending love and support.Viva la France! Toutes mes sincères condoléances à tout le monde à Paris.. Love.

  my heart is with you, you have everyone’s love and support, to all who have passed, may you lie peacefully at rest. my condolences with love - Ka’lea U.S.

  My prayers for all dead and wounded, as well as their families. Such an awful tragedy. But the people who did this will not kill the spirit of France, or the spirit of democracy. We in America are with you every step of the way.

  Nous sommes tous les Parisiens. Vive la France!!!

  J’envoye mes condoléances pour les victimes dans Paris, et aussi pour tout de France. Vive la France!

  La solidarité avec la peuple de France

  Je suis très désole pour les évènements qui passe. Vous avez mon condoléances et le soutien des Etats Unis

  Je suis très désolé pour tout ce qui a passe ce weekend. J’envoye mon coeur pour Paris. Tu n’es pas seul, vive la France.

  My heart goes out to all of those currently suffering or mourning for lost ones. Let me just say there are thousands of people supporting you and don’t give up hope. Please stay strong.

  My heart is torn for the people in Paris. The best of wishes to all of those who suffer, and god bless.

  To the people of France: My prayers go out to you and all the victims. My heart is heavy for all those that have passed on.

  Paris, j’envoie mes condoléances pour votre ville. Le monde a soutenu vous dans les temps de les attaques. Rester calme mes amis, les jour mieux est prévu.

  Je suis désolée que vous expérience des attaques horrible. Les citoyens de Amérique soutiennent chaque personne au Paris.

  My heart goes out to the people if France in this horrible time. But we as brothers from different nations stand together United as one. Paris stood with the United States during the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and we stand with them during their terrorist attacks now. My deepest condolences to the families of those that have lost their lives and to the families waiting for their loved ones to heal.

  You guys are in my prayer
Toutes mes sincère condoléances à le monde à Paris

  Toutes mes sincerès condoléances à tout le monde à paris.

  Vous n’êtes pas soeul. Les personnes dans Etas Unis se levent près de vous. Nous adorons Paris, et nous donnons notre condoléances sincère. Je t’aime.

  Je suis très désolé pour ca perde, ca un très terrible action. La terroriste avoir besoin de a été s’arrêter. Tout le monde soutenir Paris et vous.

  Les citoyens de france,
Je suis étais très triste quand j’ai ecouté que il est été une attaque dans ton ville de lumières. Je peux imaginer il est difficil maintenaint, et il semble que il n’est pas l’espoir. Mais tu doit croire que vous etes plus fort que tu pense. Tout le monde prier pour vous. Vive la france

  Je suis désolé qu’il y a les personnes comme Daesh qui peut fait ça.

  Bonjour. Je suis en une classe français au Etas-Unis et tout les personnes envoyent les condoléances. Nous sommes avec nous et nous n’avons pas la peur. L’espoir et la paix vont vivre.

  Je suis très désolé pour les attaques au Paris. Les Etats Unis est dans la bagarre contre le terrorisme et l’extremists avec vous.

  Desole France. Je prier pour vous. Les attentats sont horrible et tres triste. Les Francais est tres fort. Dans America Il y a beaucoup de support.

  We are with you France! Our condolences go out to the people of France. May all rest in peace. We will continue to pray for peace across the world.

  Vendredi est un jour qui le monde va pas oublier. Viva la France.

  My heart goes out to the people in paris.
Toutes mes sincères condolèances à tout le monde à pari

  Condolences to all French peole. We are affected as they are.

  Je suis trés desolée. Un jour, il y aura la paix, j’espère. Je espérer que les extremiste arreté. Un monde meilleur est possible. Vive la France.

  May Peace reign across Paris, across France, across Europe, across the World! We are all in this together.

  Dios Los bendiga.Mexico Los apoya con las manos abiertas
QDEP France

  I’m really.sorry about what happened

  So incredibly sorry for your profound loss. I will be praying for comfort. Much love to each of you. Hugs from Texas.

  I hope everyone who lost someone will heal

  Les personnes américain sont avec vous.

  J’espere que Paris est aller mieux par les attaques de les mauvaises personnes. J’espere la récupération rapidement.

  I would just like to extend my deepest of thoughts and prayers to the unfortunate citizens of Paris. Your city is one of everlasting light, and we can only hope it withstands after this horrific tragedy. We are all with you in this fight against the ongoing threat of terrorism.

  Pour tous les personnes dans France, il est important de rester forte. Beaucoup d’amour pour tous.

  Tout le monde sont française chaque jour.

  My love and prayers go out to all the victims, and their families, of the attacks that took place in Paris on Friday. I stand united with Paris and the French people as I share a moment of silence with my school. The lives lost because of the foolish and cowardly acts of terrorists will never be forgotten and may they rest in peace. Je t’aime Paris. Nous sommes unis.

  C’est vraiment une horreur, qu’est qui ce passe dans la semaine... J’espere que tous les personnes qui sont blessé aller au bon santé rapidement.
bon chance, Paris, la monde sont avec toi

  I’m so sorry about everything that happened. America stands by you! France and Paris you will be in our prayers, and I wish you all well in the future!

  My deepest condolences to the people of France. The lights will never go out in the city of lights. Vive la France!

  Je suis tres triste de le attaques. Je voyage condoleances.

  The world will never forget these attacks; all of America is behind you. Stay strong.

  I am an 8th grader from Chicago, and this darkened my day. I was in Washington D.C., and the security got tightened, and all the news sites were about the attacks in Paris. I just want to say that Paris will stay forever strong, and the lights will never again go out because of ISIS. Stay strong.

  My deepest condolences for the people of France. The world will stand behind you.

  I feel extremely bad about the attacks. I am sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone in France. These attacks are not right, and definitely should be justified.

  Together as a world we stand for Paris. We will never for this day.

  I’m deeply sorry about the current situation you all are experiencing in Paris. America sends you our best wishes. Je suis Paris.. Love.

  I’m praying for Paris

  J’aime Paris, j’aime la France. Je vous envoie du courage et mes condoleances les plus sinceres.

  Mes prières sont avec Paris. Je ne peux pas attendre pour visiter votre ville!

  Praying for everyone this affected. France is in every Americans prayers.

  Bonjour, je m’appelle Ashlee.
Je suis étudiante à Detroit. En ces moments de douleur, nos pensées vous accompagnent.

  Bonjour, je m’appelle Lauren. Je suis étudiante à Detroit. Nous offrons nos pus sincères condolénces et nous pensons à vous. Nos pensées et nos prières sont avec nous.

  this is my messages to the families of the ones who are lost. stay strong. it might seem like everything is over but it’ll get better.

  I send my dearest and most sincere condolences to those in France who are scared, and those who’ve lost friends, family. Nous sommes unis.

  I still can’t believe what happened in Paris. France doesn’t deserve this. I pray for this beautiful country and for its people. Vive la France!

  Our hearts are reaching out to you. Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous.

  My sincerest condolences to you and your countrymen. Please know that we all stand behind you.

  Our deepest prayers and condolences to the people of Paris. France has our full support.

  Bonjour, Nous offrons nous plus sincères condoléances et nous pensons à vous.

  Bonjour, je m’appelle Ellie. Je suis êtudiant à Detroit. Nos pensées sont avec vous en ces moments de tristesse. Nous offrons nos plus sincè condoléances et nous prions à vous.

  Bonjour, je m’appelle Amber. Je suis un étudiant à Detroit. Mes pensées et mes prières sont avec vous

  We will continue to pray for Paris and the tragedies that happened in the other countries.

  Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous et nous pensons à vous. S’il vous plaît rester sûr!

  Bonjour je’mappelle Olivia. Je suis êtudiante à Detroit. Nos penées en ces moments de douleur.

  Bonjour, Je m’appelle megan. je suis êtudiante à Detroit. Vous serez dans nos pensées et nos preirs. nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous. nous pensons à vous.

  My heart and prayers are with all of the people of Paris and of France! I’m so sorry this dark tragedy came to your beautiful city of light. Vive la France!!!

  Bonjour, Je m’appelle Morgan. Je suis étudiant à Detroit. Vous serez dans nos presées. Merci!

  Vous serez dans nos pensées

  Aujord’hui, nous sommes tous francais,

  Nous offrons nos plus sincères condoléances dans ces moments pénibles.

  Bonjour, je m’appelle Ava. Je suis étudiante à Detroit. Nous vous gardons dans nos pensées et nos prières.

  Nous vous gardons dans nos pensées.

  Prayers out to all of the victims and people of paris. We love you paris

  mi corazon esta con todas las vidas que estaba perdido. Que nunca vamos a olvidar que paso a Paris.

  Nos pensées vous accompagnent.

  Je suis très desolée et j’envoie mes condoléances le plus sincères. Vive la France!

  Nos pensées vous accompagnent!

  je suis désolée.
Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

  Nos pensées vous accompagnent

  Nos pensées sont avec vous

  Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous dans ces moments pénibles

  Nos pensées vous accompagnet

  Prayers go out to everyone going through this rough time. We will remember those who have lost their lives. My deepest condolences go to those who have lost loved ones, friends, families, and more. This is an awful thing to go through, stay strong.

  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones of these senseless attacks. My best to all the French people and my hopes are for an end to all acts of hatred

  My thoughts and prayers extend to the great country of France for what they had to witness and experience on November 13. No country should ever have to go through this. The world has your back and remember that when you turn your lights off, the world will turn theirs on for you.

  my sincere condolences go out to the people of Paris.This honestly is so heartbreaking.

  My condolences to the people of Paris.

  Solidarite egalite fraternite. Vive la france.

  Sending our prayers to the people of Paris. Stand strong and know we are heartbroken at your losses. Viva la France!

  America’s love, support, and heart are with France during this time. We will stand with you through it all.

  Je suis désolée. Votre pays est dans mes prières. Solidaritè. Egalité. Fraternité. J’aime le Français. Je suis Paris. Vive la France!
Reste fort, mes condolences.

  I am so sorry to hear what has happened in Paris. I pray for those lost. Mes sincères condoléances. May the lights never go out in the city of Paris

  I cannot begin to imagine the pain of the family and friends who are mourning the loss of their loved ones. It is horrifying to see the lengths one will go when angry or resentful. Attacking the innocent should never be the answer. My heart breaks for every single soul that departed from the world that night. I pray that each one is in a better place now. Paris will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, no such an act will be repeated again.

  to begin i would like to say sorry for lost. these people will never forgotten they will for ever be in are hearts. To let the people of France know that they have everyones support from all over the world we will stand with you. Starting with just are French class here we are going to here for y’all and even if we are small we know that we can help in anyway. Once again i would just like to say that i am very sorry and that if anything that i could do to help i would

  With heavy hearts we pray for the people of France. May god bless you!

  Je suis désolée pour l’incident et vive la France avec l’amour et paix.

  Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous.

  I am so sad to hear what has happened. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. France is in my prayers. Mes sincères condoléances.

  My thoughts go out to the families of those injured and killed, and to Paris as a whole. We will be in this fight together not as countries but as a community. Je suis Paris

  Je suis désolée pour France. Mes sincères condolences. Vive la France. Solidarité, Egalité, Fraternité. Je suis Paris.

  Nos pensées vous accompagnent.

  Our prayers are with you. Let there be an end to the violence.

  My heart and mind go out to those affected by this horrific event. I sincerely hope that future attacks may be prevented. That being said, my thoughts also go out to my French teacher, who actually grew up in France and has been a huge inspiration to me, and my aunt who moved there some time ago. I wish the citizens of France the best and my family and I will keep you in our thoughts.

  Vive la France! Solidarité égalité fraternité

  We are with you in this time of tragedy. My heart hurts for the people of France.

  Our prayers are with you.

  I am so sorry about what happened. I am praying for all of France and the other nations that were affected by ISIS.

  Praying for France. God be with you

  Nos coeurs sont brisés! Nous prions pour vous! God is with you, in your hearts, your minds, and in your soul.

  We are along with all victims of Paris Terrorist attack, We condemn nonhuman act, We pray for victims and their family .

  My sincere condolences to all of the victims and their loved ones. I wish courage and strength to all who mourn and who are working tirelessly to respond to these horrific attacks. The people of France will remain in our prayers as they heal and overcome this tragedy. Warm regards,

  Bonjour, we’ve heard in the news about what happened to Paris. We are very saddened by this event and no human should ever go through this event. We send our condolences and we do go to a catholic school. Prayers will be sent and will continue to be sent until we can fight this pain and sorrowful event together. Here in America we strive to live a life of peace and helpfulness and we will send all of our love and support to you. We love PARIS!!!! We Love YOU!!! Je suis le monde. Au revoir!

  America extends our deepest sympathy to france and their families. May the soul of your loved ones be at peace with our heavenly Father.

  Stay strong!

  The tragedy that occurred truly is ineffable, yet all of us in the United States want to tell Paris, along with the rest of France, that they are not alone in this difficult time. The resilience of the free world will shine through. You have our condolences
Along with our condolences, you have our empathy... When a country is attacked, the world is attacked.
The United States along with other countries are thinking of you in this time. Your resilience is shining and France is in our thoughts and prayers. "I give thanks to my go always for you because of the grace of God that was given you in Christ Jesus" 1 Corinthians 1:4, all prayers are going your way and we pray that the grace of God will be in your hearts and that his mercy and plan is greater than what we see now.
(MHS French 5 students)

  I am so sorry for what happen on Friday. I visited Paris on May 20 through the 29. I loved it there I visited a lot of the café there, the Eiffel Tower, and museums. It was beautiful, great to see. When I herd about this attack I was devastated to hear this. I have prayed for Paris since the attack happen. I pray for all the families that had been hurt.


  Je suis des Etats Unis, je suis un étudiant du français et je veux dire que je suis désolée, et j’espère que tous est bien. Vous n’êtes jamais seul. Je me tiens avec vous.

  We are all praying for you! Keep faith and hope and stay strong! Nous aimé Paris

  We are praying for the people of France.

  Prions pour Paris!

  Thoughts and prayers to all families and to your country. Stay Strong.
J’adore le francais!

  Nous sommes le monde. We are the world. When one of our fellow friend countries fall, we all rise up to support and protect them. I, as an American, wish with all my heart that peace will be restored to France. I am praying for you all. We are the world. We are with you. Peace be with you.
"And the world will live as one."
-John Lennon

  Nous sommes avec vous!

  Nous sont avec vous! Nous prions pour vous!

  Nos couers sont avec vous.

  Nos cœurs sont avec vous! Vive la France!

  Je suis Paris! Nos coeurs Sont avec vous!

  My sympathy and prayers are with the people of paris and france.

  With a heavy heart, I send my condolences to the magnificent city of Paris and our great ally the country of France. This day was truly devastating and my prayers will be with you. I stand with you!!

  Je suis Paris! Nos coeurs sont avec vous! Vive La France!
God bless!

  Cher. Les citoyens Français J’ai écouté l’attaque des terroristes par les actualités. Je suis très désole sur ce tragique. Je prie pour les amés des citoyens innocents. J’espère qui ils peuvent reposer pacifiquement.

  Now coeurs sont avec vous!

  Nos coeurs sont avec vous! Paix pour Paris!

  Nos coeurs sont avec vous! Vive la France!

  No words can express my outrage at the events in Paris, the evening of November 13, 2015. France is a great nation, with strong people ! No criminal action will ever change that !!

  Paix pour Paris!

  Here in America we also grieve about what happened in Paris this Friday, know you are close to our hearts and that we are praying for you

  I am truly praying for everyone in Paris. My heart goes out to everyone and I hope that everything turns out all right.

  I am very sorry for the pain that you have been dealing with for the past couple of days. Everyone of you is in my prayers. Stay strong. God Bless!

  My sincerest prayers, thoughts, and condolences for the victims of the terrorist attacks on 13 November. May the daesh be eradicated; USA and France; allies since 1778.

  may fraternity’s friendship run fearless
may equality set you free
may liberty’s light guide you
so you may safely be

  Peace to Paris

  May the lights never die and in unity we will conquer in the city of France you will be in my prayers always. Nous sommes le monde.

  Bonjour, je m’appelle Emily. Je suis étudiante à Detroit. Nous pensons à vous en ces moments pénibles et sommes avec de tout cœur. Mon amour et pensées sont avec vous.

  Liberty, equality, fraternity. No one should allow their fears control them. If we all lived our lives in fear, we would live in a world of hate, terrorism, and war, because terrorists feed on our weakness and fear.. Sometimes defending what you believe in is the only option. We are all filled with a spark of light, therefore if we are alive, so is the heart of France itself. Praying for Paris.

  I am so sorry for the loss Paris has suffered and to the families of the people lost. You are in the hearts of people everywhere, stay strong.

  Nous sommes de tont cœur avec tu et t’envoyons notre amour.

  Nous sommes de tont cœur avec tu et t’envoyons notre amour.

  Bonjour, je m’appelle Katie. Je suis étudiante à Detroit. Nous offrons nos plus sincères condoléances et nous pensons à vous. Nos prières sont avec vous.

  I’m sorry this had to happen to you. This was so unexpected and no could of changed what happened in Paris. Hopefully you guys can get back to normal and try to forget what happened and not let it bring you guys down. Don’t let the terrorists control you. Don’t let fear bring you down and especially remember... Don’t let them win. Don’t let the fear get to you. You need to get out of your house and go somewhere! Don’t let fear get the best of you. I’m sorry for all your loss.

  We all are greatly affected by these terrible events and are here to stand by to defend our culture and lifestyle we fought for many years ago.

  My heart goes out to the people of Paris. Your country and people are strong and the United States supports you. I can only imagine the pain and sorrow. We love you. Vive la France!

  An attack on one is an attack on all. You are not alone. We stand together in this tragedy.
Profound condolences and I am praying for the injured ones to get better. Romania is with you.

  Just as France and her people joined with Americans after 9/11, now the U.S. joins with the people of France in an effort to share your grief. Please know that our hearts break for you and our prayers are with you.

  Vive la France.

  Je suis tellement désolée. Je suis avec vous tous.

  The whole of America sends their condolences!

  Praying God’s mercy & healing on your country. Praying for Jesus to bring comfort & peace to all affected by this evil.
Sincerely, Debbie

  My heart goes out to everyone in France, and all of the people injured who hopefully get better.

  People might think that Paris is far from where they live, and they don’t have to worry about terrorist attacks. However, we are all living in this world. This could happen to anyone. Unfortunately, it happened to Paris this time. We stand with you and support you.

  Nous sommes très triste pour que s’a passé en France ces jours. Nous pensons en vous. Les Français sont forts et vous avez gagné! Mes condoléances pour vous.

  This morning I woke up texting my friends to wear as much black as they can to support the dead and injured people in France. I am trying my best to get many people to support this horrible tragedy.

  May all those people who lost their lives RIP
# Peace for Paris
It makes me so sad that terrible selfish people like ISIS are hurting and killing innocent people and using religion as an excuse! >:(

  My heart bleeds for the people of Paris. We want you all to know that the USA is going to help in any way we can. What do the people of Paris need? I want to help. It is so horrible that the extraordinary people of Paris had to suffer through this. All we can imagine that is even close to this is 9/11. We in America are spoiled by the abundance of everything, but we want to help. Please, tell us how we can help.

  My condolences to all the French people who suffered from the attacks on November 13. You have to stay strong and go about your normal lives. You cannot let the terrorist win.

  Nous sommes avec toi. Les prières pour Paris.

  I hope that the citizens of Paris and France know not only that the whole world mourns with them, but also that they remember that Paris is a symbol of two of the most unconquerable forces in the world, love and light. Nothing and no one will ever be able to change that.

  Vive la France. Don’t give into fear.

  Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous. J’taime Paris.

  We are so sorry for the feeling these terrorist attacks leave behind. I truly wish our country would be as strong as France with your immediate retaliation.

  We are thinking of you everyday. The lights in our cities will stand strong in honor of France and Paris. Our prayers will always be with you. God bless France.

  Vive la France!

  Stay strong and stay free. Paris will never give in!

  Stay strong and stay together. Everyone is praying for you and wishing you well in the times ahead.

  Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous. J’taime Paris.

  Nous sommes tous desoles pour nos amis francais. Nous prions pour ce pays et les habitants. Dieu benisse la France!

  My condolences to all the people who lost loved ones and friends. Though the price was far too high, this terrible event can only bring the people of the world closer together, working together and surviving against those who would commit such horrors. Vivre la France!

  A tous les français, nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous. Vous êtes dans nos pensées.
(De tous les élèves et les profs à [...] College en Irlande)

  Our hearts go out to you in this time of turmoil. We will pray for all the lost souls and for their family’s to find peace and healing.
God Bless

  Accept deepest and sincere condolences from People of Georgia! We Stand With You! God Bless!

  It’s incredible what the world has come to these days. So much death and destruction and so much evil in the world. People killing people for no exact reason and just destroying what God has made. Long Live France.

  I am a french student and today we talked about what has happened in Paris, there was no reason for the attack and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and all of Paris who have been effected by the attack. Vive la France!

  the lights that are lite around the world shall never fade, its americas turmn to pray and help france because when 9/11 happened here they help and prayed for us...were sorry france ,god bless

  We are sending our thoughts and prayers to you.. Love.

  I am a french student and very sad to hear about all of the lives that where taken in Paris France. My prayers go out to all of those who have lost loved ones in their lives. I really hope Paris can still be the wonderful place that it is known to be.

  I am a French student and I’m here to give you all America’s hope and faith to all innocent people who have died and to those to who suffered, worried about their love ones. I would love to give you all my prayers. Nous aimons toi France!

  God bless

  Je amour paris! i love you paris! this is so sad. when one place goes dark the others shine bright. keep safe

  I hope everything will be ok with everyone. I’m praying for the families with the lives that have been lost from the attack. No one deserved this, killing is not the answer.

  My deepest condolences to the people of France for this devastating loss, especially to the families of the victims. America is with you.

  My thoughts go out to everyone in Paris that had to suffer through this tragedy.

  I am a student learning French. I was sad to hear about the attack and hope that France will recover shortly. I mourn for those innocent lives which were lost.

  I am a French 1 student and this information truly breaks my heart. My condolences go out to everyone involved in this tragedy. We must all stand strong with each other.

  "Today We Are French" As a french student and just a citizen, my heat goes out to France as the suffer through this terrible time. Together we will stand as one! America is with you through this tragic time! United we stand!

  Je suis très désolé de ce qui est arrivé en France. Je souhaite tous vous pouvez faire un rétablissement rapide et réussie .

  I can only imagine the grief that your nation, and many families have suffered over the destruction that occurred.
God bless

  My sincerest condolences to those families who lost their loved ones during this tragic heart wrenching attack on France. May the light forever be shown to those who lost their lives.
French student

  To the people of Paris and the country of France. I watch with horror the news of the attacks in Paris. Such innocents lost! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  Stay strong Paris. Those we lost will always be remembered.

  "Je suis Charlie." Je prie beaucoup pour les habitants de Paris et pour toute la France. Ça m’a rendu très triste et a cassé mon cœur quand j’ai appris le qui s’est passé. Prières pour Paris. Vive la France.

  Je suis désolé d’entendre parler de ce qui s’est passé

  R.I.P I am very sorry and and I hope everyone is alright France will
prevail!!! Vive la France!!!!!!

  It is horrible to hear that such a tragic incident has occurred. Show that you are better than them and stay strong. America loves you!

  Vive le France, and let us pray for Paris. The city with spirit, the city of beauty. Let us pray and hope for the best of the wonderful city of Paris, inside the beautiful country of France.

  This is a horrible tragedy, but America and the world stands with you and and all of France. We will make them pay for what they have done and ISIS will learn don’t mess with France ever.

  I’m so sorry for what happened. My heart goes out to all of you. Love.


  Our deepest sympathies go out to the French people. May God bless and keep you and shine his light upon you always. "Gentleness is a spoken word, related from one to another. A mirror image of the soul, a token unlike any other". Our thoughts are with you, always.

  My deepest condolences, the world stands with you.
Peace,Please .

  My heart goes out to all the people of Paris. Please accept my sincere condolences. I stand with you. Vive la France!

  Je suis avec France. Nous sommes tout avec toi. Vive la France!

  Dear person of France, I come to you not as a person from the other side of the world, but as an empathetic brother. I so sincerely regret hearing of the attacks in Paris and feel as though I should tell you this, even if you already know it, we all stand together with you and support you. This may be a huge set back and a hard thing to process, but remember we as a world support you. I’m so dearly sorry some people find themselves so self righteous that they take matters like this into their own hands, but I assure you this will not go unnoticed and those lost will not be forget. I send my condolences all the way from Pennsylvania. Stay strong, we’ll move through it together.

  I’m sorry for anyone who has lost someone, someone dear to them. Take the person close to you and give them a hug. Cry, because it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to be angry. Just don’t be angry at the wrong people. I wish you all the best through this hardship, never lose your faith, never lose your hope. I love each and every one of you dearly. And I weep for you all.

  My heartfelt condolences to a nation suffering such a heavy loss. I know that the spirit of France will never diminish. Stay strong, beautiful France.

  I feel sorry for those who were lost and I hope those responsible are brought to Justice

  I am so sorry for anyone and everyone who was hurt, killed, or saddened by the attack. We are honoring the memory of the lost here in America, and we are hoping for the recovery of those injured. We send our condolences to the people who were hurt in any way, mentally or physically, during this attack. We will stop these terrorists one day, but until then all we can do is rebuild.

  Not a day goes by where Paris is not in our prayers. I hope everyone wounded gets better, and I hope that you guys will recover from this terrible attack. Hearing of the attack made my heart sink as well as the hearts of several other people. Paris is the city of lights and no one will ever stop you guys from glowing!

  Courage la belle France!!!! On est avec vous!

  To all those in Paris, all of our hearts and prayers are going out to the victims and their families. Though we may not be there physically our hearts are right there with you to help light your way during such awful times. Stand Strong.
French student in Pennsylvania

  I send all my sympathy and condolences to the families, friends, and even american visitors who witnessed and/or were affected by the disgraceful attacks on Paris. Although the lights may be physically out, they will never truly be out in our hearts. All around the world, we are united and stand strong with France. Although this was a horrific attack, not only on France itself, but on the whole world, it has brought us all together, like tragedies do. I pray for peace and solace for the families who have had loved ones injured or pass away, and that everyone else will remain safe until the whole situation is under control. Even though this was a horrific event that I hope never happens again, my heart fills with joy seeing all the support, how everyone has come together, just like on 9/11 in America. The empire state building lit up the colors of France, along with many other monuments, is a huge sign of symbolism of how nothing can break us. We are strong. Vive la france!

  Our prayers go out to the great country of France who we have shared a great friendship for centuries and to the families of those killed and injured. Know the "people," of the US stand united with you.

  As an American, I can only imagine your sorrows caused by the attacks in France. Over the year, France was faced with the attacks on Charlie (Je suis Charlie) and now these attacks. It is sad to think that France was attacked by accidentally letting terrorists in out of good nature for the Syrian refugees. I hope this event will not be repeated and people will not become too cynical over this ordeal.
I cannot begin to imagine the pain you must feel for the losses you have suffered. Though, may your light of hope never burn out because of these loses. I am positive the people of France can overcome these loses.
Deepest regards, an American student

  To everyone is France, I am so sorry for the loss of everyone. This didn’t just have an effect on those harmed or who experienced a loss, this has an effect on everyone in the world—especially France. I understand how terrible this situation is for everyone in France. To all those harmed and or who experienced losses, I hope you recover soon, and become stronger than you ever were before.
A french student in Pennsylvania

  My heart and prayers go out to all of those families effected by the catastrophic events that happened in Paris. I believe we can get through this together, we are better than those who try to hurt us. Vive la France!
- Amanda Tony

  I will always and forever love you Paris! I have since I was little and I will until I’m old. Someday I will come visit you! Vive la France!

  My deepest prayers and condolences go to the people in France. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, and we stand with you. My heart goes out to all of the people who lost a loved one or a friend. The lights will never go out in your beautiful city. French student from PA

  All of America sends our condolences to those of Paris and all of France. We will keep those who have suffered and lost family members in our prayers.

  I see the world has brightened with you at its peak. The place of all exploration and fun. May it recuperate from its wounds and rise up, reborn into a better and stronger Paris. Vive la France!

  My heart is with you and your people of Paris. In time of tragedy never let your lights go dark. Keep you heads up and show the world that nothing can bring you down. America will stand will you now and forever. Nothing with make the city of lights go dark. Keep your spirits light like your city.
From a French Student in Pennsylvania

  Sincere condolences to those who were lost and those who lost loved ones in this tragic event. We stand with you. Stay faithful. Vive la France!
- A French student in PA

  Rest in peace to everyone’s whose life was lost this past weekend. I stand with Paris and France

  J’ai regarder l’événement dans ma television, et j’espere vous allez guérir apres cette attaque.
mon condoléances et vive la france,
-un etudiant francais dans pennsylvania

  My church held a prayer for the city of Paris as well as all of France. May the people of France stay faithful and be able to recover.

  I hope you are OK and that you and your family and friends are safe. I hope that everything calms down there in France and that the bombs stop, I wish you well. Vive la France!

  A similar event like this happened in America 14 years ago. Like America, France will come back and become even stronger than before.

  I am shocked at what has happened in France. I don’t even know what I would do if I lost a loved one in terrorist attacks. Americas heart goes out to the victims and the victims families that suffered through this tragedy.

  Our thoughts are with the people of France, Beirut, Lebanon, Japan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and all the other countries affected by terrorism.

  I’m sorry to hear what happened in Paris. My prayers go for Paris and the people who lost their loved ones.

  My heart goes out to everyone effected by this horrible tragedy. The rest of the world is there for you Paris. Beaucoup d’amour. Love.

  I know that what you had to go through must be tough. Just know that America, the whole world, and God has your back. We know that you are a country of strong people and will be able to bounce back from what happened.
God bless,
French student from PA USA

  I send peace and love towards Paris and the rest of the world. I hope that Paris can remain strong and that the world can stop these unnecessary attacks. Viva la France!

  I am so sorry to hear about the attacks in Paris. Paris is a beautiful place.I send you my deepest condolences

  Everyone in France is in the hearts and prayers of the American people. Stay strong, the entire world has your back.

  From the bottom of my heart, please accept my most sincere condolences on the staggering losses you have sustained. We are so sad for you but also know how resilient you French are. We are keeping you in prayer. Perhaps these inspiring images will lift your hearts un petit peu.
Un prof de francais à West Lawn, PA

  When your lights went off ours went on and will stay this way until everything is ok. I hope everyone in Paris stays strong for each other and fights through this terrible hardship you are all facing. We are all praying for you Paris.

  J’éprouve de la sympathie. I am sorry to those who have lost friends, family members, and acquaintances. Please know you have the world’s support.
A French student of Pennsylvania

  we were in your prayers during 9/11 and now you are in ours. keep your heads held high, you are in our hearts

  Rise over fear

  The US stands with you through your darkest hours, and I can speak for most when I say I am grieving for those lost that day. Never give up, and always have hope. Vive la France!

  My heart and spirit is with you, and America is on your side! Be strong and Vive la France!

  Je suis Paris. Vive la France

  I am very sorry for what happen in Paris recently. Everything will be better soon and you will all be able to move on with your lives. My heart goes out to you. Vive la France!
- A French student in Pennsylvania

  You’re never alone, America will always be by your side.

  i am so sorry about what happened. I am sorry about lost loved ones and i hope this will be the last of the bombing for a long time. i will prey for you every night until everything is a lot better. yet again i am so sorry about this. my lights will never go out. America is behind you 100%.

  So sad to hear about what happened in Paris, it’s really awful. Keeping France and all the people hurt in the attacks in our hearts.
- A French student in PA

  Never let the lights go out. America stands with you now and forever. Stay strong.
From a French Student in Pennsylvania

  After hearing what took place in Paris on November 13th, I was saddened to hear such horrible news, my prayers to those who lost a loved one and those affected my such senseless act of terror, please know that America will stand shoulder to shoulder to stop such extremism in this word.

  Nous pensons à vous en ces moments pénibles et sommes de tout coeur avec vous.

  My thoughts and prayers are with the French people at this time. Also, France has my complete support when it comes to protecting themselves against the animals of the world. Never give up!
Vive la France

  i am so sorry France use had something last year..... love your country and i am taking french in school

  les lumières ne seront jamais sortir dans la ville des lumières. L’Amérique est avec vous dans le cœur et l’esprit

  Very sorry for your loss, you’re in our prayers.

  I am so sorry for your loss. I have always wanted to go to Paris, France and now since ISIS bombed France my dream has been crushed. Please fix Paris and I hope everything gets better.

Im so sorry for your lost
I love paris and i hope your safe and okay.
#PreirpourParis. Love.

  i feel for Paris. i am also sorry for their loss. Paris really didn’t deserve this tragic event... i support Paris every step of the way... #thelightswillneverfade

  i’m so sorry France:( im sorry for your loss. i am in french class writing this.
Je suis tellement désolé France i espère que vous les gars vous débrouillez bien.

  where sorry for a the people who died i love your city i am learning french because i would want to visit the city pairs

  your in our prayers

  im sorry for your loss i feel your pain on this tragic moment but we are here for you.

  I am sorry for paris loss and The people of france will not be afraid and stick up for thereselves agaist them.

  We all have to pray for all of the families that lost someone...... none of those innocent civilians deserved death they were trying to live their lives to the fullest and not to get France involved in with ISIS, but now since they decided to attack Paris, France has no choice but to fight back to prevent any other attacks on other countries. Pray for all of the souls in paris that were lost. Pray For Paris

  Our hearts go to the families that were affected by the attacks. We all stand strong together.

  In a time of much confusion, there is but one solotion; love. We as humanity must love each other and unite for a common front. Vive la france.

  This is not the end of France. You stood with us in our time of need, and now we stand with you.. Vive la France!!!!!!

  It is very heartbreaking about what happened in France... Our prayers are all with France and around the world.

  Je donne mes prières pour vous. Espérons que votre beau pays va guérir. Restez forts France, l’Amérique vous aime !

  I am sorry for all the family’s that lost some one during that attack R.I.P

  Vorab. Es ist nicht moeglich mit Worten zu beschreiben, wie schrecklich es ist was in Paris passiert ist.
Meine Gedanken und Gebete sind fuer alle Betroffen, ob Freunde oder Famile von den Opfern. Bei jedem der Hilfe und Verstaendnis in dieser schwierigen Zeit braucht.
Vive la France

  Just because they can strike your capitol city, does not mean they will deliver a killing blow. France will endure the test of time. Vive la France!

  We grieve with you; we will fight beside you.

  We stand with France and hold them high. America is with you for support in this time of grieving. Stand strong France, our greatest ally.

  Hello, my name is [...] and i currently live in the USA. Im a french student and totally shocked at what the world is coming to today. I am so sorry for you guys over in Parisand hope you fight for your justice. May god bless all of you and please lets keep going. LONG LIVE FRANCE! Marcee
Viva la france

  All countries stand together with France, we all love you and our candles fire grows brighter. Vive la France!

  Never lose spirit. We will support you in this time of need.

  I hope you guys in France have a peaceful time very soon and that you keep on fighting for justice!!! :) Long Live France!

  My heart cries out for the oldest of my nation’s allies. As the French people stood by us Americans in our times of hardship, we too stand with you in this time of suffering. Again, our hearts cry out and we hope and pray that God blesses the French people and that nations around the world can unite and stand against these evil, evil monsters of people. We hope and pray only for the best for the French people and their nation as a whole.

  My condolences to the people of Paris, may you find peace in these dark times.

  I am sorry for the attacks that have occurred 3 days ago. I wish I could do something for at least some of the families in Paris, but I do not know where to start.

  I’m very sorry what happen. I wish all of France peace. I hope the families heal. France will be in my prayers. God Bless France. My condolences are with you guys.

  My heart goes out to france and its people.

  After 11 September 2001 many peoples of the world said they were American. After 11 March 2004 we all said were Spanish. After 7 July 2005 most of the world said they were British. Today, we are all French.
I’m sure I speak for many, many Americans when I say that our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who suffered loss and with those those who were injured.
Vive la France!

  My sincerest condolences for the people of Paris who have suffered a great loss on Friday. My heart goes out to the city of Paris, France, and the friends and family of the victims who have suffered a great loss. Vive la France!

  My heart is heavy for the people of France and I send my condolences out to everyone. I wish everyone who felt the affects of the attacks well and I’m very sorry.

  I am deeply sorry for what has happened recently in Paris. Terrorists have taken 129 of your beloved citizens and I would like to let you know that you have my condolences.

  Tous ensemble comme des frères, et Dieu nous aidera a vaincre. La Cité estbien gardee’, Dieu nouns viendra en aide.

  My heart goes out to the people in France.

  I’m really sorry for what has happened in Paris. I hope the families who lost their loved ones stay strong and have faith. Even though this was a terrible terrorist attack, like the one in New York, I hope the nations will come together as one and be strong and have faith. God bless you!!!!!!!

  I’m so sorry for your lost and everything you have been through this weekend and i pray that everything gets better for you over time and that you go to god when you need help the most because some of gods greatest gifts are unanswered prays so just because he doesn’t answer ur pray doesn’t mean that he didn’t receive it he receives all of your prays and i and the U.S. love you STAY STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Love.. Love. We will shine for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Je souhaite à tous bien. paris est la ville des lumières. Ces lumières ne s’éteindront jamais. Mon cœur va aux familles qui ont étaient touchées par l’attaque.
Vive la France.

  wish hope for all of you who have lost loved ones

  Dear France,
Hugs and kisses. Love.
From America

  I am very sorry of what happened this past weekend i hope everything gets better i mean with time because it takes time to heal. i am praying for everyone. Once more i am very sorry.

  I am so sorry about the loss of the many people of Paris. My prayers are with all of you and I am grieving with you. What has happened is unjust being that they were innocent people with lives at risk. As the Paris grieves the world grieves and prays for you all. I can only imagine what it is like.
All the love, B

  I hope everything gets better and everyone stays strong

  Je suis desole pour les gens de france. vous etes dans nos pensees et nos prieres. Je souhaite a tous de vous la paix.

  Our hearts go out to people of Paris, Stay strong France we love you!

  my heart goes out to the families of those who passed in paris.

  These attacks were a tragedy to France, and a horrific act on behalf of ISIS. I send prayers to everyone affected in this terrible event.

  My condolences to Paris. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  Nos pensées sont avec Paris et leurs familles. Nous pensons à vous en ces temps pénibles.

  Nos pensées vous accompagnent.

  Nous offrons nos plus sincères condoléances dans ces moments pénibles

  Me and my French class are thinking of you and praying. Proverbs 18:10 "L’Eternel est comme un donjon bien fortifié: le juste y accourt et il y est en sécurité. Stay strong France. The world is on your side.

  Our prayers are with you and good luck.
-Jesse and Francisco

  Les Américains sont là pour vous aider. Nous serons toujours là pour faciliter de telles un ami proche. Vive la France!

  Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous dans ces moments pénibles.

  Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous!

  Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous

  Je suis tres desole d’entendre des attaques dans le 13 novembre 2015. Mon coeur est avec tout les gens qui a ressinti ca acte horrible. Je prie pour paix. Nous sommes tous francais aujourd’hui.

  Nous pensons à vous

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