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Homeland Security Office

Homeland Security Office

Published on September 19, 2019
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4101 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, D.C. – 20007

(202) 944-6000
Police and Homeland Security Attaché
Valentine RIOULT

Deputy Police and Homeland Security Attaché
Philippe ROUBAUD

Liaison Officer
Alexandre FEILHEZ

Liaison Officer

Assistant to the Police and Homeland Security Attaché

Mission of the Homeland Security Office

The Police and Homeland Security Attaché, head of the Homeland Security Office (SSI), represents the Ministry of the Interior in the United States. He is based at the embassy and is part of the French Law Enforcement Directorate for International Cooperation (DCI).

In the United States, he therefore represents France’s two police forces, the National Police and the National Gendarmerie, as well as the General Directorate for Foreign Nationals in France, the General Directorate for Road Safety, the General Secretariat and the General Directorate of Local Authorities in their contacts with their American partners. He also serves as the representative for Puerto Rico.

In Washington, D.C., the Police and Homeland Security Attaché is a Commissaire Divisionnaire in the National Police. He is supported by a Deputy Police and Homeland Security Attaché, who is a police commander, and by two liaison officers, one based in New York, the other in Washington, DC.

The SSI facilitates operational, technical and institutional cooperation with its American partners, promoting reciprocity in the field of law enforcement and homeland security in order to assist the gendarmerie and police forces.

To that end, the SSI studies, evaluates, develops and implements bilateral cooperation initiatives. Within its sphere of competence, it also provides support and advice to the other French departments in the United States, notably the Consulates General. Lastly, it is involved in all matters relating to the security of French nationals living in the United States.

The DCI assists in implementing France’s security policy abroad with the help of 100 Police and Homeland Security Offices around the world, covering 135 countries.