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All aboard the French schooner "Etoile"!

All aboard the French schooner "Etoile"!

Published on May 6, 2016
The French schooner Etoile will call at the port of New York from May 24 to June 1, 2016 during this year’s Fleet Week.

The schooner will be moored at Pier 15 (South Street Seaport Museum). It will be open to the public from May 25 to May 30, from 10am to 5pm.

For security reasons, visitors will be searched before boarding. Visitors are strongly recommended not to bring large bags or bulky objects to their visit.

Find more information about on the French schooner Etoile on its Facebook page.

A jewel of the French maritime heritage

From Brest to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon...

Invited to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon for the bicentennial of the return of the archipelago to France, FS Etoile set sail from Brest on March 23, 2016, and is scheduled to return to her homeport next July 14.

Built by the French Navy to train its sailors, this sailing ship represents one of its most remarkable training assets. It trains its young recruits in basic traditional navigation, crew life and seafaring judgment.

FS Etoile is therefore the French Naval Academy’s training ship. During the first six months of the academic year, it fulfills its training mission for the benefit of all the French Navy schools including the Mates School, the Petty Officers School as well as the Officers of the Naval Academy.

With time, the sailing ships have become the jewels of the French maritime heritage. To that effect, FS Etoile is invited on a regular basis, in France as well as abroad, to participate in events showcasing old sailing ships as well as in major maritime celebrations.

As a unique communication tool, FS Etoile takes part, during the second part of the academic year, in spreading the French Navy’s influence throughout France, and, on a global scale, France’s influence abroad.

It is within that context that FS Etoile has been invited to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

Therefore, training and influence constitute the two sides of the mission entrusted to the sailing ships.

Since her departure on her mission, FS Etoile visited the Canary Islands, then the Cap Verde Archipelago before reaching Saint George’s. The U.S. port visits in New York, Boston and Halifax in Canada will precede the crossing toward Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

FS Etoile is expected to return to Brittany in the middle of July to participate in Brest maritime festivities.

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