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Office of the Defense Attaché

Office of the Defense Attaché

4101 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC 20007
Telephone (202) 944-6500
Fax (202) 944-6447
Defense Attaché
Brigadier General (French Air Force)
Jean-Pierre MONTÉGU

The Office of the Defense Attaché is headed by a General who represents the French Department of Defense in the United States. The purpose of its mission is multifold:

- to support, to introduce and to justify French defense policy to US political and military officials, by highlighting the capabilities, activities and forces’ equipment.
- to advise the French Ambassador on defense issues.
- to promote and conduct bilateral or international actions within an international framework
- to provide the French Ministry of Defense with information on US political and military issues, to give French authorities information on American defense issues such as services evolution, equipment and overseas deployments.
- to strengthen ties and to enhance mutual understanding by organizing French defense authorities’ visits to the US
- to oversee the French officers posted on military facilities throughout the US.

Therefore, the Office of the Defense Attaché is the essential link between the French and US defense authorities.

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Within the Defense Mission, the Defense Cooperation Attaché is the representative of the Directorate General for Armament which falls under the Minister of Defense and which purpose is

- To equip the French Armed Forces by developing, evaluating and testing military equipment;

- To prepare for the future by anticipating future capability needs, by guaranteeing that technologies and expertise are available, by seeing to it that the Defense industrial and technological base is maintained.

The more specific objectives for the Defense Cooperation Attaché in Washington are threefold:

- To strengthen cooperation between France and the United States in research and technology, in programs and trials, by ensuring especially that the systems of both countries are designed in such a way so that they are fully interoperable during their deployments on theaters of operations;

- To support the French and U.S. Defense industries in their common projects and to participate in bilateral or multilateral talks regarding exports;

- To acquire materiel necessary to the French Armed Forces from the U.S. Government through Foreign Military Sales or from U.S. companies through Direct Commercial Sales.

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Telephone (202) 944-6410
Fax (202) 944-6447
Defense Cooperation Attaché
Colonel (Armament Corps)
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