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You are a business - Vous êtes un professionnel

You are a business - Vous êtes un professionnel

Published on August 12, 2016

Jean-Noël Blanc
Customs Counselor

Interviews and speeches

French Customs for Business

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The new Union Customs Code (UCC)

The new Union Customs Code has been implemented in the European Union since May 1st 2016.

This code provides for new opportunities for companies to develop their competitiveness abroad.

To comply with this new code, France has developed a specific and ambitious plan dedicated to supporting international businesses : 40 concrete measures will facilitate paperwork, reduce the cost and time of customs clearance procedures and hence support companies. The French plan ensures strong commitments:

  • A centralized customs clearance process for companies which choose to clear their goods in France and will benefit from a single French interlocutor for the paperwork while the goods are dispatched to several ports of entry in France or in other European countries
  • Easier access to the financial and fiscal framework in order to achieve cost savings
  • A more efficient, more secure and quicker customs clearance process, with the aim of custom clearing 95% of the goods in less than 5 minutes
  • The development of differentiated treatments for companies certified as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO)
  • The implementation of several measures ensuring advice, support and follow up for companies including customs training sessions


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The new Union Customs Code (video)

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