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"While we continue to support the JCPoA, its continuation is contingent on Iran's full compliance."

Joint statement issued by the leaders of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom


Iran - Joint communiqué issued by France, Germany and the United Kingdom

Reactions of the E3 to Iran’s announcement that it had exceeded the threshold set by the JCPoA


The Indo-Pacific region: a priority for France

In an international context marked by uncertainty and the increase in unilateralism, France proposes a stable, multipolar order based on the rule of law and free movement, and fair and efficient multilateralism.


France's participation in maritime surveillance operations to combat evasion of sanctions by North Korea

France is committed to the implementation of UN Security Council sanctions


France unveils its defense policy in the Indo-Pacific

A long-term and unremitting commitment to developing useful links and joint actions in favor of a shared security



"We take pride in the special relationship between France and the U.S."

Ambassador Philippe Etienne delivered a speech for Bastille Day in front of American Officials at the Residence of France. The French Embassy's Choir sang the national anthems.

La Maison Française



The embassy & the consulates