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Launch of France Alumni USA in New York

Launch of France Alumni USA in New York

Published on September 17, 2016
On September 21, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development J.-M. Ayrault and the Embassy of France in the U.S. officially launched a new online platform and network for students and professionals who completed part or all of their studies in France.

On September 21, an opening ceremony was held at the French Cultural Services in New York with the presence of the French Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development, M. Jean-Marc Ayrault.

Each year, nearly 300,000 foreign students pursue their studies in France. France Alumni, established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, is aimed at helping them remain in touch with France after their studies. This platform, set up and operated by Campus France, connects an international community of more than 30,000 alumni from around the world with new members joining daily.

France Alumni USA,, the local online platform dedicated to American residents who have completed part or all of their studies in France, has been recently open for registration. This platform will not only connect Alumni currently living in the United States with each other, but also allow them to maintain a connection to the French language and culture, and to discover employment and internship opportunities that leverage their time in France to foster international careers.

This new platform is also a tremendous opportunity for Alumni to connect and work hand in hand with other transatlantic leaders in order to catalyze international partnerships among French and local companies, universities and cultural institutions.

About Campus France USA

Every year, Campus France USA helps more than 10,000 students who wish to study in France, serving as a bridge between U.S. and French universities. Campus France USA assists students in the United States (American citizens and foreigners studying and/or living in the United States) who wish to pursue academic projects at an institution of higher education in France for over a 3-month period.

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