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Information for private individuals - Entering France to Study: Importation Rules

Published on February 22, 2008

Provided you can prove, to the satisfaction of Customs, that you have been regularly enrolled with a French school or college, and as long as you do attend the courses on a regular basis when you are in France, you can temporarily import into France, free of duties and taxes, the following items:

- personal effects (such as body and household linen as well as clothing, even new);

- items required for your studies (such as laptop computer, pocket calculator or typewriter);

- household goods (such as used pieces of furniture usually found in a student’s room, china, silverware, appliances).

- one motor vehicle (with a U.S. or Canadian license plate, as the case may be), as long as you hold a valid U.S. or Canadian insurance policy and you meet the minimum driving age requirement in France (18).

Those items cannot be sold or otherwise disposed of in France. Every one of them must be taken back with you when you leave the country.

The authorization to import those items free of duties and taxes is granted by the Customs Office at the port of entry. The request must be supported by:

- a list in duplicate, signed and dated, of all the goods you are bringing with you to France, showing the value, make, model, and serial number where applicable;

- an attestation that you have been accepted by a school or college in France (or an attestation of attendance).

- customs form (please check the link below)

The exemption is valid for the entire duration of your studies.


Firearms and ammunitions
Endangered species
Counterfeit goods
Money and monetary instruments
Meat, Meat and dairy products
Plants and Plant product
Narcotics and psychotropic substances
Artwork/Cultural property

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