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Information for private individuals - Endangered species

Published on February 22, 2008

France is party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). This treaty restricts the trade and movement of specific animals (fish, reptiles, birds, insects, mammals, including marine mammals, crustaceans and mollusks) and plants as well as of any recognizable by-products made of their fur, skin, bone, etc…

Imports of these animals and plants may only be made under a CITES import permit, issued by the French Department of the Environment. All ivory and ivory products are generally prohibited.

In order to apply for a French CITES import permit, a CITES export permit delivered by the country of origin is usually required. You have to refer to your local autorities as to know how to get an export permit.

If you plan to import into France fish or wildlife, or any product, article or part:

- From Canada:
Check with Environment Canada
Convention Administrator
Canadian Wildlife Service
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H3
tel: 1-819-997-1840

- From the US:
Check with the US Department of the Interior
Fish and Wildlife Service
Division of Law Enforcement
P.O. Box 3247
Arlington, VA 22203-3247
Tel: 1-800-358-2104

If you need a CITES import permit into France, submit your application with the relevant documentation, on the web site: >]

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