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The Tilt kids festival is coming back! NYC, March 4 to April 16

The Tilt kids festival is coming back! NYC, March 4 to April 16

Published on February 9, 2017
Spectators of all ages will be invited from March 4 to April 16, 2017 to meet with innovative artists from around the world.
Franco-Spanish aerialist Nacho Flores takes his balancing act off of the tight rope to create a whole new kind of circus.

One year after it premiered, the Tilt Kids Festival is back in full force ! Presented by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the FIAF (French Institute Alliance Française), the festival is a celebration of Art in all of its forms – circus and magic included. 9 shows from the U.S. and other countries will be premiered.

On March 4, an exhibition curated by Hervé Tullet, illustrator of more than 75 books for children such as Press Here, will open its doors to present This isn’t Trash, an interactive experience opened to all during the festival. On March 11, Toto Kisaku, a Congolese director, will turn the audience into actors for a performance of his favorite African tale.

Simon Critchley, whom you might have heard during our Night of Philosophy and Ideas on January 28, will introduce your intellects to philosophy and the big questions of life, under one condition – parents are not allowed ! Do not worry, DJ Pedro Winter will provide entertainment during the festive Stéréokids, an afternoon of concerts for the whole family. At the end of the festival, Fanny de Chaillé will present the Teen’s Library, a live library where visitors will be invited to ask “books” – a group of adolescents between 14 and 17 years old having recently immigrated to New York – to share their experience and knowledge.

The Tilt Kids Festival activities will be hosted in some of New York’s landmark cultural institutions, such as the Brooklyn Public Library, the Invisible Doc and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tilt calls on the imagination of adults as well as children. It is a voyage through the arts, and there is no “quiet” wagon on this train!

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Cuisine & Confessions, the newest creation by Montreal-based circus company The 7 Fingers, combining culinary arts with circus high jinks.
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