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"Welcome to France" website launch

"Welcome to France" website launch

Published on March 1, 2017
Minister Michel Sapin officially launched a platform for welcoming international talent in France, developed by Business France alongside Muriel Penicaud, Director General of the agency.
"France needs to open its arms to talented individuals from abroad, whether they are business owners, investors, researchers, students, intellectuals or artists. This is a long-standing French tradition and one of our country’s great strengths. The Welcome to France resource centre will help us deliver on our promises to all those who come to France."

J.-M. Ayrault, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development

This new service for welcoming international talent consists of a website,, which acts as a unique resource centre to inform and guide candidates for expatriation in France as well as their families. The website enables visitors to see the various formalities required before moving to France and during the year they set up home here, via a customised online "walk-through".

"Welcome to France" is designed to help a range of different groups:

  • Company directors,
  • Staff who have taken up international mobility opportunities
  • Investors
  • Human Resources departments
  • Start-ups
  • Lawyers, relocation companies, etc.

Potential expatriation candidates to France can contact the Welcome Office’s mobility specialists with any questions at any time via an online request form. They will receive an initial reply within three working days.

This platform joins all the measures designed to promote France’s economic attractiveness to individuals (changes in the tax regime of inpatriates) and foreign companies (more robust Competitiveness and Employment Tax Credit, gradual reduction in the corporation tax rate to 28%, in line with the European average, creation of the SME innovation account, etc.).

"This comprehensive approach to promoting France’s appeal with international talents and companies is paying off. We are pleased and proud to welcome some twenty new investments in France every week, a trend that is set to continue as the French economy and its global influence expands."

M. Sapin, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry

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