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Published on February 27, 2008
Statement made by the Minister of Foreign and European affairs, M. Bernard Kouchner

Paris, January 7, 2008

France welcomes the three-stage plan adopted by the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League member States meeting in Cairo to find a solution to the Lebanese political crisis.

The plan, based principally on the ideas which France has been helping to develop over the past few months, is a very positive, important development giving grounds for hope.

France calls on all the parties concerned to do the utmost to facilitate its concrete implementation, so that the presidential election can be held immediately in a spirit of consensus, a government of national unity formed and a new electoral law adopted, thereby triggering a global solution to the political crisis in Lebanon.

France remains in contact with all the parties concerned, liaising with her partners, to facilitate the quest for such an agreement and is pursuing her close dialogue on the subject with the Arab League./.

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