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Great War: Animated Memories

Great War: Animated Memories


This event is organized by La Maison Française - 4101 Reservoir Rd, NW - Washington, D.C. – 20007.
As part of the celebrations of the Centennial of American involvement into World War I, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy present the screening of nine short films.


All you need to know...

WHAT: Great War: Animated Memories

WHEN: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 – 7pm-9pm

WHERE: La Maison Française - 4101 Reservoir Rd, NW - Washington, D.C. - 20007

PRICE: Free admission

RESERVATION: Online registration required on EventBrite

ADD. INFOS: Valid ID required. No parking inside the embassy. No large bag, helmet, suitcase.

Set on the front, in the trenches and under fire, or behind the front line, through women’s letters and through the memories of the elders or the collective memory, discover fascinating, sensitive and touching films by experienced directors, who revisit that catastrophe with a contemporary perspective.

With different techniques such as 3D animation, drawing, paper cut-outs, painting or plasticine, the directors invite us in their imaginary world and show once again the richness and the energy of the animated creations of today.

La Détente, Pierre Ducos, Bertrand Bey (France, 2011, 8min30)
1916, Fabien Bedouel (France, 2003, 7min40)
Poppy, James Cunnigham (New-Zealand, 2009, 10min54)
Fire Waltz/Toile de Front, Marc Ménager (France, 2011, 5min46)
The Trenches/La Tranchée, Claude Cloutier (Canada, 2010, 6min55)
Lettres de femmes, Augusto Zanovello (France, 2013, 11min25)
Le jour de gloire, Bruno Collet (France, 2007, 6min30)
So close/De si après, Rémi Durin (France/Belgique, 2009, 12min25)
Trois petits points, Rémy Schaepman, Lucrèce Andreae, Alice Dieudonné, Florian Parrot, Tracy Nowocien, Ornélie Prioul (France, 2010, 3min32)

Not recommended for children under 12.

Online registration on EventBrite is required for this free admission event.

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Presented by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy with support from The French Mission du centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale, in charge of the World War One Centenary in France; TV5 Monde and the French-American Cultural Foundation.