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New measures to improve the safety of tourists in France

New measures to improve the safety of tourists in France

Published on March 30, 2017
At the opening of the "Tourism and safety" meetings, Ministers Matthias Fekl and Harlem Désir presented the measures that have been introduced to improve the safety of tourists in France.

spip_logoForming part of the revival plan which the Government decided on back in November 2016, these new measures make up the "Tourism and safety program", which is due to be rolled out in the run-up to the next summer season.

The program plans to ramp up the security arrangements already in place in tourist areas through specific security plans for the national police force and a summer population protection scheme for the national gendarmerie. The plan particularly provides for:

  • scaled up patrol units on cross-border trains and in stations;
  • European brigade reinforcements;
  • new cameras in operation across Paris and its wider region;
  • new security investments in 30 priority cultural venues.

Setup of "tourism-safety" councils at local level

A coordination unit reporting to the prefects will be dedicated to tourism safety with a view to developing this program at local level. This unit will bring together the national gendarmerie and police forces, tourism professionals, tourist site operators and carriers to determine which security measures should be implemented in each département.

Encouraging tourists to play their part in being vigilant

The national police force has a Foreign Victim Assistance (AVE) program in place which, since 3 March, has been offering help with lodging complaints in 30 foreign languages. By giving tourists better access to information and more guidance in their formalities, they can be involved in the security arrangements deployed nationwide.

Developed in partnership with the security forces and site operators, the tourist site safety certification "SAFETY SITE" will provide tourists with an easily identifiable visual sign of the commitment, on the part of all public and private stakeholders, to the safety of a particular tourist site.

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