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Official speeches and statements - June 9, 2017

Published on June 9, 2017

1. Peru - Bilateral relations - Statements by Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, in his joint statement with Mr. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, President of Peru (Paris - June 8, 2017)

Ladies and gentlemen,

I had the pleasure of hosting a meeting with President Kuczynski, and I thank him for this visit, which provided us with an opportunity to discuss bilateral and regional issues and several points of mutual interest. I myself, in turn, will have the pleasure of visiting Lima in September for the International Olympic Committee’s meeting, where the host city for the 2024 Olympic Games will be chosen.

Peru is an important partner country with which we cooperate on many issues; we discussed them and we’ll go on cooperating on them, be they satellites, technological cooperation or the economic cooperation we’d like to develop in transport, water and other areas.

During the meeting the President also confirmed to me Peru’s total commitment—and I welcome it—to protecting the achievements of the Paris Agreement. We’re both fully committed not only to full compliance with the Paris Agreement but also the desire we share to go beyond strictly minimum commitments.

The Peruvian President also told me of his viewpoint on the political situation in Latin America, which France is following very closely and for which we’ll support good intentions where appropriate. Among other things, he expressed his concern about the situation in Venezuela, which we’ll continue to discuss together.

Once again I thank the President for his visit, and I’ll be returning him the courtesy by visiting him in Lima in a few weeks’ time.

2. Denmark - Bilateral relations / Fight against terrorism / European Union - Statement by Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, during his meeting with Mr. Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark (excerpt) (Paris - June 7, 2017)

(...) I’m going to begin by saying a few words about the London attacks, to reiterate France’s wholehearted solidarity obviously not just with the city of London, but the United Kingdom, the government and the authorities, to reiterate our wholehearted solidarity with the British people, our determination together to win this war against terrorism, which will take time. The British people are courageous, standing tall and giving nothing up, and we are the same. And I’m speaking about this again today because we’ve had confirmation this morning, [that there’s a] new toll: three French people have in fact died and eight have been wounded. We’re paying a heavy price in these attacks and I want to spare a thought here for all the victims and their families. (...)