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2017 Ambassadors' Week

2017 Ambassadors’ Week

Published on July 31, 2017
The Ambassadors’ Week (August 28-31) is an opportunity to gain a greater insight into the work of Ambassadors and to enable the public to learn about major topical diplomatic issues. This year’s theme: "Revitalizing our action in a radically changing world".


What is Ambassadors’ Week?

Since 1993, Ambassadors’ Week has brought together every year in late August the heads of French diplomatic missions from all over the world. This event provides the opportunity for the highest French authorities to set the priorities of our diplomacy.

It also provides an occasion for ambassadors to talk among themselves and to debate with elected representatives, experts and representatives from civil society and the private sector. Some of the week’s events are open to the public enabling the public to discover what French ambassadors do and to better understand today’s principal diplomatic issues.

Highlights of the 2017 Edition

This year, Ambassadors’ Week focuses on the following theme: Revitalizing our action in a radically changing world.

#1Ambassador1Entrepreneur: More than 400 entrepreneurs will meet with the ambassadors of targeted countries to present their projects and assess opportunities.

Three topic-driven round tables: On August 29, debates will be held focusing on such questions: Can multilateralism still keep the peace? Will there ever be a cyberwar? With Brexit, what future is in store for the European Union? These debates will be open to the public.

Up close and personal with ambassadors: On August 29, twelve ambassadors will be present to talk about their careers, their experiences and their daily lives as diplomats.

The Studio: This space will make it possible to follow a selection of the week’s events live and to talk with ambassadors via live debates, interviews, special features and behind-the-scene reports. It will be also possible to interact via social media.

For more information, please visit (in French).

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